Oil goes up for several days? Why? Supply is dropping? No Supply is soaring to ever higher output. Demand is returning? No demand has not returned at all. Why the rise? As US inventory glut rises and rises past storage ability at 500,000,000 barrels and climbing as demand falls off a cliff. WHY in economics when glut is rising no end in site demand for a commodity is falling forever never to return does that commodity rise in price with zero change to GLUT ECONOMICS for OIL? AI ECONOMICS. As humans no longer control capital circulations and AI for the first time is in control, a fact of NEW AI ECONOMICS our readers all well KNOW first and fully and the authorities running things for us all have zero clue what so ever. They use old toxic rule books that make things WORSE as you will in the end come to see and appreciate. How right we have been when at first you thought we where way the fuck out there……..but we were ot. We wrote the BOOK ON THIS SUPER CHANGE.

AI CAN NOT ( YET ) PERFORM THE HUMAN QUANTUM CAPACITY OF “THOUGHT” THAT REACHES CONCLUSIONS ON “IMPLICATION”. For example, AI see’s the USA CHINA DEAL not even inked yet – as bet that oil demand will rise when China is leaving oil in the dust for alternatives. Falling demand for oil dependence on the GULF is strategic to their war plan – WORLD WAR III. Or have you been asleep this past decade?


To my knowledge and there is no pride in it and I could in fact be wrong – in September 2007 we were the first and only voice writing the following:


Asymmetrical warfare appreciates the USA is the largest economy and military power that can not be beat head to head toe to toe period. How ever there ARE OTHER WAYS. The first rule of asymmetrical warfare on multiple fronts all at once is to construct your war plan over years of time. To gradually weaken your enemy. To economically bankrupt your enemy.

First to use proxy wars Iraq – Afghanistan ( which Putin understands as Russia lost their decades of war in nation and almost went bankrupt ) the collapse of the SOVIET UNION as consequence. Putin is using Iraq Iran North Korea and Afghanistan and China as war buddies to win against the entire west. The Rule Book after many many publications on this blog about the war resulted in my friendship with Kevin Freeman ( AUTHOR ) of GAME PLAN AND THE SECRET WEAPON that document from a DOD contractor data pool the REAL WORLD WAR III.

As Russia GNP is the size of NEW YORK STATE and China is only slightly higher on GNP the size of only California the USA is too big to tackle head on. Enter the Asymmetrical war plan fully documented in many publications today. Only no one reads them.

Right again.


The rules of PUTIN’s WAR PLAN include the following in the play book for ASYMMETRICAL WARFARE:

  1. Deny Deny Deny that there is a WORLD WAR III going on at all. Keep your enemy distracted and in the dark.
  2. Make a dollar spent on military work like 50 dollars when spent in asymmetrical warfare levering outcome.
  3. Digitally with AI attack western markets continuously and globally with ever advancing AI undermining the US Dollar as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. 2010 Central banks held 82% dollar reserves today 62% in a decade. Putin’s win.
  4. Replace the USA dollar with alternatives and in 2020 the 20 plus block chain products China hacked from the USA. China is now leading in block Chain the only threat being LIBERA which Putin helped sink world wide as a war threat to elevate the USA leadership. We shoot ourselves in the head when we lead in this war. See FACEBOOK they now want to break up.
  5. Divide Western Nations with rising bitter cruel nasty divisions to riots and violence wherever possible in growing hot spots world wide with more rising up no end in sight – fund and organize left movements and leaders world wide – influence elections with your AI leadership hacked from the west – using AI to manipulate thought – culture and divisions globally.
  6. Weaken and divide the Western Alliance and destroy Nato your one defense against this war. Turkey is in truth Russia now and out of Nato and more Nato allies are now dependant like Germany on Russia energy as is the entire EU now. Energy slaves to Russia for economics creating western co dependency.
  7. Hack the west with AI and secure the more advanced not even out yet weapon systems – step ahead of the west in AI as the nation that leads in AI will RULE THE WORLD and Putin said that with his mentee XI and intends their hacker nations to be the AI leaders hands down.
  8. Using AI develop weapon systems like nuke rockets with 20 minute delivery time to 1000 American and EU cities.
  9. Create the West SUPER CRASH and CASCADE OF DEBT DEFAULTING wherein in the chaos you can decisively FIRST STRIKE and RULE THE ENTIRE WORLD in less than 60 minutes.
  10. Patience to see the end and victory while you make deals to secure enemy ignorance of your war plan and its wins over 2007 to today without abatement – West losing the war – Putin winning the WAR he launched controls and with our denial there is a WORLD WAR III we simply lose.

WORLD WAR III is SUPER CHANGING ( all in my new book ) and WORLD WAR III is moving into VAM for Putin – velocity acceleration and momentum. Imagine Putin and Snowden war planners now having every code back door high security access to the NSA computers which access all other computers – where RUSSIA got in and no one even knew it – which IS asymmetrical warfare. How many of our NOCS and intel human assets died from SNOWDEN? It is a big war number and that number as its very graduated with Putin’s plan is still unfolding one death after another. SNOWDEN as traitor set the USA back ten years in the war plan. Putin has Snowden for a reason.

Putin and XI are in for life. They outlast Presidents.

They KNOW if they mis-step the right President say Trump will nuke them to oblivion and that does take 30 minutes today. They are toast and cone as is our life and planet. With 100 nukes maximum humanity is gone from the earth. The earth starts a finger snap of 10,000 years of CLEAN UP AND START OVER. Humans are insane smart intel water. The Earth is sane smart water. The earth smarter water will raise up conscious life that is not insane to protect the creator water planet of smart water and repopulate itself to the stars. Only insane smart water would extinct itself from the plane tlke human crazy brains are doing.

Plus war that kills one another for insanity alone.

Putin and XI do not want their own or the planet extinction but in the asymmetrical PUTIN WAR he is risking just that. The the wire. To the final red lines.

First outcome: rise up such COST to your enemy that they are forced to give you real power sharing on world policy. Inside that new role of detente and friendship gut your enemy economically and politically until Socialism takes over the world without firing a shot although millions die in bloodbaths from Hong Kong to Spain in the division work of the war plan LEFT TO RIGHT ( see Israel as a Putin Plan as Bibi has Putin’s dial up number in this war and Bibi understands and protects Israel in this complex war time ).

The Public has no clue of course which is PUTIN and coordinated plan together. Each keeping the enemy off balance. Bibi’s visit to Putin fail to detail the funding of all BIBI’s opposition to get BIBI out of office. Putins war plan brings enemies in for a warm Russia Hug while you are knife debowled while Putin smiles winning again. Over 100 nations are now involved in the war plan large small and medium.

The back bone of this war remains ECONOMIC. For example Putin wants oil prices up because to fund his war his one economy nation PETRO DOLLARS needs higher prices and no more loss of market share from crazy kid King in Saudi’s 100% failed oil war games since 2014. Putin is dividing NATO and OPEC for his own war games and wins. However PUTIN can’t any longer control oil prices because America produces more oil each year than PUTIN can get by sinking ECONOMICS for OPEC in cut backs in price and cut backs in their energy output – while RUSSIA FILLS THE GAP stealing market share as war plan from OPEC – silly OPEC see’s PUTIN and XI as buddies when they are war enemies. Wait for it…..Russia will come out on top on the sinking demand for oil based energy and when XI dumps OPEC for Russia OPEC is bankrupt including ARMACO. Somehow our many predictions on this seem to be the one sand storm in the FAKE NEWS Of economic springs Russia is fostering in the war plan. Common damn sense !


Our readers have well seen our reports that economically structurally politically and culturally the EU as an invention ( which we said day one to today ) by incomplete and tragic failure in core economic DESIGN – is a building on fire burning to the economic pre foundation with zero fire escapes built in.

As Muslim France with 2025 56% voting age Muslim populations – a PUTIN WAR PLAN Winning – is now in recession and down bubble in economics the only solid economies of the almost 30 country EU is Germany and the UK leaving. The UK unborn generations just saved themselves from unsustainable taxations and bankruptcy from EU DEBTOR NATIONS starting with Israel.

The bad debts of the EU including Greece include over 100 trillion dollars as we told you. Looking at it all we told you and we told you Italy may begin CASCADE. A sovereign nation debt default spreading across the world under Putin’s plan that leaves his FIRST STRIKE MOMENT as a gap that is closing faster and faster. Putin wins.

Italy has spent over the past half decade over 21 billion bailing out its banks. Failed bankrupt banks why? Because Criminal bankers world wide are making criminal profit bets in speculations that prior to 1999 from 1932 where global crimes in economics. Law makers gave PUTIN’s AI his winning card when they allowed banks as in pre depression years to legally make bets with core deposits in leverage up to 50 dollars in casino betting to one dollar of deposits securing the bet – so that loss on those . bets creates consequence where criminal bankers bankrupt their banks and seek state solutions to bail out there bad . bets. The tax payer than pays the criminal banker casino betting loss ( ALL AI NOW ) until under Putins war plan – which is winning and unless engaged more fully has no chance of failing – tips the nations in DEBT CASCADE ( takes 72 hours max ) where nations go bankrupt unable to bail out the bankruptcy from casino capitalism and banks failed side bets – the actual cause of the depression of 1907 and 1929. Once again learning nothing LAW MAKERS in 1999 ( with Putin fully behind it all ) voted in the last three hours of the Bill Clinton Christmas Congress – unanimously – in the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT ( we lobbied against ) to destroy over 800 depression safe harbor laws to protect us and returned banks to be owned by gambling investment banks that could now use bank deposits to wildly gamble. This has resulted in every major bank from Germany to San Francisco to New York to London in the past decade pleading CRIMINALLY GUILTY ( criminal bankers who control the world of capital flows ) and who never not ever go to JAIL for financial crimes that bankrupt entire nations. For GREED ALONE. The people are NOT THE PROBLEM. The FAILED CORRUPT SYSTEM bought and paid for by Wall Street lobbyist working not against WARREN REFORMS in the USA and elsewhere the same.

PUTIN LOVES all this as his WAR PLAN with XI is winning on 100% of his war fronts and the WEST Is not only losing they do not even realize they are inside WORLD WAR III. The pentagon knows and is fully engaged by handcuffed by congress. As in all western nations. Putin controls more left votes in leadership as time passes. A rare set back took place in the UK to Putin’s war plan when labor was massively defeated a vote in fact against the PUTIN WAR PLAN. In the UK Putin had s first defeat. In the US 2016 election Putin thought his buddy ship with TRUMP would SINK TRUMP and they tried and tried not to win for Trump but to get real buddy Hillary as socialist in. Trump winning was a WAR SET BACK FOR PUTIN in his war. Putin and XI have a real player with TRUMP and his generals and team and NEW NATO engaged to oppose what took place in Turkey and to restore the war fight and now take the battle to them. Economically China and Russia have suffered for the first time under TRUMP in economics politics and culture. THE WAR GOES ON HOWEVER.

2020 is DECADE TWO of the war plan of Putin leading XI and his community against the West. First goal a place at the table appearing to be allies when in fact close in he can totally gut you. Putin intends to win and rule the world with AI. Hacking us China and Putin now lead in AI.

Next 2020 plan – release a global block chain that undermines the US dollar and global banking system once and for all. Bankrupting nations in the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE over a debt bubble burst that shatters the Western economies once and for all. China leading in block Chain as Putin has congress and his left influencers panic and block Facebook leadership and Libra which would have stepped ahead of China – which Putin’s war plan could not allow. CHINA and RUSSIA with new global block chain currency will seek to destabilizing the US DOLLAR as world reserve currency now down in central banks and nation reserves 82% dollars in 2010 and in 2020 only 62% and falling like a stone – though say 82% of all commodity and energy trade settlements to this day – occur in only US DOLLARS DAILY which still haunts PUTIN. The Dollar and USA economics being this strong this late in PUTIN”s war plan is off plan and a huge risk to RUSSIA and the war plan – all due to TRUMP building his ECONOMIC WALL around PUTIN and his war plan. The TRUMP COUNTER PLAN only three years in – is the FIRST WAR PLAN that is reversing ( finally ) Putin 2007 unrelenting war victories.

Putin works on destabilizing the middle east – being the main influence in the new ARAB UNION not the USA and WEST – if possible – North Korea about to air burst a hydrogen bomb ( watch as all war eyes go to North Korea which is a total decoy to the real war ) and never had any intention of making a deal or giving up Nukes in Putins war plan. Putin is willing to risk North Korea or Iran getting NUKED to have a clear authority to Nuke USA assets to following limited nuke war ( PUTINS PLAN IN FINAL FORM ) develop a peace plan that includes RUSSIA and war winners as policy makers now globally leading in AI they hacked – PUTIN intends to own super self aware AI to defeat the WEST in the final warfare. Putin said: THE NATION THAT CONTROLS AI WILL CONTROL THE WORLD. That was when Putin was TIMES MAN OF THE YEAR.


What bank failure will trigger debt bubble bursting cascade no nation has capacity to offset at 100 trillion or more per zone – EU – ASIA and AFRICA SOUTH AMERICA. Only the USA has the capacity to weather the real war storms coming in economics. Remember we reported all this to you first.

After 21 billion in bank failures in Italy alone in five years from the state we have the big one – the bank de popular bankrupt. This bank requires a TRILLION DOLLARS to save its bad criminal banker casino bets – failed bets – loser loss loans and bets – that now Italy with 64% aging – and economics that are broken at core – seeks to have tax payers bail out the criminal bankers. If the bank fails Italy fails. It IS that simple and then the entire EU may fail and faster than anyone suspects.

The UK leaving the EU is fatal. The problem is like economic cancers the spread and metastasization of the fatal tumors are never treated with radiation to destroy the cancer. Each criminal banker never goes to jail. The problem is never fixed or even addressed. The only fix is the symptom. The Bank De Popular is having massive depositor CLICK RUNS you never see in news because CLICK RUNS are covered up by New York and West Coast Banks and by all banks from criminal Deutsche bank to Bank of London or Bank of China. The Italy Bank De Popular is bankrupt and needs 500 billion to pay its bad criminal bets off or it fails as a . bank. It needs a trillion total to cover the CLICK runs at its best guess. We believe with PUTIN at war in this winning battle far from over – that the trillion dollar band aid will never be enough. Italy is failing in slow motion. Its only state solution is SUPER BONDS and leave the EU which is Putin fatal to the EU in fact – war win.

AI does not sink the markets. The markets go up. Why? AI can not THINK yet as humans and AI does not have capacity to THINK about IMPLICATION.

China US Trade Deal has no immediate effect on oil but supply is greater than falling demand. Bidding oil up is a gambling speculation led by Saudi and Aramco which will in oil and Armaco become blood baths for AI making failed bets here. OIL IS HEADED DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE as we stated all 2019 long. OIL CRASHING has no end in sight and Putin lost this part of the war and frankly TRUMP WON this part of the war and the WEST well knows that fact is true. Saudi and OPEC are now scattered smothered and dunked and Putin is killing OPEC to death in his war plan and the KID in Saudi has no clue his insides are now leaking all over the RUSSIA FLOOR upon the snows of time.

AI does not see the EU effect of UK leaving and Bank De Popular as to implication. So the EU rises when the EU should free fall. Wait for it. Putin is winning this war with the West and although Trump is finally winning some battles in the war – first ever last three years – we are far from winning the PUTIN ASYMMETRICAL WAR PLAN 30 years in play to the day.

Italy now has ONE TRILLION at year end to save its failed BIG BANK. The majority of italian banks are bankrupt. The necklace of bank failures in Russia in China and in Italy and in EU everywhere is rising – soaring. As PUTIN and the WEST trade economic weapons and AI digital weapon firing – all first of their AI war weapons and each moving technology of AI wars ahead in time. One nation at a time. One alliance at a time. THE WAR IS NOW ENGAGED GLOBALLY. Only the public remains clueless.

Books have documented it all. THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM being the most recent to document PUTIN’s plan and its original launch in time. THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM BEGINS WITH CECILE RHOADS IN AFRICA AND DEFINES THE PUTIN CONSPIRACY that to win the war the influence and power of America must be forever reduced. This work was so massively victorious for PUTIN from his 2007 attack on all WESTERN ECONOMIES AND MARKETS with his Digital weapon ( READ KEVIN FREEMAN”S THE SECRET WEAPON AND THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AND YOU’ll KNOW THE WAR PLANS ). Plus you’ll have ways to join the fight back against the PUTIN war plan. That is still winning. Why do those who care about the future not read the facts? Ignorance is part of PUTINS WAR PLAN.

The POLICY is war of distraction and lies – DENY DENY DENY there is any war at all. Never cease denying.

The tipping point may be now ITALY who lacks one trillion dollars in a failed bankrupt state economically now dying in slow motion. WITHOUT MASSIVE ECONOMIC REFORMS just due to aging alone Italy can not sustain its entitlements with predictable social unrest and Putin rise in left and socialism as solution to RED PARTY and conservative anti socialist policies. Now the RED’s opposing PUTIN’s war plan in Italy are under attack from PUTIN one scandal of distraction after another.

In this slow news Holiday cycle with all news on USA CHINA DEAL Making and North South America deal making and Japan Deal making and UK massive new deal making – PUTIN can work to destabilize the EU in war executions leaders who cozy up to Putin from the West have no clue Putin is about to gut them – like Germany now becoming dependant on Putins new pipe line – as war strategy – Germany is falling right into the trap and further moving away from the dollar standard that created Germany with compassion post war – how they forget – how easily they forget the sacrifice and lives and dollars. PUTIN WINS.


  1. Italy ground zero for next – you’ll see.
  2. EU and NATIO destabilization
  3. Gulf now divided USA and PUTIN as planned
  4. Destabilize Asia dividing between PUTIN and USA
  5. Destabilized South America with massive left movements all at the same time
  6. Destabilize Africa with massive terror and left all at the same time – war plan for minerals Russia all over Africa with China
  7. Destabilize America – divide America – rise up violent left movements against Trump and get TRUMP OUT if possible

THE TRUMP DOD is the first moment Putins asymmetrical warfare is fully understood and engaged. The CYBER WARFARE COMMAND is fully engaged in the AI wars as never before – but its only been three years to ramp that up – Putin has had decades ramping up his master war plan which has only won. RUSSIA and China rise in opposition strength to America – hacking all our best and upgrading ahead of us from those hacks – a decade of stepping ahead of our technology.

Now our AI is sometimes defeating their AI.

Their AI sometimes continues to defeat our AI.

This election globally will exercise PUTINS AI into the mix as never before possible.

China and Russia hackers reside in North Korea funded by PUTIN where sanctions mean nothing to FAT BOY who is a protected war asset lulling the west with zero intention of doing anything but war. Putin deludes the mentally ill sociopaths with zero conscious helping FAT BOY and mentally ill KING MBS ( head of failed Aramco – wait for the crash in Aramco  as we stated here first ) assuring both have Nukes. Putin will sacrifice NORTH KOREA AND IRAN to secure authority to nuke the west into a peace deal he wins in making global policy long term.

Putin hopes to avoid Nukes but he is OK with his war plan rising to include NUKES – Pakistan to India – iran to Saudi – North Korea from US – Putin will DENY DENY DENY and keep RUSSIA invisible to the real WAR PLAN he and XI are fully securing that communism and their AI will rule the entire world.

The West is under serious attack.

No coordinated counter war plan is under way.

If Trump wins re-election and with Putin under mining Trump while it appears the total opposite in asymmetrical war ( where nothing is what is appears ) a coordinated first real counter to PUTINS WAR may decisively still win for the west.

THE IF IS HUGE and requires a republican congress – which is not political it is war. If Putin keeps congress maximally divided as never before – socialists against non socialists – with real hatred on both sides – PUTIN WINS THE WAR.

Voters world wide do not know we are at war and vote without needed information to create informed voters fully informed of the war. Leaders wish to avoid panic and keep state secrets secret.

UK voters had intuition and shocked PUTIN as his Labor PARTY got a cruise missile up the dark side of PUTIN and he LOST BIG TIME in the UK – bigger than you realize today as the win was TRUMPS. Right again.

Putin failed to derail USA economics now rising in winning the war. The war seeks to bankrupt America. America could not be stronger the island safe haven on earth today.

The USA dollar 82% of all capital daily trade settlements is not moving as Putin wishes to phony baloney communist baskets or a failed EU currency as world reserve or China block chain where China knows your every trade and uses that data to win the war. in case your not seeing that coming.

China and the USA now tied for cameras – 1 per four citizens and rapidly moving one per one with AI knowing every move we all make.

The nations that wins the AI wars ( self aware super new species AI ) WILL RULE THE WORLD. OR AI WILL AS WE MINDLESS CREATE THE FUTURE SUPER CHANGE WITHOUT ANY RULES AS my new book makes you all smart upon.

in the end regardless of any outcome the entrepreneur and professional that own their own futures will prosper in any market. The career path with major entities will be fraught with SUPER VOLATILITY created by AI trades on sound bites all manipulated for profit and greed and war wins. Without massive new regulations liquidity and system stability remain at core risk. As we well reported.

Putins plan.

Which includes keeping new massive G 100 regulations outlined in 2010 in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION FOR NATIONAL LEADERSHIP world wide. You join the revolution of human survival versus extinction human sanity versus insanity by READING THE BOOK. You as a leader become a global revolutionary when you share the book – create REDEMPTION home parties and voter parties. If WE THE PEOPLE all the billions of US join the revolution PUTIN LOSES. if you remain ignorant and never take action we lose the PUTIN WARS.

Winning is so easy if we all join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION outlined in the book REDEMPTION.

This holiday …if any of these data points and facts call to you as the new DECADE OF 2020 ENERGY ILLUMINATES US ALL – if you feel called – spoken to or moved by this blog report at the Holiday season 2019 I suggest you:

  1. Share this blog URL with a large list of your own circle inviting them to subscribe……to the FREE software for the quantum computer above your neck that replaces FAKE NEWS with integrity and truth – which all readers know when they read it.
  2. Share REDEMPTION AND THE WORK SUPER CHANGE with your REDEMPTION CIRCLES AND HOME PARTIES YOU SPONSOR as you lead as a major general in the COOPERATION REVOLUTION of human sanity vs. insanity. One read.
  3. Shift into switched on turned on home spaces and work spaces as you share the books and the blog.

Or do nothing. Read and consume more than you contribute. Those who wake up or are awake contribute more than they consumer as the COOPERATION integrity of sanity. The opposite of using and taking. The first awareness of elevated human potential and conscious awareness is – that the law of reciprocity ( giving first ) is the electricity to God’s enormous switch circuit of the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

We told you there would be a record year end DOW and S&P. The DOW set a new record today.


Obama stopped the downward death spiral.

OBAMA presided over the most MONO anemic economic recovery ever measured.

Trump as presided over on his policies:

  1. The lowest unemployment in America – well – EVER – simply EVER.
  2. The 10,000 points Trump’s added to the DOW is spectacular and drives record confidence.
  3. Consumer confidence is soaring.
  4. Business confidence awash in all the trade deals is soaring.
  5. Business investment is 2020 looking more solid than any time in decades

Trump’s team reward for a GOOD JOB with no crimes no criminal evidence as in none now so fully examined and public – we have political theater and impeachment. This blog reported in 2015 as the election was unfolding that economically Democratic win of the House would result in:

  • Nancy Pelosi impeaching Donald Trump – our given and our absolute in 2015 and we never abated. Right again.
  • Grid lock – Nancy in hatred and disrespect politics she politically perfected – would block all Trump visions and legislation
  • The US BUDGET would not be passed and would POLITICALLY WEAPONIZED a constitutional criminal act by Nancy
  • Endless costly investigations designed to remove Trump from office or taint Trump to win the 2020 election
  • Trumps family would be so massively investigated and harassed Trump would be expected to just resign under the pressure

Nancys nightmare – BACKLASH. The outcome of her HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICS and the cost to the American people of so many missed options and opportunities- creates a fact. NANCY PELOSI IS HELPING DONALD TRUMP win re-election. Worse in her 3 am night mare.

Nancy Pelosi is single handedly helping Donald Trump win a congress that will WORK ONCE AGAIN. If democrats lose control of the House the CONGRESS WILL WORK. So we’ll see. The voters have the final say. Will voters see through all the political theater lies and vote on the truth of it all?


No election has the manipulation of the rising manipulation elections taking place with AI world wide. The future is in the AI.

We’ll all wait and see…..


The markets are at an all time HIGH and new highs and records may well be set into year end.

Oil will go down from the error of its silly recent highs manipulated mainly by oil industry die hards. The GLUT assures prices will go down and long buyers will see a blood bath.

Deflation will continue with 5G and AI revolutions driving the economics of TECHNOLOGY CONVERGENCE well reported here – scroll for it.

Low interest will remain for a long while forward.

Stimulation will remain to assure liquidity.

Unemployment is on the floor boards as never seen before in history.

Economics are rising fast from EU to China to America and all across the globe.

Investment is rising to new records due to trade deals versus trade wars as the market just loves certainty

Trade deals are being completed like pop corn creating a new world order.

Profits are soaring across the board.

Christmas will upside surprise experts with outcome numbers passing all prior periods. Record profits.

Lower taxes are now forging new business investing.

Trade deals and profits will return stock buy backs from down bubble in 2019 further supporting stock liquidity and price.

Trump will secure peace profitably across the globe.

Troops are coming nome in record numbers.

GNP and receipts to US TREASURY ARE SOARING – .US deficit numbers are wrong on high side and are falling like a water fall in the full moon night. The USA is prospering.

The US Dollar is the by far the strongest currency in human history. The world reserve currency that the world trusts and there is no replacement rising up any time soon.

Trump has secured the future. If the election goes his way Trump may massively expand the agenda we will see.

The USA and our military have moved RARE EARTH out of China ( who has massively moved exports to the USA UP to almost 4000 tons last year – ) while the USA is mining and manufacturing RARE EARTHS in the USA again and soon in Australia never again so deeply reliant on one nation China. That monopoly day fell in trade war. Forever. Good news for America….

INTEL buys HABANA AI in Israel for 2 billion. You just can’t know what that does to PUTINS WAR PLAN. It positions INTEL to step in front of Russia. The 2 billion dollar INTEL ACQUISITION massively provides AI to monitor scaling quality in the cloud of AI in the cloud – the next generation of smarter AI that now monitors earlier dumber AI. AI managing AI and no humans involved at all so massive is the transaction real time data velocities. Only AI can manage the Scaling and INTEL just bought the industry leader in AI always Israel – chosen people of GOD.

INTEL just moved the WORLD WAR III needle in asymmetric warfare against RUSSIA with a leading AI acquisition and PUTIN never saw it coming at all. TERRIFIC news for America.

ESG investing globally is now passing 30 trillion dollars and it just getting started. Super Money pools and AI are increasingly investing in sustainable investment that is social environmental and a growing list of criteria.

Competitive capitalism investing is – make the most profit in the least time at any cost for our elite insider share holders.Trump

Cooperative capitalism as outlined in my work REDEMPTION AND SUPER CHANGE this Holiday – obsesses on CUSTOMER IMPROVING OUTCOMES while making a profit. Huge difference.



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