If the US Federal Reserve Board ( a private stock firm owned in secret by the banks and investment banks it supposed to regulate ) is the cause of:

  1. All bust periods and Super Crashes and world depressions in fact
  2. All world wars

Why would we fail to MERGE THE FED retaining all is processes that work without conflicts – into the US Treasury and STOP PAYING INTEREST TO PRINT MONEY in a fully digital transparent world. The Fed was contracted as an NGO in the 1900’s when the PONY EXPRESS delivered the mail and high bandwidth was a telegraph message sent with dots and dashes across the land almost 100 years before say a FAX. No phones in houses or radios’ no television or internet – THAT FED IS SO OBSOLETE AND SUCH HIGH RISK. That FED took tens of TRILLIONS OF TAX DOLLARS and paid off bad bets for their shareholder banks and investment banks, all of whom pled guilty to crimes with fines – no jail of course for largest financial crimes in recorded history – theft of a nations wealth – and when Bernake Fed Chairman was asked by SENATE COMMITTEE Chair persons – Mr. Chairman ( of the Federal Reserve Board ) will you tell the US Senator where the 11 trillion was spend and which banks GOT THE TAX PAYER MONEY – after a long pause looking right at the cameras and panel – Bernake says clearly – NO SIR. No other words. NO SIR. NO power can check or balance fed GREED. Merge the FED Back into US Treasury or America as we know it dies eventually in world wars the FED creates as failed monetary policy to enrich its own members.

This is true for all nations and all central banks. I consult to nations to reset their public debt, bring in oceans of new funds for development infrastructure and to pay national bills once central banks are merged back into State treasury.

So Today we have the Secretary of US Treasury perhaps the most brilliant director in modern history. The FRAMEWORK as I call it for a NEW WORLD ORDER is being developed by American teams and world teams, over 10,000 working on that FRAME WORK seven days a week no breaks – until its done. You have no idea what is going on behind the scenes that effects 287 nations in the end.

Today we have the USA Dollar soaring. We told you over five years the US dollar was lower and down as:

  1. National Central Bank Policy to save the banking system world wide.
  2. To promote USA trade at costs currency manipulators could not longer over come.
  3. Keeping US dollar interest return and profit to park money in US dollars at near ZERO RETURN for five years – and still the US dollar is the world reserve currency of confidence to the entire world.

Today in 18 months of Trump the US Economy is reporting best third quarter numbers and growth in FOUR YEARS and rising to sixteen years of superior outcomes. The American economic is so strong the Federal Reserve Board citing irrelevant old antique models that no longer are useful – such as inflation statistics which are simply incorrect as the NEED to raise the interest so fast – so frequently – so high each time – which works to profit the FED and the Banks that own the Fed maximally. However the cost to the WORLD of nations that must settle trade accounts globally in dollars is a HIGH RISK COST in 2018 and 2019. We advocated for all this period that the Fed needs to provide MORE TIME to normalized to be SAFE as they risk SUEPR CRASH and world war if they reproduce the 1929 PATTERN ( which they are in fact doing precisely ) at the same conditions only worse in digital casino capitalism – that caused the great world depression – banks closing globally, and the system collapsing – and WORLD WAR II which the Fed and its members profited first from and massively over. No one went to jail then either.

If an 80 page act of congress barely passed the Federal Reserve Act why not a prophetic 80 page emergency leglislation to merge FED PROCESSES ( Keep them all ) back into US TREASURY where the LAW evokes audits reporting transparency and no secrets in the US MONEY SUPPLY. if the US also pays off FED DEBT with ONE SUPER BOND with Hughes and Hubbards Roel Campos packaging that to market the US moves into the black in 2019 versus red ink and borrowing….think about the ease of that solution for an 80 page prophetic act of congress.

Stop the legal theft of nations – MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK TO TREASURY and ignore their weak card “independence” when the Fed says NO TO THE US SENTATE – has never been audited – and its shareholders are all in secret – lets by an 80 page act of congress modernize that process back to constitutional treasury as founding fathers evoked for the people.


Secretary Munchin is trying to Treasury policy in a recovering US dollar but not too strong. Why?

  1. Too strong too soon and US products and services become too expensive for most of 200 nations to afford to operate in the black and survive in fact. Most nations are sinking in a sea of debt which is why our SUPER BOND SOLUTION has such legs today. 

2. To soon too strong a dollar creates debt roll over issues as 100 trillion of 300 Trillion in Global Debt is rolling over for nations and corporations at interest rates up 500% since last year and soaring. Is that too high too soon too frequently – we think based on past destruction the Fed GREED Policy working against the policy of the US TREASURY  – YES the FED is risking the world system in debt roll over.

3. The US dollar has appreciated almost 6% IF you invested in dollars like we told you to do last summer to year end over and over – you made for doing zero a lot of money parking your money as nations have done in USA DOLLARS the absolute bulk head of trust confidence and world trade settlement the WORLD’S CURRECNY is in 2018 and 2019 the US dollar and the circulation dynamics of other nation currency bases are 90% behind the US in fundamental math such they can today NEVER NOT EVER CATCH UP.

4. The Problems of the entire world effect us all now and all nations need to suspend waste and grow efficiencies. We all need to celebrate all diversity within integrity rule sets that leave no nation behind – suspending competitive thought – solutions – proposals and negotiations in favor of collaborative cooperative solution and proposals – changing our minds and thinking – upgrading our mental software as we join AI developing in our tribe and generation. WE better be ready economically. It is time to stop steering the earth on just environment failure – the war on safe environment we fail to win- the war on drugs we fail to win – and so forth and so on – the war on crime – which resolve with this notion. The problems we individually create can NO LONGER BE RESOLVED by individual nations. The UNITED PLANETARY EARTH FEDERATION OF NATIONS – not a UN but a global government protecting all sovereignty and culture and with rules we have to invent – that have this earth issues and problems solved by all nations WORKING TOGETHER – versus every nation in it for themselves which leads to world wars. We ARE smarter than THAT moving forward.

5. The first sanity in this journey is to agree 287 captains steering the 287 ships of state on planet earth is NOT WORKING to the best interest of the planet, its life forms, or humanity. We are moving toward extinction and even self immolation. Is that SANE THINKING? As reflected in our systems? Can we forge a revolution to unite how we solve problems with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND learning from failed earlier formats? I think we can and I believe its all economics. If the economic platform is right we have desired outcomes in cooperation. Every agenda can be fixed by agreement in writing so all interest are safe and protected. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION “IS” the blue print for this modeling.

Folks the US dollar is at the top of the flag pole as the world’s currency by systemic weight. The largest economy driving the entire world is booming has it has not expanded or grown in half a decade or five long years. Average sixteen year GNP in the USA is over 16 years folks only 1.6% just above a recession break even – weak – not self sustaining growth. Today we have trillions investing in US plants, automation tipping points bringing production HOME to the USA as never before in non union right to work states – flooding USA markets with 2030 prosperity building up up and up.

The Momentum is unstoppable unless we ourselves stop it – and you know what – we just may default ourselves back to Congressional grid lock where politics drives economics versus economics drive politics.

Right now a War between Congress – The White House and Business Leadership is uniting against FAILED PROVEN FAILURE IN FED POLICY for raising interest way to high way too fast way too frequently way to high each raise.

We have reported on this real risk and why since last summer so scroll and get smart on the ONE real ECONOMIC ISSUE – the US ECONOMIC BOOM – will it continue or be derailed by vote and congress where we derail prosperity?

We’ll see soon – as the war is brain washing voters into either:

  1. Vote your wallet and cast a prosperity vote the one issue 
  2. Or vote emotions and cast a grid lock congress vote

Nothing else is real just these two voter considerations which are not clear to tens of millions of voters in the US mid year. They are exposed to billions of advertising in brain washing to secure their vote on what polls and pundits say when I tell you – the truth. AMERICAN VOTERS are informed are smarter than pundits and polls and in mass will vote in sure with more collective intelligence than all the super brain washing on all sides can hope to fathom. This is not your grandpa’s voter space. That is the truth.

We see:

  1. Profits driving year end record wealth in the majority of asset classes to year end with variable to the Nov 2nd final vote outcome to Dec.
  2. Record Fourth quarter holiday spending and out comes driven by trade agreements coming in one after another like a policy that IS working and which is fabrication gmore upgrading in 24 months than in 25 global years for all national prosperity collectively. 
  3. Wild Cards remain the Vote for Congress and as always North Korea and Iran into positive mile stones with collaboration or suspicious distrust and competition to insane outcome possibilities. Legacy and history for the leaders or something far less.
  4. Optimism in all nations is record high and we think you an’t seen nothing yet.
  5. We predict a record for FANG STOCKS moving into final quarter driven by robust Holliday profit making – globally – the BEST “IS” YET TO COME….

So the US Treasury works to stabilize a return to glory dollar – only lower due to interest rate policy – and now higher larger due to interest rate policy. The Treasury seeking a 25 year growth plan like Australia without ONE RECESION EVER – is in conflict – with the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD who want the highest profits for their own shareholder banks in less time normalizing profit interests to their account now. They are seeing however with improved AI and data they lacked in 1929 that THE FED may actually cause unwanted economic tipping points.

When you double team:

  1. Fed interest failed wrong way policy – too fast too soon – 
  2. To Trade War impact on GNP although minor not massive it stops growth for nations – stops growth
  3. Sovereign Nation DEBT SUPER BUBBLES – Houston we have a problem in global economics.

So will Fed Decision makers reading this blog first DO WHAT IS IN THE ECONOMIES BEST LONG TERM INTEREST OR TAKE THE SHORT TERM PROFIT VIEW ON POLICY – THERE OWN. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Slowing interest protest the FED and its members maximally. TIME is the missing asset.

Finally will Fed leadership correctly conclude they would do a better job for AMERICA merged back into Treasury – free of profit conflicts on policy – reforming upgrading processes – proud to be transparent and audited – and issuing a new confidence in the US dollar with actually more not less power – as today their conflict self limits their outcomes. The people and voters are becoming economically educated. If this blog reaches millions instead of 100’s of thousands as it does now – the impact of that financial literacy education will help Fed Planners see LEGACY. The choices are:

  1. Merge the Fed and its processes into US Treasury to impact decades of prosperity and America rebuilding itself – legacy for the unborn generations – as leaders of the Fed know the antique modeling is toxic for avoiding a Super Crash World WAR and Global Depression. For why? 
  2. Terminate the Fed entirely and move all powers back to US Treasury were they resided for 300 great America years as constitutionally protested – no Fed.

There is no third possibility. The Fed is an insane idea. Lets review how insanity looks in raw 2018 financial education folks:

  1. Your central bank is owned by banks and investment banks like any stock firm like Apple, like Google like all private Fed contrasting firms with nations.
  2. The act of legislation creating central banks out of their state treasuries lets the bankers ( who are criminals as per their recent plea’s to criminal actions that made billions for which they paid small fines to get out of jail free ) run the policies of printing national money – they all share  profit from.
  3. All in secret without any reporting. Audits. Ever. The illusion of control over them is pure fraud any special consoler could Indict over.
  4. They charge their host nations who set them up – interest moving forward for every dollar the nation requires – now printing money under the bankers plan is DEBT that must repay interest.
  5. They make the largest national cost of tax payers INTEREST ON THEIR NATIONAL DEBT – this is then the cycle that eventually creates 300 trillion in record in history global debt in 2018 of which contagion or debt defaulting as interest rates too fast – always creates SUPER CRASH and economic crises. Fed caused always. MERGE THE FED.

Who would hire the brightest best track record economists to run money supply and policy – why the USA and other nations of course. These smarty pants were doing just fine. No Depressions. No World Wars.

Then in secret ( scroll to see my blogs on the Fed and the video proofs on all that I report as data points from THIRD PARTY PRESS you can all google ). I provide the links just scroll so you GET SMART on the master policy of nations.


Ok you guys are smarty pants we trust you.

However we are going to move money policy to a third party agency that looks like its a government agency but is really a Non Gov Contractor – Organization NGO private entity that no one can audit or override to print money and now we will charge interest for every dollar in collation. Why? Because our team profits from that is our why?

Sane? Its legal theft of national wealth? The largest theft of wealth in the history of the world. Lets do that? Ok and so they do. In secret in a rushed 80 page act of congress the US treasury opposed to a person and most of congress opposed it barely got banker passed into law. Thats true in almost all nations who followed the US model our top bankers working with eu bankers set up on us.

Insane – the FED 80 page act of congress was a BAD LAW that has. most the world over 100 million in slaughter from failed economic policy and world wars – Two Depressions in months of Fed formation – 1907 and 1929 – and World WAR I and then WORLD WAR II back to back – the Korea then Vietnam – it just goes on and on.

Cause – INSANITY AND THE FED POLICY hopelessly insane conflicted in greed.

The fact the FED WORKS in our own best national interest is a pure lie. How do you know…..? 

You know when:

  1. On 60 minutes Fed Chairman Greenspan confirms there is no power on earth that can reverse Fed decisions on policy.
  2. You know when Bernake who indebted America by more than TEN TRILLION DOLLARS In less than 24 months – for generations of unborn American’s – to bail out bad bets his FED bankers made in markets world wide – saying to Senate oversight which is fraud as there is no – NO SENATOR THE FED WILL NEVER REPORT TO YOU WHICH BANKS GOT THAT TAX PAYER MONEY NOR WILL YOU ALL EVER KNOW THE TRUTH OF YOUR OWN USA MONETARY POLICY WE ALONE SET FOR YOU …..

That remains INSANE in 2018. It was terrible when the express delivered the mail and every home did not have electricity. It is totally INSANE to keep the Fed out of US TREASURY where:

  1. Monetary policy is a regulated by nation strargegy fully accountable to  NEW LAW checks and balances.
  2. We pay off Fed Debt now with a single SUPER BOND which also funds our infrastructure – 100 year Roel Campos Bond Partner at Hughs and Hubbard DC representing sovereign debt bond placements – add time say 100 years to the repayment and the US repays our entire debt 100 years from NOW with interest only sliding up – one that 100 YEAR SUPER BOND – wherein – we pay off with demographics and GNP of 100 year economic a Super Bond of 2019 – bring the USA into the BLACK with positive cash flow in 2019 versus being in the red having to borrow to fund current accounts.


Prosperity driving.

Crises resetting.

The crises made worse by hopelessly conflict Fed Greed Policy. THE FED is a private BANK contractor owned by criminal banks who wish to maximize short term profits – hence Trumps sane call for SEC 180 day BI ANNUAL REPORTING to PUBLIC reporting firms to permit – reduction of unwanted system speculation in capital flows.


Now you have it for your central bank in all nations.

You have this …you are developing fiscal education – scroll and get the history on videos reported on this blog and BOOK MARK those videos of proofs ….become knowledgeable. Knowledge is power.

Now then – consider the issues before us:

  1. Congress Stays republican a vote for your Walter not party a vote for prosperity versus grid lock and dysfunction. That is the vote. Prosperity or recession. Its a WALET VOTE outside any party issues spin and packs and brain washing can’t erase the TRUTH. One primary election year issue PROSPERITY VOTE OR NOT. We’ll see how smart America is from brain washing to real collective intelligence – I bet on my peeps my tribe my AMERICA.
  2. The Fed Merges back into US treasury and paying interest to print money stops for that nation – or the nation eventually implodes in debt that defaults across boarders digitally into SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR a historic fed pattern – one way or the other. NO other options.

Can policy makers get educated fast enough to make the SANE simple choice? How hard is it to draft an 80 page White House emergency bill to merge the fed back into USA treasury? Hard? Easy? Fast? Slow? Now the burden is on congress facing the most powerful lobby on earth – the FED and Wall-street as financial lobbies control nations – the FFD. But truly Congress faced with the facts on this blog will in my opinion act on the legacy of the unborn generations of America – and rush such emergency legislation into law perhaps in a week.

After some market flutter no one will related to the yield curve right now but two more Fed increases will invert the yield curve. Given the market is self fulfilling to impressions why tell capital flow decision makers to bet on a recession when yield curve inversion can be avoided. Which policy is one or insane?

Do YOU see it yet?

Can you see the profits in trillions bankers and investment bankers make with higher interest across all boards?

Can you see the sanity of not raising interest too fast too frequently too high each time if that same policy created all SUPER CRASHES all wars and violence ( always punishing diversity in human expression versus celebrating and respecting it – sanity is competition free thought expression – insanity is competition dominated thought expression – mid brain and fully reptilian impulse thought a virus of the brain.

Waking up for a human is resolving competitive thought impulse to atrophy  any context to expression of competitive expression in favor of sane cooperative collaborative celebrational thought form – as a virus free brain – with solutions that work as sanity versus solutions that fail as insanity.

Will human repeat their own history?

The risk is education – as voters today are economically illiterate and they fail to understand their own economic alphabet or word sentence paragraph reading and writing financially which damns them to enslavement. Individuals are enslaved by modern debt snares. Nations are enslaved by the new colonialism DEBT. A pure evil in thought expression.

The FEW AGAINST the many is always competitive. A mental illness.

The many FOR the many is sane a brain free of unwanted competitive virus in though. The leaders of tomorrow.

So do we restore the earth or perish into extinction?

It is a decision folks – sanity or insanity and – the time has come in this generation.

Now we will see how fast the education sweeping the world can do its job.

David Corbin CEOSPACE legacy faculty mentor -in his work ILLUMINATE – suggests leaders need to shine lights on the largest elephant in the room to express inspired leadership moving forward to solve problems facing us all today.

ILLMUNIATE THE PROBLEM the Elephant in the room.

The FED is the biggest problem in the room in any nation.

Today the US Treasury is hostage and impotent fighting the FED trying to alert them to the consequence of their failed policy in 2018.