Unless 34 million unemployed American’s – who lack salaries to keep the 4.2% consumer summer spending – the ONLY thing keeping America out of recession today at 1% near ZERO GROWTH – get back to work – and USA POLICY have utterly and completely FAILED to put THEM back to WORK – the USA moves into recession.

Conumser spending now – down on restaurants – down on auto’s – and as it goes down – folks we the USA moves INTO RECESSION.

What does that feel like?

The good news?

It feels like THIS. Nothing different. I mean really. This is zero – if its .05% down so what. Its not far from THIS. Its the SAME. So don’t psychologically react.

What would have driven growth is Fed rate rises every single cycle. It would have driven inflation.

Fed POLICY IS SO FAILED as I’ve said for years – we need to MERGE THE FED back into the USA TREASURY because the TREASURY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. A private owned Fed owned by the banks they are supposed to regulated is like having the wolves guard the chickens in a digital regulatory world. MERGE FED INTO TREASURY. In fact do that for all central banks world wide. Smart. Economics.

So how is CRAZY WORLD ECONOMICS working? Negative interest? Failed global policy everywhere. How much PANIC is going on in DC in World Bank in Investment Bank – in BANKS – in Board rooms world wide and in cabinets. When do they see the POLICY FAILED.


You can’t with integrity say – hey the numbers we used to apply are being changed and we just ELECT to no longer count 34 million unemployed as unemployed. FOLKS this is a lie. The unemployment number is a lie a spin we need to get back to HONEST NUMBERS. The crises falls in two areas world wide:

  1. Crises in Policy – out of any integrity
  2. Crises in LEADERSHIP – out of any integrity

The people are educated and the people of the world – the people reading my blog – ARE NOT FOOLED. They know the truth. They get the truth they get data they understand the data ON LINE on BLOGS like this. They share it they begin information REVOLUTIONS and they vote differently. Good. Get active. Really active.

My readers tell me the most refreshing thing about this blog – is they read the TRUTH of what is going on out THERE. The Truth. Go figuer. So rare today.

People suggests – are you not afraid they will kill you? Why? Kill an old man telling you the truth. They’ll just wait me out. Meanwhile the readers of this blog include more media. Tell reporters you know to READ THIS BLOG for oceans of reporting.

That is being active. Write media and quote this blog. Get the word out. Get the truth out. YOU. We have power as THE PEOPLE. Use your powers.

How will a USA RECESSION effect YOU?

Like not at all. Your inside it already.

So do your life and enjoy your life. But stay informed.

I can think of no harm done to generations than the FED FAILED POLICY. Trillions upon trillions that should have gone to public works like the depression in 1929 – in 2008. Wasted. Gone. Lost. For what? Elite wealth building.

So FREE MONEY is an experiement.

A failed experiement. So many economist like me said THIS IS CRAZY WORLD ECONOMICS. INSIDER ELITE WEALTH PROTECTION.

If your an elite your pretty darn happy right now.

If your 7 billion  ( the PEOPLE of the entire WORLD ) your misery index just shot way the fuck up.

The only thing new in 100 years is the failed global central bank outside the nation’s tresury failed policy laws and systems. CHANGE THAT and you have real change.

Fail to change that and it remains BUSINESS AS USUAL folks.

Elite Wealth protection.

The elites are moving to all cash.

How does that help you?

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE telling the truth for ya

PS: As an elite – I’m going on vacation.