Yes India and Pakistan have both attacked acrossed each other’s borders – creating serious escalations over years of time. However this was all done privately and without public notice.

Thursday what is different.

India attacked ( terror ) or Pakistan sovereign fighters on their territory over the INDIAN Boarder. Pakistan will take this as an act of war. The escalation from Modi making this public and not private we will have to wait and see about.

We anticipate the ratchet up of actual clashes between the militaries of both nations has reached a point where all out WAR is not to be ruled out. If all out war happens with two nations that hate each other this much – that are as divided and unstable as Pakistan – escalation to use Nuclear Weapons could be fast – without warning – and will change everything in a heart beat.

Everything in financial markets.

Everything in Global politics and policies.

Everything in the US Presidential election.


Experts say such escalation is very unlikely?

Syria was very unlikely and now look at Syria.

Pakistan and India have long been our # 1 economic bet on WORLD WAR III initiation. Then treaties come into play who protects who and the entire world can be sucked in rapidly.

Faster than a sound byte.

More dangerous than a speed bullet train.

And there IS NO SUPER MAN to save us.

I ask my readers to track this closely.

Berny Dohrmann – Turning the Truth UP and telling the truth faster