250 million may become food insecure in 2020 – PANDEMIC





World markets crashed 1000 plus points this week why?

  • Economic news is terrible and getting worse by the day
  • Oil is down 37 million barrels a day the 9.7 million barrel cut back is not enough and everyone is cheating anyway
  • OPEC is definably dead as influence and control on future oil price and supply
  • Oil is pumping over 20 million surplus ZERO DEMAND for those barrels EACH DAY
  • Storage world wide is evaporated entirely by month end no where to put oil pumped
  • Oil glut surplus is growing by more than 20 million barrels each day with no end in site.

So what changed to move oil up for two days? Answer. Nothing has changed. The reality that had Oil price this week move to al time lows in history – never ever seen before – were contract brokers did the MATH. It was lower cost to pay to get rid of oil by 37 dollars each barrel of red ink – paying to sell oil – as the cost to STORE OIL as storage evaporates and moves to PREMIUM PRICING is too high to store.

In casino capitalism why did oil and markets go UP as they have? WILD UNREGULATED SPECULATION. Super Money pools driven by a dumb AI now side bet that oil went too low and needed to find a new normal price still at historic lows. The largest Texas firms including pumpers, oil transmission pipelines tankcars etc, and oil refineries are all cutting to the bone, laying off to bone marrow, and with DEBT downgrading to the worst CCC+ level of HIGHEST RISK DEBT, restructuing bankruptcy attorneys will be busy for a lot of years. THE OIL INDUSTRY is not cutting back the oil industry is in DEPRESSION with NO END IN SIGHT and is imploding. Firm after firm is hiring reorganization firms.

Keep in mind the markets GOING UP do so as oil returned from 38.00 negative – you paid 38.00 in red ink to get rid of oil but no buyers even when you paid them showed up. Oil we predicted would trade in the teens, as our reader leader’s keeping score more well recall when oil was daily over 60.00 dollars a barrel down from 72.00 dollars a barrel. We took a lot of heat as oil went up then too saying oil would trade in the TEENS by the SUMMER.

We bring this up today as oil soars up over 22% and gets back to where? $ 16.00 a barrel. Is that TEEN enough to RIGHT AGAIN our 55th since December right call on PANDEMIC ECONOMICS. First. Ahead. Accurate. Precise. Prophetic accuracy if your running a business.

THE INDUSTRY HAS NO WAY TO CUT BACK OVER 20 MILLION BARRELS A DAY WITHOUT A DEPRESSION GRADE REORGANIZATIONAl DOWNSIZING OF THE INDUSTRY INTO A FRACTION OF WHAT IT ONcE WAS. The liars from Saudi who own OPEC are still putting out the fraud OIL demand has fallen 30%. Oil demand has fallen by 70% – they miss 40%. There are no trains planes cars trucks and ships and things by numbers not seen since we road around on horse back. Horses may make a return.

Folks the oil issues will not resolve themselves for years in time and the worth and value of extinction polluting oil industry criminals, is a day that the sun has risen gone high noon on and now is at twilight over. We told you oil would in 2020 be a BLOOD BATH if you chose to invest. If you invested you have lost so much money and the worst is so yet to come. The heads of oil industry ships have sailed into a SUPER CHANGE HURRICANE the all time perfect storm into their demand cycles, where enormous movement out of oil based products from chemistry to fuels is under way – the GREATEST ECONOMIC INDUSTRY DISINTERMEDIATION SINCE THE FALL OF ROME as comparison. Super Change events ( as I presented in my five star 2020 best selling non fiction tool chest book entitled SUPER CHANGE at http://www.amazon.com ) defines – that leaders of say oil and other industries now being effected by the VELOCITY OF SUPER CHANGE lack coping tools to resolve embracing and stepping ahead of Super Change versus taking action that is too little too late to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE thus becoming a wipe out victim of the SUPER CHANGE itself.

As no leader can influence control direct or stop or interrupt the ever accelerating PACE OF SUPER CHANGE only two leader brains exist today. 90% of OLD brains not upgraded ( by CEO SPACE or some leadership developing solution ) lack software of the mind to adopt and benefit from SUPER CHANGE. The majority of leaders today are left behind by SUPER CHANGE and lack software of mind to accommodate SUPER CHANGE for the most part denying SUPER CHANGE exists at all while their outcome is a victim of FAILING TO ADOPT INTO SUPER CHANCE – failed old brain leadership. Old brains no longer have facility to embrace accommodate and effectively manage into unrelenting SUPER CHANGE events that effect their industry.  Super Change is only increasing velocity as its character and nature. Humans who fail to upgrade are left behind by Super Change. Leaders who fail to upgrade no longer have software of the mind to effectively manage outcomes inside SUPER CHANGE. There are only two leaders today. Upgraded leaders who have the software of mind to excel in forward SUPER CHANGE we call SUPER CHANGE OF SC LEADERSHIP. The vast majority of leaders we call OLD BRAINS see control evaporation where prediction and control are gone and results are under performing to all OLD BRAIN forecasting as OLD BRAINS will eventually perish from the earth.

Take this to the bank as stock went up and oil went up on Thursday. OLD brains are the past. NEW BRAINS ARE THE FUTURE. There IS ONLY ONE 2020 leadership core question today moving into what will for sure come next. Old Brain. New Brain. Which brain are YOU today?






The most significant deterioration of economics since the fall of Rome is occurring today. This event is not 1929. Later as you will come to see the WORLD ORDER is reforming. The post world war II system of world order is now dying without hope of recovery. Trust us on that conclusion. The NEW WORLD ORDER is in labor today between socialism Russia and China and the USA and EU.

Factoid: Pandemic is economic warfare. Cornerstone question. Illuminated leadership lights up the elephant in the room. if America is the economic generational engine of the entire world today, can a nation of 350 million people, 100 million children, 40 million seniors, with 210 million workers, support 30 trillion dollars of debt loading. We say NO on economics.

The stress loading includes today:

  • Socialism leading nations have lost demand in economics and capital is running out of their nations.
  • USA today said US States should file bankruptcy in pandemic versus rely on federal debt to bail them out
  • Socialism costs are soaring while income is diving to 50% of what it was in January. Failed states.
  • As stress loading from UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT LOADING within deflationary economics presents systemic failure outcomes
  • The old system IS dying as you watch in slow motion and the new system is in labor with socialist/capitalist labor pains 3 min spacing to the contractions.

This is the game board. ECONOMICS are REFORMING from what we all new into a entirely new no human since Rome has ever experienced before global AI economy – the future of economics is out of human control influence or AIA. In the SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS of 2020 no expert can predict or know future outcome. Today A G 100 GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION WITH THE OUTCOME PARAMETERS – NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND WITHIN A NEW REGULATORY GLOBAL FRAME WORK – WHERE AI MONITORS AND REGULATES AI – AI OVER AI – THE ONLY POSSIBLE BETTER WAY FORWARD. THE FIRST COLLAB OF WETWARE HUMANS AND AI LIFE FORMS IN OUR HISTORY. Old brains read this as whackho and reside in their old software of mind ( buggy error code and bad code of mind ) – in denial and delusion such thinking IP is insane. New Brains think old brains are insane as new bug free software upgraded brains define new realities which old brains deny until they no longer can.

Why does the market go up on bad news?

As the old system dies, AI now bids markets up on sound bites by the power hour. The markets may go up all day long and then end down when AI decides to take profit spreads engineered by AI SPECULATIONS to manipulate price ranges – in casino capitalism – profiting its own account by AI design and market manipulations once criminal under old laws and now legal under new laws.

What has changed to make stocks rise when the news is all bad and worse than bad?

Unregulated price rigging and manipulation by AI outside all national blue sky law in first ever AI cloud based trading for insane profit making on casino rigged CASINO CAPITALISM our new pre crash default – the final phase of a system dying like Rome and like 1929. The largest ECONOMIC RESET IN HUMAN HISTORY and event unequaled since the FALL OF ROME.

When congress today suggests we will help business – in what is a waste of resources – far too little far too late – solutions. Old brains dominate congress. Old brains proceed along what they know..this is the way we have always done things around here. What is missing?




We see Congress say – STATES SHOULD FILE BANKRUPTCY – no Federal bail out for you all – Congress suggests the way forward is New York and California crash 50% of health care and education for starters then road maintenance down to power maintenance as the entire system RISKS FAILURE from old brain misguided lack of capacity and competency to step in front of SUPER CHANGE EVENTS and lead ahead versus as victims OF the world’s largest SUPER CHANGE EVENT…..EVER.  The system is failing like 1929 in SLOW MOTION. Right again folks.

Pandemic TRUTH or Pandemic FURY? President Trump – after Mitch McConnel suggested US states just file for Bankruptcy – you know like Marie Antoinette – FEED THEM CAKE to the starving – where germaphobia President Trump told a billion people DRINK DISINFECTANT AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A VIRUS PROBLEM. I suspect Pence may suggest glue sniffing?

I fear for public servants ignoring GOD’s plan for our lives is ALWAYS far greater than our plan could ever be. For those who have done LITE in Pandemic SCORE GOD. See how defient old brain leaders become virus infected and God with love and nothing but love inside the highest rating binge watch of all time ( the Holy Books and writs ) unfolding now – from the Holy Source Throne Room as if thunder rolled through fills the great hall with the words to those infected leaders……..YOUR FIRED !  Gods truth from our fury. Always so simple and easy.




My first advice stop taking advice from idiot old brains. Look for Super Change new brain leaders. How do you find them. Ask mentors if they read SUPER CHANGE and are applying it? No pass. Yes go. Easy.

Today the election year global media manipulations have reached levels with AI never known before. 2020 is a test of all or nothing to get socialist leaders in 29 nations all in one year following a 20 year ramp to effect a global change. The communist socialist play book never changes. Divide nations maximally. Fund agitation cells you can use as straw enemies rising up your tribe’s local capital. Advance with funding and AI manipulations your community of socialist candidates and leadership. Create and keep going a global economic crises that resets world economics forever with your standing at the table rising dramatically as outcome.

So that multi billion dollar game board is now in play.

We see paid newsletters providing the DOOM AND GLOOM of the dollar being worthless and more – all election year bought and paid for agendas to manipulate voter outcomes. The US DOLLAR is the new hard asset. Everyone is rushing world wide in CLICK RUNS that nations are now powerless to stop- running out of yuan in China or Eu in EU and into Dollars to hold dollars and increasingly outside banks which may indeed fail yet. The massive nature of the run includes hedge funds and private equities. Their failure is strategic.

We advocated to all leaders of “communities” to tell the worst first, issue strategic game plans to get from one divide to the other, and lead your community into the SUPER CHANGE. The majority of leaders deny this premise and core foundational platform on policy. To OLD BRAIN BOARDS enabling the old brain leadership – SHAME ON YOU FOR STAKE HOLDER WIPE OUT. All avoidable.

The truth leaders. The givens and known landscape ( the box top rules you applied 2000 – 2019 ) are burned in a bon fire. There is only ashes remaining. You walking and burning to death in the white hot coals, deny the old rule book is even gone at all. You have there for no upgrading of your leadership – as we are doing this week successfully – in the # 1 press ranked program to do this mission – CEO SPACE now in session. Without the NEW SKILLS NEW TOOLS NEW TACTICS leadership old brains can not upgrade into new SUPER CHANGE NEW BRAINS upgraded leadership of tomorrow. CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL creates those leaders.

As you warp drive into the most rapidly evolving NEW WORLD ECONOMY unlike anything the world has known today you exist right now inside the EYE of the PANDEMIC FORCE FIVE HURRICANE ON ECONOMICS. The eye will quickly pass over us all. The next high winds will sink the DOW to under 10,000 and elevate the US dollar the NEW SAFE HARBOR ASSET for trade anywhere on earth if you have them – will rise to levels never known before and other currencies will sink as never seen before. States and nations will fail and go bankrupt.

Industry will go bankrupt in record numbers by the summer still in the early middle of PANDEMIC by then. The liars say we sling shot back to normal. We never return to normal. A NEW NORMAL no one can asee will develop over five years. We’ll all know with new confidence those BOX TOP RULES in 2025 not before.

Between the dying old system and birthing something entirely new from WHO to everything else is in process. We all must bridge today as the old is buried, forever, and be early to forge the new. Those who think different will prosper in any market in entrepreneur space. Those laid off 100 million rising to 1 billion world wide – 25 million in America in a month – rising to 40 million out of work ( worse depression than 1929 ) presents millions with a need to go into some multiple income business from MLM to start up something and the nations support you doing just that. Delay is your cost too great to pay.

You could open a CEO SPACE CHAPTER – no cost and large income.

You could go into MLM with a leading provider today.

You could do a dream you have been thinking about.

If your a business owner you need to RE-TOOL your business this Spring. I would engage CEO SPACE to help you secure better options and outcomes to profit faster.

Think about this reality.

Do not be effected by election year bought and paid for incoming information designed to maximally manipualte voters in the fall. Read with discernment. Develop new insight to judgemnt and implication.







The quantaum computer above your neck  is rare precious and unique. No one can hack your brain unless you let them in.

A dog an elephant and a dolphin have high computing brain powers.

A dog knows it is in the room.

Only a human knows WHY ITS IN THAT ROOM.

Only a human knows the IMPLICATION OF THE ROOM VISIT to the other brain integrations of pending events all linked to your brains exclusive THINKING PROCESS to understand implication of why you are in that room. Only your brain knows that.

Your brain can THINK DIFFERENT to understand if nations income is crashing and they can’t pay either their bills or their debt loads, how can they pay for NATO or UN coming up or their military if your Russia with 50% of your income evaporating as your credit rating trashes and your currency crashes too? if China can’t pay their military or Russia or Iran does that imply they may go to war to get resources for their military? Historically that implication falls under DUHHHHH ?

Are you preparing your income venture support for what may be yet to come?

I would. We are.

Think Different.




Americas largest meat packing plants are closing as workers test positive for virus. Now meat supplies to the USA move to crises.

Intel has lowest drop in share price.

California saw 8% rise in death count most deadly day yet and 5% rise in new infections as if home confinement was not at work at all. Tearing families apart and spreading grief. California Gov ordered no attachment for relief checks by creditors except for dead beat dads not supporting their children Thinking differently.

JP MORGAN afraid the bank may run out of cash wrote massive customers to apply for small business relief with other banks as it is likely the new stimulus based on applications backed up today will be depleted in full in DAYS not weeks. Apply to other banks JP MORGAN suggested. DO you see implication on that? Today? Think Different.

States are at war with the Federal Gov. Health Authorities and each other. Some states extended home confinement. Others opened to back to work against enormous blow back. What do you see as implications for this?

Congress said no money for states ( which we feel congress must revisit ) and states were told federally this week FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY which some states may do before the summer. A cascade of state bankruptcies implies what?

Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania are seeing surges in claims for unemployment benefits as workers and state health officials in those states struggle to strike a balance between economic wellbeing and safety from the coronavirus.

Hawaii, Kentucky, Michigan, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Georgia have seen the most concentrated spikes in jobless claims since mid-March, when employers began to lay off droves of workers.

Gileads China drug trial failed.

EU leaders stated it will be years before we have a safe effective vaccine solution if EVER to this mutating virus.

Markets were super volatile until the S&P went negative again today.

“At this point it would take a miracle to keep this recession from turning into the Great Depression II,” said Chris Rupkey, chief economist at MUFG in New York. “The risks to the outlook are that the economy is digging itself such a big deep hole that it will become harder and harder to climb back out of it.”

Since March 21, 26.453 million people have filed claims for unemployment benefits, representing 16.2% of the labor force. That has led to dire predictions of 30 million job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic and an unemployment rate at levels not seen since the Great Depression.

New York anti body count suggest almost 3 million infected with virus in population of the state super spreading still. California same.

Secretary of Defense states in effect WHO MAY NEVER GET RESTORED 500 MILLION IN FUNDING. Why is China funding in under 70 million and consuming the largest percentage of benefits and agenda controlling – where both CHINA AND WHO lied through their teeth and are still lying. Who makes ever five dollars work like one dollar. Who funds where the USA pays the largest % and gets zero value or benefit. WHO NEGLIGENCE AND LIES caused tens of thousands of preventable deaths. WHO is responsible for those murders and the USA is not paying the murder not now and not 500 million anytime soon or ever.

Our projection of 40 million unemployed in America alone by the summer is now 27,000,000 jobless and rising at 5 million new jobless a week. The 40 million may be far too light from our January projection now sure to be a RIGHT AGAIN. The depression of economic activity requires IMPLICATION THINKING. Industry will hire back low cost labor and replace high cost jobs with low cost entry talent from the desperate labor pool resetting fixed over head. Industry will keep massive work at home and deflate its building foot prints leaving a billion square feet of strip malls to office parks vacant with the worst commercial real estate SUPER CRASH in human history itself a REIT HEDGE FUND PRIVATE EQUITY BANK INVESTMENT BANK wipe out to bankruptcy and failure – banks close as this show drops now adrift in the hurricane.

Thats new.