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This News Site has labeled WHO leadership and WHO management CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT caling for a LEADERSHIP PURGE AND TURN OVER due to the 100’s of preventable deaths WHO PRESENT CRIMINALS CREATED AS COWARDS  – mis directing the entire world that SNAKE FLU from CHINA was  only a moderate risk and far less a risk than SARS. Criminal in our opinion as negligence to duty of WORLD HEALTH RESOURCES. Last year WHO failed to declare 2020 still OUT OF ALL CONTROL WORST EBOLA IN AFRICA CONTAGION spreading globally from WHO NEGLIGENCE AND LACK OF STRATEGIC COORDINATION WITH G 20 as in OBAMA 2016 outbreak with prior WHO far better management – also late then in declaring WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY and three STRIKES and 1000’s dead is in base ball – YOUR OUT FOLKS. RESIGN. Your s scandal and no one has confidence in WHO TODAY no one.




The Press as yet have NOT HELD WHO RESPONSIBLE but the PRESS draws from this site globally and we feel the TRUTH of this story will rise in WORLD PRESS until we have new WHO MANAGEMENT. Today way way too late to save the 200 lives now snuff out in a week – WHO MEETS to “Consider” DECLARING THE NOW 20 NATION INFECTION UP FROM ONE NATION IN ONE WEEK ALONE – a WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY AS THIS SITE CALLED FOR FROM WHO WITH OUR SHAME ON WHO YOU CAN SCROLL AND READ HERE – to see the criminal negligent mis leading within a KILLER GLOBAL WORST HUMAN PANDEMIC SINCE SPANISH FLU KILLED 20 million in 1900 when we moved around with sailing ships and horses .WHO DO YOUR JOB TODAY. Thursday we predict they finally WILL DECLARE SNAKE FLU A WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY which for my leader readers in over 200 nations reading this news today falls under the on line google of DUHHHHHH ! DO YOUR JOB WHO.

Press nail them.


  1. We predicted by the weekend 10,000 would be infected in over 20 nations. We stand by with 180 dead this AM and 8700 infected this AM our math – RIGHT AGAIN. We were first. Globally with the right math. We were RIGHT AGAIN. As our leader readers come to rely upon when sharing this BLOG RESOURCE for planners who need accurate information.
  2. Airlines were cutting flights now airlines are CUTTING OUT ALL FLIGHTS TO CHINA. WhIch? Lufthansa Air Canada American Airlines British Airways Delta Air France as cabin crews demand it and a rising avalanche of airlines today as the USA is considering QUARANTINE OF AMERICA FROM ASIA TRAVEL to contain the virus.
  3. This new site predicted and Thursday confirms ( RIGHT AGAIN ) that the WHO stating the SNAKE FLU was not as fatal as SARS is in fact wrong when you deep dive into the math and that in 9 months of SARS PANDEMIC killing over 800 of us in only 9 months while WHO AGAIN THEN was late to declare a WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY feeling those higher rules would impact economics globally placing FUNDERS TO THE WHO dollars and sense over the LIVES dollars and sense murdering what will become massive numbers – for PROFIT.
  4. Millions of Asia factory workers will struggle Monday to get back to work. Factories are closed. Growing firms like GOOGLE AMAZON IKEA SAMSUNG ( GOOD CALL GLOBAL SUPER BRAND LEADERSHIP LIVES OVER PROFIT )  and others have closed factories and stopped until this comes into control to PROTECT LIVES for their folks – good job for HERO COMPANIES leading in the vacuum of CRIMINAL WHO.  The ECONOMIC COST OF THIS WORLD PANDEMIC AS WE MOVE TO QUARANTINE NATIONS WILL BE GREATER THAN ANY HUMAN PANDEMIC IN HISTORY AND FASTER. China markets will SUPER CRASH next week. Friday markets may globally advance correction into the weekend in anticipation of the AI SUPER CRASH to CHINA on opening. ASIA markets will all SUPER CRASH. Global markets will now come into economic effect ( lighter with WHO EARLY ACTION AND SO MUCH WORSE WITH WHO CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE ). The rule IS – in global PANDEMIC’s IN MODERN TIMES – TIME IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN DIAMONDS AS DELAY IS A KILLER Lives over PROFITS. The cost of trade with and in China crashing – infected workers with no symptom’s can pass on SNAKE FLU by sneezing on your iPhone package – folks need to washing and avoid touching MADE IN CHINA without sanitizer wipes to pick them up. PLAY IT SAFE. SNAKE FLU IS OUT OF CONTROL TODAY. RIGHT AGAIN.
  5. First Cruise Ship with 6000 People quarantined with SNAKE FLU on board – as entire Cruise ship is in lock down the first of many. This will create a stop of the CRUISE INDUSTRY as more and more ships are locked down and cruise guests are not allowed to leave. The economic ripple taking place in PANDEMIC is well predicted in our series on SNAKE FLU and you all knew first. We have told you WHAT TO DO in our TIPS if you as a leader reader scroll back – be measured in your response and do not over react ( yet ) or panic ( yet ). Truly its a rising PANDEMIC EFFORT NOW fully rising GLOBAL outside the failed WHO LEADERSHIP of criminals. PRESS lock in on the story of the century.
  6. President MOON stated that the weapons of beating this pandemic can never be FEAR & PANIC but must be TRUST COOPERATION BETWEEN NATIONS AND COLLABORATIONS BETWEEN ALL NATIONS.
  7. The entire China is now infected in a week. One province to 100% provinces and cities in only a week including TIBET. Why? CARRIERS.
  8. Carriers is the problem of this pandemic unlike any including SPANISH FLU killing 20 million in 1900 in 24 months. Why? Unlike all others in HUMAN HISTORY this rapidly strengthening ( oh yes it still is mutating rapidly and kill rates are rising as scientist fear studying this new VIRUS FORM ) as SNAKE FLU – infects human to human and is more virulent in infecting human to human BY CARRIERS we estimate 100,000 carriers from the CHINA NEW YEARS will become 1,000,000 carriers world wide in February. They have no clue they have anything at all. Their church mosque and synagogue worship their buffet lines ( we suggested in TIPS NO BUFFET EATING ) and sanitize wipe utensils when you eat – just be smart. CARRIERS who cough sneeze and spread moisture infected CONTAGION into the air space of any place planes – stores – public areas – etc – leave long infected virus on surfaces walls door handles of hotels and inside room surfaces – and air with virus moisture floating and carried by air systems infects when your eyes come in contact. Stop that how? Think differently leader readers. this is not another one. This is THE ONE OF OUR GENERATION a GLOBAL NEW HUMAN PANDEMIC.
  9. SNAKE FLU is 80% fatal to men over 65 if you study the early numbers. It is higher fatal to those over 55 men and woman we are seeking early STATS on THAT. Slow in coming. Its spreading so fast and with 10,000 infected this weekend and 100,000 infected a weekend away and 1,000,000 infected in February alone fatal rates we feel will way pass SARS.


This news site suggested early action reduces economic cost.

This news site suggested early action reduced human death and suffering and panic.

We suggested a solution:

  1. Global QUARANTINE of all nations – for a 20 day CARRIER REVIEW so all having symptoms get identified isolated and tracked to every contract point. SNUFFING THE PANDEMIC OUT TODAY.
  2. Vaccines will take way too long and 1,000,000 may die or a billion if we do not quarantine early and snuff it all out. In our opinion and it may require 20 day MARSHAL LAW to keep order.

The economics will cost CHINA TRILLIONS and move GNP from 2020 6% to 4% and below. CHINA ECONOMICS ARE COMPLETELY MELTING DOWN and given their debt loading they can not afford to pay sovereign nation debts back with the SUPER CRASH that will hit the world on Monday.  Individual investors are rushing to all cash selling out. We suggest all of us hold. Do not click run cash out of banks it hurts us all. DO not cash investments in – hold for 60 days and we can burn this out or 180 days invest for 60 months not sixty days you’ll be fine as going out will impact many others and is financial panic but it is too late as PANIC IS HERE NOW because of WHO. Cost in economics and lives as WHO delayed declaring the SNAKE FLU A WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY IN TIME – THE CRIMINAL ACT OF OUR NEW DECADE BY WHO LEADERSHIP – AND WHO CREATED PANIC COST IN TRILLIONS to global out comes in 2020. WAIT FOR IT. The cost is now TRILLIONS winding up as CONSEQUENCE OF WHO NEGLIGENCE Pure and simple to market confidence and cost. PART OF THE ROARING MELT DOWN ON ECONOMICS GLOBALLY remains – PANIC. Today confidence in CONTAINMENT by agencies like WHO is shattered. Right again.

Carriers will infect every nation on earth in two weeks time That is WHAT A GLOBAL PANDEMIC “IS”.

The death fatality statistics will focus on the % of deaths to males 65 up and higher being highest for massively rapidly respiratory failure from fatal double pneumonias that are so explosive they are 72 hours fatal for that age group or 55 up male and female highest numbers. The SNAKE FLU is far more mild to the younger age groups. Is this engineered? A bio weapon to reset demographics and take unsustainable elderly care cost ( the economic pig in the python of all nations today ) out – so nations retool elder care cost? This news site asked day 1 – and every day since – WHAT NATURAL VIRUS SELECTS ONLY THE ELDERLY TO KILL OFF?

If lab created do those who engineered that DNA get away with it? Stating it is illegal animal selling? If true why do nations not truly stop illegal animal selling – thats low cost to TRILLIONS AND TRILLIONS in economic melt down.



In WHO induced ( from their lies and fake news ) and criminal negligence – PANIC.

Mind sets of billions:

  1. If I get my cash out of banks first I’ll have mine and sorry but fuck the rest of you – click runs to all cash. This would collapse banking and banks would close world wide in bankruptcy. Say in February or after IF panic sweeps into the equation. Education we present here may preclude it. WE CALL FOR HOLD IN INVESTING AND BANKING HOLD FOLKS we’ll get passed this together. THE RISK OF ECONOMIC CONTAGION HAS MOVED TO TERROR FOR CENTRAL BANKS AND NATIONS AND BANKS AND INVESTMENT BANKS who are now meeting today and tomorrow in their own PANIC. They do not KNOW what to DO. There is no past history to look upon.
  2. If trillions pull out of ELECTRONIC TRADED FUNDS ETF’s and redemptions exceed buy in’s ( which is now occurring in fact ) the global financial system wobbles and may move into the GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION OF ALL TIME.
  3. Such a SUPER CRASH into depression could and would raise risk of world wars. If you can’t eat nothing else matters.

Today the province the size of PARIS with over 60 million in house lock down has no stores open to buy FOOD. 60 million running out of toilet paper and food in LOCK DOWN. See the issues. Now 100 cities in CHINA with 100’s of millions are going into quarantine and lock down. This story makes IMPEACHMENT look like a Saturday Morning CARTOON SHOW by comparison.



End Impeachment NOW. The world needs our TEAM totally focused on the SURVIVAL OF OUR ECONOMICS AND WORLD DEFENSE against SNAKE FLU FIRST economic contagion second and world war third. STOP THE SILLY SIDE SHOW AND LET LEADERS FOCUS. Distracting leaders NOW in election year as pure political theater is creating a far greater SNAKE FLU outcome tragedy than would otherwise be the case. CONGRESS SHAME ON YOU this is on you.

In 2020 no one sees it yet.


A 20 day quarantine of cities states and nations to burn out CARRIERS who are departing by the 100,000’s today from CHINESE NEW YEARS are taking SNAKE FLU to every nation on earth. WAIT FOR HOW FAST it will surprise you.

The Press has yet to PLACE A PANDEMIC CLOCK on news as called for in this news site day one and every day to this Thursday. Tomorrows numbers will STUN YOU. The PANDEMIC IS EXPONENTIALLY EXPLODING due to CARRIERS. What are nations doing? Taking temperature? SNAKE FLU SPREADS from INFECTED CARRIERS with zero symptoms a first in human experience.

To isolate carriers only this site projects numbers for and our math is conservative and errors on the down side:

  1. 100,000 CARRIERS ON THURSDAY reaching every major G 20 nation into the weekend
  2. 1,000,000 carriers in February reaching every nation on earth.

We have to stop moving and lock up for 20 days to get control of CARRIERS:

  1. All lenders can toll payments for one month – mortgages credit cards student loans car loans all of it – a hit but worth it long term.
  2. Feed everyone and make that safe. We can do that. Supply toilet paper and essentials – with rules – sanitized wipes – gloves and masks to buy essentials locally.
  3. Trucks and suppliers from trains and things – all essential with full marshal law and military support – we can burn this sucker out  in 20 days world wide.

Our 1-2-3 presented here is UNLIKELY because leaders under estimate the real problem INFECTED CARRIERS WITH NO SYMPTOMS. Why? It never happened before. No experience.

Leaders balance economics and profits to lives.

Leaders need to PLACE LIVES AS THE PRIORITY and profit guarding as outcome to the 20 day GLOBAL BURN OUT MORATORIUM. Which is our consulting to nations who ask. Agencies that ask. Call me.


What we predict is that when millions are CARRIERS the outcome of 1-2-3 will occur world wide. In some COORDINATION.

The UN is so behind its mandate on this item.


WHO is criminal creating the damage early in.

MASKS – when 1 billion Chinese want five to ten masks for their families demand rises to over ONE BILLION to TEN BILLION MASKS. Masks may become a very rare commodity as panic buying is taking place.

As older tribes ( my tribe ) go on antibiotics as I have this week – think – how long before antibiotics run out completely. Then what? No supply chain is prepared for this PROBLEM looming and no NATION is on top of this shortage looming. CARRIERS. Massive quarantine is taking place today and this week from NATIONS MOVING THEIR CRITICAL PERSONNEL BY 100,000’s now out of CHINA to their home nations but in QUARANTINE. All of those should be put at age 55 and up ON ANTIBIOTICS NOW. CONTAGION OF THIS SNAKE FLU IS VIRAL AND UNLIKE ANYTHING – MORE CONTAGIOUS THAN ANY PRIOR PANDEMIC EVER. These steps are such common sense compared to taking their temperature until they get sick when it is often too late for my age tribe with THIS AGE DISCERNING KILLER – IT KILLS THE ELDERLY BY UP TO 80%. We’ll keep you up on the growing math.

THE FIRST VIRUS THAT TARGETS AGE …think about that folks and PRESS ask the right questions here. ASK DNA authorities if they can identify DNA engineering of this virus. IF that occurs the virus is an ACT OF WAR. As we reported first day one of the outbreak news. DAY ONE.

We will gather the TRUTH no fake news or spin and inform leader readers. We have asked you to viral this BLOG SITE so those in your social walls in Facebook Linkedin YOUTUBE instant Gram emails and love circles have access to our information as another opinion on WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. We can get a billion subscribers who rise up with superior information and support the outcome to save us all.

With all that said I’m in LA at multiple events speaking to large audiences. I will be careful. I will hand sanitize many times a day. i will wipe down my hotel room with sanitized swipes. I will use them after every hand shake. I will back up from sneeze or cough from anyone.  And it is MY BIRTHDAY. I’m older than 55 in the highest kill group. I will not change my life over this VIRUS at this stage and I am not in panic nor am I afraid of SNAKE FLU. I am taking antibiotics so if I get it my pneumonia will not become fatal ( I’ve had 27 of them since 1997 ).  The events in LA are standing room only. Folks are living life around the PANDEMIC.

Tips on HOW are in the prior blogs print page and use those TIPS wisely. Make money. Prosper in the PANDEMIC. We’ll tell you more on HOW as news unfolds.

Our teams in China and Asia our members and our CEO’s and leaders are pouring information to us as is the world press thank you all. We are doing what we can to help focusing on the ONE STORY over the silly stuff your reading while everyone seeks to preclude world absolute PANIC which can and may collapse the economic orders of this world if PANIC unfolds like we told you.

THE RISK OF PANIC is a human reaction an attitude.

PANIC occurs when we ( 5 billion of us ) lose confidence in WHO and nations charged to cooperate and protect us all.

RIGHT AGAIN on what?

  1. Monday explosive PANDEMIC of SNAKE FLU.
  2. Tuesday deaths and infections double.
  3. Weds they double again.
  4. Thursday they double again.
  5. All days real deaths real infections are fully UNDER REPORTED it is SO MUCH WORSE and we all know THAT.

CARRIERS are not REPORTED AT ALL. Our math is the first to tell the world anticipate underestimate minimums of:

  1. Chinese New Years millions moving have 100,000 CARRIERS moving to the G 20 and more nations
  2. 1,000,000 carriers if no new plan limits them by mid FEBRUARY or before.
  3. Because CRIMINAL WHO management was negligent is the WHY entirely and a fact.

The PRESS is not holding CRIMINAL WHO RESPONSIBLE but we predict smart leading journalist reading this resource site will correct that winning awards for their reporting of the CAUSE. WE NEED REFORM OF WHO FOLKS. Pure and simple.



NOTE: DO NOT PANIC – CALM DOWN – families younger than 55 your % of recovery is so high do not even worry – older folks use the TIPS in prior blogs and stay reading often. CALM THE FUCK DOWN and get far more OBJECTIVE about your PERSONAL PROTECTION AND COMPANY ( DENTIST OFFICE TO SMALL BUSINESS PROTECTION PLAN ) and you’ll be fine. If your older go on antibiotics for a month now as protection. Or on first symptom same day – no delay you’ll be fine. However use iPhone or LEVAQUIN as no known resistant as many antibiotics do not work – trust 27 double pneumonia in 23 ICU hospital stays ( my expertise not yours ) to KNOW THAT. Make a note on it for your doctor.  Doxycycline and AMOXICILLIN are strong as well.