Folks placed bets on the wrong side of the ledger. They did side bets at 50 to one margin on which way Britt would go. If you were on the wrong side of that bet you have margin calls and you must call in enormous sums of stocks and bonds to pay the loss cost. You were on the wrong side of the bet as a bank or big fund.

Computers are adjusting balances at speeds never before possible in a totally rigged phony baloney market space.

Those holding long term value see this as the STORM BEFORE the CALM the title of my Blog on BLACK FRIDAY George Soro’s and I predicted together.

Nothing has changed in the UK or Europe. Nothing. Everyone is doing just what was done last week and on going. It is like a fools spiral. The computers have run amock because HUMAN’s need to be calm in such markets and computers are not when they are facing rebalancing portfolio loss from huge 50 to 1 borrowing to place side bets on which way things will go if Britt stayed or Britt exited. Being on the wrong side of the BET as most big funds were – has a rebalancing issue going on and margin calls are next today and tomorrow watch for THAT shoe to fall in the news.

Folks – go play golf. Stop. The loss is on paper. In a point of time. Look forward at value as the market rebalances and it will from these unregulated sinful leverages – a digital market without national controls in a digital world where regulations are lOCAL and the trades are in the CLOUD. Folks it will all get back to sanity.

In a point in time soon enough you won’t recall this happened except as a joke we tell one another about BRITT EXIT black friday.

Just ignore the computer against computer on the largest financial bets since the BIG SHORT in which those on the wrong side of the transaction lost and those on the right side – already fantastically wealthy got even more enormously wealthy on a click bet. It should not be possible in a regulated market but this is the wild digital frontier folks. A new era the world has never seen before.

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Safe Harbor?

Yes that IS – CEO SPACE July.

Berny Dohrmann – we’ll keep a light on for you


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