The USA has reset its October numbers such that the poor performance from the really poor original numbers – flew upward – to  3,2% GNP GROWTH in America – the economic engine of the world – good for everyone everywhere – noting this is the highest best gain in overall GNP before the busy HOLIDAY which IS setting RECORDS – in TWO FULL “YEARS” . So that is confidence building. Great surprise uptick.

Apple is setting RECORD SALES as we told you – such that their dip in stock price is the bargain and we told ya all – buy apple – in earlier blogs predicting correctly this outcome.

Syria is accelerating reclaiming territory moving 1/3 of the opposition land back into Syrian State control. Syria IS winning and Russian strategy IS working. American policy has failed – as we have said – utterly. To be reset by President TRUMP in weeks.

Isis is losing. Losing in Syria. Losing in Iraq. Losing in Lybia. Just being destroyed. We predicted this as well in our blogs this year for this time frame. This is good for the world and provides confidence to the world. Sanity over insanity. ISIS will still create damage to innocents but their infrastructure, leadership, financing, defections, dismantling, will all be predictable what a crazy bunch of insane people. Preventable and we hope a lesson for planners in such forward decision making. Politics is so harmful to military policy.

Opec is desperate now to issue a statement to JAW BONE the market in oil. The supply glut over demand will continue into 2018. With Trump is till exploding the MARKET SHARE WARS. Short term the failure of OPEC to have real world relevance for all the reasons we set forth in our blog data this year – suggests a further downside pressure on oil price – so in oversupply – is more likely than any upward trend that is not just a blip from OPEC Jaw Boning versus reality in the real market. A hidden tax on oil to the people of the world by speculation and or by cartels is a thing of the past folks. The OIL MARKET is returning to a supply and demand market space.

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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and Founder – CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL