News is so perishable. You release a current deck of verifiable data sets to the reader and the data set moderates in less than one hour. SUPER CHANGE. Not that long back we could release a current story and that story would be the global news discussion for a month. For many of us impeachment seems like years ago versus days ago earlier this year. The Pandemic seems like a WORLD WAR with years invested in that war already when truly it is just since December – three months in – 90 days in – and all this ALREADY. My hottest book title of 2020 – SUPER CHANGE predicted seminal SUPER CHANGE events, and as the book sold out its first edition on Amazon in hours, the global demand for the book is high. We are working in PANDEMIC TO GET THE BOOK ON AUDIO to all platforms, but even that has taken 90 days versus 9 days. Things are not as they once were – go out and see yourself.

As early early March unfolds into SPRING world wide, moods lift as blue sky dominates a world moving into sunshine from winter. Gasoline is down with no end in sight. Jamie Diamond Chairman at Morgan stated what is coming next is massive bad loan across the board elevations into a very bad recession. We see last month major institutions drew down 50 billion in credit lines, stopped all stock buy backs, and another new debt borrowing of 25 billion rose institutional larger firm debt by 100 billion last month alone. In our little corner of the woods.

World wide the New Debt Loading including Quantitive Easing. We might spend a bit of time on that.




Oats inside economics is FREE MONEY from the Central Bank in the USA the FED. The Fed is independent. Meaning the Fed can do what it wants when it wants and answers not to the President or the congress or to anyone. NO AGENCY of nation can over rule a final fed decision. 97% of those decisions since 1906 have been catastrophically wrong just as they are right toady. I could write entire book entitled DEAD BANKERS DON’T LIE. SO we are clear on the species problem.

So the Fed issues every new dollar ( untold trillions since September of 2019 no one can count how fast the Fed is printing money today ) and ever new dollar is printed as a ledger item of DEBT to you and myself upon which our unborn grandchildren are still paying the banker interest on all that debt. EVER DOLLAR IS INTEREST TO THE FED A DEBT NOTE A PROMISE TO PAY NOTE AND WE ALL PAY THE CRIMINAL BANKERS. Oh in this corrupt obsolete antique terribly broken dying economic system, the FED is giving money away to the CRIMINAL BANKER CABAL that own controlling stock in the FED, and pay zero for FREE MONEY. Then they lend that FREE MONEY to you and I for small business loans, car loans, fridge loans, dryer loans, credit card loans, any loans where we spend debt money and then as DEBT SLAVES pay the bankers back for life. Most never stop paying not ever.

The world revolves upon CREDIT ABUSE where free money from central banks who earn interest by contract with law makers and nation for the SERVICE of printing the money and collecting debt interest. The interest on the national debt is larger today than say the budget for the US Military or Social Security payments. THE LARGEST LINE ITEM OF NATION is paying CRIMINAL BANKERS interest on the national debt as a LEGAL THEFT of the entire wealth of our nation. Hence my opinion the obsolete F grade policy body the GREED MACHINE of CENTRAL BANKING should remove INDEPENDANCE and MERGE THE FED back into US treasury. This stops paying interest on New Dollars and assures the DEBT IMPLOSION – the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE EXPLODING – will not sink the USA as it is afixin to if we don’t.

if we look at DEPRESSIONS debt super bubbles bursting end up within – thats right depressions are credit abuse rebalancing in economics – of which the 1929 depression took around 40 years to truly recover from. Say a depression has low and slow valuation issues in markets for 40 years – decades after THE EVENT.

YOU ARE INSIDE “THE EVENT”.if you feel a day here or there of not crashing SNAKE FLU numbers – but moderation – for two days in spotty areas report the most minor over night fall of both new deaths and new infections – near the last high – but down from setting new records. Those data points are largely due to running out of test kits, decline in numbers tested or monitored, bad testing, and anomalies in collecting the data which is so outside any systemic quality control data is all over the place. What is true is:


The full weight of those infected by the CARRIER COMMUNITY WORLD WIDE comes to light four weeks from today. Pandemic’s by definition display EXPONENTIAL GROWTH. You all believe we have reached a magical peak and the entire counts world wide will now decline into safe numbers with a sigh from us all. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

What IS going to happen, is that the length of the PANDEMIC is going to exhaust us all. This is not getting over in time frames you can live with. EXPLOSIONS of NEW INFECTIONS will continue to occur. China will end up having to report the TRUE NUMBERS which when it occurs will simply SHOCK THE WORLD. We have told you CHINA IS LYING on the number counts. You have no idea how large the lies are. Millions of elderly will perish in China as the PANDEMIC is outside Nation State or Agency influence or control. We limit the TOTAL HIGH SIDE COUNTING is all we can do. Until the KILLER VIRUS burns out of humanity which took vaccines for polio or small box and for measles. Until we have that in 2021 we have only the TRUTH FROM THE LIES. The Snake Flu Virus economically is 1929.

Never has the world of trade commerce and entwinement so uniformly SHUT DOWN. The ripple is a 3000 foot economic TSUNAMI of such complexity moving at 5000 miles an hour in 360 degrees to every shore on earth. THE DEBT SUPER WAVE.





SEEING THE POST WORLD WAR II SYSTEM FORGED IN THE 1940’S unravel so quickly is hard to witness. For non economists you believe the lies. The lies include politician fraud that lead you to rely upon:

  1. The pandemic economic outcome is temporary – over with fast.
  2. The pandemic economic outcome sling shots demand we are all back to work fast.
  3. The recovery will be massive and instant.
  4. Oh by the way the system is real real safe please do not run your cash out of the bank – relax now
  5. There is no liquidity problem or debt problem because the Fed is buying up trillions in crap debt every week – your money is safe truly it is trust the SYSTEM in our criminal care today

The system designed by depression weary warriors, was by intention engineered to weather shocks and to be resilient in resisting another depression. The majority of the DEPRESSION SAFTEY NET LAWS were abolished by unanimous vote in the last three hours before Holiday break by the Bill Clinton Lame Duck Congress. Removal of those safe harbor laws, has created the largest debt super bubble since the fall of Rome – many many times more debt in every super bubble matrix one can economically measure way above RISK LEVELS seen in the 1929 Super Crash – way above those risk charts and graphs in 2020.






Janet is the worst Federal Reserve Chairwoman in 100 years. Why? Yellin allowed with depression firewalls removed by Greenspan and Bernanke who appointed Janet to CONTINUE THEIR POLICIES of SUPER DEBT UNLIMITED BUBBLE GLOBALLY and Janet true to her loyal creed as a CRIMINAL MAFAI DON at the top of the GODFATHER of the MONEY CABAL the FED GREED MACHINE.

What did the Prior Chairwoman who appointed POWELL to continue the PAST THREE CHAIR POLICY REFORMS assuring a depression in economics in 1929. What did the WORST CHAIRPERSON IN HISTORY SAY TODAY ( and she was right not that anyone is even listening today ) but here goes: JANET YELLIN CONFIRMED THIS BLOG WAS RIGHT AGAIN TODAY:

  1. The reporting is woefully under real numbers and the system is too broken to give you real numbers.
  2. Deaths and infections are world wide far higher than reported.
  3. Economic instability is greater than leaders can see today.
  4. Unemployment is really at almost 15% – 13% if our system was accurate and real time as numbers we see are too old in AI to matter at all.
  5. GNPS is plunging past 30% a DEPRESSION SUPER CRASH Janet says is woefully also under reported starting with China.

Janet was the CANARY in the MINE SHAFT singing her little heart out till she gets SNAKE FLU and graduates herself. Will she still be singing by this Fall. She is screaming METHANE GAS METHANGE GAS RUNNNNNNN ! In the only voice she knows how. Her tribe of CRIMINAL BANKER MAFAI DON’s are all saying over warm meals and big fat cigars with zero social distancing – in private banker clubs, ah hey I can’t see no methane ….you see any damn methane? I can’t smell no methane? Any of you chaps smelling that methane old Janet is squaking all about? Truly I think we are good to go in the mine – business as usual.

The Central banks are laying on UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT where ever single bail out dollar IS a debt to that nation UNTIL the law makers modernize monetary policy and MERGE THE CENTRAL BANK BACK INTO STATE TREASURY so that interest on money printing ( insane economics ) ceases finally. Criminals now are regulated by ETHICAL INTEGRITY OVER SIGHT missing today.

Janet Yellen said today the worst is here now and by far still ahead. I say the following and I ask my leader readers ( you ) to listen up. Listen to me. These two items are important to understand:

  1. Every bail out dollar in every nation is new state DEBT and can never not ever be retired. Nations are now debt slaves to their lenders including the USA noting no one is buying US DEBT so the US TREASURY is buying trillions of it.
  2. You can not restore economic stability from a debt super bubble decades in the making and soaring today to level and time frames no economy EVER has known before – BUT – you can not restore stability to a failed bankrupt debt credit abused economic system by issuing ever MORE DEBT into the 2020 DEBT SUPER BUBBLE.

I you can grasp and hold these two litmus tests to every economic sound bite you hear, you will read with new 20/20 vision what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. You will know MORE and you will always know MORE FIRST right here.

Summary: Janet Yellen confirmed accuracy in predictions we have made and today she noted we were wrong – it is worse than we suggested. Janet than boldly goes where no congress has ever gone before and begged the US CONGRESS to give the CRIMINAL FED BANKER GREED MACHINE ( 100% of the bankers that own the controlling stock of the Federal Reserve Board a privately held non government organization NGO – owned by the criminal bankers they regulate – the FED is like congress giving a contract to the wolves to guard the chicken coup. Janet confirmed our predictions for GNP and UNEMPLOYMENT that three weeks ago everyone thought we had gone too far – we were off rails finally – we had exceeded versus understated the truth. Janet said today in her red lie in the sand – that our blog reporting was shallow and we did not go far enough. WHY?







As an investment banker actuarialist numbers driven economist 1960’s to today – we hold a great deal of economic history to extrapolate from superior data points – conclusions on IMPLICATION. As my BOOK SUPER CHANGE ILLUMINATES FOR YOU ALL ( and the publishers just told me the book on audio will be up at Amazon no later than May if not late April – its done but a third party places it on all walls and platforms all at once world wide. It is very strong on audio. The book defined that a new ECONOMY never known by human beings now exists called AI ECONOMICS. The advent of AI ECONOMICS took over from old brain old rule economics in 2014. In only half a decade, five short years AI assumed control over trading and market settlements for ALL MARKETS, rising from 56% control in 2015 to 96% control in 2020.

The Super Change event of AI ECONOMICS occured as has AI itself far too rapidly for systems and laws to keep up. Today all the laws are applied to the BLUE SKY OF THE USA BOARDERS or EU BOARDERS while AI trades in the CLOUD globally outside all regulations of nations or agencies.




This is 1929 but in SLOW MOTION largely due to the lack of predictability as to HOW AI invests to create SUPER VOLATILITY or FOOLS RALLIES it sells down out of at enormous profit tick trade profits – too complicated to fully explain here – in which market prices in a new CASINO CAPITALISM are fully rigged by AI and have zero to do with supply demand issues. When the market in March traded at 7 sell order to 1 buy order you can see why the FED became the largest DEBT BUYER IN THE WORLD as AI did not invest in low yield high risk debt – it forced the FED and central bankers to buy the crap while it alone holds the gold.

IF AI could know the DOW will plunge yet under 10,000 DOW with a possible low trough at the end of the GREAT DEFLATION DELEVERAGING DEVALUATIONS OF ALL ASSET CLASSES NON SPARED – the play book to make maximum profits for the elite owners less than 10,000 today of the once diversified 1.5 million super money pool owners, where less than 10,000 fantastically wealthy 1% who own more wealth than 99% ( always the signal an old system is coming to a bad death ) – become ever more fantastically ENRICHED by CRISES via their AI. AI is in economic wars with AI. China’s AI against Russias AI – London’s AI against the EU AI, Americas’ AI against leading AI manipulating prices for American goods and services and even the US DOLLAR. The quality of US TREASURY AI is rising rapidly as is our NSA and DOD cyberware command tools, the leader of which is XTREME SOLUTIONS in Atlanta. Phylis Newhouse lady leader owner. Our highest recommend with small business and home business using PRIVACY HERO out this summer – next generation safe harbor

Janet YELLIN SHOCKED THE MARKET TODAY and absolutely RIGHT AGAIN on our math and models and numbers. When you hear experts in economics talking think – LED BY THE SONG THREE BLIND MICE – THEY ALL DENY AN AI ECONOMY EXISTS AND THEY ALL USE DEAD AND BURIED ECONOMICS THAT NO LONGER EVEN EXISTS. Once you can see THAT – you KNOW that leadership in economics has no plan, clue, and is residing on false foundational numbers which can only and always end badly from denial and delusion.

The PROBLEM TODAY for 100% of leadership IS SUPER CHANGE. Our January released of SUPER CHANGE in 2020 defined the leadership problem and solution – THINK DIFFERENTLY. Know more. No more first. Super Change leaders install new processes to remain current inside every accelerating SUPER CHANGE in their industry and product service silo’s. LEADERS now divide into two categories in 2020. 80% are old brain educated have not upgraded the buggy bad poorly performing software loaded years back onto the quantum computer above each of my readers NECKS.

80% of todays leaders reside inside the largest SUPER CHANGE event since the FALL OF ROME far more complicated and world effecting in the end, than say 1929. The risk of world war from all the complexity in economics super crashing world wide all at once over 200 nations impacted, in six weeks of time versus six years – passes human coping and capacity to adapt into the velocity of change we ourselves invented. Super Change is not slowing down. Leaders either upgrade brains into improved software ( read the EO SPACE STORY ON THIS SITE – SEARCH CEO SPACE FOR ALL OF THEM AT ONCE ) . Learn earn and return. Janet stated this is a 1929 risk. She said the FED did not need to BUY STOCKS to avoid the STOCK MARKET CRASHING AND CLOSING AS IN 1929 – YET – but she begged CONGRESS to open AUTHORITY TO THE CRIMINAL FED SO IT CAN MANIPULATE PRICES AS AI DOES IN ALL MARKETS IN STOCK PRICES.

if you see a FREE MARKET become a market not of supply demand pricing – but of RIGGED PRICING by AI and OPEC and criminals in any price rigging scheme. In FREE MARKET CAPITALISM manipulation of price is criminal always. Do not be confused on that. Opec is a criminal price fixer where the FREE MARKET will work out POST RIGGING prices – as you will see.

YOU EITHER LEAD IN SUPER CHANGE AND REMAIN AHEAD OF SUPER CHANGE OR YOUR BECOME RAPIDLY A VICTIM OF SUPER CHANGE YOU DENIED EVEN EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. Super Change the book is the most vital leader reader in the world today – sold out in hours of release in January with 5 STAR REVIEWS from billionaires and millionaires telling you – you must study this short read that upgrades your brains software faster than other options outside CEO SPACE itself.

Jamie Diamond added on Monday March 6th the world is in a GREAT RECESSION and major investment firms may suspend dividends. As more and more ( thousands ) of institutions SUSPEND DIVIDENDS 40 million fixed income older Americans and a billion peeps world wide SEE THAT INCOME CUT TO ZERO. The economics compound. Then their debts and their margin calls implode DEBT.

The ripple is the WHAT – you a leader reader smaller business owner must MONITOR and keep your business or profession behind SEA WALLS ( CEO SPACE being the best OF the best check that out here ) – so you win while others sink. Why? You invested to know first and to know MORE FIRST. That is the winning combination the PUBLIC SERVICE of this blog brings to readers in 200 nations every day – truth from lies – so that my readers know the truth first. While it may seem FAR OUT THERE in December or January today you see – wow it was all correct and accurate.

Our teams work very hard and world wide so our PRESS READERS relying on site accuracy and institutional leaders can profit as will our small business community being served in 200 nations. CEO SPACE MEMBERS thank you for all the feed back from all your nations it is our secret sauce – YOU – the CEO’s of the world who lead in all times into a better future always. YOU do THAT. We are devoted to help safe harbor your venture today. Trust the industry leader and Press ranked # 1 for a decade. As your why.





  1. Decades of credit abuse
  2. Debt non sustainability ( where new debt can no longer fix old debt mountains )
  3. Massive DEFLATION resetting all asset classes and prices like world currency DOWN
  4. Deleveraging where liquidity evaporates and lending is called in a debt super bubble explosion all at once no warning at all.
  5. Liquidity evaporation day where last month we saw 13 sell orders to every buy order – extend that and markets freeze up

Canary in the mine field of economics the MOTHER OF ALL MINING IS ECONOMICS – follow the money.

Janet Yellen a statistics brain – said TODAY our statistics are all flawed. In 2020 BIG DATA we lack at institutional, market, government, NATION STATE AND AGENCY any REAL TIME transparent accurate statistical data. The data we rely upon is all old reporting – and is not accurate. The pandemic numbers are so UNDERSTATED AND UNDERREPORTED. Who says? Yellen Trump and heads of every health agency and Cuomo in NEW YORK CITY.  Statistics you read today are the TIP OF THE ECONOMIC ICE BURG in the HURRICANE SEAS of economics ripping acrss your and my worlds.

First you should adopt the mind set your leaders at NATION STATE AND AGENCY world wide do not have a fix for the decades of accumulated RISK. The Nation State and Agency leadership fail in accumulated break down at NATION STATE AND AGENCY LEVELS where your and my leadership ( all doing the best that they know how truly ) are in overwhelm. They deny and remain statistically in delusions on outcomes ( rely on bad data and get bad outcomes you never ever expected in the first place ).

What are the denials and the delusions of our global leaders today:

  1. Their advisers relate to an economy pre AI which is in fact dead and no longer exists. Advice from the OLD pre paper economy into the all digital and fully leveraged AI economy is toxic as over time such advice is wrong policy in error and makes the ECONOMIC DEBT DARK HOLE so much more powerful where its gravity can not be over come by any of us.
  2. Deflationary economics since 2007 – with untold uncountable ( no one has accurate stats on it ) of 100 trillion in global new debt since 2008 we still are inside JANET YELLEN’S 1929 economic super vortex of ECONOMIC REBLANACING. Nations Stats and Agencies lack TOOLS to re-inflate economics – Japan has tried and failed for almost thirty years now – the JAPAN ASIA deflation is now sweeping a world awash in a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE which can not be repaid. This abuse of credit reaches a point in time ( 2020 is that point in time – truth versus lies ) in which – the PROBLEM is sufficiently complicated and NEW and interlinked that NATION STATE AND AGENCY reside in secure memories of the old economy and deny the NEW AI ECONOMY and DEFLATIONARY DELEVERAGING ECONOMIC GREAT REBALANCING IS IN FACT REALITY TODAY.
  3. The implosion of industry with over 1 billion in home confinement has cut the arms and legs off the global economic system which is now reclining in an economic ICU WARD only surviving from TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS of in one month alone new debt and money printing which is stalling the outcome but not changing the outcome of core economic rebalancing as no power on earth can stop the ocean resetting shore lines from CLIMATE CHANGE – where debt is the ocean rising in debt only to readjust economic SHORE LINES into a NEW WORLD ECONOMY WE CAN NOT SEE NOR DO WE EVEN KNOW OR UNDERSTAND IT.
  4. A G 100 solution is required and the BLUE PRINT FOR THE ONE AND ONLY SOLUTION FOR A G 100 TOTAL RESET INTO THE NEW ECONOMIC WORLD ORDER appears in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. That 2010 book has been read by the majority of FORTUNE leadership and world national leadership for the past decade. A growing awareness that SOMETHING IS CORE WRONG now, but what that SOMETHING IS remains impossible for current leadership to repair as they deny the REASON for the problem ( SUPER DEBT BUBBLES ) from their destroying DEPRESSION SAFTEY NET LAWS in 1999 December – now brings us one decade later to a worse than 1929 reality in economics. Since December we have published more news on PANDEMIC more accurate reporting – than any outlet we know of and we keep score. WE have tried to make YOU AWARE of the complex issues that are the UNSTOPPABLE REBALANCING ECONOMICS of what is in fact occurring today.




Today the economic problem is prices are rigged outside all regulatory frame works of NATION STATES AND AGENCIES via rapidly super changing growing evolving AI. Ai watches your gate movement face and knows what you click, buy, where you move what you do when you move and more and more about you. The future is more not less of all that. The future may have AI control humanity as it does not as no rules no frame work to regulate AI even exists at all. Insane. No pandemic integration to coordinate and protect us all maximally exists. What exists is a waste of preparation money and reality in April 2020 world wide – its a mess. They all lied to us and are still lying to us in part because they are all doing the best they know how with very buggy brain software in a SUPER CHANGING world, unable to adapt and relying on fake data as reality. Each forward step fails due to the denial and delusion of brains not upgraded to LEAD INSIDE ACCELERATING SUPER CHANGE the bell I rang with my 2020 best selling work SUPER CHANGE.

100’s of trillions in bad debts are carried as working good assets on lender balance sheets. These bad crap loans have got to be rebalanced and shown as BAD LOAN LOSS which bankrupts a significant majority of lenders WHEN the rebalancing occurs for them. Ask NOT FOR WHOM THIS DEBT BELL TOLLS……FOR THIS BELL TOLLS FOR THEE….as the problem at core.

Now we see Jamie Diamond freshly back ( welcome back Jamie ) at the helm of New Yorks finest reporting Morgan can lend 300 to 500 billion more – if they stop paying dividends. What they do not tell you is this sum total is down about 75% since January. Why?

Well lets look at all 10,000 super money pools – include all banks you know and all you do not know and include all hedge fund and private equity and stock firms. Now think like 1929 only digitally. CLICK RUNS. Now think of these economic death spirals:

  1. Investors have lost confidence and trust in Nation State and Agency and institutions for lying to them all for too long now.
  2. Investors are becoming AWARE of the DEBT SUPER RISK to the core system.
  3. Investors are moving to cash after loosing ten trillion dollars so far this year and an uptick is not long lived to recover in time.
  4. Money pools see loss – versus profits – reporting those losses in late Mary and June as Yellen there is no accurate real time data today. Reading stats requires date and time comparative tracking and source creation as so much data is paid to produce house outcomes which are in fact fraud. INVESTORS ARE RUNNING INTO ALL CASH.
  5. The 1929 hedge has become holding US DOLLARS. The world is cashing into high dollar holdings. This crashes other currencies and creates CURRENCY WARS. It also makes debt repayment in soaring DOLLARS at todays lower interest WORSE as crashing currency conversions into US dollars wipes liquidity out of NATION accounts as well as industry world wide.

Dalio of Bridgewater fame gets sensational sound bites but has been wrong for a very long while. Why? Denial of the new economy. R Man stays in the old economy denial. As time goes by this very smart leader advising Tony Robbins ( so we argue over these points ). Tony Robbins concluded last week…..Berny you are probably right on the economics – lot of years I watched you right always as economics is your THING – but “I” will be right on the health outcomes and SNAKE FLU is a lite not heavy event. We agreed to DISAGREE as in the health area as stats go, we will be right as well as we are OCD on stats and numbers at our end.

There is a lot of fake news out there. 5G cell towers are burned in UK because as systems begin to fail public panic flows into insanity. One insanity is that 5G amplifies virus transmission. A BIO VIRUS DISTRIBUTED BY CELL TOWERS now that IS insane and it is FAKE. Yet humans believe that and 1000s of other insanities about this virus where the TRUTH gets hidden from you.






First the global system has limited resources versus unlimited resources. Keep that first truth in your mind.

Second the system requires reasonable liquidity. If you have all at once 13 sell orders to ever 1 buy oder liquidity risk to system failure rises. There is not enough buying to sustain CIRCULATIONS. If you in 2005 see diversified investment super money pools at 1.5 million then a super crash leaving less than 10,000 super money pools are you at HIGHER RISK or LESS RISK as the diversification of liquidity consolidated?

Third: THINK: if 1% of elites own more global wealth than all nations and 99% own of wealth is circulation and liquidity LOWER and at HIGH RISK versus if 45% owned more wealth than 35%? 


So ask. WHY DO “THEY” NOT ENGINEER LAWS AND REGULATORY OVERSIGHT TO ASSURE LIQUIDITY AND TO PRECLUDE UNWANTED SYSTEMIC WEALTH CONSOLIDATION?  Think of Super Money pools as an elite wealth click and club. They all know each other at the top. They all are doing the best they know how. They did not plan the wealth consolidation fatality to the system which hurts them in the end. The insanity is that we DID pass those lows then we tore them all up. By unanimous act of the US Congress which was then adopted world wide. Who is responsible for World War I and its depression and World War II and its depression and 2007 and the GREAT RECESSION. THE DELUDED IGNORANT US CONGRESS doing the best their old brain software permits. They do not see the problem sufficiently to fix the source.

Criminal bankers and Wall Street in 1906 rushed the system killer law they wrote and shoved into congress – only an 80 page bill – to enact moving constitution protected MONETARY POLICY OF NATION from the US TREASURY to “CENTRAL BANKERS: INDEPENDENT OF THE NATION CHECK AND BALANCE on the theory they ARE THE MONEY MANAGERS and THEY CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN APPOINTED EXPERTS AT US TREASURY. That THEORY proved to be a lie and has become the source of all DEBT ABUSE – because the central banks are OWNED by the OWNERS – the LENDERS – and the central banks mandate not published is to maximize banker profits in the shortest time frames at any cost. The criminal bankers lack oversight which is WHY they all pled guilty to the worst economic crimes EVER IN HISTORY paid small parking meter fines on those profits had a warm meal in the Hamptons and then planned the next theft. Now a thought you need to hold on to: the biggest fraud in human history:

Let economists who really know speak into you so finally you KNOW MORE and you KNOW FIRST. This film applies to 100% of nations reading and your nation specifically. All central banks work with the BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS the bank of the central criminal bankers – or they are all the same – all one OWNER CABAL – and they are criminal as the record shows us.

CONGRESS IS RESPONSIBLE for failing to fix the cause and MERGE THE FED BACK INTO STATE TREASURY. Nations that do this emergeny act of legislation enjoy the following in April:

  1. Paying interest on new money being printed stops. As they are printing trillions we should stop paying interest yesterday.
  2. Check balance and regulatory over  sight returns to banking.
  3. An act of congress needs to remove banking from investment banking for it may not be too late to save the system close though very close- time is sand running out of OUR community of nations hour glass – reading economic optics only.
  4. New Treasury box top rules to REGULATE THE NEW AI ECONOMY must be developed with FED now truly an agency of TREASURY where it belonged day # 1 in 1906. All living things die hard – including concepts. THE FED is fighting to live and that is a conflict with NATION. Central banks work for BANK PROFIT AND INTEREST. Treasury of state works for HUMAN INTEREST OF THEIR PEOPLE BEING SERVED ON THEIR WATCH. Huge difference at core. A new regulatory frame work is needed in NEW AI ECONOMICS as badly as we need a global pandemic upgrading to failing systems we all see now despite billions upon billions wasted for a failed model that is NOT WORKING AT ALL and whose NEGLIGENCE has caused more than 100,000 to die in eight weeks of time alone. Talk to the survivor families of their view on reforms and upgrades?

The owners now have compression where old rules they operate within no longer exist in fact or in reality in AI economics. Outside owner control today. AI over money is now increasingly writing its own program and in some instances in language AI invented and to which human’s can no longer understand the next generation of AI code evolving AI to AI increasingly without human interaction and outside any regulatory idea or frame work at all. it all just rose up too fast and is moving away from human controllers. That is reality today.

The owners are victims too of the SUPER CHANGE. The old rules they rely on are gone. They have no new rules to rely on yet. They now see things 1929 never saw. Mostly in speed. Liquidity drying up in all markets all at once. Runs out of their LOAN POOLS in numbers never seen before as the RUN is becoming universal. As WE THE PEOPLE SENSE A SYSTEM FAILURE we run to cash small mid and large institutions. NO GAME PLAN to preserve core system liquidity exists at all. Do not THINK there is one.

NATION STATE AND AGENCY including the central banks are in utter full on panic. They do not KNOW how to control manage or fix this and all are doing the very best they know how. It is not really a leaders fault. Beyond congress the fault is failure in education so we had he education required to step ahead of the SUPER CHANGE we humans created in the first place but now obviously lack coping competency into the every accelerating NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. My book upgrades your thinking data points on SUPER CHANGE Itself.

Now put your new data set into Pandemic. The entire world with 100,000 dead 100’s of thousands more to yet die, millions infected and economic output has GNP Super Crashed in days not even weeks or months. Janet Yellen said today GNP will crash in the USA by 30% down the rabbit hole. ONE CAN NOT STATE THE FULL IMPLICATION IN THIS SHORTER NEWS STORY EFFECTIVELY AS TO WHAT 30% NEGATIVE GNP MEANS TO THE WORLD IN THE USA ALONE.

Experts tell us to expect DEPRESSION LEVEL UNEMPLOYMENT this Spring into Summer of 20 to 40 million out of work. The economics of this melt down have IMPLICATIONS. Start data sets on commercial property small mid or larger office buildings, stores and business – all now at home – no customers and income gone. They can’t pay rents. Cheese Factory said in 347 locations we will not pay rent April 1st. How many millions not thousands of others small mid large are NOT PAYING RENT nor will they pay rent. How does 100’s of trillions in mortgage payments going to a super crash effect lenders?

Given the melt down is not leveling off but is a WHIRL POOL sucking all liquidity next in DEBT MASSIVE DEFAULTING data exists for now but you won’t see it all ( its so bleak and dark economically ) by JUNE. The market is in a FOOLS RALLY trust me as you see the last low tested. When we plow into new lows re-read this item. Book mark this item.

Who. Ask who? Now that you know more. Ask who amidst one billion out of work will pay their student loan to lender OWENR TRIBE ELITES? Who will pay credit card debt? Auto debt? Real estate debt? Corporate debt? Corporate bond debt? Debt defaulting at the levels occurring RIGHT NOW are setting 1929 records and breaking them daily. Liquidity is being sucked dry in debt defaulting. As the DEBT DEFAULTING CASCADES into SUPER MONEY POOLS the 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS will implode to less than 5000 further stressing global liquidity until it breaks down. When it breaks down the soaring bankruptcies begin to include the OWNERS. The system fails in debt implosions and a new world order rises which takes decades. Who pays for NATO? WHO pays for the UN? Who pays foreign aide when nations are bankrupt 1929 level?






As victors of WORLD WAR II America shared more of its wealth with the world starting with the Marshal Plan rebuilding the EU and Germany and Japan. As consideration for the investing the victors set up that the US DOLLAR the spoils of winning wars would be that the US DOLLAR WOULD BE THE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This meant all global trades were settled in US DOLLARS which every nation had to sell its currency to get dollars in trade or via borrowing ( DEBT ) as everyone had to have enough dollars to settle trades on water or food or goods or services.

If billions of us all cash out and move to DOLLARS and hold them are there enough dollars? NO there are not.

If local currency crashes in PANDEMIC and the US DOLLAR SOARS due to demand higher than holding gold itself, are there enough dollars for nation liquidity. NO THERE IS NOT.

In new AI economics should ONE WORLD SYSTEM of all state treasuries create a WORLD BANK with a GLOBAL DOLLAR within an upgraded new plan whose only rule is NO NATION LEFT BEHIND?

Dalio stated today his opinion – we are seeing the beginning of the end of the US DOLLAR AS WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. But not so fast on that.

First the US DOLLAR is the only chip and system inside AI ECONOMICS sufficient in trust and volume to manage world trade velocities today. Any change would be painful and take decades to effect without an EVENT. Such as system failure which is now at HIGH RISK due to debt CASCADING DEFAULTING into the fall of 2020.

Biden suggested the AUGUST DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CONVENTION MAY HAVE TO BE VIRTUAL. That is August without an end point. If you also THINK – this is worse than they are telling us ( which we all know THAT ) and this is going to be longer than THEY are telling us ( and we all KNOW that as well ) then you begin to see with new 2020 reading glasses the economics of 1929 only 10x worse on the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE Now crashing.

I do not see nations wishing to change the DOLLAR BASED ECONOMICS because the USA remains the most trusted FINAL COURT nation to bring the entire world into a better future. I now believe the crises will take many many years to recover from. I stand with that prediction today.

The worst is DEBT and that shoe is yet to fall on us all.






Note: Prime minister of UK Boris suffering the GREAT FIGHT with his pregnant life partner and her child ( She IS recovering ) while Boris move to ICU care as the SNAKE FLU exploded as it does. Will the PRIME MINISTER SURVIVE or will we as we first predicted here moan – we did not protect CHAIN OF COMMAND as yet another BREAK DOWN Where our military state nation agency leadership is AT FULL RISK like BORIS as no GAME PLAN to isolate them now and protect ESSENTIAL LEADERSHIP CHAINS for nation state agency and industry – seems so obvious – and yet calling for that step January February and March right here no one took action or is taking action. Another negligence the SBA system broke today from demand. The entire totals of 100’s of billions should be spent and gone by FRIDAY if they get the system working at all again. Then what? Getting the money is going to take much longer than the debts can wait for….think on that ! Be smarter as you craft your own PANDEMIC PROSPERITY PLAN the sole purpose of my consulting practice and CEO SPACE is to assure you have YOURS.