If you read Dan Brown’s new book ORIGON you will discover no kidding math models that predict the end of humanity as we know it? Why?

AI will merge with Humanity and we will be TECHMANITY. What is TECHMANITY? It is AI that can download us.

So if I put your brain in a. disk you would not say – oh yeah that is ME. No way.

You would as a being be the total of your on off switches storage and digital transactions that as a whole ARE YOU. Your information IS YOU. If that can be downloaded you never not ever – die.

Billions are being spent to do just that. Right now.

Further – if your body is moved to robotics ( you’ll read all about this in my new work DIGITAL MANNERS coming out next year ) that defines what this all FEELS like and Looks like. As a futurist I’m telling you.

The models are clear. The new advanced of digital intelligence will drawf humanity and we will merge becoming TECHMANITY before that happens into what I call ASSIMILATION. We will reside in bodies we upgrade and which do not get ill or die.

We are already placing scrubbers into our veins and more as we just begin to MERGE into TECHMANITY.

It took lets see – one million years to move from fire to the wheel. It took a century to move to modern transportation systems. It took decades to move to Industrial revolution space, atomic age and the digital age. It has taken ten years to retire the fax move from the first bulky cell phones to have almost AI our hands with face recognizing Apple X.s

Apple X will be embedded by 2030’s something.

The age of Transhuman the TECHMAITY AGE is coming.

You may not wish to adopt to self driving cars – AI transportation to any place on the planet in quantum transports that takes a fraction of a second to do so – you may wish for things to slow down so you can catch up.

Things are not slowing down things are speeding up at a fantastic pace. Transmanity living for 1000’s of years will calm down to catch up and will not regard the PACE as a RACE. The Human Race will be extinct and TRANSMANITY will look back at human”s something like we look at an insect versus an eagle today.

Transhuman’s will soar in discovery knowledge and be something other than US. Competition will not exist. Cooperation will exit. All Religions will be ONE celebrating and respecting CORE. The hateful punishment of any diversity of THOUGHT will be seen as a form of insanity. Mind pollution created planet pollution which will be all resolved with TRANMANITY.

So enjoy your humanity. Its quaint.

You have less than 30 years.

The count down is one.

If you lack the data that all science world wide well knows on this take a short cut. READ DAN BROWNS just released book – I did. The research is a novel but the facts are all absolutely true. Enjoy the book or if your still human – wait for the MOVIE.


Berny Dohrmann – Preparing for my own download ASAP Who wants to wait.