The Muslim civil war now also digital, is a 2000 year old no peace ever war outsiders can never influence or resolve. Ultimately as a student of the Koran it is my “opinion” only as a Christian looking in scholastically, that, the notion of competition where various Sunni Shiite Wahabi and other sects arrive at a Holy Spirit Cooperation to CELEBRATE vs. PUNISH what is different about faith. All faith. The competitive emotional thought impulse when released by the reptilian mid brain – the most primitive human lower brain stem the source of all insane competitive thinking ( which appears as real to us as any of our fake news may ) can be dismissed with higher brain function. However if education fails to teach us how insane that mid brain ancient thought trigger is to threat – and how we adopt fake news reality by failing to elevate our higher brain function – we institutionalize insanity. The result of that is a world with ever more potent Nukes and delivery systems until what is sane – and unthinkable – occurs – human’s extinct themselves. Why? Mid brain insanity. My book Redemption the Cooperation Revolution is a way out and a way up from the insanity but it takes work. The brain is a bundle of synapse bundlings from experience and conditioning. As we have a software glitch in our own minds – competition – itself – removing the virus takes some work. The brain bundles atrophie when such unwanted bundles are no longer stimulated with continuous attention electrical reinforcement and hardening. The mid brain has conditioned the virus and triggers it constantly. To move from a competitively controlled virus thinker to a virus removed brain thinking in cooperation is a choice. The state of being for any human living virus free is considerably advanced and elevated. Those most virus free we call MASTERS. Those least virus free we call United States Marines and Politicians. As the most virus infected brains made and control our weapons of extinction you can see the problem of a lack of human awareness. Today the Muslim Civil war virus infected brains are developing weapons of mass destruction.

I bring this up as Muslims killing Muslims is prohibited by faith. Period. Hands down in the Koran. Also Muslim’s may not kill people of the Book – say myself who is faithful and follows my Prophet Jesus. Hands down. Its in the book. This weekend Turkey proudly discusses just bombed and killed KURDS they label as terrorist and who are allies with the USA and fighting ISIS with our weapons and training. So Turkey a NATO ALLY just took Russia weapons and is protected by Russia – prohibited BY NATO an alliance to defend against RUSSIA. Now Turkey has bombed and killed our USA allies. At some point Trump has to think a policy for Turkey through as economically Turkey is SUPER CRASHING and may become a failed state. Turkey’s credit is way way late to become JUNK Status as they will debt default and very soon. Turkey is going to be an enormous victory for PUTIN as we have our first NATO alliance kicked out of NATO. Delay always increases the cost we pay. Endgame is proving to be a wrong minded vision for the economics serving his own people. Turkey can’t afford a million person standing army and its lop sided military in an economic SUPER CRASH. If Turkey’s military does nothing the outcome is going to be ( economically ) terrible and soon. For them. The drain sound you hear gurgling so loud in Turkey – just like Venezuela yet another failed socialist state ( economically ) with worthless paper money – inflation like a horror story – so too is Turkey and its people do not know what to do.

I wish every Muslim peace on earth with each other and the world, celebrating what is different versus punishing what is different. There is no master race. There is no master faith. Love does not punish. Love celebrates. Sane or insane ?


To stop casino speculation in Wall Street and the World President Donald Trump tried to get Congress to pass one law. All public reporting firms would stop reporting three weeks into every month with final reports four weeks in every month. This creates a casino capitalism on betting for short term profit making that is insane. Competitive and insane. Today as never before all global institutions need to report earnings once very 180 days. Period. Why?

Amazon earnings rose. The earnings were and are impressive for any share holder. The earnings missed what speculation gambles in casino capitalism call ANALYST. Having run public investment global investment banking firms, I call them HYENAS. Feeders of long and short price manipulators all AI today and totally a casino capitalism the world has never experienced before.

Bernanke is a student of the Great Depression. He appointed Yellin to succeed him. I give them both Grade F. The market celebrates them are saving the financial system of the world. In fact they fed the casino tax payer money in terms of loading DEBT into the world for their banker OWNERS that created matrix any first year Harvard Student can review themselves.


The play book goes like this:

  1. The Fed should be merged back into US treasury. We should not pay to print money. The Fed is not a Federal agency it is a fraud using the Fed name. The Fed is a private stock firm owned by the banks it regulates. The Fed independence means we lost all check and balance we had with treasury. The Fed works against the interest of the USA and for the profits of its bank shareholders. The largest buildings in all cities are banks. The others are owned by bank mortgages. THE OWNERS CONTROL THE CASINO and are operating with rules that may yet destroy the economic system of the world.
  2. The Fed raised interest in Greed way too fast.
  3. The Fed tried to sell the tax payer acquired crap asset book – say 5 trillion of bonds – back into a slow recovery market taking so much liquidity out of world markets they had to revisit their policy of fire sale on those bonds.
  4. The Fed worked against the USA by raising interest and draining liquidity with created a DOLLAR SOARING so that tariff strategy to stop wealth transfer FROM THE USA as the dollar soared failed to have its intended full impact.
  5. The Fed is working for one world currency – DOLLARS and for one world government – their own.

The Book THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM will with data research and pure economics tell you how this all works if you wish to read the truth and really understand how HOODWINKED you all are in economics

Donald Trump proposed 180 day reporting ( sane versus insane casino gambling in all market pricing ) and the FED and markets crashed that immediately – as gambling on price would stop and the market would have real pricing and stability. Without a SUPER CRASH the Fed can’t move into its plan of world government – one world under one currency they control entirely. Politicians are play plastique toys to the FED who control the nations money by fraud. Speaking only to economics. Would the USA be better with the FED MERGED INTO US TREASURY economically? There is simply no way to tell you the scale of how much better.

ENTER JEFF BEZO. Jezz has created his own economy which is flourishing outside FED Influence of control. So  Jeff is the first TRILLION DOLLAR MAN and he refused to join the OWNERS or play IN THE CASINO CAPITALISM. What are the OWNERS TO DO? Break up Amazon our global leading institution? Not in this life time legally.

So Munchkin our Secretary of Treasury moving to China’s worst industrial June numbers in 30 years even with the FED working against the USA on dollar pricing – leaves for China saying JEFF BEZO AND AMAZON DEVASTATED US RETAIL In economics Mr. Secretary that is simply fake news and not true at all. Thank you Jeff Bezo.

In fact WalMart devastated USA retail. Why? They saved us time. They went from Super Stores to SUPER DUPER STORES in the 1960’s. We could get kids toys ( Toys R US lasted a long time ) and phams and food and shoes and in one parking stall. So we paid less and got back TIME. So we parked at WalMart at least 72% of all consumers parked at WalMart. I park at Target but they came later.

Bezos sold books. All books and gave us home delivery. That saved TIME. Today Bezo’s is moving to one hour delivery on everything and all retail is selling on their shops and stores on AMAZON. Retail is thriving because AMAZON saves us time. We don’t want to go park and shop at a mall. We want to shop at home. 5G is going to reform retail as a concept to a virtual reality. The world is about to 5G shift again and I suspect AMAZON will lead us in that virtual experience or Amazon’s competitor with improved 5G GUI will take over as who saves us time gives us all best price and provides the most personal experience to the goods being sold wins. I bet on BEZO”s and his team at the top.

Buy Amazon in any Dip? Well everyone who has won big time every time so far.

Jeff Bezo told the Hyena’s this week what he has said for over 20 years now. Investing long term always is in shareholder best interest over short term profits. Period. Hands down.

Economics 101.

So Jeff is investing in drones and 5 g one hour delivery that will with new GUI for 5G create a consumer uplevel where WalMart will deal we suspect with AMAZON as delivery system as WalMart lakes the inventive brains and GUI creatives moving into 5G to lead and bleed. The problem for many entrenched firms is outlined in my NEW BOOK SUPER CHANGE coming out in November. We define the new brains lead and old brains do not. That SUPER CHANGE and the pace of chance is now in control of what comes next. Brains who don’t get the change acceleration ( Wal Mart ) and brains wo do ( AMAZON ) are the economic rip tides taking place today.

My bet remains on AMAZON today and into 2030. Jeff has a process larger than JEFF and his process will legacy his work forever as the process self renews in SUPER CHANGE and from health to space to Amazon the process is more important than what you see touch feel and taste. A NEW SUPER CHANGE PROCESS renews AMAZON like no other institution upon this earth. Tesla from Space to Health with ELRON MUSK the process is more important than the Tesla. Also the short term earnings are unimportant to the long term outcomes rising up from the core PROCESS and the “HYENA SLOBBERING BLOODY MOUTH SHORT SELLERS will enjoy yet another blood bath on their casino side bets” as they fail to get the process is driving the share values. GO PROCESS LEADERS GO. Ignore the Hyena’s your LIONS keep them all at bay.


China will take 25 years to recover from Trade war if they pull out now. They won’t thought. Why? Easy but very sad:

  1. China is a much smaller # 2 than anyone thinks and is sinking to # 4 economy as India – Japan – Indonesia pass her proud one off by. Mismanaged economics is her down fall. And fake economic data and arrogance of HYENA’s.
  2. China can not make a trade deal with the USA that the world would call fair and equitable. They can only see protecting their core industry for WEALTH TRANSFER from the USA blind that its over totally over.
  3. China would prosper with a trade deal but will SUPER CRASH into debt defaulting without a trade deal.
  4. Time is running out. China can not and we believe will not make a trade deal. We await to be shocked and surprised. Our only hope from our insider information.
  5. We see all remaining tariff’s coming onto China to equalize the HYENA taxes CHINA charges us and we RUNS OUT OF CHINA economically due to IP theft are now irreversible.

China mis played its cards economically. China thought it had weight in economics it lacked. It made mistakes. In economics errors have no mercy.

Today in June the worst industrial decline in SUPER CRASHING CHINA ECONOMICS in 30 years was reported. 7 Trillion dollars is running out of China so fast China planned lack perspective and competency to manage a decline of this magnitude timing speed and increasing SUPER CHANGE. China hive decision making does not manage SUPER CHANGE WELL. As Economics is SUPER CHANGING IN CHINA the decision of hive outcomes on policy are wrong and too late.

SPEED IS THE NEED IN CHINA to repair the SUPER CRASH now unfolding in slow motion to this debtor burdened nation. OUR SUPER BOND on this site is a way out and a way up for China. But likely after SUPER CRASH as China does not believe a SUPER CRASH is even possible.

America is the customer. America buys far more from China than China buys from the USA.

The Customer is always right. But not with China.

The customer requires fair trade respect of IP protection and quality at market prices.

China is giving her largest customer rapidly declining quality, at ever higher prices, with more red tape than any nation in the region.

The Customer is moving 7 trillion of capital, investment, cash in nation, supply lines, jobs, new supply lines, new opportunities all routing to OTHER NATIONS benefiting by treating the customer well and better – and faster – while China eats up time her core back bone business is walking out the China door – never ever to return. How does a national economy only the size of one state say CALIFORNIA survive with 7 trillion in 18 months running out of the CHINA market place. The idea China Hyena’s report to their OWNERS – this will not hurt us at all – we will make it up from your mentor Buddy Putin where Russia is in recession crashing itself economically is only the size of NEW YORK STATE and is fully crashing – can’t just can’t save China. They are locking up protestors as they arrive in Moscow 100% of them on arrival today.

China is creating stolen from US AI to monitor every single 1.4 billion of its peeps -from wake up to beddie by – on credit for SOCIAL COMPLIANCE – such that if you failed in your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE monitored daily in real time – the THOUGHT POLICE DROP BY to give you an opportunity to bring your social score up by conforming. If you fail to conform and fast you move to camps where 1.5 million are locked up rising to 5 million for THOUGHT CONDITIONING ( human brain washing on scales never seen before ). We don’t know if the camps fail if China will off its own by huge numbers. Not since NAZI GERMANY in the last generation have “rights’ all humans should have as core and basic in right to life – been so abused from global aligned nation norms.

As the economy SUPER CRASHES In slow motion ( wait for it ) China is threatening WAR over TAIWAN. Why? To distract its people and use fear and threat and hatred to unite them all. China fears revolution as its highest fear.  A spontaneous nation wide all at once revolution. As has been historic in China.

China is not the West.
China is not the Russia state but it closer.

China is China.

Economically China iis young.

China is making mistakes in economics.  Expect no final agreement with China. You may get – ah we have it – only to find once again you do not. The China way.

If you get any agreement what makes you think China will in fact change behavior to its reality. Which is:

  1. The USA is our enemy
  2. Communism will take over the world
  3. The USA will be defeated one day
  4. First soften up the USA economically and digitally
  5. Then strike the USA and bring her down completely

You think that is not TRUE? Read the KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – read Kevin Freemans GAME PLAN and READ THE SECRET WEAPON ( China’s ).

Data will help you see how the trade deal will not complete – and China never seeing it coming – will SUPER CRASH IMPLODE ECONOMICALLY IN AI ECONOMICS AND fail to recover from what it once was for decades. Japan see’s it clearly and is feasting off China defections to its own manufacturing superior quality and customer care.

China treats its largest customer in a way of disrespect that has driven in 18 months only a RUN OUT OF CHINA a flight of investment capital and future supply business – losing 7 trillion and that number is only just starting. CHINA IS NOW going bankrupt slowly. If you stay in China bets and markets see our RIGHT AGAIN branded on your forehead when you lose more than everything on margin.

This weekend the economics move to Tuesday when China Trade deals recommence. With the next test of America resolve the remaining tariff’s come on and America has much more to move the largest buyer upon the earth to more friendly shores is all. Heynia’s lose all their meat and starve as the hernia is one of the only animals that does bite off the hand that feeds it.

We feel China policy makers now lack core competency to understand the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE economics, to learn, to unlearn and to relearn at accelerated speeds required to remain current and relevant in the new 2020 NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ITSELF.  If planning teams reside in old models and fail to adapt to the new model reality fast enough – they simply lose their market share. The precise brain lack of competency that occurs with MBS and OPEC losing their market shares forever now. Institutions from Circuit City to Sears from Toys R US to Pan AM airlines die and disappear at speeds never seen before in industry or history due to the accelerating new economics of SUPER CHANGE.

Denial will end your economic game board as SUPER CHANGE is only accelerating.


TRUMP: Trump won on Mueller this week – total loss for the Hyenas and every saw it so clearly – The SUPREME COURT said Trump’s powers as PRESIDENT can not be reduced by CONGRESS and Trump does get to use discretionary budget to BUILD THE WALL – the loss this week for SOCIALISM IN AMERICA and the WIN FOR THE CONSTITUTION includes the first two year budget – and debt ceiling where the PROSPERITY OF AMERICA – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is no longer a political chip and that was BOTH SIDES WORKING TOGETHER – the world saw with all the political theater in the end for the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE – AMERICA WORKS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH. YOU ALL SAW IT ….the truth of it and my hats go out to the majority of democrats and republicans and the SUPREME COURT – and we in a small influence regard – you and we as readers know – MADE A DIFFERENCE in outcome. WHOOT WHOOT THIS WEEKEND