San Francisco AND the Hurricane


So I fly through the Hurricane to move from Sacramento to Florida today. Wish me luck. I’m brave.

CEO SPACE had new Club’s popping up like POP CORN ( You an open one in your city ). ┬áCEO SPACE is MAGIC. So business owners learned how to accelerate their growth and income. They received direction, mentorship, coaching and more. Clubs under the leadership of the best team of Northern California professionals are serving Business owners in the # 1 entrepreneur market in the world – the IDEA CAPITOL of the WORLD – from Silicon Valley to the State Capital where I am today in Sacramento California.

I have to pack to get chugging along next. The Blessing of CEO SPACE in lives all over the North Bay of California is like Main to Boca and Seattle to San Deigo – from Romania to Asia from Moscow to Iran our Clubs serving business owners and our lifetime members Professionals and CEO’s span the world today.

Legacy. When you have yours life is a miracle and every day is magic.

Mine is.

I wish yours to be next.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and Founder CEO SPACE International – serving you