At the star of this month the USA had 100 cases in isolated quarantine in the USA. Thursday PM the US passed 85,000 cases over 1000 deaths, a case count of over 100,000 up from only 100 and where confirmed infections at over 100,000 this weekend in the USA alone, now put the USA ahead of China and Italy as THE MOST INFECTED NATION. The USA economy is on the judo matt floored to the referee count YOUR OUT. The stock market goes up on the economic knock out punch?


If we track the PANDEMIC In phase I with up to 5 stages to go yet we see the following alarm over the real data:

  1. Every infection reported means four weeks ago that infected person without symptoms yet was infecting 100’s.
  2. Todays reporting is a month behind and is far far behind the real infections now passing 10 million all spreading the virus.
  3. The virus has no cure and it has no treatment. The virus is THE MOST CONTAGIOUS PATHOGEN known to mankind?
  4. The fatal rate of the virus is unknown statiscally. Far too early yet. Snake Flu is one of the most fatal virus infections of all time.
  5. If your older SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS is more fatal to you than ebola passing ebola as the most fatal killer of humans.

The China Snake Flu Coronavirus first became public when China authorities were covering up the new virus and doctors were threatened with prison reporting the soaring deaths taking place before Christmas 2019. Since December China cover up and suppression when it mattered most to contain the new virus, China assured 100 million traveling through Chinese New Year would maximize global transmission of a Putin developed and XI promogated BIO WEAPON launching World WAR III as will become very clear soon enough.

In less than 90 days from Chinese New Years – 2.5 months – 500,000 human beings are confirmed testing positive to the new killer virus from China – every nation on earth is infected and no nation is virus free in 2.5 months of total failure to contain or control the spread of the SUPER VIRUS the PANDEMIC OF 2020.

It took 67 days – of time to reach 100,000 infected humans. Not long.

It took only 11 days for the next 100 infected humans to show up. Lot less.

It took 4 DAYS ( that is four days folks ) to report the NEXT 100,000 infections.

THE PANDEMIC IS ACCELERATING BEYOND ANY HUMAN INFLUENCE OF CONTROL. WIth over one billion humans locked down in to home confinement the virus remains out of control world wide.

Confirmed new cases passed 5000 ( fresh new cases testing positive in days only )  in the USA this week where at the start of March the USA had 100 cases isolated in quarantines. As a comparison yard stick – from nothing to 5000 most in five last days. With say Thursday PM 37,258 USA total cases now – New York has half those cases for the entire nation. Its hospitals are no sold out. It has no more beds. It has no more place to store body bags as morgues are full and New York has begged FEMA and the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for assistance New York is not getting in time.

New York stated that the backlog of test cases means that the real numbers in New York could be closer to one million than what is reported today – all numbers today are VASTLY NOT ACCURATE CURRENT OF FULLY COUNTING THE ACTUAL PANDEMIC INFECTIONS. You might keep that easy open access to testing is not possible in America in April 2020. Our leaders failed us.

20 States have no issued STAY AT HOME ORDERS as US industry is closed for business. Shutting down complex industry is not an item you restart on a dime. Cities and counties in Florida Texas and Pennsylvania in LEADERSHIP DEFICITS from state and federal guidance have issued isolated stay at home orders for their cities or counties in the vacuum of any state or national leadership – WORLD WIDE LEADERSHIP DEFICITS certain to unseat failed politicians running in 2020. Confusing them all. An election crises is also looming.

Soon congress and Supreme Court and national agencies and military infections will become so wide spread that functioning of agency and state may be called into question.


I often state what I WOULD DO as President as a lark as no one could get me to take that SHIT JOB. I would:

  1. Order a comprehensive national plan.
  2. I would home confine the entire nation for three weeks a VIRUS HOLIDAY.
  3. I would assure the nation of liquidity in our markets and that promise would be backed by a 100 trillion dollar guarantee.
  4. I would NSA a real global reporting of the statistics and let self diagnosed with low priced one hour test kits self test.
  5. I would provide self test its free to all Americans at every pharm store in the nation all at once ( China has them for sale cheap)
  6. I would merge the Fed criminal bankes back into US TREASURY and stop paying interest on every dollar we print – that ….
  7. I would pay off our entire debt with a 100 year SUPER BOND with DC based Hughes Hubbard and Reed and Roel Campos.

For starters. I would appoint a PANDEMIC CZAR to cut through all Federal to State red tape with authority to super speed along resources. In the most advanced nation upon this earth to see:

  • New York out of test kits week after week with 90% seeking to test – 90% seeking tests can not get tested. In America.
  • Morgues in New York are exceeding capacity. New York asked for FEMA body disposal assistance and NONE has come.
  • New York stated the New Bill from Congress – has nothing New York asked for nad is toxic not helpful for NEW YORK.
  • New York stated it has asked for a list of fiscal and gear support from the Federal government and ZERO has come forth.

The PANDEMIC is accelerating Thursday.

The economics globally have gone from terrible to much worse. Economics are imploding as never seen since the FALL OF ROME event. IT IS OUR OPINION NOTHING NOT 1929 NOTHING IS IMPACTING THE ENTIRE WORLD TO DEPRESSION OUTSIDE THE FALL OF ROME 2000 YEARS AGO. THAT IS THE SCALE OF THIS ECONOMIC IMPLOSION THE CURRENT MESS OF FAILED WORLD LEADERSHIP INSURES WILL MOVE FROM PHASE I to PHASE II – IIi – IV – and V Finally in shock to what is coming NEXT.

The market going up or returning to normal is a fools thought. Leaders who say that are idiots. Economically the entire earth is inside a global economic fire storm. There are no fire escapes. You all see leadership failures today for Nation State and Agency having no tools to put out the earth wide fire storm.  The fire storm like all fire storms is consuming “everything” all at once to ashes… do not restart from that in a month or months it takes years decades to heal the firestorm damage fields……now simply on fire. Burning.


  The world economically is on fire. We are in PHASE ONE only of the firestorm






What “IS” UP next with an 80 year decline record in THE WORLD MARKET TODAY and an 80 year UP bubble back up in 72 hours of time alone? Super Volatility – we predicted in December and January has set new VOLATILITY records as markets become in layers – in stages and phases – 1929 unstable – which is the REASON for the Super Volatility. What news has taken place since the markets went up?

  1. The new Bill from the Congress is mostly pork.Election year crafting to help candidates in local communities win reelection in the most bitter election year ever. The bill is too little too late and will not execute well or quickly. Its impact on economics is a penny in a parking meter as to impact. One example, the US Government wished to buy surplus oil at 22.00 a barrel versus 70 dollars a barrel a month ago alone. Allocation to buy that oil was removed from the 2 trillion dollar bill for USA oil purchases. Today the US government announced because Congress failed in the bill allocation oil purchases would be canceled starting now. This may move oil prices down just as KING MBS the UN G 100 chairman for the coming year, hosts the G 20 conference by telephone to discuss a hope for G 20 coordination versus every nation is in crises for itself. We’ll all see soon if they can cooperate versus compete in fact versus meaningless sound bites on that detail.
  2. The State of New York reported today the stimulus bill is a SHAME TO THE WORLD – is horrific for NEW YORK STATE with a drop of water when New York needs an ocean of help. Other states are saying this: SHAME ON YOU CONGRESS.
  3. Apple stated it may in fact have to delay its IPHONE ( which means Holiday all device sales where untold billions in Apple revenue and Apple profit will now become stock price re-setting.
  4. Stock prices have been rigged since 2007 by trillions upon trillions of stock price manipulations via Stock Buy backs that used to be regulated and a felony as stock rigging world markets has been for a decade. If Apple buys billions of its own stock it removes stock float from the market and with rising buying and less supply of stock the price tends rise. When it flattens Apple takes record profits and buys even more stock profiting from its own rigging of its own price. You can see why in AI NEW ECONOMICS upgrades to world wide REGULATORY FRAME WORKS are required. Now as fortune public institutions run out of cash to buy back stock, what is DEFLATION EFFECTS on rigged stock prices now no longer supported by stock buy back price rigging? All at once all stock buy backs recede do to the CHINA SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS all at once globally all markets world wide? Stock price can not continue to value at the rigged price. A reset on value must REBALANCE. The Great Rebalancing on stock price given profits are gone, red ink and bankruptcy will soar, cash to bridge the long winter of the economics from the virus pandemic, is more precious than stock price rigging. Stock prices are effected because Summer Holiday is off the market – no one is traveling this summer time – and from fast food to dollar stores the impact will be enormous never seen before not even in 1929. Also Christmas is off season as new product launches into Christmas 2020 – the first red ink Christmas where spending is down 80% or so – and forward looking markets must soon price in the fact that EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED FOR THE WORST all at ONCE.
  5. AI will conclude on its own that the crises in earnings proits and share value is on going. That the worst is yet to come in the fall of 2020 as the PEAK going into election as a World War III real war plan on timing. Other legs of the war plan will rise up further impacting confusion and crises. Hacking is now rising to never seen before levels, accessing sensitive data bases via back doors from STAY AT HOME WORKERS. The hacking is soaring for health care data bases including CDC and WHO to Social Security stay at home Federal workers for every agency of nation. Hacks are soaring – criminal hacks – they stay at home too – to State Sponsored Hacking just soaring beyond any nations capacity to stop it block it monitor it. Frauds on Pandemic funding to crime spread’ with cures for SNAKE FLU ( frauds ) to money theft and identity theft are industries rising in Pandemic as systems devolve. What news made the market go up? The fake news that the Congress bill will solve it all and make the loss go away? It will not.
  6. Over one billion humans rising quickly to two billion humans are in government ordered home confinement and lock down. China can’t get 50% of its own workers back to work. China plants have no orders. The largest drop in demand from China is caught between VIRUS economic core changes to supply lines that left China with millions of jobs investment and revenues now crashing to China. Thousands upon thousands of government owned SRO – state run organizations no longer function and are bankrupt – many taking on new debt to operate in red ink with no hope of survival. Defaults from SRO’s in China may implode China economics, starting with a SUPER CRASH of Chinese real estate. The SUPER CRASH of Chinese Real Estate can bankrupt China and 100% of its lenders in a single month. The system is becoming debt unstable as in 1929 and fast.
  7. The Bond market is in crises. The fixed income market is in crises. A huge % of the bond market is high risk high pay out junk bond or high risk credit contracts ( bonds  as a promise to repay ). Trillions of dollars in 2020 alone  are seeking loan reset – loan mods – loan forgiveness. Loan defaulting is soaring in bond space. Value of junk class bonds is made as they often do not trade for periods of time based on “last comparable’ trades in similar risk assets. That last trade BOX TOP RULE has broken down as today new buyers value the JUNK CRAP BONDS at discounts NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Some USA debt is now negative interest – you lose money parking money in safe USA Debt. AI is not buying these bonds. The problem reached a gap of liquidity last September of 150 BILLION DOLLARS in one over night dollar infusiong by the FED to buy the crap assets as no other buyer was out there. The buyers were gone and everyone wanted to sell. Liquidity dried up in the bond markets and they failed last year. To keep them going the Fed infused more and more in over night buying themselves. 200 Billion. 300 Billion. 500 Billion ( a night only rising no let up ). Fed buys with new US DEBT. Every purchase into trillions is new USA DEBT. Can debt solve debt crises? Can you work out of debt with new debt? Trump knows the answer is no as his empire is melting down with hotel and property rising loss against massive Trump Debt not being re-set today. The problem in the BOND MARKETS also mean companies right when they need it most – can not sell new debt to repay old debt. A market first since only January. The Fed is now keeping debt markets floating world wide by infusing up to ONE TRILLION NEW DOLLARS into the market over night which is barely stopping markets from freezing up. How long can the Fed infuse a trillion a night in new USA debt loading which is NOT WORKING TO -RE-STABLIZE THE BOND MARKET from failing. Far from it. Markets go up seeing the back bone of the entire world market – debt markets – are devolving without let up from Last September like as with the physical virus the ECONOMIC CORONAVIRUS IS ALSO FATAL FOR ECONOMIES creating fatal double pnuemonia to the LIQUIDITY ( oxygen of buyers in enough volume to absorb the sellers. ) When more sellers ( sell .) than buyers buy occurs over time say in AI ECONOMIC CLOCK TIME ) 72 hours – the system dies like a human dies on coronavirus as the economic organ attack on core liquidity is too massive to restore system trust confidence and liquidity to keep doors open versus closed. THe markets facing this growing systemic failure crises go up? Why?
  8. Casino capitalism is made in side bets on which way a future market price ( for any asset class you can name ) may go in the future. If enough bet short and lower prices – prices are rigged by the SIDE BETTING VOLUMES until prices reach profit for the super money pools making AI side bets into a casino non economic system of capitalism which is what created the GREAT DEPRESSION OF 1929. Be assured 2020 is far worse than 1929. Why? Debt loading is much worse. Many times worse. The Debt Super Bubble can no longer survive DEFLATION ECONOMICS. Deflation is a REBALANCING OF RIGGED PRICES for everything so that the phony price is reset to an economic versus bid up side betting casino capitalistic phony value as regulations failed to regulate the AI digital economy ( at all ). On regulated casino capitalism engages AI to make the most profit in the least time for elite betting stake holders at any cost or price to get that profit. This works until markets deflate. When markets deflate ( 70 dollar oil to 22 dollar oil and no demand exits for 22 dollar oil ) markets fail. New FAIR MARKET RE-EVALUATIONS bring asset values below their debt to loan ratio. This means credit costs skyrocket as credit availablility declines. As in the 11 trillion dollar TARP PROGRAM, when 130 billion dollars of tax payment money – was turned over by Tarp to LA COUNTY – as we tracked it for a year – the 130 billion created 13 jobs. We could have driven around LA with wheel barrels you and I – and created tens of thousands of real jobs. 13 jobs. LA points out yes but we did not fire thousands because of that money which is not proper fiscal accounting for 130 billion dollars. The Congress spit in the wind two trillion versus 11 trillion last time ( and this time is so much worse with over 1 billion in home confinement world wide and over 1,000 deaths in America where in four weeks New York has run out of hospital room altogether and morgue space for soaring body counts now held in morgues without new space, so bodies in New York are held in out door tents until FEMA responds to emergency aide now with three states already out of hospital beds ventilators test kits gear protective clothing – and morgue space. The markets go up on that news?
  9. 3.3 million new unemployment claims came on line this week – which is 500% higher than the last record of only 600,000 claims in 2008 at the peak dump then. We are just starting with 30 million more becoming unemployed soon. The market goes up on that ? Tens of millions not upgrading computers – internet of things – lap tops – iwatch – iphone or any upgrades as everyone is moving out of banks on the largest bank runs world wide since 1929. The Fed largest % of a trillion each night now is new dollars required to keep banks open as banks ran out of Cash in January and nightly since with the deficit of liquidity gap rising from under 100 billion last September to one trillion in April a night. Markets go up on the worst 1929 math duplications as triggers to bank closures in an ECONOMIC DEATH DEBT SPIRAL. Circulation and liquidity is evaporating from the Global system. Restarting economies takes decades and is enormously complex than todays clue less leaders possess to see or resolve. No steps to resolve the liquidity crises have been secured by Nation State or Agency. Who share what they believe and what they know and believe is false.
  10. Commerce is Super Crashing. Circulation is collapsing. Liquidity is evaporating. The market is under stress to continue. Against the bad news yet to come – the WORST IS YET TO COME – fools rallys are ideal to to sell into – instead of buying dips in old economies dead and buried to never rise from their death – into a new economy not yet born. Awakes sell in the FOOLS RALLY and dollar cost average their move into all cash and US Dollars. Betting on a return to the excessive valuations of the markets of only early February are not going to return and are no longer defensible without STOCK BUY BACK PRICE RIGGING to secure 23 times Apple earnings and 60 Times some earning ratio’s all of which are fraud to real valuatio now REBALANCING into deflation. The SLOW MOTION SUPER CRASH will move the DOW under 10,000 DOW and we have a long long way to go. Chose wisely. Your own truth.


HALF of all small business is owned today by lady leaders who are winning…..



The economics are – the old economy is dying today. A new economy we can’t imagine is being born over ten years or more to follow in 2021. We suspect a new regulatory frame work will rise up to govern the new economy hopefully better than the old economy whose 1933 regulatory frame work broke in 2020 with the Chinese Snake Virus.

The market facing melt down in income, earnings, profits, where Nations States and Agencies join institutions to small business and professionals being wiped out in numbers never seen in 1929 all at once globally as we move from 1 billion in home confinement to two billion with the resulting economic CASCADE of circulation evaporating as everyone holds cash and dries up system liquidity required to operate orderly sustainable markets.

As market liquidity evaporates the old system will die.

Today politics as it has been is driving economics which always fails. Only when economics drive politics does systemic wellness and confidence flourish – a fact we have not enjoyed in decades.

Nation policy as we have seen is POL policy – PROFITS OVER LIVES.

LOP – Lives over profits which is not policy of nations today.

As LIVES over profits is a balance leaders of the world have not yet struck, we continue to see the mess in Pandemic Crises rising. Hospitals are maxed out already. Hotels become hospitals which spread the virus through common air duck work. Just madness. No global coordinated sane plan exists. Today and already in four weeks US morgues are passing capacity to store dead bodies. It is far worse in other nations with no where to store dead bodies. As winter cold warms into spring DEAD BODY STORAGE rising to over one million bodies will pay any war time challenge of our own past history. No one is game planning how to manage the soaring dead bodies?

The market goes up on this news? Folks – AI economics is new. It bids up casino prices to make fortunes on the next blood bath down. The market is totally out of any regulatory control – is rigged – and prices are not real prices. The DEFLATION AND REBALANCING OF REAL PRICING is not stoppable and the new REAL PRICES will wipe out those invested in the old economy they wish blowing out birthday candles will rise up from the dead.


Take that to your bank if you can still get any cash when you try…..ask and you may well NO LONGER receive………





When will over one billion rising to two billion as commerce and industry go back to work?

No one has a clue or can give you an accurate answer.

When will CHINA SNAKE FLU VIRUS be over?

No one has a clue or can give you an accurate answer.

How many will die?

No one has a clue or can give you an accurate answer. Millions for sure.

How do we test those infecting others AS Super Spreaders who do not know they have it?

We can’t test them and we do not try to test them. Over a million rising to ten million spreaders is too rapid and beyond anyone to address. CHINA SNAKE FLU is out of any control now or in the future.

Why is everyone so upset with a virus less deadly than THE FLU?

That idea is a lie. The CHINA SNAKE FLU is by far the most infectious pathogen in human history – many times more infectious than THE FLU and infectious with no symptoms which is unlike any contagion in nature. The numbers all four weeks behind and under reported are still too LITE to get real death data. Today it looks like 10% over all casualties compared to less than 1% from THE FLU. Snake FLU is far more contagious than THE FLU – lasts much longer on surfaces than THE FLU – and is 10x more deadly than THE FLU at all ages. At age 50 Snake Flu is 50% fatal. At age 60 it appears to kill 60% and higher and up to 80% over age 80 – or 1000 x more deadly than THE FLU to older populations although a teen died Thursday as they will do as well. The FLU is nothing like SNAKE FLU the KILLER VIRUS in GLOBAL PANDEMIC.

Can more than the 20 million of the Spanish Flu in 1900 occur with China Snake Flu Deaths?

A billion elderly could perish over 36 months from the CHINA SNAKE FLU world wide as we move from first waves to second waves to third and up to fifth wave shocks before this is over?

What is the economic impact of the VIRUS?

No one knows. The economics are guess work. Models with zero understanding of moving conditions to predict at all. Our best guess the CHINA SNAKE FLU PANDEMIC is a system killer driving panic that like 1929 may kill banking as liquidity evaporates and debt defaulting ends the current financial system as a HIGH RISK nations are trying to off set. Can they? Today it looks hopeless really. 1929 had none of the stop on a dime economics that are taking place today. THe entire world is melting down and restarting trade after is gong to be a nightmare and take decades to recover from. Authorities stating we’ll bounce right back – are liars. Fraud. Not true at all. Believe any of that hope and promise as true versus fake news and your emotional shock points will be so much worse. Be ready for you next surprise.

Those buying into SUCKER RALLYS will in fools rally’s loose. More loss is on the way.

The markets go up in the USA because the entire world is running into all cash, all USA dollars and investing in America as the world can as the last safe harbor out there. PANIC runs into all Dollars and cash is massively raising values of the US DOLLAR and the values of US stocks and negative interest bonds even as those markets devolve become unstable and are deflating in price values effecting all asset classes. The FUTURE IS LOWER PRICE AND DEFLATION to a 6400 DOW. Think that call is crazy today.

DO NOT BE FOOLED by Fools Rallies – the massive downward death spiral is global and stage one. Stage TWO is coming and we’ll tell you when it begins. It comes next – STAGE II.