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  1. Snake Flu would explode to move from CHINA to 20 nations by this weekend – in 7 days – RIGHT AGAIN
  2. We predicted infections would be global by this weekend rising from 17 to 10,000 world wide. RIGHT AGAIN.
  3. We predicted planes planes and things would EVACUATE from CHINA where still 99% of the virus exists RIGHT AGAIN
  4. We predicted that cities would be quarantined – RIGHT AGAIN and evacuation peeps by the 100,000 would be quarantined
  5. We predicted the WHO would be forced as cowards to DECLARE the PANDEMIC is a WORLD HEALTH EMERGENCY.
  6. We predicted economic activity across the WORLD would SUPER CRASH from the economic CONTAGION going on now.
  7. We Predicted the spread in America will follow the pathology of `10x gain in a week reaching all 50 states soon
  8. We predicted that all nations would be infected by end of February – RIGHT AGAIN on the rest we’ll see on this one
  9. We predicted a CHINA SUPER MARKET CRASH next week – unseen and contagion to the entire world market place.
  10. We predicted the USA would issue as the CDC has a NO FLY warning for anyone to china as millions flee from China today


We totally disagree with President Donald Trump and we SHAME ON ANY LEADER minimizing this global CONTAGION. The Reason is CARRIERS as reported in this blog. Carriers from CHINESE NEW YEARS last week in our prediction – passed 100,000 and is rising to 1,000,000 as infected CARRIERS are leaving CHINESE NEW YEAR when this PLAGUE THIS PANDEMIC was under played by China WHO and the world. SAME ON YOU ALL INCLUDING THE PRESS when it was early enough to prevent OUR PREDICTION THAT OVER 200 WOULD DIE BY FRIDAY as the death soar 10z in a week a 10x explosion with no let up in a week. UNDER LEADING in this PANDEMIC will be the ONE and the ONLY ISSUE in the election. In my opinion. All other issues will move to the floor.

We suggested the PANDEMIC MAY BE MAN MADE and you may think we are far out on this. In part you have not read KEVIN FREEMAN the DOD CONTRACTORS best selling books THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN. When these books were completed the evidence the ASYMMETRICAL MULTI FRONT WORLD WAR III was a PUTIN WAR PLAN XI HAS PLUSSED AND IS A PARTNER INTO. The GEORGE BUSH AXIS OF EVIL – North Korea, Iran, Russia and China are leading together with aligned GULF NATIONS like SYRIA today in the PUTIN WAR PLAN. Diminish the USA and create a WORLD SOCIALIST FEDERATION. The leaders of which are PUTIN AND XI the war winners.

Who can prove otherwise one way or the other ( YET ) but the evidence mounts.

Dear Mr. President….what if you are wrong on SNAKE FLU at your Thursday rally….because if you are way wrong the deaths are on you in the voting booth sir. With all due respect the bucks stops with you and you told us – we are safe – when sir we are not safe. Sir what if you are wrong and 1000’s upon 1000’s die ( older like me ) because you made a mistake? Should you error for American lives? First? Keeping AMERICA GREAT is leadership PLACING AMERICAN “LIVES” FIRST NOT PROFITS FIRST Sir. Always. Thursday was the sound byte political and did you error on the side of BEST CAUTION saying SNAKE FLU IS NOT A PROBLEM IN AMERICA ITS JUST A PROBLEM FOR CHINA AND WE CHAT ALL THE TIME ON THIS. Is that correct sir? We think it is not.


Asymmetrical warfare was invented by RUSSIA and CHINA. Well and KARL MARX. If you can not defeat your enemy politically or in a direct war confrontation, then employ a strategy to defeat your enemy that includes:

  1. Economic defeat – bankrupt your enemy into political chaos in the financial economic crashes
  2. Divide your enemy maximally using FAKE NEWS and cells of socialist left leaning proxy groups untied by the war plan
  3. Assure your enemy never knows they are at war and keep them unbalanced via political divisions
  4. Hack and steal their war technologies and leap far ahead of them from the theft of the more advanced technology on earth
  5. Use science to set fire to their landscapes, sabotage their chemical and energy production plants in record numbers
  6. USE AI to Super Crash their markets making fortunes on their pain – 2008 2011 and in flash trades month to month
  7. Destabilize their economics to collapse by creating panic and CLICK runs on banks through bio weapons like SNAKE FLU

What if SNAKE FLU is a DNA ENGINEERED BIO WEAPON. Its main first pathology is to set China up as a victim when China may be inside a war plan. China economics can no longer afford the lopsided % of elderly who required massive state support without generating tax base. The economics are CHINA BANKRUPTCY pure and simple to any economist who has done the math. THE END FOR CHINA comes this decade on pure demographics to economics.

What if CHINA DNA engineered a virus that kills 80% of my tribe – 55 age and older – and spares the large % of the rest with ore mild moderate symptoms. THE FIRST AGE KILLER VIRUS EVER? What DO WE KNOW? What do we NOT KNOW? We do not KNOW the DNA of this virus YET. We do not know how or why the SNAKE FLU virus kills so high a % of elderly and spares the rest. We do not know the KILL RATIO % across the age groups as we have gone from 17 dead to over 217 dead in 7 days. THE DEATH RATE “IS” SOARING. We do not know the number of CARRIERS with no symptoms spreading this killer all over the world in numbers that have risen ( faster than any virus in modern history – rising TEN TIMES WORLD WIDE IN A SINGLE WEEK.  For example CARRIERS who left China to other ASIA nations or the EU fro CHINA NEW YEARS feel fine. The symptoms from the millions the 100,000 carriers will effect as they themselves create 1,000,000 carriers will not EXPLODE IN MATH NUMBERS until MID to LATE FEBRUARY. Then you will begin to see the real scope of CONTAGION. If Trump is correct and he may well BE CORRECT and we well may be WRONG….but IF WE ARE RIGHT AGAIN….this will be very serious and unseen in the USA as to scope until MID to LATE FEBRUARY. The time to jump ahead of this HUMAN CATASTROPHE IN THE EU AND AMERICA IS YESTERDAY NOT TODAY AND NOT TOMORROW.


The biggest problem facing economies like Italy and China is AGING ITSELF. The economics of way too few of your population producing revenue to nation with way too many sucking revenue in ELDERLY CARE from the state. Children understand.

How do you solve this?

  1. You immigrate and redistribute YOUTH to nations and if your immigration policies do not permit such redistribution on demographics you:
  2. Early terminate your elderly ( say through a DNA engineered virus ) and you make it appear as if such a sorry SNAKE FLU infection from illegal meat selling ( A FAKE NEWS WAR PROPAGANDA to mislead the people of your nation CHINA and to assure your enemy has no clue you being a victim – first victim in the war plan – are seeking to utterly destroy your enemy in an election year. Elderly care cost gone now and then your economic rises as never before with all that new free money – short term hit for long term gain. Probably not the way Chinese communist leaders think – I’m all wrong here I’m sure of it.

More inviting in the PUTIN WAR PLAN as you seal your own borders first with China a) because you have the kill switch for SNAKE FLU and understand the contagion because it is your DNA engineered virus Mr. Putin and b) because you also look like a victim versus a hand on the SNAKE FLU trigger to the master war plan BIO WEAPON.

XI and YOU know there is no containment.

You and XI know the 100,000 CARRIERS we reported in our prior blog will now rise to unstoppable 1,000,000 carriers in the second month of the USA election year. XI in the war plan created the ulitmate SUCK PUNCH to know anti socialist TRUMP out of lead position by having XI assure him to the point TRUMP STATED – this is not a USA PROBLEM pay no attention to SNAKE FLU in effect last night at a rally. If this is a war plan they just sucker punched PRESIDENT TRUMP.

As contagion soars across the earth with nations contaminated – and many lacking resources to manage a VIRULENT OLD FOLK KILLER – the coming explosion will move to over whelm. The one and the only story will be the SUPER STORY OF PANDEMIC if this is a war plan. The Goal of the plan might be:

  1. Create world wide CONTAGION.
  2. Crash economic markets world wide.
  3. Create enough UTTER PANIC and CONFUSION that civil unrest political divisions go extreme socialist SOLUTION LEADERS perhaps with KILL SWITCHES win office in record numbers and anti socialists fail.
  4. A world socialist FEDERATION forms as the now stronger economy and military.
  5. As world markets implode from BANK CLICK RUNS AND RUNS OUT OF MARKETS – banks close the system collapses what restores order is the PUTIN and X SOCIALIST FEDERATION a three year war with minimum violence and the NEW WORLD ORDER now includes PUTIN AND XI or they win so big they ARE THE ENTIRE LEADERSHIP OF THE NEW SOCIALsT global empire.

So this sounds far out there to some leader readers.


If you read the SECRET WEAPON OF THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM the PUTIN XI WAR PLAN is all documented, well researched and surprisingly clear in their very own words. When you read these two works the SECRET WAR PLAN is no longer secret and you test all news with the new HARD DATA AND KNOWLEDGE OUR OWN WAR PLANNERS WELL KNOW AND UNDERSTAND as they work to defeat the PUTIN XI WAR PLAN.

Now the Trump way to defeat the war plan may well be:

  1. Use America technology and health care to isolate the SNAKE FLU without a quarantine of CARRIERS. We doubt this plan desirable will work to contain the CARRIERS due to the war engineering we suspect is in the DNA of SNAKE FLU if state created not nature created. WHAT NATURAL VIRUS KILLS ONLY OLD PEOPLE – are you kidding me?
  2. If the worst happens MARSHAL LAW and 20 day burn the virus out – its only 20 days – but reinfection . becomes a huge item.

The primary goal of the SNAKE VIRUS if a war plan BIO WEAPON is to create sufficient PANIC to cripple or end the post war economic back bone dollar based system of the world forever diminishing AMERICA and fatally distracting AMERICA in an eleciton year PUTIN WAR PLANNERS created maximum global division in nations over as a war plan in progress. READ THE BOOKS that document this pathology is a WHAT IF worthy of your consideration why?

Because regardless of OUTCOMES we the small business and professional back bones of the entire world in all nations must come together in COMMUNITY to forge OUR OWN ECONOMIC SAFE HARBORS.

We suggested you all get out of all markets – what for 2018 2019 now. We told you to profit maximally in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING the only money pools that paid out last DEPRESSION when the banks where closed. The banks speculate and lose your grand mothers deposits entirely as historic. THE INSURANCE MONEY MANAGERS are better at keeping your money safe and your principle is guaranteed. I SUGGEST THE LAST MOMENT TO PROTECT YOURSELF IS COMING UP AND YESTERDAY IS ALREADY TOO LATE TO MOVE FROM THE RECORD ALL TIME HIGH MARKET ( sell high into diversified insurance investing with a licensed expert on INSURANCE INVESTMENT PRODUCTS not life insurance agents ). EXPLORE THE OPTION for the HIGHEST LEGAL RETURNS PERMITTED BY LAW WHERE YOUR PRINCIPLE IS GUARANTEED AND IN SAFE HARBOR.

IF SNAKE FLU is a natural virus and not part of a war plan ….you’ll know soon.

If SNAKE FLU is a bio weapon you will know SOON.

Stay tuned.


I am going to give you my opinion which is not advice. It is my opinion to explore and check out. You do what you feel safe with. My first guidenence is the following list of what NOT TO DO:

  1. DO not trust the news on SNAKE FLU as news is not integrated and whole -use sites like this and others to gather data.
  2. DO NOT TAKE ADVICE from idiots be far more objective in WHO is this advice and expertise from?
  3. GET OUT OF ALL MARKETS – income investing to superior annuities – growth investing to index insurance products and cash reserves in highest return WHOLE LIFE where cash can bank wire to you over night. DO NOT STAY IN MARKETS ONE MORE DAY your call.
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  5. Stay tuned to this blog – subscribe it is free – and you can comment and have chats with me private or public as a subscriber free for my life not your life – and – share this BLOG because what your reading is IMPORTANT for planning for leaders business OWNERS and PROFESSIONALS in practice we serve in Fortune Space to YOUR SPACE. ACT. Stop thinking about action and ACT. Safe Harbor is URGENT as economic storms crash to shore you SEA WALL AROUND YOUR SAFE HARBOR is your one and your only PROTECTION. FIVE TO THRIVE FOLKS ACT NOW.

Did you act yet?

SNAKE FLU tips are printable in prior blogs this week and to our knowledge the ONE AND ONLY AND FIRST TIP LIST to business owners is OUR OWN – FIRST AND RIGHT AGAIN.





How many of you are under 55 years of age. The younger you are the more safe you become unless this rapidly strengthening SNAKE FLU mutates to include you too which it yet may.

How many of you know and lover some one over age 55? They need to subscribe and share this BLOG the AARP Needs to share this BLOG news site as a resource for their members – data they ca trust and confirm always. THE BETTER INFORMED LIVE and the least inform die.

We predict 100,000 CARRIERS health care leaders and world leaders ignore at their greatest peril in the SNAKE FLU pandemic will become over 1,000,000 carriers sometime in MARCH if not before. These numbers have their own outcomes in contagion.

We predict China and Asia will experience and economic BLOOD BATH. We told our readers in 2017 2018 2019 to GET OUT OF ALL CHINESE INVESTING. We told you if you made things in China that MADE IN CHINA would become a declining quality for dollars and to seek MADE IN BANGLADESH MADE IN VIETNAM MADE IN INDIA MADE IN TAIWAN MADE IN INDONESIA MADE IN PAKISTAN – where the quality is assured the ease of profit making is assured and easier than CHINA and the world will buy because it is NOT MADE IN CHINA. China is closing down. Nations like RUSSIA PAKISTAN are closing borders with CHINA.


  1. Plants are closed and can’t reopen because of CONTAGION IN CHINA.
  2. Over 20 China cities hosting populations of 500 million are in total lock down and quarantine
  3. Tens of millions who travel and spend money in China are GONE IN ONE WEEK – gone – ghost down Bejjing
  4. Global Firms and nations are banning TRAVEL TO CHINA with collective cost of more than a trillion dollars down in a week
  5. Supply LINES are moving from CHINA in trade war and now with CONTAGION RISK permanently out of China

The cost to CHINA is in the TRILLIONS. Sar cost around 40 billion in damages. SNAKE FLU has passed 9 months of SARS in infections and tocal financial cost in 100’s of billions soaring to ONE TRILLION NEXT WEEK ALONE – as the MARKETS IN CHINA ALL OF THEM IMPLODE. What does this mean to China:

  1. People will starve in numbers not seen in modern China.
  2. People will die in numbers not seen in modern China.
  3. Economics will implode. Economic activity will slow to levels unseen in 50 years in China already done.
  4. Investment will flow out like a EBB TIDE OF TRILLIONS and all new investing is paused or stopped or canceled entirely
  5. China MARKETS WILL SUPER CRASH NEXT WEEK imploding – panic and click runs may close CHINA banking altogether

PAY CLOSE ATTENTION as the play book for this melt down can reach an economy near you in days not months or quarters. CONTAGION AND PANDEMIC AND CARRIERS present unknown unfolding never seen or known before in modern times death and illness from SNAKE FLU.

The first RUSH QUESTION science needs to tel the world is simple:


President TRUMP suggested yesterday that:

  2. Snake FLU is a CHINA PROBLEM PURE AND SIMPLE with 99% of infections and 100% of all death in CHINA ALONE

So we will world wide all track this and see if President Trump is RIGHT AGAIN or if this BLOG IS RIGHT AGAIN and believe me we wish to be WRONG and we only wish for PRESIDENT TRUMP AND HIS TEAM TO BE ACCURATE AND CORRECT having we are sure more facts and information than our private efforts which lack resources AMERICA HAS to draw final answers.

SHAME ON WHO remains in place for being out of touch – permitting global spread of what the WHO suggested 7 days back was a MODERATE NOT TO WORRY ABOUT LOCAL PROBLEM FOR CHINA. Today because of WHO SHAME AND CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE 20 nations are infected and CHINA moves into a punishing SUPER CRASH OF ITS MARKETS.

WE REPORT TO YOU: this is not A CHINA PROBLEM. China carriers reached their provinces FIRST is all in China New Years like America Thanksgiving and Christmas combined. Everyone moving to visit family. PRESIDENT XI extended the holiday and told folks it was SAFE TO TRAVEL which proved to be FAKE NEWS as the SNAKE FLU is in every China province and the majority of China cities and is spreading due to CARRIERS who have no clue they are spreading the ILLNESS. Say the CARRIER in Japan running a daily TOUR BUSS – sneezing and coughing and shaking hands with TOURIST moving all over the world after each and every buss tour until the CARRIER came down with such serious symptoms and was diagnosed yep you have SNAKE FLU. How many CARRIERS took a cruise In a month you’ll see the symptoms as folks infected ( 100,000 carriers in January in out math modeling moving to 1,000,000 carriers in February globally ) bring SNAKE FLU TO UNSTOPPABLE PANDEMIC LEVELS.


In 72 hours over 20 nations are infected.

In 72 hours over 10,000 are infected.

Over 72 hours deaths have risen to 250.

The daily infection rates are not declining.

The daily death rates are NOT DECLINING.

We predict first deaths out of China will occur THIS WEEK. Perhaps this WEEKEND as that count starts to rise.



There is still oceans in hard data NO ONE KNOWS OR UNDERSTANDS as this VIRUS pathology is ticky new and UNLIKE ANY OTHER VIRUS IN EARLIER HISTORY.

Two marg level virus’s are out of CONTROL in CONGO ( EBOLA and a lesser versus iN NIGERIA over 100 infected last week ). WHO failed to control EBOLA August 2018 to today – failed to declare any health anything for NIGERIA and failed to control SNAKE FLU into world PANDEMIC – WHO NEEDS A EMERGENCY REORGANIZATION present leadership is criminally negligence. ASK THE ABBOTT COSTELLO QUESTION FOLKS:



If I am wrong we error on what ?  Maximally protecting lives world wide? Maximally protecting wealth world wide.

What if I am right and you took action.

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2. You moved out of AI SUPER VOLATILE MARKETS effected by the potential economic panic and contagion of SNAKE FLU and the longest boom in record keeping soon to correct and in an ELECTION YEAR are you kidding me on the RISK. SELL “HIGH” and BUY “LOW” ( CEO SPACE stock is low ) and move to DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING until the market corrections level out again after the election and only when congress passes INFRASTRUCTURE LEGISLATION.

Nancy Pelosi the MOTHER of the new world politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT as a socialist supported by XI and Putin in fact, states REPUBLICAN DEPLORABLES THAT ARE ALSO BRANDED UNEDUCATED AND IGNORANT ( yesterday from Pelosi H&R Politics labeling TRUMP VOTERS ) stated yesterday the SENATE LAWYERS REPRESENTING TRUMPS DEFENSE SHOULD BE DISBARRED. Nancy runs the House a kind of bar fight in congress body of nation. As you have seen endless bar fights by those DRUNK WITH POWER since 2016. Today the Senate a ladies and gentlemen club –  seeks to rise above HATRED AND DISRESPECT POLITICS but Nancy seeks to INFLUENCE THE US SENATE FROM HER HOUSE OF POWER which the US RULE OF LAW CONSTITUTION precludes by the CLEAN SEPARATION OF POWERS. Nancy and her dirty tricks are now OUT and the Senate is now IN CONTROL. Nancy seeks to unfairly ( she said so on global press ) label and have HER LABEL ( impeached ) knowing she had no legal case knowing she could not win as a political TRICK to hoodwink voters into HATING TRUMP and DISRESPECTING TRUMP in enough votes to win the senate and presidency. Nancy’s strategy is failing in the polls as the worst backlash and failure in POLITICAL PLANNING in over 100 years. NANCY PELOSI last night with her DISBAR THE OPPOSING LAWYERS like Ken Star the most respected SPECIAL PROSECUTOR ON ALL SIDES IN DECADES. Nancy seeks to DISBAR KEN STAR….again the PELOSI DOSEY DOE to steal sound bites within her consistent repeating new POLITICS OF HATRED AND OF DISRESPECT. Socialism seeks to maximally divide society – Nancy wins on that – massively unit SOCIALISTS who can not agree on anything ( See Bernie and Elizebeth bashing one another in the same party ) within every rule book Putin and XI wrote up for 2020 election all spelled out in the global LEADER REQUIRED READER – THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM documented with data as no book ever has done – on HOW AMERICA IS BROUGHT DOWN ECONOMICALLY and that plan IS WORKING and we are NOT WINNING. If you understand Nancy’s rule book you can step back as the BLINDERS ARE REMOVED FROM YOUR EYES.

Trump is working to win the war – knowing full well everything we wrote here. Trump and teams have made the right choices for the American economic prosperity for decades into the future. Trumps team has drained MORE SWAMP AND LEGAl THEFT OF TAX PAYER MONEY ( which we investment banker economists have not seen in three years let alone a 300 year trend of only LEGAL THEFT Of tax payer money squandering the wealth of this nation the FED BEING THE WORST unmerged back into US TREASURY which ONLY TRUMP has called a DEN OF FOOLS ). So right trend for economic prosperity for America and the entire world. Team work makes the dream work and team who make outcomes outside the TRUMP ENVELOPE FOR RESULTS are apprentice YOUR FIRED ( what did any one expect something out of character from the # 1 TELEVISION SHOW – YOUR FIRED  a BILLION PEOPLE know )? Trump team may under appreciate the BIO WAR WEAPON OF SNAKE FLU or if not that – the biological pandemic of the CARRIER PROBLEM. We will know TRUMP MADE A TERRIFIC ERROR YESTERDAY “IF” SNAKE FLU reaches all 50 states by end of March as we project maybe February and if fatal deaths rise and in all 50 states new strategies set forth in our series must be adopted in fact to burn it all out. Problem. If all nations do not QUARANTINE AND 20 DAY MARSHALL LAW TOGETHER IN COOPERATION carrier infections only rise and the PANDEMIC has potential to kill 1 billion old people.


Having led investors and business owners through the 1973 OIL EMBARGO, the 1980s Reagan Recession and Jimmy Carter 21% prime rate with SUPER INFLATION in the USA – the 1988 STOCK MARKET CRASH – the 2000 DOT.BOMB CRASH and the 2007 SUPER CRASH AND GREAT RECESSION like the Farmers ADVERTISING – CEO SPACE? WE KNOW a thing or two to help business prosper in ANY and in every market. ENTREPRENEURS and professionals in practice can profit and prosper in any and every SUPER CHANGE MARKET. First buy ten books and give them to your prospects – they will 80% buy from YOU next and sooner as the ANSWER TO SUPER CHANGE for their teeth if your a Dentist or a product in stores or a service you deliver. SUPER CHANGE was set up as the GIFT to prospect with that for 18.00 dollars is the COST OF NEW CLIENT ACQUISITION. Tested proven. If you fail to master SUPER CHANGE leadership upgrading you may well be left behind by what IS coming next.

If you fail to regard this material and series reporting on January 2020 SUPER CHANGE EVENT of our generation – the worst PANDEMIC OF HUMAN HISTORY – EBOLA out of all control in Africa with UN-REORGANIZED WHO failing ( again ) on control for almost two years now – and SNAKE FLU that WHO let out of the bottle into GLOBAL PANDEMIC by criminal negligence of its leadership presenting TOTALLY FAKE NEWS on the PANDEMIC. As you at WHO knew better – SHAME ON YOU – and resign . Period. Or be fired. Wait for it as accountability is coming by funders of WHO who will and are losing trillions. How? What is the economic melt down like as ECONOMIC CONTAGION. Well review:

  1. Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of plane flights next week into China with millions and millions of people trading deal making and spending money from tourist to business are GONE. SUPER CHANGE GONE. 100’s not ten’s of BILLIONS are being lost next week alone. In February the ECONOMIC IMPLOSION OF NOW BORDER ISOLATED CHINA from Russia and Pakistan and other nations – will rise to exceed trillions in financial economic activity blasted off the economic map of China.
  2. All projects are on hold or stopped nationally – factories remain closed and SNAKE FLU may preclude opening them.
  3. Health care costs with declining income are soaring of graphs each going the WRONG WAY ripping prosperity to shreds.
  4. AI controlling 440 trillion in daily trades will protect itself in CHINA seeking to simply CONTROL THE AMOUNT OF LOSS in the largest melt down of any modern economic market in history to arrive next week on my Birthday sadily for not just China but for all of ASIA. THE ECONOMIC CONTAGION WILL AI FOLLOW SNAKE FLU as if linked more than the INVERTED DIVIDEND YIELD recession forecasting which went negative yet again THIS WEEK you miss that item? Another SUPER CHANGE EVENT. AI WILL MOVE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OUT OF CHINA NEXT WEEK AT MARKET OPENING WE”LL SEE IF AI BELIEVES CHINA HAS THE PANDEMIC UNDER ANY CONTROL OR THE WORLD DOES. Hair on your chest investors next week? RIGHT AGAIN on Super Volatility set forth in our series right here to better inform and guide you before events unfold. RIGHT AGAIN. We will see.
  5. Oil – do you understand China the largest oil buyer in the world – is seeing untold thousands of flights into China next week cancel? Billions of barrels of OIL gone. Supply will now overwhelm storage and ships at sea. No buyers and glut that will take YEARS to over come. OPEC is destroyed now. IRAN is a failed state going to bankruptcy or war for failure to make a PROSPERITY DEAL with AMERICA AND EU AND THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY reading the tea leaves. IRAN leadership secures its future or they get slaughtered as the OIL PRICE MELT DOWN makes IRAN the first GULF FAILED STATE unable to pay its debts bonds and obligations and no longer able to present military pay checks so FAST IS THE SUPER CHANGE to the oil Iran can’t sell at a price IRAN can’t survive. OIL IS SUPER CRASHING. ALL OIL NATIONS AND THEIR LEADERS NEED TO SEARCH THIS WEB SITE FOR” SUPER BONDS” IN THE SEARCH above – BOOK MARK AND PRINT PAGE and CALL CEO SPACE AND CONSULT WITH ME TO SAVE THEIR ECONOMIC STATE. Failure to act on SUPER BONDS fast enough will be as fatal to state economics for PETRO NATIONS starting with PUTIN whose RUSSIA now closing boarders with CHINA will have a PRICE AND VOLUME MELT DOWN as a PETRO NATION they can not survive in Russia as a fully co dependant OIL PETRO NATION. Economics never lie. OPEC will break up over this. OIL PRODUCERS must adopt a MARKET SHARE POLICY in super crashing as never seen before OIL DEMAND at levels of SUPER CHANGE the market can not nor can nations get ahead of ( why? They failed to read my BOOK SUPER CHANGE is the WHY ). Yesterdays tools are toxic in SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS. Leaders must upgrade the super computer above their own neck with upgrading leadership skills. March 17 is HOW FOR NATIONAL LEADERS – Dallas and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. Oil is in a FREE FALL – a billion barrels a day not one million are now off the market. All of ASIA is reduced cars, trucks, trains planes and shipping. BILLIONS OF BARRELS OF OIL no one wishes to buy. Oil is being canceled. No one is paying higher prices in lower prices. The price of OIL IS SUPER CRASHING and your PUMP PRICE will soon who RIGHT AGAIN. We told you in 2018 and 2019 if you invest long in oil and buy into OPEC and Aramco fraud – a) fraud oil demand is rising when oil demand is falling b) fraud oil demand and supply is in balance when supply is far far more than crashing oil demand and a glut is here forever c) fraud phony pricing for oil from a criminal cartel taxing 5 billion of the poorest nations so an elite 1000 super wealthy insane gang can profit from such crimes against all humanity which oil pricing is d) we reported the biggest IPO FRAUD of history is Aramco and now RIGHT AGAIN those who invested in the MAD KING MBS the most dangerous con man of our time and age as head of state since ADOLF HITLER – totally sociopathically crazy brain – has cheated investors out of 34 billion just in the nick of SNAKE FLU TIME. Oil Markets the cost of everything are deflating world prices – destroying failed policy of criminal central bankers trying to restore system stability and INFLATION. SNAKE FLU is crashing commodity demand across the board led by a NIAGRA FALLS OF OIL DEMAND AND PRICE FALLING OFF THE WATER FALL A FIRST IN OIL HISTORY AN OIL SUPER CHANGE EVENT ( all in my book right again ). THE ENTIRE WORLD MOVES FROM COLLECTIVE STABILITY TO WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEMIC RISK AND MELT DOWN AND INSTABILITY A TURN ON A DIME SUPER CHANGE NEW AI ECONOMIC EVENT. THE WORLD MOVES TO DEFLATIONARY ECONOMICS WITH CRASHING OUTPUT CRASHING COMMODITY CRASHING OIL DEMAND DESTABILIZING PRICE AND VAlUATIONS. In such markets a SECOND WAIVE as in the 1929 GREAT DEPRESSION – of DELEVERAGING – DEFLATING VALUATION AND MULTIPLES – AS 100% OF GLOBAL MARKET MOMENTUM IS NOW GONE. American momentum includes crashing food orders to ASIA crashing commodity and oil orders to ASIA  – airlines transportation and shipping SUPER CRASHING and wait till more and more nations are quarantined. The Super Changing trend my book outlined reserves prosperity to SUPER CHANGE LEADERS as that is the way we have always done things around here – are leaders outside the SUPER CHANGE bar of excellence require to secure prosperity for their institution inside SUPER CHANGE . SUPER CHANGE in SNAKE FLU we told you is only vastly accelerating and COMPOUNDING.

No on line site provides anything close to the DATA INTEGRATION OF INFORMATION economic and political that impacts your future security and wallet we present to our global community. Our site feeds the press yet to report on many of these issues  This site presents information you can use with your licensed mentor guides to protect . your investments better if you act on those explorations with the professionals. Make no mistake. THERE ARE TWO CONTAGIONS TAKING PLACE HERE. First is the SNAKE FLU HUMAN INFECTION AND FATALITY CONTAGION WORLD PANDEMIC LESS THAN 24 HOURS IN TO THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION ONCE THE HORSE IS 100,000 CARRIERS OUT OF THE BARN ( due to their criminal negligence no press yet harps on for reorganizing the WHO having lost all confidence from EBOLA to SNAKE FLU with every nation – as today WHO has lost like OPEC is authority and now it is EVERY NATION FOR ITSELF with 200 nations lacking health care to manage this PANDEMIC at all.

Here we force leaders to THINK about WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE? Armed with superior data in real time if you become a Berny Dohrmann Addict ( read SUPER CHANGE ) you will make wiser plans with more information. We force leader readers to examine for themselves the RIGHT QUESTIONS. Questions only HUMAN BEINGS AND THEIR ENDLESS QUANTUM BRAINS CAN PROCESS AT ALL – what is the IMPLICATION of this data or that data – what does the data rally mean and imply. AI is brutal force still as AI today can not ( yet ) adapt to apply HUMAN IMPLICATION. Markets will OVER REACT because modern AI has yet to process implication as humans do. Also AI is not “aware” of HUMAN PANIC. AI panics too. We have long warned of a looming economic crises. Now its here. As risk.

AI is new. AI gained control of world pricing in all asset classes you can name all markets when 56% of all trades settled from AI and not humans for the first time in economic history from the MEDUCCI banking the middle ages. By 2020 96% of all global transactions close and are paid ( mostly in US DOLLARS nations have to hold enough of and the world in panic as everyone is now hoarding dollars out of declining circulations and economic systemic failure and implosion to which there are no safety nets ) . We warned in the NEW AI ECONOMICS outside nation and central banker control – where all central banks and nations have in four years lost all regulatory CONTROL AND INFLUENCE. China plans to replace the US dollar with its new BLOCK CHAIN where China may own all the US dollars as everyone flies to the protection of CHINA DOLLARS IN BLOCK CHAIN as our nation destroyed FACE BOOK LEADING FAR AHEAD OF CHINA until we in our resistance to SUPER CHANGE shot America in the feet at the DEAD FED CRIMINAL LEVEL. as the criminal fed unmerged back into US treasury makes fatal policy errors.

Let me give you how right strange bed fellows TRUMP and CRAMMER are both right on this item. Powell ignoring what a five year old told me about PANDEMIC last night – stated THE FED WOULD CURBE ITS SIMPULATING BOND BUYING.  Folks the FED is a fraud and a criminal banker gang all of whom have pled guilty to the worst financial crimes in history no one goes to jail. THE CENTRAL BANK IS AN OBSOLETE 100% FAILED POLICY MAKER THAT NEEDS TO MERGE INTO STATE TREASURY IN THE EU IN UK IN EVERY NATION AND IN AMERICA BY EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS. THE CORE OF THE SWAMP LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONAL WEALTH IS CENTRAL BANKER FAILED SYSTEM MODELING. THE STATE TREASURY HAS THE HIGHEST SUCCESS POLICY ON MONETARY POLICY. THE FED HAS PROFITED FROM EACH SUPER CRASH AND WAR FOR THEIR BANKER SHAREHOLDERS. The FED is a private stock NGO and not a FED anything its all pure fraud. Letting criminals control our money supply is well criminal and congress bought and paid for will not merge their pay masters into state treasury. However FED TIME is running out. The Fed like OPEC has lost control of money supply and pricing. AI leverages dollars at 50 to 1 and controls 570 trillion in debt markets and 440 trillion in asset trades for all asset classes world wide. AI is now in control of economics and stripped POWER & INLUENCE from CENTRAL BANKS as a less than 60 week SUPER CHANGE EVENT replacing 100 years of history THE FED HURTS OUR MARKETS.

So the FED saw banks run out of US dollars nightly. Why? AI concluded why invest in over night repo rates and swap rates under 2% interest when we can put money to work at double that interest rate and the FED and all central banks will have to give markets to maintain LIQUIDITY core LIQUIDITY in the banking system 60 billion dollars of new printed liquidity FREE to the markets ( well 1% is almost free money ) while AI moves dollars to higher returns and the liquidity CRISES IN OVER NIGHT BANK SETTLEMENTS remains in February a TRILLION DOLLARS A MONTH NEW DOLLAR PRINT JOB OF THE FAILED FED LOOSING ALL CONTROL. If the Fed tries to cut back on FREE MONEY the LIQUIDITY DRIES UP as it did in FLASH TRADES In September and the interest rate FED sets at 1.5% as a range flies and flew to over 10% in 72 SECONDS with AI but the dollars AI brings back all require this higher return than Fed return. The TUG OF WAR first in history is the FED battle with AI over which the FED is a) in denial a new economy AI ECONOMICS exists as the SUPER CHANGE was way too rapid for fed slow system modeling to adapt into and b) the FED lacks tools and tactics for SUPER CHANGE for AI economics for liquidity VAM velocity acceleration and momentum dynamics not impacting SNAKE FLU MARKETS GLOBALLY. IF CONGRESS FAILS TO EMERGENCY MERGE THE FED AND ALL ITS PROCESSES INTO THE US TREASURY – CEASING INTEREST PAYMENTS TO PRINT US DOLLARS AS FRANKLY AN INSANE THEFT OF NATIONAL WEALTH CONCEPT BY CRIMINAL FED BANKER SHAREHOLDERS STEALinG THE WEALTH AND BANKRUPTING OUR NATION AS THEY DID IN 1907 1929 and 2007 as their criminal banker shareholders make ungodly wealth off all that criminal theft. TRUST THE FED IS THE HIGH PRIEST OF MONEY AND THE FRAUD WORKS. You fail to KNOW the FED is a gang of criminal bankers who are too obsolete to continue in modern SUPER CHANGE AI ECONOMICS. Congress must merge the FED back into US TREASURY. Why?

LED DAY is the why/ Search this web site for FED FRAUD and see video proof from economists reporting or read THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAME to discover the source data no one can read and throw out of their mind properly informed. REMOVE FAKE NEWS BELIEF’s and PARADIGMS ECONOMICALLY AND READ THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM AND READ SUPER CHANGE. Step up your personal leadership with the hard data. If you believe this information is ESSENTIAL share it with your own leader circles.

LED DAY is LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY. LED DAY occurs without warning when AI panics. All of us panic next. AI panic means AI sells in all asset classes SUPER CRASHING only AI has no offsetting buyers. NO one CAN SELL. NO one can get OUT. The markets freeze up. Credit driving the world economy requires US DOLLARS to lubricate when DOLLARS EVAPORATE AS DO BUYERS LED ARRIVES. Markets banks and investment banks all go bankrupt faster than Lehman and close their doors.s A BANK HOLIDAY WORLD WIDE IS ECONOMIC PANDEMIC FROM SNAKE FLU. SEARCH THIS SITE FOR LED DAY if you want to learn more. We have reported and told you the hard economics of the NEW FIRST HUMAN EVER AI ECONOMY and the SUPER RISK of this first generation lacking any state controls or regulations. THE FED is a model T ford today making policy putting down yesterdays route 66. Slowly. AI is the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE who sees the FED as a museum story of what NOT TO DO IN ECONOMICS only the SMITHSONIAN still has information on as central banks are long forgotten post merger back into STATE TREASURE to regain STABILITY before it is too late.

Our cornerstone question IS: do you believe congress if the House is voted republican to stop congress dysfunctions – will pass an emergency legislation to finally merge the criminal fed back into US TREASURY? If you believe inside obvious economic Super Change my children in their teens understand and talk about – will NOT BE MERGED BACK INTO US TREASURY – the outcome is predictable on LED DAY. How do you protect yourself. WE told you the one and the only plan we are aware of. GET OUT OF AI MARKETS and restore management of your money into DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTING where yesterday is already too late in todays SUPER CRASHING ECONOMIC activity. Really? Delay will be fatal. Why?

America is the engine of the world economically. America has not upgraded its institutions yet. America is not prepared to deal with SUPER CHANGE. Denial will not cut it. Today Trump says hey we are good to go on SNAKE FLU. Meanwhile airlines ships and global transportation supply LINES ARE CLOSED DOWN in the worlds largest GROWTH MARKET of 1.4 billion citizens in China. cities are quarantined. Folks can’t buy FOOD and are sure not buying IPHONES or SAMSUNG as these firms profits plunge in first quarter. Oil commodity volume is SUPER CRASH and PRICE IS DEFLATING IN ALL PRICE GROUPS. The holding on in denial by finder nails to artificially keep price in ranges will slip off the bar lift and in free fall prices will DESTABILIZE MARKETS AND THE WORLD. Liquidity DANGER is the SYSTEM KILLER. What kills 1929 financial systems with boom one day and utter SUPER CRASH COLLAPSE the next no warning. LIQUIDITY. The LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY first detailed in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION seeking to blue print revolutionize failed capitalism and socialism into successful future AI cooperative capitalism.

As the world melts down in FEBRUARY the wild card is SYSTEM LIQUIDITY. Panic is the RISK. AI panic. Human panic. And PANIC FOLKS is here right now – see CHINA and ASIA full on panic.

If this is bio war then China and Russia have KILL SWITCHED and BLOCK CHAIN solutions to the end of the system as we know it and we know they conducted WORLD WAR III with us. A bad choice if that unfolds as TRUMP will not fail to war on back. Facing extinction the next war may end us all as an insane event of competition the cause of human suffering – competitive thought is insane. My book removes the competitive virus forever from leader brains if thats you. If you think a little insanity ( competition is GOOD ) do not read the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION because I can’t help the addicted insane. )

Facts and questions:

  1. Why is the SNAKE FLU fatal by enormous % only to 55 up? is it natural or a DNA bio weapon. WE NEED TO KNOW.
  2. IS SNAKE FLU part of a war plan or a trillion dollar catastrophe from CHINA negligence in food quality control?
  3. If the PANDEMIC does not decline and continues to expand economic costs will crush the world system entirely.
  4. Liquidity is rapidly drying up as humans in panic click run banks hoard us dollars and get out of everything else.
  5. Oil commodities and companies in transportation warehousing and growing % of all industry are in SUPER CHANGE SUPER CRASH unseen in 2008 2019 or ever. NEXT WEEK we predict the start of the first AI PANIC.

FAKE NEWS like SNAKE FLU is not really an AMERICAN PROBLEM its all CHINA is based on contagion data of one week a 1000 infection rate of one to 10 in AMERICA Locations and a total count we suspect will symptom up soon from the CARRIER HOARD in America and not showing symptoms as the infect you and I. That is the RISK. CARRIERS. The press under reports the problem as if they were agents of nation in fake news with some raw data. HERE IN INTEGRATION you ask the QUESTIONS NO LEADER DARES TO ASK and YOU THINK HOW WILL I PLAN MY SAFE HARBOR TO PROSPER IN ANY FUTURE OUTCOME?

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PS:: we will keep you ahead of the VIRUS REPORT. On America financial news we told you record Holiday Earnings from Amazon ( Jeff Bezo made 12 billion yesterday Musk hasn’t done bad this week either ) All RIGHT AGAIN.


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