In typical FED SPEAK one needs a real interpreter to define the art of press speak by the Fed given its impact on markets. Monetary and Fiscal policy are divided between central bankes, by law independant from check and balance, over sight, correction, audit, accountability, or anything at all. The FED is a NGO that is arms length from the government and which has no chain of command really back to Government it all resides in opaque process to the FED by the criminal bankers who own and run this NGO for profit. So today the confidence in the system is that the system is honorable and works. If the market feels the system is corrupt and is no longer working the FED GIG is up. We suggested as world confidence in the FED is shattered as with OPEC that the markets are restored by merger the FED into the US TREASURY. WHY/


Powell told law makers today in Fed speak the following you may have missed it in how you scanned today:

  1. Powell said this is like war and no one should worry about debt accumulation until after we win the war.
  2. Powell said – SPEND WHAT YOU WANT LAW MAKERS WE HAVE YOUR BACK. Meaning what?
  3. If you issue 10 billion in new debt we’ll issue cash and buy it – we hope 7 or so place to market but what is not taken down by THE MARKET the FED will take it all down – we have your back in war economics today.
  4. We now know this will last longer than anyone thought. We do not see unemployment easing into 2022. A long time for state and nation to support 40 million out of work with no tax or income to pay for that support.
  5. We go now where no economy has gone before we have no models we are writing new models and solutions never tried before and we have zero clue how what congress and Fed planners working more closely than in any historic time – will turn out and we will be gymnast of the mind in seeking best possible outcomes for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the world .

It is not like any FED that I have known 1948 to today. All new FED SPEAK in all new challenge field.


Economics are SUPER CHANGING.

The old economy is dead and bleeding out.

The new economy whatever that looks like will be well NEW and well DIFFERENT. The old normal is over. The New Normal is not here. We reside today in the RIP TIDES between two economies the old pre 5G and the new post 5G. Nothing is what it was. Everything is unfolding new. Cultures in economics drive economic outcome. When cultures change everything changes. Cultures are massively changing in:

  1. Supply lines globally to supply lines local
  2. Work from home versus work in high rise or office parks
  3. 40 Million out of work will lose how many homes to crash real estate next in economics.
  4. Retail is in a rip tide as never seen in modern history – stores to virtual in mass never to return as it was
  5. Transportation inventories and supply routings are shifting all across the world effecting oil to wheat deliveries globally

Banking investment banking and lending are all going AI and never will be the same again.

Cities may fail. States may fail. World wide. Nations may default on debts and fail.

The economics of the world have depressed by 50% in a downward spiral still unfolding. Unrelenting. No end. No relief. No let up. The worst as we alone reported consistently is still yet to come.

The market bear rally will have its legs torn off and fall.

A SUPER CRASH like the DEPRESSION lies ahead.

CAPITULATION out of markets will follow the SUPER CRASH

in the 1929 crash the first wave as we had in March was not the TSUNAMI that closed the banks. No. That came in all the debt defaulting massively rising right now – where the SUPER CRASH and wealth wipe out into the debt defaulting cascades terminated the system in the 1930’s. A system with:

  1. Far less risk
  2. Far less debt
  3. Far less speculation
  4. Far less global risk all at once
  5. Far less nation debt defaulting risk

States now have sustained care to 40 million by the summer in the USA and a BILLION GLOBALLY who get money from the state – not enough to live on – and states having no money from all those tens of millions and must still pay for utility sanitization water sewage roads and more with income crashing to models NO STATE LEADER EVER CONSIDERED and now must manage. As state DEBTS say in ILLINOISE our favorite for a bankrupt state – dominoes may begin to fall. The worst in all this lays ahead.

Has congress acted to strengthen the states of our union?


Congress passes money to support the GREATEST DEPRESSION OF ALL TIMES to assure circulation is maintained. For if circulation evaporates the system ill with economic coronavirus WILL in FACT DIE.  Liquidity evaporation day looks like what in real time to you and to our families?

  1. Too many sell orders for stock and not enough buy orders to maintain the stock markets of the world.
  2. Too many sell orders for bonds and debt markets and not enough buyers required to maintain global debt markets.
  3. Illness in sectors as the markets are global and entwined where break down in EU can impact us all as one.
  4. Break downs in nation state and nation. Can UN and NATO be funded in any of this? Or Russia and China defense?
  5. All at once. If deposits into banks are less than money flowing out of banks die and fast with debt defaulting where debts not being paid back and depositors pulling cash out kill banks and the entire system.

Can the economic system of the world survive and repair after the damage into 2021 is fully known and better understood? Than now?


Powell told us today no one knows. Not Trump not Powell not health care not congress not anyone. NO ONE KNOWS.

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