I’ve watched all week as mean traitor NANCY PELOSI – reporting in the Press last weekend – how her goal was attained. She sought to label and brand Donald Trump as the IMPEACHMENT PRESIDENT to tarnish his historic record forever knowing Impeachment could not win. Then she delayed serving the IMPEACHMENT to what day? The VERY DAY Donald Trump signs a momentus economic world improving TRADE DEAL. Nancy again broke the law, failed to provide impeachment just like she failed to pass a US Budget, required by the US Constitution. She does not care. She TIMED her release of Impeachment to the Senato to SOIL the WIN of the Trade deal for TRUMP. Her pure obsessive hatred of the achievements of this President is unlike anything I’ve seen in politics since before IKE in World War II. There is only ONE NANCY PELOSI Queen of the SWAMP presiding over a shrinking real estate as the stench IS being drained along with her inside the dwindling sewage Nancy Pelosi pre her own indictment and jail time resides within. Do not be surprised when Nancy is INDICTED. The pendulum always swings BACK in AMERICA.

During the TIME that NANCY PELOSI was spending raising those enormous dollars for her twenty candidates dividing the Democratic party fatally into a shadow of its Jack Kennedy days, she tried to break the laws of the nation and have the HOUSE influence of control the US SENATE Process on impeachment rules. On her ten agenda plan she was successful in zero. The US SENATE flipped Nancy Pelosi the finger and turned their back on even listening to Nancy Pelsoi. When she turned over the documents when the CHINA DEAL WAS TIMED ( a set up by her in abject HATRED trying to diminish TRUMPS achievment in the ART OF IMPROVING THE GREATNESS OF THE USA – which he did and she did not ). Nancy about threw up with the impeachment story being a yawn to America with a majority wanting this Nancy Pelosi kitty litter box of her own cat shit to go the fuck away. Poll numbers she denies but her party dividing, walking away from Nancy as a TOXIC THIRD RAIL IN POLITICS.

DID THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MAKE A POLITICAL ELECTION COSTING ERROR WHEN THEY PLACED PRE MATURELY AGING NANCY PELOSI IN HER LAST GASP POWER MAD GAVEL AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE? Well there has not been a worse SPEAKER ever. You decide on all that. The issue is NANCY visibly walked in slow motion because when she turned over the articles of IMPEACHMENT Nancy Pelosi turned over REAL POWER. She gave up her final historic moment and power. Nancy saved and timed some he said she said gossip ( not evidence ) like she could add to the IMPEACHMENT case forever which she can not because she now has NO MORE POWER. Nancy is a bad cartoon in a canceled TV show no one wishes to watch if she remains on air. Nancy is dying in office. It is eating NANCY UP as her day and history are done and over and TRUMP is just beginning. The song By By Missy Nancy Pie – I drove my chevy to the levy and I thought I would cry, for today was the day that the HOUSE MUSIC DIED, by by missy Nancy Pelosi Pie, we’ll see you in the swamp hen the swamp is pumped DRY as she tried to claim power and claw her way back, lacking strength to reach the levy as a political machine hack, and even she old Nancy started to cry, as the chevy left the levy and the radio cried – BY BY MISSY NANCY PELOSI PIE today was the day that your music…..DIED. Really some one should just write a SONG don’t you think?


The world following two years of thousands working on a single world trade NEW WORLD ORDER signed those orders into law. Congress is expected to approve these deals.

  1. The China Deal – signed
  2. The NAFTA Deal next
  3. Japan next almost done
  4. EU next
  5. India and Asia nations next

The China Deal becomes a modeling document as does the NEW NORTH AMERICAN TREATY WITH SOUTH AMERICA MEXICO AND CANADA.

The CHINA SIGNING represented a long list of MIRACLES. The experts said for two years no deal could be signed ever. We ourselves had mixed feelings on China proceeding and we told you why. Trump and his team delivered a MIRACLE for the world. Enough can not be said about CHINA and XI and the China leadership meeting the USA on the half way mark on the field of play which they in fact did.

China is a nation almost three times the population of the USA.

China is an economy the size of what California was two years back before it became to decline population and tax base into red ink as its own population is shrinking as folks move out by the millions. Last out of California turn out the lights please, it’ll cost 1000 dollars an hour to run a light bulb by then.

Trump has IMPROVED TRADE for the entire world and for the USA and these deals are solid two way wins. China wins. the USA Wins. Mexico and Canada wins and the USA Wins. THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE for 100 years and the reason is DONALD TRUMP.

Donald Trump will be remembered for his HISTORIC RESHAPING THE WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER to prosperity that is sustainable and without the boom bust cycles or world wars of past Presidents. Impeachment will be seen as swamp draining and created by the QUEEN OF THE SWAMP who I Personally do not believe will live to see Donald Trumps second term through given San Francisco’s low ranking on health care outcomes. Nancy dies in the bed she led.

So Nancy had a day in the sun and the sun also sets.

Donald Trump is at Dawn with the CHINA TRADE DEAL and his hard work and his actual promises he has team worked like a badger to get the job done. If his team under deliver YOUR FIRED. We know his style from the APPRENTICE. Same movie star we elected. True to character no recasting required.

He has redefined defense from DOD and its new budget everyone said he could never get to NATO.

He is bringing our folks home but he is assuring Iran does not act out and get away with acting out.

While Iran may miscalculate and test Donald Trump versus sign a 120 page DEAL and own prosperity like IRAN has not seen ever, one can never rely on mad men running nations. If they act out in the election year billions of their toys go away in the fastest loss of the nations history. Their over confidence by their military is the under estimatation that sinks economics and failed states.

The political capital of the trade deal includes CHINAS partnership and help in North Korea.

We expect FAT BOY will remain insane and act out to own news sound bites versus prosperity for his nation.

Nations FAILING TO SIGN PROSPERITY DEALS FOR THEIR PEOPLE is the mark of ego and mad insane leadership. Choosing to FAIL YOUR STATE and risk countless dying falsing believing you have power to make such choices when economically you do not is insane. Time is more precious than Diamonds. The delay in time for IRAN and NORTH KOREA to enter into PREOSPERITY DEALS with the USA is time moving the needle to economically failed states for both nations and their suffering peoples. Why? A few Nancy Pelosi’s at the top. That is the why.

Meanwhile the WORK OF DONALD TRUMP”s teams is on going to economically assure this administration KEEPS AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and in history and in FACT – they have done it.

Not maybe.


America is moving forward GREATER and the MIRACLE of the signed deal can not be diminished by NANCY and her small circle of SQUARD TO THE LEFT OF COMMUNISM circle of pure HATERS. Catholic or not.

Nancy is expected to be mean and small as a person. Cruel even.

Donald Trump has left the BUILDING NANCY and your future is to age and die of your illness.

We all will remember the SWAMP QUEEN with disdain and sadness for how you obstructed and grid locked congress for no good reason for the AMERICAN PEOPLE and of course your hateful sad sad abuse of power in the impeachment political theater. YOU NANCY are two things in 2020:



Donald Trump on the other hand is clear and compelling in his faithful work to DRAIN THE SWAMP NANCY which includes YOU the







Wait for it.




PS: America in a boom with record all time high’s in stock markets never seen before in wealth should PARTY TAY !!!!! I took HER on a cruise this weekend to do just that…..enjoy your weekend ….we are. Thank you TRUMP TRAIN for the sacrifice hours and years to take the world into a new fresh direction…JOB WELL DONE. ( Economics not politics )