More and more leading traders and sovereign nation funds read this blog as do their law firms and anneals. Hedge fund and private equity leadership tuning in. For background noise they can get hard data to bet against.

If OPEC had credibility ( they have zero ) their “cosmetic” no substance announcement they had the first price and output agreement of its membership in over a decade would have moved markets up. Markets crashed. OPEC has lost the confidence of its own members and the entire world…never to return again. The leadership in despearation trashed their brand completely this week by lying. You can’t lie anymore folks you just can not.

Saying we had a locked and loaded output agreement with our membership  was a LIE – a cheat sheet – and oil is going down to 30.00 dollars on supply demand as a result of this lie and those betting long are going to enjoy a blood bath of loss – the over supply is worse and worse and worse. Supply and demand ( demand is falling like a stone as growth is falling like a rock ) world wide – demand is peaked and will stay at peak no matter what OPEC does or does not do – they no longer control that supply demand equation – it has left their building forever.

Meanwhile Apple was impacted by Barkley’s stupid move on rating –  which will backfire as IPHONE and IWATCH holiday sales kick in and all time records are created to Apple land – due to the enormity of the back log of users who have not upgraded since iPhone IV. They will upgrade this Holiday season by hundreds of millions. This is an Apple moment and I’d buy on every dip if I where you the market is insane today. Barkley did you short the stock on your call and make illegal profits because your run by criminals too?

You’ll see how right I am with a waste land of over priced stocks and only a handful underpriced value based stocks. Pick wisely.

Duetsch bank sunk another 7% breaking its prior all time low which it has breached every single day this week. The RUN on the BANK the first since 1927 includes:

  • Depositors
  • Institutions
  • Money managers
  • Loans – being refinanced moving off their books
  • Retail customers
  • Corporations
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Nations

All at once – in a TSUNAMI perfect storm RUN ON THE BANK. This run dynamic is taking place at Wells Fargo and Bank of Scotland. With Duetsch Bank – I’d run to get out – runnnnn.

Will Duetsch bank file for bankruptcy? Will Germany bail out the bank which will not bail out the PROBLEM under the failure of their bank.

Criminal management breaking laws to make profits is the problem of bank confidence. Criminal reporting where banks are bankrupt but lying about it. The public is aware of the issues and is voting with their wallet. Today the runs are digital and on line. They happen at the speed of CLICK without long lines and signals the press can see. The depth of the DIGITAL RUN is going to reach the public soon and when it does CONTAGION and real PANIC will follow.

This is just the start as Pakistan and India face off in a real war now.

The world instability is a wheel wobble that is shaking the spokes off the wheel. Can you feel the shimmy while you watch media with a TV warm meal and consider whats next?

The shimmy folks is shacking me off my chair.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment Banker Economists – 200 melt down in stocks today.


PS: I told you October could be the month of SUPER CRASH which will effect the American election more than any other factor. Oh yeah and no one cares what Janet Yellin says in her speeches anymore – no one trusts her. She’s done. She trashed the FED now and forever more as a brand in the market. Just her. Worst FED CHAIRMAN in 100 years as I’ve written before.