Readers who follow me on FACE BOOK ( noting I reached 5000 friends year one ) will see our work live. Business owners and professionals attended from Africa EU Gulf and globally – as well – as all fifty states and Canada and Latin nations. We celebrate you all as one.

The Business Acceleration conference is explained if you scroll – BOOKMARK THE CEO SPACE page ( at end of this section just click and book mark for me you’ll wish to share it for sure ) –  and keep that book mark. Why? Well to share with those you wish to bless with CEO SPACE acceleration in profit and growth. The ROI decision is:

  1. You know the real ROI at home during a BAC week a business accelerator week of your ROI choice. Compare 10 hrs to 60 hrs. Home or CEO SPACE – 100x ROI jump for your smart money decision to join us September 28th here is why.
  2. Your return on investment at BAC is 100x what you ROI by staying at home. Trading 10 hr to 60 hr real growth building.
  3. You grow as a leader every single time remaining current upgraded and relevant in SUPER CHANGE markets unfolding fast
  4. You develop solutions, options, upgrading offers, marketing, new markets alliances customers and more tha ROI at home
  5. The WEB PAGE you scroll below on CEO SPACE to defines day by day with two videos and you KNOW the ROI before you go. In one page you get in CLICK WORLD all you need with LESS TIME to see the PROFIT on tax bucks. ROI is the reason.

We have invited our returning MEMBERS to free subscribe and comment on this blog site. WELCOME HOME Everyone. This is another cross connection for CEO SPACE membership in over 150 nations today. The blog helps members plan and execute in Super Change. Subscription is FREE helps our global counts and if you comment often you talking just to me personally and our counts on search engines soar. So thanks for commenting below any publication topic – just cursor to comment box and type. I’m am so grateful when you take 90 seconds to share …we all are in fact.

This weekend is the MID YEAR the end of our MID YEAR economic summer market space. Preparing you all for what comes next we point out systemic risk that is rising. However we have unknown national cooperation to moderate these risks as unknown. In the end if nations cooperate in integrity we can extend time, resolve climate change, and resolve complex issues we face as one. If we compete however we perish in the end. But we sure profit and have a good time until the SUPER CRASH ends the SUPER BUBBLE. So my prior blogs define economics of what is really going on out there in economics to our best data and option. But we have hope and promise as well. Lots of hope and promise.

While we are in the SUPER BUBBLE moving forward ( keeping in mind we report as investment banker economists and all our data is economic never personal never political. We celebrate all diversity as leaders of the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. We respect all diversity in cooperation and we decry competition in all extreme forms punishing diversity in humanity as a form of our own brain virus code for human insanity. Our readers are awake to all that.

Our members are all part of something larger than themselves and they all know that.

Our members are leaders of a global cooperation revolution. They grow their enterprise from billionaire to millionaires or budding millionaires in the largest ENTREPRENEUR WORLD WIDE COLLABORATIVE INTEGRITY COOPERATIVE driven community on earth. This self sustaining rapidly growing TRADING COMMUNITY comes together every eight weeks – next is:


                                    SEPTEMBER 28th – SAT TO SATURDAY – FOR THE FULL BOAT OFFERED 


Book Mark this one page for me :  to share CEO SPACE with business OWNERS – leaders in institutions – owners of practices – who want to grow faster in the last quarter of 2019 when 74% of all global spending will occur for the year. Trade ROI upgrading. Make 100x over ROI at home and your final quarter will be fantastic from anything less. Blog readers have special prices and global readers have best price discounts. Email me for information after you book mark and review my blog page – share that page with others – as CEO SPACE is the one PROFIT MAKING market you simply say to CEOs you hand out with: – LETS DO IT TOGETHER.


We’ll set up a zoom or call time and explore the precise fit for you. Acceleration is our outcome of COLLABORATIVE BUSINESS COMMUNITY of leaders helping leaders unconditionally in cooperation with zero competition in the BAC. If you want to accelerate profit growth immediately map out THREE IN A ROW – as membership is LIFETIME. Use a tax buck to make the largest return back on investing time and money of your lifetime. 31 Years and 2010 -2020 ranked the # 1 Business Conference in the WORLD by THIRD PARTY PRESS. We are growing so fast today you get more as our members just experienced in our largest program of 2019.

Our own explosive growth is occurring from two word of mouth good wills:

  1. Our members and blog readers are referring us into high integrity master networkers who OPEN CEO SPACE CLUBS in cities world wide. There is no cost for this career track and it is rewarding in every possible way serving others. We welcome your referrals to master networkers who want to be part of serving others with maximum benefit outcomes in their own lives.
  2. You – all of YOU – share and care for CEO SPACE community. Our returning members will subscribe to this blog by the 100’s – share this site with 1000’s – and also will share the BAC with five in their this week for September 28th growing CEO SPACE explosively as members share the OUTCOMES the MIRACLES the PROFIT GROWTH as blessings to those they hang out with as business owners. Our world famous faculty are sharing CEO SPACE with five new contacts this week associating those high value year end seekers to our Club Presidents world wide from London to New York. Thank you for sharing this blog on walls and social and with those you care for. Thank you members for sharing CEO SPACE with five blessing contributing to CEO SPACE as you consume from CEO SPACE the cooperation way – reciprocity in cooperation powers the lower of attraction. Just test that theory out. Why we fail to teach THAT to our children is beyond me.

CEO SPACE grows in 150 nations without an advertisement or marketing out reach think about that. We host free networking in COOPERATIVE MODELING only offered by CEO SPACE business to business owners in collaboration – FREE FREE FREE in cities world wide. If you are reading in a city without a CEO SPACE CHAPTER just send  us a master networking wanting a larger career path to my email and we’ll serve them. Our teams are magic. We will open FREE COOPERATING NETWORKING CLUBS in your city or you can do it. World wide we want great men and women to lead the COOPERATION REVOLUTION in exciting prosperous career modeling designed over thirty years.


You all have 50 or so SEE ME Contact Cards of serious CEO’s who want to help you -to  be your new customers as well as key referrals to your new customers – fifty or so to follow up some more than 100 CEO direct new contacts who CHOSE YOU  – Succesful CEO’s who know you well know and who WILL  lead you to new customers and partnerships RIGHT NOW without delay. We invite you this week to reply with your own PURE  reciprocity FIRST as you learned AT CEO SPACE is the LAW OF ATTRACTION’s ELECTRICITY.  Within 72 hours provide a five minute contact window to follow up with ever member of your community – CEO to CEO – OWNER TO OWNER who texts YOU – you gave ME a SEE ME CARD ( use your directory or call Ellen to get yours )  – clicking text in our 72 hour window rule – when you RECEIVE – you gave ME a see me card.text from another CEO you agreed to help really The PROCESS FOR TRACTION TO ACTON WORKS LIKE THIS:


  1. You get text with name – put name in your contact and ask for name if you did not get a NAME  on the text.
  2. Convey a five minute call window to follow up by end of this weekend – always 72 hours from incoming please.
  3. Follow up on yours and expect the same treatment. Ask them to send a photo of your own note on the back of the SEE ME CARD ideal isn’t it?
  4. If you don’t get a reply – convey cooperative loving reminders as folks have impossible schedules often time at the top – and ask if they can 72 hour reply with a five minute slot and remember to tell them that  you wish to network BAC for them in that call. Give back as you receive in our golden rule book always. CEO to CEO support is endless at the owner level.
  5. If you still don’t get a reply – don’t call them – ask THEIR CLUB PRESIDENT ( Call Ellen for that ) or our office and we’ll help you reach the CLUB and call them – text you have a see me follow up help request with parties name and wish to talk to that club president. Assume always they have some deadline schedule or travel unknown to you causing the delay and THEIR CLUB President will help YOU connect for sure every single time every single contact follow up over this next week of time.

You can print page and use hard copy on this guidance in busy owner work space – as it works and you have a lot of contacts in addition to those you are A GAME WORKING WITH ALREADY DIRECTLY ….often more than enough in fact. SEE ME CARDS ARE MORE always as an owner GO FOR MORE ROI as there are miracles in those contacts you now hold in your hand this minute.

Now a large % of you have MORE THAN ENOUGH. The relationships you developed at the BAC are what YOU ARE ALREADY FOLLOWING UP ON. Always explore as you receive – what MORE can I do for your business to those helping YOU. Reciprocity leadership rules are integrity based in COOPERATION as the DNA SUPER GLUE of all COOPERATION IS OUR OWN INTEGRITY. Still your see me cards are rich resources with real miracles you can unlock in five minutes. You are seeking FOLLOW UP to zoom and two way calls. Deeper connections than any other market produces that lead to REAL BUSINESS GETTING COMPLETED FASTER ROI. Real completions. Real fast. Relationship capital can not be acquired by a click – we have to connect to each other.

We lead by example. Make every incoming DREAM from that CEO as important as how you wish to have your own dream replied to when you follow up. You are following UP ON WEALTH VERSUS CASH FLOW AND YOU ALL KNOW THAT.


Capital Mastery is free to our members plugging in to the LAST CLASS of 2019 to effect 2019 revenue in the final largest quarter of the year. How smart is grabbing the Friday special price for our 719 members including all grads – where you join our most advanced leadership training for development of core leadership skill from delegation management to top execution outcomes no excuses in our Staff leadership advanced development led by US TREASURY Office of the Currency SUPER LEADERSHIP TRAINER Jim Dygert  – who transfers principles of leadership in managing 70 trillion of US CURRENCY nation wide – and world wide – to you as a business owner. Or your in class special for Class 1019 – September 28th – extended to Friday below hard cost for meals and materials grab that for sure this week.

CAPITAL MASTERY IS THE MOST ESSENTIAL LEADER TRAINING that I instruct myself for three full days. You learn:

  1. Your corporate valuation cold from now to exit really. A huge revelation to every leader level. Exclusive IP to BAC.
  2. You know your numbers better and cold. For all CEO’s a revelation in details often missed or over looked.
  3. You develop core economic skills over your control of your prediction and outcomes cold – missing today for sure.
  4. You improve your brand PITCH by 500% effectiveness to outcomes ask any one – our most reaudited leader class by CEO’s
  5. You learn all current options TODAY to raise capital – as NEW options – you now can mentor others with and you know new options  for later for your own game if you find capital may be useful in the future you have that core skill for LIFE the MASTER SKILL of the owner of a business or a practice. ESSENTIAL to just know your OPTIONS and the game theory lesson plan is fun and exercise driven. You are in a CEO to CEO networking all three days making some of the most important relationships early which propels outcomes faster all week long for the MAIN TUESDAY TO SATURDAY FORUM. Many CEO’s in this critical final SUPER QUARTER IN SUPER BOOM period class – extend and stay till Tuesday networking deal completion as 100’s of CEO’s do nothing but complete Sunday and Monday worth a stay over at this one as you get higher ROI if you plan it.

You can run everything virtually. You can in your Embassy Suite upgraded OFFICE high band width – host meetings by zoom – calls emails and direct back home missing ZERO and receiving ROI BUSINESS ACCELERATION impossible to duplicate in ROI. If you math it your ROI in September full boat is 100X to what you can possible achieve as outcome. Why?

Think about it accurately. As an OWNER you probably spend really – 10 hours a week or a bit more – on growing your absolute bottom line new client acquisition and new market acquisition in any real week of your honest time lines. AT THE BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE ( click the URL and book mark the SHARE AND CARE BOOK MARK ) as to details on PRECISELY HOW – you spend 60 ROI hours growing your core market versus 10 limited hours. The quality of each of the 60 in BAC ROI hours is a much better ROI return than you can achieve alone at home hours of lower quality hours on ROI really The 100x is minimum for some you grow 500X and more than from home. If you’re an investor the best deal flow you can ever review with many professionals no longer investing unless that CEO is upgraded by the BAC on ROI acquisition and time management leveraging. Hedge Funds Venture Funds and Private Equity ( qualified ) which does not apply to individuals who attend as members. Investment firms attend FREE for meals only as does the PRESS tracking the budding UNICORN stories at each BAC.

The SUPER QUARTER of OCTOBER NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER is a quarter inside this expanding economic cycle you want to LEVERAGE to your max. All of our returning 719 leaders will get more. Why? You know how to use the upgraded format and you will profit more than July because so many in CEO to CEO community now have relationship with you. Another reason to grow early relationship and get MORE IN THIS CRITICAL PROGRAM by attending CAPITAL MASTERY For structural outcomes to your own game plan and system model. MORE UPGRADING OF OWNER CORE PLANS IS COMPLETED IN THE CAPITAL MASTERY THAN ANY OTHER ASPECT OF CEO SPACE and its FREE? Are you kidding me?

Just show up? Use your lifetime member. Plan early to block out the September 28th window – reserve this week at the lowest price and reserve hotel as we will overflow to three nearby properties close in to this LAST OF THE YEAR OPPORTUNITY to acquire the full MEASURE OF LAST QUARTER PROFIT. Impossible outside.

Also keep your challenge list growing. A yellow pad. CEO CHALLENGE LIST to admin marketing branding web site social team building outsourcing..if you can write down what keeps you up at night you will get untold mentorship one on one privately checking off your challenge list. The only thing we will not check off is WHAT YOU FORGOT TO WRITE DOWN. Really. Our members value the one on one endless time with top Fortune level mentorship as a value exceeding $ 200,000 in the BAC week to their enterprise or practice. Compress challenge list removal and grow that list in the time between NOW and SEPTEMBER 28th. Itt is so priceless if you do that step. RE-ADUIT the PRE CLASS PREP SITE as for CEO”s we help you cream the week by superior time utility. Did you book mark the URL in this section and keep it for sharing. Thank you for backing up and doing that click for me. Our teams so appreciate that as you bless others. IT is how we grow…you sharing and caring just that. 150 nations rising to 200 serving Global entrepreneurs half lady leaders world wide.



First respond to all CEO SEE ME CARD incoming as your contributions continue first always. Five minute call times in 72 hours or faster to your CEO community and family world wide. Protect your community TIME – when you follow up. It works. We are all busy.

They will all help you in new ways you never expected. As you give miracles you receive miracles. Its the law of cooperation vs. competition.

Follow up on all your SEE ME CARD CONTACTS with : You sent me a see me card please put my NAME 719 in your phone. As you set up a five minute follow up I want to help you in return. I can’t wait to hear from on your window over the next 72 hours. Track all those contacts. No contact. Second text – Name 719 – Know you may have explosion of your own follow up can we 72 hours a follow up so I can help you as you help me? Thank you so much. You. No follow up next 72 hours and your tracking – go by telephone call not email or text to the CLUB PRESIDENT and ask them to call you if you get voice mail and tell them you wish to seek their help on SEE ME FOLLOW UP with their CEO relationship client. In the rate 5% that fails with 95% never happens – the Club moves the call to me and I call them myself as integrity is our community and we find out what the CEO crises of the moment is ( nothing to do with CEO SPACE ever ) and we fix that for THEM and then they are free to help you and I phone YOU and let you know.

No process like this exists in the world today. It is owner efficient to your time in a community that is priceless. Also wait for it. Your community without any see me card will network for you – we call THAT the BAC RIPPLE and the RIPPLE GOES ON into 2020 from July. The ripple is huge ROI.

All of you are sharing five business owners you wish to introduce to our CLUB PRESIDENTS this week thank you for that step. By email. FIVE TO THRIVE in your contributing as much as you consume another COOPERATION DNA of INTEGRITY. We phone YOU and with your guidance meet them locally – invite them to free networking at CEO SPACE GATHERINGS ( open to all readers free in CEO SPACE CITIES ) – and or two way with you to just explore the Business Acceleration swap of tax into HIGHER ROI profit for that business owner being blessed. In the worlds fastest growing all collaborative cooperative based business owner professional community in 150 nations including your own.

All cultures and creeds and nations attend the BAC. We pray together and we CEO play together in the highest ethics and integrity community growing explosively world wide. The easier faster way to rapidly grow profits and income in any business from FORTUNE silo division leadership development to a new venture launching into a hyper growth success story.

We all remember last week NEVA RECLA age 9. Reporting on her six all in revenues business she runs at age 9. She launched at the BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCE being BAC since she was age two – her new book on Amazon WHEN PIGS FLY. A book by a 9 year old to parents who have EXTRAORDINARY CHILDREN who are entrepreneurs – as to HOW TO RAISE YOUR CHILD TO DISCOVER AND DEVELOP THAT CHILD’s SUPER POWERS. Neva s new best selling book for parens on Amazon –  WHEN PIG FLY with ( thanks Neva for your thoughtful –  CEO SPACE ON THE COVER ) went BEST SELLER FIVE STARS ON AMAZON in THREE HOURS a record for a 9 year old author. Best selling NEVA RECLA – the stocking stuffer for parents world wide get ten and thank parents in your family circles. FUN READ. You all will profit from that in your library. PERFECT stocking stuffer this holiday season – shop early its so great from age 9 – are you kidding me?

I got the first hand signed by the author copy much like Chicken Soup, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Secret, Men are From Mars, NO MATTER WHAT – THREE FEET FROM GOLD and my collection from Jack’s SUCCESS PRINCIPLES to Bob’s THOUGHTS ARE THINGS in the PROCTOR WORLD. Neva has been mentored by our BOB PROCTOR into greatness. Nevas hand signed edition I will leave to my children and never have it out of our family not ever – this little one I adopt and help raise as well. My special one.

Many parents are bringing their TEENS to the September 28th ADULT CLASS to grow their SUPER POWERS. Our TEEN FEAST JULY or YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM – YEP – FEAST STANDS FOR FREE ENTERPRISE ACCELERATED SYSTEM TRAINING – had  standing ovations you all will take home for life – as you witnessed real miracles in young life transformations. Our brand promise to mommies and daddies world world – TRUST US WITH YOUR BABIES AND WE “WILL” SEND YOU HOME THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. We just did.

100% of our secure higher ROI than ten hours growing your home  markets at home by blocking time lines now for SEPT 28th on you phone calendar, grabbing the lower price I want no one paying more than as your 719 to Friday special below cost return grab that  – by registering hotel and returns by Friday at http://www.ceospaceinternational.com click for profit and join the CAPITAL MASTERY to network maximally in the larger LAST BAC of the year to impact 2019 SUPER FINAL QUARTER HYPER GROWTH – just critical option you must give yourself as smart money. Tax buck for even more ROI for the final SUPER QUARTER of spending.

Those engaging me as consultant at my discounts just  email our team for the one page and we start this week in my virtual partnership program my favorite work making you the SUCCESS EXAMPLE. ellen@ceospaceinternational.com always for service to members or new members ( you ). ellen@ceospaceinternational.com


You will be busy following up on one miracle at a time and you already have too many to count.

Thank you for trusting us. Our pride is delivering more than you every expected into your bottom line ROI.


In 2014 after decades as Founder I was facing some serious health challenges as most of my community knows. Since 1997 I had 27 ICU stays usually more than once annually in hospital, from a chronic lung condition. I suffered from explosive double life threatening pneumonia in 48 hours no warning at all totally explosive confusing the docs. As I was passing retirement age anyway my body could not handle the stress loads of CEO SPACE all over the world. My doctor the best lung doctor in Florida state – concluded you change your life style or you die. I can’t save you.

Now thats a moment in life. My last Pneumoniae was December 2016 Christmas through New Years in ICU isolation ward at Meese Hospital where the emergency staff know me by name ( not good )  so serious was that last life challenge. My family could not visit and no one knew if I would live or if I would graduate. We were working with multiple specialist on the “condition’ and finally with SUPER WATER from my Doctor and the greatest bacterial virus doctor I could find Maria Nagel ( who no longer takes patients as HEAD OF DEPARTMENT AT DENVER MED CENTER – I was her last case ) thins changed for my health. Long story but all good now.

I had truly stepped out of CEO SPACE in 2014. I stood for 50% of our community as lady leaders – full partnership for women. In the Board rooms in state and federal office and in our firm. In 2014 the example of this position of my core was made as September the next generation management took over fully in control of the legacy and corporation as owner and CEO. She rose up an all lady leadership team for CEO SPACE and her awards and recognition from speaking on COOPERATION THEORY at the GENERAL ASSEMBLY of the United Nations in NEW YORK ( thank YOU Dave Austin and Adam Markel )  to the global PRESS # 1 – ranking her team achieved lead to my famous quote.

my GOD I should have put all women in charge years ago….

Since being free of CEO SPACE operations I have as health permitted no stress or travel – until FULL RECENT health WEALTH was restored ( do I feel great and am I grateful today for health wealth thank you my caring doctor teams –  Tracy Rey and Maria  and the great Doctor Valerie Donaldson my life saver for real – for my health wealth 2020 and beyond – first time in decades no life risking double explosive pneumonias – leaving me such compassion for chronic illness today ) .

I have labored ( as health permitted ) for five years now to team up and install globally a DEBT RESETTING SOLUTION for impossibly challenged economics of DEBT BURDENED NATIONS. My readers can read by scrolling my work on SUPER BONDS and book mark that IF you have contacts to sovereign nation heads of state. Share that briefing paper on line to begin an exploration for this new class of bond to your head of state contacts with my thanks for those nations benefiting. Our economist team explored the missing economic ASSET of TIME itself. Time is an asset in the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE solution dynamic. By constructing a global syndication potential for a new BOND ASSET CLASS – SUPER BONDS – only available to sovereign nations – debt and infrastructure can frame into ONE SUPER BOND economic prosperity for all benefiting nations effected. The outcome for nations is an economic miracle and we feel if executed in time will save the entire economic system of the world from DEBT SUPER BUBBLE bursting. That work is my joy. We are seeking with new management support from WORLD BANKS and IMF as they both benefit maximally within this new option coming now to markets with nations in exploration to solution on their DEBT RESETTING in 2020.

I have been writing books ( over recent HEALTH WEALTH YEARS ) to make massive difference for thought leadership with missing until now on SUPER CHANGE and on DIGITAL MANNERS coming out this year and next. All proceeds as I’m retired fully I donate to CEO SPACE to advance their agenda to help global entrepreneurs in all nations. I also am working on joint ventures in film production for my slate of Movies starting with MALICIOUS PROSECUTION and E TICKET. Binge watching CITY BY THE BAY – as a new TV SERIES and THE SPONSORS as TV CONCEPTS we are bringing to market. Our concept for DOLPHIN TANK is the opposite of Shark Tank we’ll see on that one. Mentoring small business into business business is my joy job. Advancing trillion dollar unicorns from CEO SPACE in hydrogen low cost non polluting energy, clean burning coal, and transformation of food security with SUPER WATER are my highest contributions in legacy after turning over CEO SPACE to the next generation. Again retired since 2014 I take zero income today from CEO SPACE since 2014 and donate any forward profits from my work to the institution. My life is pure contribution which I believe effects my HEALTH WEALTH. Even my consulting fee’s flow to CEO SPACE directly. Its a joy to be that free to just give back without personal agenda of any economic nature.

I pace myself and health wealth is my first priority. My first years since 1997 out of a HOSPITAL ICU can you imagine how THAT FEELS today for ME?

I’m truly amazed at SEPTEMBER advancing in her leadership growth from mentors at the tippy top, that  I believe will one day head a public CEO SPACE as a leader applauded globally for her contributions. We’ll see.

September’s dream team is superior to anything I myself developed in the earlier years. CEO SPACE has so matured as legacy into SUPER CHANGE and the next younger generation is keeping CEO SPACE bleeding edge for you and for  Fortune leaders. The first PROCESS versus EVENT i know of to KEEP LEADERS AHEAD OF QUARTER TO QUARTER SUPER CHANGE.

I do not believe there is any offer equal in  leadership development today more exciting than the CEO SPACE CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP for larger institutions seeking out a process to remain fully current and relevant in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE we are all stressed by. Leaders of tomorrow grow out of the CEO SPACE process. Corporate memberships lets institutions buy 50 and rotate teams of leadership into advanced development at the lowest tax price we know of per leader head compared to other programs all LITE compared to LEADERSHIP HEAVY at CEO SPACE. Our leader graduates out perform ……in all follow up assessments. Email Ellen our COO for details for your leadership teams at year end – SUPER CHANGE is only accelerating.

September Dohrmann with leading FORTUNE MENTORSHIP has developed a growing evolving modality for keeping LEADERS BLEEDING EDGE IN FORWARD CURRENCY TOOLS AND TACTICS out front of SUPER CHANGE. Watching the growth of the model is gratifying and beyond my talent to effect. JOB WELL DONE CEO SPACE teams and I’m so proud of you all as your founder witness – COL Sanders for the Chicken today. Healthy and doing my own dreams with nations in this final chapter. YES. Team work makes all dreams work as you know …but timing IS everything and the timing for the SUPER QUARTER is September 28th. Institutional leaders know their silo numbers cold and effect outcomes massively in the final quarter goal attainments.

The more I let go from 2014 and stepped out – the healthier I became. GOD’s plan for our lives is far greater than our plans could ever be. True Dat. From 2017 January I’ve had a few surges in my lungs but no – zero recurrence. MY DOC teams turned a corner for me. That is my CEO SPACE WIN – my life.

At this last class as a member of volunteer contributing faculty I gave tirelessly one on one mentoring, to CEO’s and worked to hook them into contacts from my world and solutions from my expertise or bring them to other faculty who know more than I know on the topic of need for that CEO – no delay. To be that useful five times a year is fulfillment of contribution from my life and my heart as is the case for all our famous Fortune Mentor expert faculty. I don’t attend every CEO SPACE as global demands may conflict sometimes but I try to support the team as founder whenever I can – COL SANDERS still receives some nice appreciation for the giving and for founding CEO SPACE so many long decades ago. Legacy is a work of a life time.

I got home and received the most sweet thank you from LUZ E Myth Super Star MICHAEL GERBER’S wife for our pouring into them in their M&A and launches into that with team plans and execution I believe will accelerate Michaels huge dream and vision at age 83 – how cool is THAT?

Those appreciations are the pay day for me and for all our larger Fortune Faculty in contribution at CEO SPACE in Septembers growing COOPERATION MODEL of tools tactics and reciprocity. Our members are the example.

You are the example.

From our youngest GABRIEL now age 5 – showing me his 100 dollars for services rendered – saying MY BUSINESS IS SUCH A SUCCESS UNCLE BERNY – To NEVA RECLA going 5 STAR BEST SELLER FOR PIGS FLY AT AMAZON please stocking stuffer that gift and social it on your walls ( it is  on my face book follow me )  – at age 9 now with her 7th new venture success – PUBLISHING – one must relax this Sunday and look back and say….when is a life more than enough…..

Well this might be that moment.My own Christmas in July.  Ya think? All our returning members feel it is Christmas in July for sure.

Thanks for sharing our WELCOME HOME TO HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF MEMBERS returning now to MIRACLES each and every one they both witnessed and hold in their hands.


Switched on Turned on HOME SPACE ( Luz said I fell in love all over again with my Michael at CEO SPACE )

Switched on turned on WORK SPACE – which inside your lifetime low cost high ROI membership – never not ever ENDS !!