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From Thanksgiving US TIME to early December the experts – all of them including Crammer predicted with caution NO SANTA CLAUSE RALLY 2020. This Blog predicted a RECORD ALL TIME HIGH STOCK YEAR END AND BOND AND ASSET CLASS YEAR END. We predicted oil would go up on OPEC FARTING and then as their gas smells diluted into the already extinct climate changing earth scapes – from OIL and OPEC alone extincting humanity as criminals – that OIL would then GO DOWN which it did and will continue to do. Against all expert predictions.


Further we predicted that the Trade DEAL WOULD GET DONE while others said not by year end.


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We predicted YES to a Santa CLAUSE EXPLOSIVE YEAR END RALLY based on solids. The solids are economic and include:

  1. New multiples made possible by technology convergence – robotics – AI and 5 G as SUPER CHANGE EVENTS. The world see’s 5G as evolutionary to 4 G rather than REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY. This naive in denial SUPER CHANGE old brain processing will leave those brains out of the trillions rising into the 5G economic structure eco systems. New multiples in DEFLATIONARY COSTING – global NEW AI ECONOMICS driven by DEFLATION and CONVERGENCE expressed in data in my new best selling HOLIDAY BOOK ( Search SUPER CHANGE BY BERNY DOHRMANN comes right up for your circle and gift buying on AMAZON – the essential 2020 LEADER READ this new decade SUPER CHANGE ) . New multiples and fundamentals of all new SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMICS creates a new model entirely and all experts are old brains not yet adapted into the new SUPER CHANGING realities of the age you reside within – SUPER CHANGE – and to which YOU can not ever get out of or be free of. You either adapt and thrive or you deny and pereish into poverty. Period.
  2. Housing 20 year high. Momentum is unstoppable driven by rental markets and economic home building. Supply is low demand is high. Real estate investors real estate buyers – will never see these low prices this low interest rates and these opportunities of this early decade again in their entire lifetime. Fortunes will be made to 2025 in real estate.
  3. US BUDGET – signed half a year LATE – despite impeachment today. Defense spending of just shy of 1 trillion will lead the world and drive economics as that spending trickles up as it is immediately on contracting by DOD at year end. 10 Billion to MIcroscot and 10’s of billions to US AEROSPACE DEFENSE and new SPACE FORCE jobs. Wait for it. 2020 is a great year.
  4. Trade Deals mean prosperity without inflation in low interest environments for stable sustained growth re-tolling.
  5. Holiday year end business investing to reduce taxes ( like a CEO SPACE CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP for small business shifting tax bucks world wide to a lifetime income pay out asset – smart to make the tax choice to membership in the # 1 Press ranked program in the world – – you may explore stock ownership by asking the home office officer directors for information or a Club President under contract for the URL – this is not an only information news report ). Holiday final numbers in 2019 will drive upward GNP – will into first quarter report earnings that smart investors are AI buying in 2019 before the price run up.

Last holiday on Christmas Eve we saw the worst sell off in – well years. To take profits out. Today no one wants to miss profits occuring in UP MARKETS. The world is stepping into sustained global growth and prosperity as cooperation takes over economics from the former failed age of Competition ( my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the leader head of state and law maker preferred library TOOL KIT for cooperation politics and policies ). Competition is the first display of human inanity easily wiped out with awareness of the insanity virus of the mind.

CEO SPACE stands for COOPERATION SYSTEMIC CULTURE REFORM in all industry world wide and serves all scales of institutions from Fortune leadership ( corporate packages open the # 1 leadership development program press ranked to any size institution for the lowest per head training cost in the world with quality that is SUPER CHANGE leading and bleeding for leadership ). Cooperation is driving convergence in ways not possible in 1850 the last economic convergence – ruled by insane competition and wars between sovereign nations all for no reason but insanity.


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The year end Rally with some ups and downs will flow into 2020 and be amazing. First quarter profit taking will bring in sustained SUPER CHANGE ( never going to not be with us ) SUPER VOLATILITY. This is all AI profit taking and portfolio adjusting – bringing Mid Jan to March markets down – scaring the brains that failed to adapt to SUPER CHANGE ( in FIN TEK that is almost all of the brains including their old brain law firms – that is the way – we have always done things around here thinking – fatal in SUPER CHANGE watch for it – better yet read the book ). Then as Holiday economics get reported over the quarter and results adjust upward we see amazing RECOVERY AND RALLY into the close of first half by June. Again with volatility we anticipate. In NEW AI ECONOMICS the AI running 440 trillion of settlements daily – no influence of control by nations or regulatory agencies whose old pre SUPER CHANGE models are all obsolete and antique like a buggy drawn by a hose in a STAR SHIP age. That obsolete in SUPER CHANGE which is accelerating in revolutionary changes we all either adapt into or go extinct as we fail to adapt. We chose extinction. That is for an elite wealth crowd preserving their wealth creating more illness – horror in human death and ultimately extinction so a few 1000 owning more global wealth or 99% of all wealth while billions of us – we the people of planet space ship eart own less than 1% ( thats less ). Such consolidation of wealth in old not adjusted to SUPER CHANGE creates market insability in the end systemic failure and wars. Future wars with Nukes with 100 hits world wide ( nothing to the 10,000 of missiles pointed at every city on earth as fully insane human virus of mind and fully fixable but education is insane and perpetuates for GREED and monoply profit in education the second largest economy of any nation next to food – insanity ). Institutional insanity. You are unlikely to rise out of the insanity ocean of human educated consciousness to fake news about ourselves if you fail to read REDEMPTION. UP to you.

We see AI economics taking even tighter control of all markets in 2020.  The unwanted global consolidation of wealth continues unabated until one inspired leader – sets the tone of insanity and sanity – and rolls back sanity in cooperation versus competition modeling. Today . we have unrelenting good time economics into 2025 but we have also risk of human being extinction. From preventable patterns of our own collective consciousness. What you think – values you hold as real – fears you hold as real when they are not real – as FALSE ENVIRONMENTS OF APPLIED LESSONS. The software in your mind has been loaded by SUPER MONEY over decades to culture – value – and givens as to threat – that are not real. False Threat is used by leaders to bind mass community consciousness into fear defensive lifestyles in cultures.

Is there a better way?

Of course.

Why do humans not take the smarter upramp the new software that is the TRUTH from the LIES – education reform to make sure new software flows into our young?

You know the answer.

The pre SUPER CHANGE MODEL ( now changing from AI itself ) but slowly – is – the 1% super money pools – down from 1.5 million in 2006 to less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS ( the OWNERS who control the planet earth really not leaders in power but the SUPER MONEY ) – condition billions of us to reside in fears of each other – laid in by software over years of controlling media output – for GREED and profit assuring we remain mindless consumers of ever more mindless crap that in the end has created extinction from the Elite 1% toxic greed machine – in our air water and soil – as extinction events rapidly rising while the world knows extinction is coming – but lacks powers as the OWNERS control policy – and for the OWNERS wealth and power are the two commodities into what I call their benevolent insanity – where PLENTY to insane brains is in the 2020 and beyond markets a commodity where wealth and power for the owners – PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH.

I call on family corporations Larry Paige Mark Gates Buffet and tribes – like Bezos who can not spend in lifetimes what they now earn in wealth consolidation – to foster as they all wake up GRANTS TO CEO SPACE endowment of 100 million each – creating a BILLION DOLLAR global CHANGE auspices – ( see SEPTEMBER DOHRMANN OWNER AND CEO as a lady leader example in the world today ) – such that a roll back of insanity can institutionalize before we run out of time into extinction. CEO SPACE is 32 years later serving leading CEO’s in business and professional practices ( swap tax at year end for a CORPORATE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP so smart an exploration for awake switched on turned on leaders ) – where CEO SPACE Press Ranked # 1 world wide – IS THE MOST ADVANCE INSANITY VIRUS OF MIND REMOVAL DELETION TOOL ON EARTH TODAY. Leaders step into cooperation principles tools tactics and culture models for any institutional mission from SOLO entrepreneur to Fortune 100 Leading.

So at year end the experts came and are now gone.

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This blog countered what they told you in software. If you got scared and sold you made THEM ALL PROFIT. If you bought and rode the DIP you made profits just like AI and it is far from over yet to year end. This blog was and remains far from perfect but more often than many sites you can ever subscribe to ( FREE from when blogs first started to today ) with tens of thousands of subscribers – in over 200 nations – who want the TRUTH. WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE? In real time.  Superior research but far from the best well written on line. Hey I”m busy and our team work to bring you data is to present volume of data you measure and assess yourself – up or down.

This blog never advertised or promoted itself. You share this BLOG and GROW THIS COMMUNITY because you even when your in disagreement ( which you can write up in comment when uou subscribe and i respect strong opposing views and I comment to all of them even nasty ones ). Scroll and see for yourself. YOU GROW THE BLOG to one of the fastest expanding global blogs in the world.

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The reason 1% OWNERS having more wealth ( by far ) than 99% of humanity – is not collapsing the economic system of the world is the economic system of the world – its models charts graphs and assumptions – is theory that has died in 2014. Since that time an entirely new economy has revolutionized the entire world – and is NEW. Unknown from any prior human generations. Beyond any education still teaching in failure to adapt into SUPER CHANGE – antique obsolete economics – ( that I was taught ) that no longer apply what so ever.

I was just two days on WALL STREET FOR YEAR END HUDDLES with the advertisers to the majority of the SUPER MONEY POOLS. 99% are proceeding outside SUPER CHANGE and failing to adapt – and in denial where AI economics as entirely new systemics is a reality they can not see with their prescription glasses that so need an upgrade. Never in human history has core economics moved from human system control into AI control and systems. 96% of all capital flows are now breaching in AI control outside nations central banks and regulatory agencies who influence but now have lost control. READ SUPER CHANGE so important for leaders to stay relevant and current inside the new human age of SUPER CHANGE which is only rapidly exponentially accelerating into 2020 and beyond.

NEW AI ECONOMICS trashes all the predictions by experts – which is why this blog remains ahead of markets and its time and is as readers rely on – so RIGHT AGAIN. When news from impeachment to nations to the news that effects all of us – versus that which does not – tune in to a book mark and SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE

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Santa Clause Rally started early and continues into Jan. The first half of impeachment 2020 election year will be stronger – than you expect. The second half of the election year a great ebb tide of capital flow will take profit and hunker down until the election is done. Today it appears TRUMP WINS.

That can change though.

Also if the PRESIDENT is not in CONTROL OF CONGRESS we have a dysfunctional America economically. Americans and off shore need to elect leaders with majority. if you elect BIBI in Israel land slide the party to his legislature that WORKS. Indicting BIBI is like Impeachment of Trump – it is political abuse of power and a politics sweeping the world from the insanity virus of competition to leaders who are emotional lacking the awake software better bug free software to make policy. THE POLITICS OF HATRED AND DISRESPECT accelerates our own extinction. READ SUPER CHANGE in the least number of easy read pages I lay it out for you from years of research.

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So you have our prediction again and you know our into June model in AI ECONOMICS. We see AI loading a summer of worse volatility than 2019 and peaking in volatility into 2020 year end with post election honey moon restoration of record wealth if TRUMP wins re-election and if Trump wins congress back – a wealth sling shot the world has not seen in years.

We predict if Trump loses and new teams come in some sell of into the uncertainty until new policies are understood around the summary of 2021. A SUPER CRASH is highly likely if Trump loses the election and congress. Nothing political just economics.  New AI ECONOMICS the world has zero experience in and remains in denial of ( given my recent trip to WALL STREET ) where the leaders are like the three blind mice – see how they run etc and etc over the cliff. Why? Insane software. Educational crises to humans world wide – where without SUPER CHANGE EDUCATIONAL REFORMS – we as a species have limited time to extinction because insane software of mind perpetuates our own extincion for short term GREED by the OWNER CLASS. Not their fault. Their software of mind is so buggy and not upgraded yet – that those OWNERS are unable to see the paradigm of their own MATRIX.

NEO never changed the MATRIX at core really although NEO was outside the matrix.

We believe SEPTEMBER DOHRMANN IS THE ONE – the woman – the lady leader – the ONE with the vision and youth to load in a software super change revolution. We are counting on support from the world for CEO SPACE whose mission is to upgrade the software onto the most impotant single quantum super computer that influences all other computers on earth –



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Fat Boy in North Korea is part of Putins proxy war plan. The worst out pouring of ignorant brain virus damaged extremes of competitive toxic virus code on brains – is seen in Turkey seen in North Korea – seen in Iran. These brains have a unity of fake news labeling – using the new politics of HATRED AND DISRESPECT to control their populations. I was chatting with a Chinese LYFT driver in New York City – as we shared our CHINA prides and experiences. The driver reported what stunned him was the China Lies – controlling every click and restricting information – China never knows or see’s at all. Brain washing. This main line immigrant to America from main land China shocked this young immigrant. His family had zero clue they only understood PARTY approved information. I said what did that all as a software change for YOUR BRAIN mean to you and your family. He said the following driving me in New York City:

  • I thought I was free in China but in America I discovered what REAL FREEDOM IS and I had no clue in my Chinese software. I was not afraid in China. I was not unhappy in China. I had thought there was greater opportunity for my family in the USA and that proved correct. Then I down loaded new software of my mind and discovered the CHINESE MATRIX controls software to a billion computers on necks and those computers do not understand the TRUTH of things as they can not access the information of the truth the whole truth and the entire truth.
  • I said what does this mean for China?
  • He said the young in China do not care about politics the communist party – and the majority wish for FREEDOM more FREEDOM and sustained opportunity. They do not want to compete with nations they wish to cooperate with nations. The SUPER CHANGING CULTURE is a high tide of young brain ideas – opposing – the old brain software of “that is the way we have always done thing around here”
  • The Lyft Driver educated through college said – I believe China will adapt to SUPER CHANGE or a revolution will take place in the end.
  • I said I hope we don’t see revolution as China is such an example to the entire world.

So we see what:

  1. FTC looking to break up our leading companies giving other nations the lead.
  2. Libra derailed by our regulatory agencies assuring CHINA steps in front of our own FaceBook in Block Chain insanely trashing the USA leadership and moving us into declines.
  3. AI BLOCK CHAIN from China is a revolution in 5G and will move the USA to a declining nation as transactions will now globally move to China and its STATE BLOCK CHAIN ( CEO SPACE has a leading technology AI BLOCK DOLLAR that is ahead of China but lacks funding to launch to date ). We’ll see.
  4. Malls – half are going dark to retool to new purpose – the other half is prospering adapting to SUPER CHANGE. Those that failed to adapt are dying in record mall closings not seen in 20 years. We noted the COMMERCIAL FORWARD DEBT DEFAULTING COULD BE A SUPER CRASH EVENT – monitoring that is what we do. Along with others. A trillion dollars of debt defaulting in this space is possible to 2025. Can institutions absorb these bad loans in mass – we think it is a risk into a SUPER CRASH risk event. Its like horse shoe repair shops everywhere dying while those who retooled to inner tube repair shops prospered. Super Change is resetting markets at core in AI ECONOMICS unseen in time frames compressing in all of human history.
  5. North Korea mis-stepping can lead to NUKE outcomes where the world Nukes the crazy brains at any cost to stop the crazy brain ( Fat Boy ) nuking the rest of us – which he can easily today. A nuke event from FAT BOY may take all off tables but a final global sanction of all awake nations including China where North Korea fails economically or makes a prosperity deal that empowers Fat Boy as legacy into the future. However can buggy bad software Fat Boy’s brain assumes is reality and that he is a respected leader versus a JOKE in the world – along with his military leaders who can be entirely reduced to ashes in 15 minutes of time. Space Force is CHECK MATE for Fat Boys buggy bad software. His SOFTWARE acting out gambles are childish – and denote an immaturity in economics and politics that is a blue screen rebooting software residing in a society of terror and death. The North Korean people who support the military insanity of this tiny nothing nation – are collectively mind controlled and full soldier citizen  combatants in the war to NUKE THE WORLD. This insane nation is at risk to become THE EXAMPLE the entirety of Nuke Nations draws ITS OWN RED LINE INTO from 2020 forward. FAT BOY reset your software you operate on buggy awful software that was loaded into you by damaged software brains you no longer know or remember. Unless you exchange sanity for insanity you and your nation will perish from upon the earth. That is our prediction on risk to that EVENT in 2020 to 2025.
  6. Iran – worse. Why? The Mufti the second coming for Muslims – the ruler of IRAN believes in his 80’s he knows is alive – growing and in the earth today. He talks to the MUFTI for his divine instructions. This insanity of faith is a flawed matrix. Again the way to keep People in line  – to insane brain software – is to control their information from cradle to grave at the state level. Iran North Korea China Russia. To close systemics. To assure the closed system like RUSSIA being tested with disconnect to its system from the world system – as a war prep test by PUTIN on Monday – is utter total state THOUGHT POLICE control with AI. These leaders by passed by SUPER CHANGE have failed state damaged their people and economies – 100% track record for the left socialism economics – say Cuba ( out of dollars failed state ) Venezuela out of dollars failed state – Argentina now left facing massive debt default again as its currency crashes  and inflation soars i socialist nations like Turkey – Iran failed state economically – such a shame for a 100 page easy agreement to prosperity – North Korea Nacro Nation failed state – due to failed economics and failed leadership software of mind . Iran is locking up thousands upon thousands. Revolution is in the air. The current unpopular leader has succession on software – old software – younger brains accessing the truth and real freedoms – now will not tolerate. Upgraded brains opt in for sanity versus insanity. Rule by HATRED AND DISRESPECT is a political policy of bad software of mind – to control voter brain software. This buggy software can not endure because that software a lie. The people of the earth are waking up to the TRUTH. Risk – all living things die hard. Also when facing their own software upgrade – leaders either embrace better Super Change Software or they resist that software in their buggy software code delusions of non reality. Real for them though.  If leaders in Iran hunker down to assure no software is upgraded on their old antique code of mind – war is likely as outcome based  on non reality assumptions. One the assumption how immediately such a war is lost. If the USA nuked North Korea and Iran the war is over in 15 minutes and bad software threat to our deaths and people is removed. Deleting bad software of mind. Our advanced Nukes are not what you think. We can at top secret level win any war at any time. That is real software. The truth. No power can oppose a USA defending the entire world from insanity.
  7. Economic black swan unseen events. Debt Super Bubble Defaulting by Sovereign Nations before sanity and SUPER BOND THEORY resets those nations debt accounts. A CEO SPACE GLOBAL HUMANITARIAN HALF DECADE EFFORT to serve nations while we still have time. Institutional debt cascading in a down turn ending the current system.
  8. The Arab Union led by TURKEY a non NATO ALLY working against NATO today – seeks to trade and barter off US DOLLARS in Gold and hard assets ( food and oil ) with each other. These OLD BRAIN out of current SUPER CHANGE economics – have zero clue. A Danger. Can they move 85% of all economic trading to their nations out of US DOLLARS? Well at risk of going off grid and failing. Turkey under ENGAME has trashed the economy freedom and with bad software un-upgraded on mind – is a state sinking into FAILED STATE STATUS. All Arab states agree to OIL CUTS they will not in fact make over time – and all nations in the GULF agree to unite and do x y and z – but in fact they will preserve prosperity for their nation. The risk to failed state and revolution from this weekend bad software agreements of the ARAB UNION are insane economics. A fake risk in fact. In our opinion from last weeks ARAB declarations. The rule – they are not united in culture politics or faith in fact unless software of mind changes.
  9. Banks failures in Lebanon with runs – in Italy with runs – in other nations with runs is a CASCADE EVENT that can end the current system in transition as AI is morphing every economic theory into its own revolutionary new economics without human interface or regulatory oversight. The one and only economic solution we have seen is expressed as steps and blue prints to retake HUMAN CONTROL OF AI ECONOMICS – as laid out in REDEMPTION FOR WORLD POLICY LEADERSHIP in all nations. A software upgrade in one read – which is WHY since 2010 the book is always back ordered on Amazon. They fill orders fast though.
  10. Political unresolved interactions between the PUTIN WAR PLAN laid out here in many blogs and in THE KILLING OF UNCLE SAM read this Holiday ( best documentation of the PUTIN WAR PLAN to date for software replacing lies with truth. )  and Trumps opposition to the WAR PLAN. China roared today the new military budget is GLOBAL INTERFERENCE. North Korea threatened the USA with violence due to the UN RESOLUTION on North Korea human right leading violations globally. Force in war nations will not resolve POWER. Power always TRUMPS force. The Congress provided a Military security for the world not the USA alone in its budget today – and now from SPACE FORCE to overwhelming military POWER that trumps FORCE everytime – sober minds that review the reality must use new caution. However we caution again – insane brains – insane leadership with bad software of mind – can never not ever be relied upon to do what is their own best interest – study Hitler.

So these are risk events to the entirely great economic news in the world with TRADE DEALS. The Future looks more promising and if DEALS get made with IRAN and North Korea the prosperity will unfold as never in modern history.

Tony and Sage upgrade your SUPER CHANGE software of mind in 2020 – do it !

Holiday prayers for this out come make sense…….


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