We know this weekend we have reported in a NEWS SERIES EXCLUSIVE FIRST TIME TO THE WORLD REPORTING that defines how President Trump has lost WORLD WAR III to President Putin. President Putin a grand master in judo has pulled world leaders to the floor mat time and time again including President Trump in his WORLD WAR III GAME PLAN reported fully here in a long series of data proofs on the war, outlined in detail in the best selling book in 2020 THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AND MY SUPER CHANGE.

President Donald Trump this 2020 year has told us memorably:

  1. The Chinese SNAKE FLU CORONAVIRUS is not a bio weapon, is less fatal than the FLU is nothing like Sars or Mers and nothing to worry about in the USA and China had the virus under control and containment. These are all fake news frauds from the President of the United States of America.
  2. The President next ordered a national health emergency for some reason other than the data in point # 1 above.
  3. The President next told us to be safe and to consume a preventative toxic Malaria drug that does not prevent the virus.
  4. The President then told us to inject disinfectant last Friday to stay well – which can in fact be fatal if performed.
  5. The President then crashing our troops in the Gulf now brings home 100% of our forward bomber force from Guam.

Putins WORLD WAR III Strategy follows the COMMUNIST WAR PLAY BOOKS outlined in the researched and data proved – I know the data is correct work – THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM – in play by play definition of the war and our loss of the war in fact. Putin has invested with his allies to massively divide the WESTERN NATIONS against one another, internal divisions beyond great divides of the VIETNAM war and other divisions – and to then create the political social change that occurs from a massive BIO WEAPON planned and war plan controlled new virus, to shutter western economics. While the melt down to the west occurs stress loads will occur on crashing USA income with SOARING USA COST such that paying for NATO – FOREIGN WARS – TROOPS OVER SEAS – UN COST and foreign aide will all crash and nations will back up and hate the USA for pulling back on the dollar fire hydrant.

In 2020 we see PUTIN winning in election year with massive axis of evil state hacking. The most massive hacking in Padnemic war distraction ever known of all western nations. Hacking to steal trillions from Western markets by digital AI weapons attacking our markets – as first tested in 2007 now perfected to show no digital finger prints in the new perfected war weapon – hacking banks investment banks digital coins stealing over 800 billion in 120 days of war actions – spoils of real war off set oil decline for PUTIN ALLIES – maximally move US presence out – of the GULF as tens of thousands of troops and gear leave PUTIN influence and return to America in defeat to Putin winning – clear and simple as allies re-set around the WORLD WAR III WINNER PUTIN today. Trump is pulling troops from all over the Gulf and now other theaters.

Most important for XI planning to blitz take over TAIWAN while the USA is say “distracted” and with one swoop crush TAIWAN AND HONG KONG to China loyal happy campers as XI has war spoils from MENTOR PUTIN. The war spoils for XI AND PUTIN






WINNING WORLD WAR III this weekend as the last of our bomber fleets – in Guam and Pacific as our forward spears left Guam to return to the USA. In fairness to our Military and Trump – the advice was clear. Putin had hacked our latest AI and weapon systems. He could now destroy in ten minutes Guam and over one trillion in advanced weapon systems ( all gone 10 minutes ) no defense no planes in the air – toast and no USA options ). As these weapons deployed last year we tail between legs moved that trillion dollars 8 0000 miles away – having lost the SOUTH CHINA SEA influence wars let alone any claims we make but lack war resources to enforce today THAT – China claim on South China is illegal. The Law in PUTINS WAR is we who have the worlds next generation super sonic super stealth nuke weapons – 20 minutes to 1000 USA cities and EU cities – 20 minutes tops – no defense – and 3000 mile an hour stealth cruise under water new energy nuke torpedo’s targeted to 100% of EU and USA Port cities wiping them out in 20 minutes for say 100,000 years of time into the future. WE NO LONGER HAVE DEFENSE IN RUSSIAS WORLD WAR THREE PLAN.






The first huge cost to America in our losing WORLD WAR III took place when hacked AI was improved by PUTIN to leap way ahead of the USA and those original AI hacks of a trillion dollars in our top secret IP. The DOD was hacked all branches all aerospace R&D was hacked – the NSA was hacked, the White House was Hacked – the CIA was hacked – the FBI Was hacked – the state sponsored hacking through OBAMA resulted in USA name calling and little else. Putin was full WORLD WAR III digital warfare tools far ahead of our own, hacked and improved to generations we lack.

Among these improved TOOLS was Putins deployment last year of HYPERSONIC STEALTH CRUISE WEAPONS. These new designs can be deployed with hydrogen Nuke bombs larger than our own to hit 1000 cities and take them all out in 20 minutes with zero defense today. The game changed with these deployments last year. At the same time Putin announced his defeat of the WEST with deployment of steal 3000 mile under water new next generation nuke torpedo’s now targeting 100% of our and the EU shore ports such our important export business would stop, in twenty minutes, for say 100,000 years in time. THE USA is over not defeated.

President Trump fresh from telling 300 Americans and billions world wide to inject themselves with fatal toxic disinfectant as a cure for CORONAVIRUS which is a lie – what is true is death loads will soar with Presidential disinfectant injections or use of the toxic malaria drug doctors are no longer using at all. Fresh from those lies with spit flying off his mouth like New York City YOU TUBE VIC ( Look him up my favorite ) – has his team report so you won’t see headlines on it anywhere, that THE LAST US BOMBER has left Guam. A position my father and countless WORLD WAR II VETS just shifted their vote from Trump in 2020, although Biden leads so far in the polls that every new sound bite from Trump pushes even more to vote first time – or to vote for Biden versus Trump as million of Trump old guard shake their heads in shame and GO NEXT. In this level of crises losing world war III is the Trump legacy in my opinion. President TRUMP LOST WORLD WAR III TO PUTIN and surrendered last week when the last planes left Guam and Putin agreed to COOPERATE WITH THE USA after that last defeat admission by Trump – where words are no longer required.

Trumps team lie and spin that it is better for AMERICA to base its tip of spear not in a couple hours to Beijing but 39 hours to Beijing because NOW the entire strike Force of PUTIN XI AND NORTH KOREA can not wipe out a trillion dollars of our advanced weapon systems, in 15 minutes on Guam – which is new reality for WORLD WAR III WINNERS. The Winners lied saying on the ROSE GARDEN we will never militarize the SOUTH CHINA SEA. China WORLD WAR III LIARS lied just like Hitler Lied, just like China war covered up the VIRUS IN NOVEMBER DECEMBER AND JANUARY until after CHINESE NEW YEARS assured the war bio weapon would from 100 million passing through the HOT ZONE ( Putins master plan in 2020 election year ) secured maximum spread. World wide infection in less than 90 days of time. WAR WIN.





Trump lies are a list for you to decide on – love Trump hate Trump – the truth is the truth the lies are the lies:

  1. Economic growth can not be stopped in America ( December 2019 ). Merry Christmas.
  2. Snake Flu is not Sars Not Mers is truly a LITE event in China alone and America is fully safe on this China item
  3. We have stopped state hacking in America ( summer 2019 )
  4. Air to China was stopped too late in China Near Years the BIO WEAPON reached the entire world Mr. President
  5. Omission – never disclosing we are inside the first major digital warfare asymmetrical warfare many fronts all at once.
  6. SNAKE FLU is a bio weapon and that engineering should be disclosed to Putins door step – Putin said it was USA made
  7. Putin blames the VIRUS ON USA and we are in hot zone rising, depression crushing, and surrender to cooperate with Putin.


This weekend as the LAST NUKE TIP OF THE SPEAR BOMBER leaves QUAM our fathers fought and died to advance US Powers for in World War II – now see President Trump this weekend – losing the war – capitulating to COOPERATE WITH PUTIN as on bended knee TRUMP SURRENDERED his US Commander & Chief Sword to Judo grand master standing over PUTIN Boris and Macon and others on the Judo matt they are all laid out upon by PUTIN – where Trump spends the rest of his war licking wounds – lying about lying about INJECTING US ALL WITH DISINFECTANT. Biden poll numbers jump as die hard Trump plans go dark on voting or move over to BIDEN to just put in a President that ACTS LIKE A PRESIDENT. If only that……..if you missed Mid April where the USA lost far more than in VIETNAM – a disgrace – utter victory on all measured optics total loss and reduction of USA power and influence as we melt into a PUTIN DEPRESSION – working precisely as the war plan we laid out for you all here – presented. RIGHT AGAIN and sad about the truth from the lies. Perhaps its the DISINFECTANT I INJECTED? Ya think? Can’t write this stuff up you know as fiction its all Golf Course Trump in USA war loss as no war that has come before……now we COOPERATE WITH PUTIN war victory lap this weekend in RUSSIA AND CHINA and last nuke plane out of GUAM this weekend – as we see the sun set on failed USA policies. Are you keeping score? At all? The our own SELF DESTRUCTION BY FAILED POLICY? Or are you missing that? For my 30% reader leaders IN AMERICA – the rest of my tribe 70% global – why you all get it clear as a bell and you all feel so sad for America – unable to believe how naive and silly we seem to in fact have become. We love our white house sit com. Win lose or draw the ratings are all time high. Dump Trump is now signs KEEP AMERICA GREAT folks once carried but no more. Trump seems to have no clue he has lost the WAR TO PUTIN or that he is wading into a declining fan base as fans switch to BIDEN in droves. Perhaps you missed all the sea changes just this weekend alone.

It took Putin two months to reach 100,000 infected. It has taken two more months to pass 2 million infected. In two more months into summer you will move from 1 million infected to ten million infected by Labor Dad. You will see 100 million infected by Christmas with a death count into the November election loser Presidents seldom ( Ask Jimmy Carter ) survive – leaders fail. Too. 100 million infected move to a billion by summer 2021. The tables we published ( first in the world Feb 7th – check it all out and compare ) are now 90 days later – precision accurate beyond anything WHO CDC AMERICA EU OR RUSSIA PUT OUT. The most accurate pandemic reporting from day one, includes this site with the other leaders who got it right – everytime – when getting it wrong is death and lives. For those we help economically your welcome. For those helped in health wealth we pray for that outcome every single day while we work for you. Subscription unlike many sites is FREE FOR MY LIFE NOT YOUR LIFE no gimmicks upsells or asks requiring you to click and pay – its all free. As a subscriber you can tell me what an ass I am by commenting below any story or you can ask questions and get mentorship or you can whoot whoot that story for our teams. WE LOVE YOUR COMMENTS which are the delight of a million person click site daily. We ask BOOK MARK CLICK readers to subscribe and comment contributing as much as you consumer which is our culture model in collaboration within integrity. We ask you learn – earn and return Monday Weds and Weekends to scan delete content that would require your click to 100 sites across the world and in full time research you can’t match even then the team incoming we have at the top of nations in 200 countries via CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL where this free site is a LIFE TIME CEO SPACE MEMBER BENEFIT first and foremost presented to them in 200 nations 1988 to today as a public service. You are included with our hope you one day will explore and join CEO SPACE to grow your business faster. We are the leader in ramping up growth faster for members.

This site remains the first consistently documenting WORLD WAR III site since the war began in 2007 by PUTIN,and to today when PUTIN won the WORLD WAR III THIS WEEKEND. This 1,000,000 who is who at the top of super money pools and nations and fortune institutions – convey – CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT PUTIN YOU WON THE WORLD WAR III YOU PLANNED OUT AND EXECUTED OVER TWO DECADES PERFECTING YOUR WINNING WAR PLAN INTO THE SUPER CHANGE EVENTS WE ALL WADE INTO TODAY. NICE JOB. WINNING PLAN. The world will now shift toward the NEW PUTIN WORLD ORDER as Trump cooperates – disinfecting his disinfectant – one lie upon another lie – as THE CRISES OF INTEGRITY IN THE LEADERSHIP C SUiTE And board rooms is the crises in humanity today – INTEGRITY CULTURES – have been shattered and until leadership global integrity culture is held high and self corrected into the future….the extinction of human kind Trumps the war….and is 2030 sooner than you think do to METHANE TRAP releases long reported here as the DOOMSDAY CLOCK FOR HUMANITY mindlessly clicks to our ending as we have a strawberry short cake and a diet coke. ( Not sure what your using in Trump world for toilet paper – sure you have ample supply of disinfectant and syringes to inject yourself but wiping your ass may be problematic in Trump world ).

The GRADE OF TRUMP LEADERSHiP as the first President to lead 300 million Americans into:

  1. 1 million infections and tens of thousands dead and dying in less than 90 days total time.
  2. Massive health care and military first responder dead and dying lacking safety gear essentials
  3. Telling the pubic this is a virus LITE when in fact to those with tens of thousands of death now the virus is HEAVY not lite
  4. Telling us to drink malaria pills ( highly toxic side effects ) and inject toxic fatal disinfectant into say our children????
  5. The first ever leader to assure you could not acquire toilet paper or paper towels in America so weak was HIS PLAN

Putin wins the war in the first 120 days because we can not afford the war, we lost the war, they won the war, and the next phase of the war is beyond the USA to recover from. A diminished USA is ( just as laid out in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM PUTIN WAR PLAN ) – electing to be DIMINISHED at the table of world policy with PUTIN as now nation in charge – as we lost the war and the West has no clue we are inside a digital war, we have lost the war, and the agenda PUTIN AND XI wish – American capitulation and withdrawal and draw down of influence, is secure as per the war plan only much faster in devastating the west than even Putin imagined.

Putin wins the war in the first 120 days of 2020 because our TRUMP team is effectively fake news managed there is NO WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE as Putins WAR Plan and NEWS is what is believed – Trump believes non reality is reality and the outcome is we lost the war because PUTIN had no real oppossition along the war plan – which won by performing much better than Putin planners suspected. Every option to engage this WAR was an OPT OUT BY TRUMP – a 100% OPT OUT – where Putin ran the global war plan unopposed in any serious contest – and as winner leaders will now deal with PUTIN as WAR WINNER in weight – PUTIN AND XI out influence and out vote the USA as the WORLD ORDER HAS NO SHIFTED and we reported to you the GREAT SHIFT with the worst ( Taiwan and Hong Kong you do not believe with suez canal I am right upon ) but in the PUTIN WAR PLAN it is all check mate TRUMP folks as further DIMINISHMENT OF USA INFLUENCE UNFOLDS SO RAPIDLY while we agree – Trump to Putin in our war capitulation – our war surrender – our turning over Trumps sword in USA DEFEAT that is TOTAL – on bended knee looking up between his hair do over – saying THE USA WILL COOPERATE WITH YOU PRESIDENT PUTIN WAR OVER GAME OvER WE LOSE STOP THE PAIN NOW.

Grand Master JUDO champions are revered and culturally almost must and will help their defeated opponent back up off their judo matt  of shame. Putin will now help TRUMP off the USA MATT OF SHAME as the new world order includes a USA DIMINISHED to impotentance by PRESIDENT PUTIN who fire walled the West in 2020 and WON in election year. Trumps victory later this year is up to PUTIN. If he wants to manipulate TRUMP FOUR MORE YEARS (likely) Biden will be out ( metoo# and other stuff ) and a new candidate ( drafting Clinton perhaps ) will rise up and lose if it is the WILL OF WAR WINNER PUTIN. Putin decides who wins and who loses in the EU and America in 2020 as WAR SPOIL. While Trump knowing his only power remainder chance is to COOPERATE WITH PUTIN – war over – war lost – capitulation surrender and COOPERATION done deals this weekend. Perhaps you were busy on Stormy Daniels lawyer already back home, as his take no prisoners for the total betrayal Trump created for his personal attorney for years, kicking that lawyer to the curb. NOW PUTINS LAWYER MAY WELL COST TRUMP THE ELECTION. If Trump court orders the book out past the election he wins a battle not the war. If Putin kills the attorney Trump wins the war not just the battle but Trumps hands become person of interest dirty do they not? Now you know. SO perhaps you’ll look at news DIFFERENTLY knowing MORE and knowing more always FIRST right here. See if any of this lacks sense.

I always wonder if the smart pants from big universities at MI6 FBI CIA NSA and others have full clarity ( my wife’ s email ) on all this? To date as a war win just think PUTIN HAS SNOWDEN – and all SNOWDENS INTEL AGAINST THE USA – a war win – and none of our soldiers none of the Kings men have been able to sniper round old Humpty SNOWDEN DUMPTY in a head shot for a decade. Putin has him on webinars to millions yearly displaying what CROOKS ALL OUR LEADERSHIP IS – all from RUSSIA where Snowden resides as if Russia was the INTEGRITY CAPITOL OF THE PLANET EARTH. Putin winning WORLD WAR III is the most gifted flawless ruthless sociopathic ruler leader since ADOLF HITLER not to be underestimated. THE ONE TO DEAL today world wide. Putin has war won the NEW WORLD ORDER that RUSSIA NOT THE USA is now the dictator of as we follow having surrendered into PUTIN COOPERATION this weekend. A big YALTIN MOMENT the news missed focused on disinfectant.



Leader readers who “THINK” this is an unfolding pandemic cyclic natural event are in denial delusion Putin wishes to keep you in.

Leader readers who believed us in Dec Jan Feb March April reporting on WORLD WAR III and the start of the WORLD WAR III with digital beta testing attacks on our global markets ( making trillions over any sanction – making 100 dollars of digital criminal theft by war attacking western markets in 2007 – ( all documented by DOD CONTRACTOR Kevin Freeman dear friend in his work THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN ) . – are reality based thinkers and will prosper in any forward market over those in denial and delusion.

April IS the cruelest month – so says Tennyson the poet……come on….come on then……..

And so it is…..





The WEST LOST PUTINS WORLD WAR III when the President surrendered this weekend in April to COOPERATE WITH PUTIN as the last bombers left Guam.

This is far more important for American policy than injecting ourselves fatally with disinfectant as a President SIT COM STAR has many gifts and talents but UNDERSTANDING what is TRULY GONG ON OUT THERE is well not his super power is it?

The west needs a REAGAN OR KENNEDY and nothing less right now. Oh we have them. But facing the illegal privacy invasions the fake news the fraud about you and your family in the PRESIDENTIAL FISH BOWL not check and balanced yet from todays 5G world, the founders could not even imagine, why would REAL LEADERSHIP step up – versus advise like spit in a hurricane to leadership dumb enough to accept all that abuse for the helicopter ride to AIR FORCE ONE and the toy box the PRESIDENT plays with. The superior leaders don’t want the job and already have all the toys.

JEFF BEZO FOR PRESIDENT so we can win and be efficient with sanity versus insanity. Jeff Bezo for President and Meg as a lady leader who can run things if Jeff had a problem, from HP – that ticket it seems is beyond party and lets us all vote our wallet. I’d say DEMOCRATS you have a WAR OPPORTUNITY:

  1. Run on the war platform and trash the rest – America hates to lose and will hate a loser President in war time.
  2. Draft Jeff and Meg because they can win with Obama’s support and frankly BIDEN just may risk winning in our opinion

Now the issue is always why will the GREAT TIcket run. I would refuse if they drafted me. The list of why is long. Abuse in public office is not my choice into public service. Until that is fixed in reality we have a broken system model.

Vic in New York if you follow him on YOU TUBE will TELL YOU ALL WHY? With some color you can’t find in rainbows.





China and Russia reside on a lake of debt to keep functioning. In 2020 the WAR cost rose debt costing to trillions of unexpected new debt flowing in now on the old super debt bubble lake. Russia mis fired on OIL and oil dropped in the WAR MONTHS from 72 dollars a barrel to you pay me minus 38 us dollars to take oil away. Storage is full. No room at the oil inn. Russia is considering burning oil it now has zero place to park the oil. China is in a GNP melt down from 6% rising down from 27% rising in a down graph for 25 years that broke the chalk at the black board edge and still drew the down graph line for CHINA to the tile on the floor as I look up on me knees to President XI saying – do you all smarty pants from our major universities – speaking only as an investment banker economists, ya all understand this trend fair enough?

While this down trend screams along China borrows 300% more than its GNP as the lead DEBTOR creating the worlds largest DEBT Super bubble in the history of human record keeping. A little inconveient fact – CHINA floats upon an OCEAN OF DEBT larger than the Pacific of Atlanta combined into one – VIC does that make YOU FURIOUS?

China is now negative GNP as a war cost it did not plan on.

China has trillions in supply employment trade stabilizing industry, move out of China forever over the past two years of TRADE WAR and China has seen that trend triple since PANDEMIC. One reason of war cost is consumers. CONSUMERS WORLD WIDE hold CHINA responsible for the BIO WEAPON.

  1. China lies about the BIO WEAPON and tries to cover it up into January when China new in the FALL. Bad Kaharma.
  2. China lied and threatened health care workers to keep the war maximizing effort moving for the Russia BIO WEAPON
  3. China lied about the Virus and lied over 27 times to the press globally and lied 100 times about the lying in state war news
  4. China has lost trillions in supply lines never to return and social war cost for all that has yet to be paid by the CHINESE people
  5. China has consumers ceasing to BUY MADE IN CHINA by trillions all at once – in a shift China debt loads will implode over



Two million locked up in China and Russia in the most advanced BRAIN RESETTING CAMPS run by advanced AI to delete brain software and reload brain software – belief and values – state planners can now download

All wars are economic and political. China in the war confusion to the USA – in the moment of SURRENDER VIA COOPERATION THIS WEEKEND TRUMP TO PUTIN THE War Winner – Trump last super bomber and attack forces leave GUAM in our surrender in fact to Putin war effort – NATO WEAKENS Russia strengthens – China is now green light to attack TAIWAN AND HONG KONG in one weekend both are forever CHINESE RULE OF LAW – no one will DO ANYTHING. China picks up the indo asia business of TAIWAN AND HONG KONG off setting its supply line and consumer blood bath of trillions leaving China markets now and forever.

The final war cost is DEBT LOADING. China and Russia are loading beyond what can be sustained with falling income. Of course if your enemy lends you all this money and you just as war winners – declare – hey fuck you we are never paying you – your enemy sinks into bankruptcy and you actually win wealth as spoils of war. Putin used WAR JUDO to suck lenders try and puff up the axis of evil with enemy resource and money – stolen as if you fired a NUKE when you got to save all that because you won on your own asymmetrical war plan, which framed no defense for those attacked on multiple fronts economically all at the same time where no one can prove it is in fact a war plan at all. PUTIN YOU WON good job sir.

We do not write for any audience or money group. As a top ten INDEPENDENT NEWS REPORTING SITE internally funded beholding to no patrons – having zero influence on truth versus lies – to the best of our teams efforts – we report the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth here – we illuminate all the lying – and we take the heat the truth reporting always raises upward. Our readers rely on the truth of this site to make future plans. We do our best as a public service to help them. Our accuracy 1988 to today is legendary today. New readers will come to discover an outrageous truth FOR YOU later in time was a yawn lick to palm and slap to fore head OH YEAH – RIGHT AGAIN. Doubtrers all KNOW MORE AND KNOW MORE FIRST if they learn earn and return Monday Weds and Weekends …..just another TRUTH DIAMOND into your little waste leather bad of LIES AND SHIT STORMS OF LIES where you inject disinfectant from the GOLF your fired sit com mentor, and died, trusting the entertainment of YOUR FIRED. You know … if your LIFE or the LIFE of loved ones depended on that golf game today…………..