The politics of bashing Trump get as they say in Alice and Wonderland….stranger and stranger.

Today the investigations in what 7 billion people after billions of BASH TRUMP has been spent like a drain waste down a rat hole, as to the production and wall and infrastructure TRUMP HATE has cost as a failed investment. Trumps base is growing. Trump’s approval ratings in a low last summer are soaring again. Fence sitting Democrats are tipping over to COMMON DAMN SENSE in Congress as are voters as the billions spent to just brand trash and end Trump are failed investments by some pretty smart brains out there.

Worse the FBI manipulation – the 7 billion that just know our Justice today is broken and requires REPAIR – a FIX – and that the crown jewel of Justice Flawed is the political agenda of the FBI, who work at the pleasure of the President of the United States not Congress – and who are pledged loyal to our President once elected and are morally obligated to be loyal and faithful to the President as commander and chief. Period.

However the FBI illegally has operated to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE as a crime. This criminal game planning has been at the TOP of the FBI and includes criminal law makers who indicated they could protect those in the CABAL to GET TRUMP OUT of OFFICE.

Now if you HATE TRUMP or less or if you LOVE TRUMP or less – no PRESIDENT should ever face an FBI working faithfully for the boss – immune in office – to use the unlimited power of the most powerful nations secret police, the FBI to challenge the PRESIDENT with wave after wave of crimes to GET our President duly elected OUT OF OFFICE. That is an FBI that we have to FIX RIGHT NOW.

This has all happened before with Nixon and Clinton.

However this time President Trump a MULTI MULTI MULTI MULTI BILLIONAIRE earning 800 million in ordinarly annual income, when he sits across any table, has real power and attitude. President Trump and his top team of brains across many belief’s – all in support of Trumps agenda – will stop at NOTHING to HOLD the criminals inside the FBI and far more important the law makers and staff involved in the criminal secret game planning to GET TRUMP OUT OF OFFICE. This is NOT THE JOB OF THE FBI.

Trump is going to not fight back. TRUMP’s team is going TO DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP. First Trump is the only President who is relieved if he is not re-elected – as that is such a pay raise for his global agenda. If he stays in office he sacrifices hundreds of millions in lost business options he would complete if he was not engaged in his time sacrifice to in his thinking and best efforts, try and reset American prosperity for generations into the future. Those effected by this real reset on tone – America FIRST not every other nation first – rally to get Trump out of office for their own financial interest not America’s. Keep that principle in perspective. No Office holder represents resetting American economics like President Trump in the past 100 years. He is hated and loved and he is in the largest sea change in modern history which creates predictable expected rip tides. Super Money is lined up on Trumps side. Super Money is lined up against Trump.

Today we learn that many not just Abe in Japan have nominated President Donald Trump for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for his work in China and in North Korea and soon Iran. If President Trump is not the top winning NOMINEE President Trump is now formally nominated.


This award places Trump with a small global leadership of influencers for global peace at such a high level.

The award infuriates Nancy Pelosi and her hateful GET TRUMP at all costs and at any means justifies that end. That tribe is soon to be under serious investigations by a NOBEL PEACE NOMINEE.

No one can take that away.

If Trump wins, no Nobel Prize holder will receive more global press and attention than this ONE NOMINEE. Not ever. The impact will effect voters in 2020.

Trashing TRUMP NOBEL NOMINATED FOR THE 2019 PEACE AWARDS billions invested to label tarnish and  impeach the reputation of his wife of his children of his family of his brand of his entire team in out or coming. The world is watching the political theater – AMERICA at its worst. America at its best elects a President and supports that President with RESPECT even in disagrement. To press ridicule the President in a disrespect not permitted in the majority of nations at any level, punishable by death in almost 100 nations our media diminishes AMERICA to the world. How? By failing to respect our system by respecting the President in disagreement. Until we restore that principle America is soap opera – a sit com. America being GREAT should be so much MORE.

America should be always the hope and promise to the world.

Today America is a sit com Saturday night live joke.

Still America works better than anyone suspects why?

BECAUSE real grown ups who think, on all sides of the isles, represent REAL AMERICANS by the millions who work to make AMERICA GREAT every day our mutual lives. In 39 small businesses. In millions working directly and indirectly for the government. An army of GREAT AMERICANS that foundationally MAKE AMERICA GREAT ALWAYS.

The minority – the tiny fraction – that control media with money and ownership and who demonstrate a new temporary never seen in our nation DISRESPECT FOR PUBLIC OFFICE is a trend that will also SWING BACK. It is not forever. New laws may come in to advance privacy and slander protections in media where a free press is responsible for lies frauds and deceit and political spin.

News and media on public airways and outlets to our homes should be NEUTRAL as it once was. And will be again.

It is passing energy. The Shame of influence and election manipulating. Russia has not influenced our elections nor has any nation. What influences our elections is from within and we need to see standards rise the bar shift the elevator of our values return to the PENTHOUSE In the WORLD. We need to example for other nations.

We are NOT doing THAT today however.

I would like to see any political office holder provide information in respect versus disrespect for all parties and offices. The lack of respect speaks oceans about us. TODAY.

I SPEAK all over the United States. This weekend at CITY GALA the Academy AWARD RED CARPET PARTY you can all buy tickets to attend with producers celebrities and billionaires. Google CITY GALA LA and get your ticket and see me live.

I find Americans in every part of the nation by enormous majority show respect the media lacks. I see congress graded at 6% satisfaction with American voters of all sides. I see Media ranked with a 1% approval rating 99% do not approve of media today. Think about THAT. We are one. United. On wanting a better way under the law for free press that does not mean biased press manipulating the public with AI and brain washing. Tens of millions no longer watch television and that number is growing. The ABC CBS AND NBC Monopolies are in the largest multi decade decline of market share since they opened their first tower. Down Down Down by failure to get this principle of Respect …..honor….integrity.

Soon we may see the BASH TRUMP minority – the majority elected President Trump by a large winning vote – will disrespect THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER we suspect next. Those spending all that money who own the media a small cabal of GET TRUMP super money – will waste more dollars never appreciating or seeing the BACK LASH they themselves are generating. I think if they continue they assure Trump’s re-election as a political trend reporter. We will see if this blog is right.

Half my readers by 100,000’s are in other nations than the USA. The same holds true globally. Trump is resetting America. As the largest customer and buyer on earth for everything else – and the final word on peace in fact – interests that incorrectly feel their profits are lower due to TRUMP POLICY will join the GET TRUMP AT ANY COST game players. Those who see they will do well and best supporting TRUMP join the TRUMP TRAIN for the ride.

IT is a long way forward.

My report longs for a KINDER more integrity driven AMERICA where the crises in the world is not leadership – it is and remains integrity. If we all respect one another and deal with one another with ever restore integrity the WORLD IS GREAT.

I think the WORLD and its people ARE GREAT and we are moving forward into a new age of global cooperation versus global competition.

This becomes the HOPE AND PROMISE for all unborn generations. In my opinion.

Mr. President Congrautlations on yoru well deserved nomination for work no one sees or truly understands that all Presidents alone know so well.