The markets are composed today of ELECTRONIC TRADED FUNDS dominated not by small investors but by AI trading from 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS with software controlling volumes and velocities of trading. Down from 1.5 million super money pools into the 2005 period. Consolidating wealth is ferocious as when you hear of a 10 billion dollar WARREN BUFFET side bet on energy value over longer time frames ( a human not an ai bet ) rare in today’s super money pools – where the majority of circulations of almost 500 trillion daily are AI today in a eew economy my smash best selling book SUPER CHANGE nailed this year we call the NEW AI ECONOMICS

Today you have a rigged casino market of AI betting against AI may the smarter program win.( the profits ) in the next bet. Today Goldman came out with a new casino capitalism bet. New bets contain untold fee profits as market makers ( GOLDMAN ) make markets in the new table game. If you can name it – it is already trading in the CASINO. Todays new bet is to hedge the ELECTION. That if its like ALGORE and BUSH and results are LATE ? Bet? Or If one or the other win BET? Of it results drag on or election is postponed bet. Cover everything. BET. New bets come up all the time.




Today we have the following rigging into casino capitalism:

  1. Central banks world wide and state treasury world wide are buying stocks and bonds in the market. Free money is rolling on the casio tables at over 20 trillion in the first months of the New Year or say more than FIVE TRILLION A MONTH pouring into the casino floor. This work manipulates price. AI has adjusted to follow GOVERNMENT BUYING run anticipatory sets and bet with the house to win. Everyone is winning and winning big. Consider this all life support for markets on IV Free Gov money ( only tax payers have to pay back the 20 trillion dollars and rising ). Consider this an uncontrolled theory test on how to prevent a world wide depression. Will it work? What happens when nations and central banks ( with zero accounting on where all this money is going or is there regulatory oversight ) of any kind. This is a NEW ECONOMIC GAME NEVER UNDERTAKEN BEFORE AND NO ONE CAN PREDICT HOW THE CASINO CAPITALISM WILL END – well we predict it is likely to delay and make any depression worse but we have to wait and see. Maybe the FED PLAN works and we all win. Keep that in your heart they are trying as hard as they know how for all of us. Its is all new and no one ca predict for sure outcome to the greatest test to save a financial system since 1929 when the Fed plan failed.
  2. AI is following the massive inflows and buying in more and making huge profits short time. Direct Gov buying creates ripples in the larger market forces permitting massive short term market effects. It is unlikely Telso would soar this high, devastating  short term buyers – killing them in loss – and making Elron Musk soar in wealth – to levels even Musk is shaking his smiling head upon as he beat the casino side bets against him and cost them so much money they won’t try THAT again anytime soon as Telsa is now gloden -don’t short Tesla – its teflon to short losers. There has never been a casino AI market like this one. The profit earnings ratios into an economic L recovery a decade to recover from is not RIGHT YET. As the AI is slugging out the casino short term by the hour bets to profit in global casino capitalism it is one 24/7 market of AI betting controlling all the table games you can shout out upon. This TSUNAMI of money is creating crazy multiples by economic measures, but it is also creating GOOD TIMES still. Market into these good times as if your future and life depended upon it. ROW HARDER. Work longer hours and smarter as a smaller business owner professional and build up SAVINGS LIQUIDITY and invest in GROWTH. INVEST IN YOUR OWN GROWTH so you have PRICELESS MOMENTUM when the market turn. Ask when central governments move back out of the casino – how will the casino betting be effected THEN? It may not end well or be pretty. We think “data sets” we have presented to READER LEADERS who treasure this site for DATA SETS they an’t get anywhere else – have the secret knowledge and can protect themselves. Which is OUR PURPOSE as a public service. If you track our DATA SETS the accuracy over time makes this LEADER READER site an essential. If you wish to invest some time to know more and to know more first. Thank you for choosing us as one of your resources.
  3. Small investors are timid. First they held a bit. Now adjusting to the NEW NORMAL ( todays casino is leveraged with borrowed money as never before ) and you begin to think the NEW NORMAL is permanent and this is the NEW NORMAL. You come back into the market. At your greatest risk point. We suggested you data set review by searching this site for DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE INVESTMENT your best option for this decade. Remember we told you that data set and we told you first. World Wide the entire world no longer trusts nor do they believe in their own government telling them the truth. The growthing depth of this majority view – distrust of nation – sew the seeds of panic to come later. Today another sub surface panic is distorting markets and national planning world wide. WE THE PEOPLE now that is 7 billion of us including all the super money – is running into US DOLLARS as the safe haven if we have a SUPER CRASH. Also the world is running to park serous long term cash in AMERICAN anything – such that our assets are to few with 100 trillion racing in. A shortage of dollars is now another constant. Everyone running into US DOLLARS all at once reaches a point of DOLLAR CRITICAL PREMIUMs which we are only starting to see now and to which eventually there are not enough dollars to facilitate liquidity as the lop sided demand for dollars soaked 150% of them all up in world markets. That is close day to day now. Again a super good time for America until it is not a super good time for America. This summer into Fall is a super good time. Small business needs to make a decision. If you believe the SUPER GOOD TIMES are forever relax – work 40 hour work weeks – have a great LAST SUMMER. If you believe as we believe that a SUPER CRASH this fall into winter is likely – and a HIGH RISK – you use the good times ( now ) like there IS NO TOMORROW – and you build momentum. You work six days a week – you work 60 hours – you charge into MOMENTUM BUILDING you invest in lead gen , you grow faster – you attend CEO SPACE to get customers faster and we’ll help you with that one outcome – and you ACT. You win when the EVENT happens – and the markets shift from good times to awful times. WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE and act according. The data sets are all on this site. Review hard data and you decide what is right for you. We’ll do our best to present data useful to making better choices – better data – better outcomes.





The markets are super changing.

Consumer patterns are SUPER CHANGING.

Virtual is in and less efficient is out

Work from home is in and higher cost and higher waste is out.

Collective culture is changing – how we all believe – it is super changing.

Super Change is accelerating. Nothing will be the same and the new CULTURE is being formed – new beliefs – and we are never going back to the way it used to be. A new society is being formed. One where a trillion dollars in AMERICA tourism to the EU is banned – lives over profit policy.  Where does all that money go? Will it be spent as a boon in AMERICA? It is a single SUPER CHANGE economic event putting the EU in the worst recession ( depression ) since world war II. Only the EU direct market buying into their casino is keeping prices from tanking.

The sling shot of all this state rigging of casino prices – will at one point stop. That is the great unknown as a data set. We have labored to introduce economic historic data sets – from Rome to today – in which national tampering with price and markets never not once ended well. It always made things worse ( with the best intentions ) in the end. You have to make your own choice as TIMING IS EVERYTHING TO EVERYTHING. Timing your own game right as what you can control is your own game. In your own game you can predict and control outcome ( you really can ) and you can prosper and prosper well in any market place. But with that said you must develop the skill to be a SUPER CHANGE LEADER. You must react to data sets and make superior choices to win in any market. This site seeks to present data sets ( we know disturb some of you ). As time passes if you see the data sets were correct return for more and as we state use the site as follows.



First – book mark the site and if you wish to contribute to our ranking in search engines – subscribe as 50,000 have world wide – a number that is soaring from our over 1,000,000 book mark readers in 200 nations world wide daily. Return Monday and Weds and Weekends for an AM scan over a wake up beverage and you WILL KNOW MORE AND KNOW MORE FIRST. Your circles will be saying where did you get that data set – share this site for us. It is helping too many business owners to count in the world today.

Second: Read the data sets as a DIAMOND RAIN into your life and your business ( Subscription is free on this site and privacy is protected no breach 1988 to today ) – and then GRAB THE ONE DIAMOND FROM THE RAIN OR TWO OR THREE that is right for you right now and use that DIAMOND SET RIGHT NOW to help you grow faster.

We appreciate being active with us thank you. We love having you comment but we have a server hosting issue we are correcting technically to control ( comment on to the world ) opens up due to our readership counts – massive spam incoming you never see on our side – and we have to AI the AI which we are about to execute. To comment on the site you have to be a subscriber and signed in as a subscriber – if you return as a book mark reader you read and go – the system only allows comment to subscribers who are logged in so it knows and all comments are staff approved. We approve the most hateful critique of our content. We do not approve advertising spam and hate period as we are cooperative site not a competitive site as per my book on our culture REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defining to CEO SPACE membership nations.

We have told you this summer your PRIORITY JOB # 1 is growing fantastic customers more rapidly. Invest in COMMUNITY that does that. The leading community that does that – IS CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – third party press ranked # 1 2010 – 2020. A decade of being # 1 in growing your business faster. I would explore that membership as per my last blog posting and print the page on those MONEY MAKING DATES as one of your Diamonds to close your fist upon. Today’s data set presents which.



My family is off today to PRESTON LEE’s graduation. In our C VIRUS house it was great to see my September recovered enough to go with our son to graduation old C VIRUS DAD is watching from virtual doctors orders. The family and extended family in many states is watching PRESTON LEE graduate live – our FEAST TEEN GRADUATE From CEO SPACE going onto to college in computer engineering he excels at. Big happy Day for the Dohrmann’s. We are C virus survivors and getting better and better but its slow – fast is two weeks and we are day 11 so much better than a week ago and so grateful to be lite ( well sometimes moderate ).

CNN released the TRUTH. If you want to know what is DIFFERENT ABOUT C VIRUS – having it myself – I surrender to the CNN team and the fantastic work on this story yesterday we ask you all to click and then share – book mark this – it is important as my state Florida runs out ( as predicted ) of ICU beds at all – and USA passes 3 million infections going to 10 million next – and 50% of all spreading is no symptoms they are SILENT SUPER SPREADERS – becoming 100 million if we force young children to become SUPER SPREADER no symptoms – wiping out economics and the future – from SILENT SPREADERS and the 200 scientist that forced criminal WHO to finally release what they knew in January – C VIRUS IS FULLY AIRBORN LIKE THE FLU OR COLD and you catch it even with a mask if you DO NOT SOCIAL DISTANCE from the VIRUAL CLOUD talking through a mask creates around your space. NOW CNN:


CNN ESSENTIAL C VIRUS STORY – YOU MUST DATA SET BELIEVE IS 50% OF ALL CASES long term and 70% of all cases short term with mutation creating younger and younger THIS PRECISE SYMPTOM as younger deaths are also soaring on % – and keep in mind no real time data is available and the data you read is old and real counts are ONLY SO MUCH WORSE – and i having C VIRUS do not want you to catch this – at any and every cost – DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF – Think Different. If you say what in this story below matches what you and september are suffering through into day 11 – 20 hours in bed for 11 days – daily – read below and you’ll see what you DO NOT KNOW and what we have reported to you over and over here – if you catch it YOU DO NOT RECOVER like you think – and this is NOTHING LIKE ANY ILLNESS YOU HAVE EVER KNOW BEFORE. – what is is a TORNADO inside your body as the article from CNN presents and you all must save this to help others – save this item and share this item as data set DIAMOND RAIN yoiu can take to the bank – I HAVE IT AND THIS DATA SET IS PRECISION ACCURATE )



https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/07/health/richard-quest-covid-wellness-intl/index.html TRUTH VERSUS LIES – chilling – finally you get th the truth of this puppy as if I wrote it myself. My 21 year old a month recovered testing netative with anti bodies still has symptoms, lungs. cough, running nose,, head aches, he got worst in a week – well in a week and now after testing negative not contagious says this morning Dad why do i still have symptoms. i sent him this story and he felt lots better. DATA SETS you free.


Truth from lies. If you are leader reader here you are a TRUTH SEEKER and you will find the truth here even if it opposes older paradigm’s you may have had. Personally if you are a TRUMP supporter as I was first term, I defend your right to cancel my vote for Biden. We vote on economics. We feel Trump policies failed in health and death tolls are consequence to failed policy. We feel the on off tax cut was a parlor economic trick and the economics at core are not fixed. We feel grid lock politics is too damaging to America in economics. We opt for a BIDEN BLUE MASSIVE VICTORY where a one time test of sit com President did not take the nation where it needs to go and made America HATE not GREAT world wide as never seen before. We opt to a blue wave a CONGRESS THAT IS DEMOCRAT – return no republican to the giant majority that is not party at all ( me ) – and create a DEMOCRATIC PROFESSIONAL GOVERNMENT ( Biden was CO PRESIDENT FOR EIGHT YEARS the most powerful PARTNER with OBAMA for eight years ) he knows how to get congress working and the nation healing and united again. I trust that. GRID LOCK not so much. Four more years of your fired – of entertainment sound bites – tweet storm presidency – I personally see a mistake and vote my own economics not politics. I think we have a SUPER CRASH – a global depression – a decade to recover failure to manage this pandemic we knew was coming – SHAME ON ALL NATIONS SHAME ON ALL AGENCIES AND SHAME ON WORLD PRESS FOR NOT REPORTING HOW AWFUL THIS ALL IS ( read the CNN STORY ) – when we had time. Today pandemic has not started the second wave the third wave or the fourth and final wave into 2022.

China and USA are in a race for trillion dollar ( they will make it illegal not to buy their pham vaccine ) which deaths from the vaccine will not be reported for years and years of time. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VACCINE DEATH LOADING. Will the vaccine work as it does not work in flu mutation aides mutations and there is a lot of both – no vaccine that works. The Flu VACCINE put me in ICU and almost death twice – and many I know are dead from it – plus I got the flu both times. IT DOES NOT WORK. Billions are made each year get a flu shot – your nation will pay the phams – its a racket a health racket and we are the ball. Think on data sets.

So PANDEMIC first terrible wave ends this Fall. We lost. Totally. Competing like dogs. World wide. Trump lied to us. Trump is a one term President by such a margin and landslide it will look like a one off he got lucky once. Trumps luck has run out. His resorts are a mess from PANDEMIC and no convention wants to book into stigma of TRUMP today. How does he pay his 2 billion in loans – anyone thinking on bankruptcy for Trump as in total wipe out – as he is right now? How many deaths is failed TRUMP HEALTH POLICY attributing to Donald Trump lying? We are holding consequence for 10,000 of deaths and 1,000,000 health disabled long term as the article from cnn reports as DIAMOND DATA RAIN – https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/07/health/richard-quest-covid-wellness-intl/index.html. The truth must be shared by US by we the people. There is no question Donald Trump has lied and is still lying aboiut the PANDEMIC. Failed TRUMP policy on killer C virus I have myself ( as your children bring it home then what ) – I hold DONALD TRUMP misdirection and lying on the virus accountable fully for tens of thousands of real death to real Americans more than all our wars ( going on all over today )  combined into 2020. DO YOU REWARD POLICY THAT IS KILLING ALL THOSE AMERICANS?


Do you hold leadership and failed policy accountable – absolutely when we vote together?

Given the world problems and the real crises in America on multiple economic and social fronts we must accommodate – all at once – do you want a divided grid lock congress? It does not work in SUPER CHANGE any longer. We need a PRESIDENT AND THAT PARTIES CONGRESS to preclude grid lock and get our nation BACK TO WORKING AGAIN and well working. Nothing can stop AMERICA if we do that and party does not matter. The politics of distrust and hatred – has come to a close. For one term blue up the White House and the Congress and vote as never before America – vote for our future – and hold liars accountable – if you supported FATAL DEATH POLICY with soaring deaths – hospitals in florida out of all hospital rooms – when Fauci and Donald Trump lied when they told us this would BE GONE LIKE THE FLU IN MAY – it would just disappear. We reported here that was a LIE and we told you what was gong to occur. We were wrong it was WORSE THAN WE REPORTED although our Feb 7th ( now famous story on CARRIERS fact check and search to see ) our Feb 7th tables are prophetic and spot accurate into 2022. First and right again.

Donald Trump got it DEAD WRONG day one to now. Is there consequence to all this preventable death from FAILED POLICY AND LYING. That is our vote decision for ourselves. We see a GREAT FUTURE with BIDEN restoring professional sound consistent governance. We see no ( we lobby up on the hill ) left conspiracy or left cabal. We see public policy differences that are not really that great between them – more the same but method to get there is diferent.

Donald is full on combat and loves combat the DIVIDER N CHIEF.



Biden is the HEALER N CHIEF and he is respected on all sides of the isle. Sleepy Time Joe is telling Donald Trump it is TIME FOR SIT COM PRESIDENT TO GO. Biden is rasing so much more than Donald Trump as the MONEY see’s the winner and is shifting backing to the winner – which is NOT Donald Trump – voter accountable for one word – LYING TO THE VOTERS OVER AND OVER AGAIN AS IF CONSEQUENCE TO LYING TO THE WORLD AND AMERICA IS SOME WAR YOU ARE HAVING WHERE YOUR OWN GENERALS REFUSED TO PUT TANKS INTO OUR CITIES – thank GOD and thank our military. Thank GOD for them.


Four years of the ENTERTAINMENT leadership is coming to a close as we now work to repair what damage Donald has done to our health wealth and our real wealth – as DONALD TRUMP in our opinion on policy failure – is responsible for the PANDEMIC soaring death counts in the FALL AS PEAK SEASON RETURN and the very worst when WINTER IS COMING. Yet to go through voters. DO YOU REWARD FAILED ECONOMIC – CURRENT MARKET PHONY PRICE RIGGING BY POLICY – CASINO CAPITALISM – AS thE SUPER CRASH IS WHOSE FAULT? FAILED PANDEMIC POLICY AND LYING AND LYING AND STILL LYING INTO THE DEATH LOADS SKYROCKETING INTO ALL THOSE LIES – DO YOU REWARD THE LIARS. I a republican since the 1950’s voted for OBMAMA and I am voting for BIDEN. Supported Trump and the SIT COM bet turned out to be terrible for AMERICA in my personal economic opinion. The damage to the economy from COVID 19 failed policy only economists can fully appreciate right now -and the news looking into WINTER as the TRUMP lies catch up to fact and reality – we are in a global DEPRESSION. Biden is returning home to the WHITE HOUSE he go ran the world from for eight years – a leader who really knows how to professional run the largest nation upon the earth – as Donald rushes off to save his empire from his own errors which can lead to total TRUMP near term bankruptcy. We opt for first PRESIDENTIAL ACT a blanket pardon as with NIXON as this nation ccan not afford years of political battles in courts to punish Donald – who cares – Donald is one man doing the vest best he knows how to do – his very best – it was just not what we need historically looking back – it is – NOT long term success. AMERICA HAS BEEN DIMINISHED IN THE WORLD AND RUSSIA AND CHINA HAVE ADVANCED. THAT IS HORRIFIC LONG TERM COST AND FAILED POLICY THAT MADE AMERICA FAKE AGAIN.


Depression is no longer reversible folks.

As in 1929 we had a SUPER CRASH.

We had a wild recovery into the FATAL CRASH that followed that sank the banks totally in loan losses.

The frenzy before the market wiped out THE WORLD MARKET took place as it is now until the last day. BUBBLE MARKET.


Bet your own game as we give you data sets to know more and know more first.


1800 TEST scores – five million in scholarships and leading in test scores state wide with outstanding record honors graduates – 15,000 volunteer hours – but varsity winning season with 3.10 test scores as well – and clobbered our nearest rival thank you PALM CITY – smile. Good game. Best high school in Florida. Top 100 high school nation wide – whoot whoot we chose our home for your stats as DATA SETS for our move to Florida – GOD BLESS EAST LAKE HIGH – smart choice for family first in Dohrmann world. September your data set for our family and our children gives you the ACADEMY AWARD AS MOM in my award book darling. YOU OWN THE STATUE you can improve in life baby girl but YOU can never improve not one inch as MOM you just can not. Or wife.




AMERICA – this is MY AMERICA and Donald Trump has nothing to do with that AMERICA as blip on radar that later will be a sit co note in history – a joke – not taken seriously outside failure in policy for economics ( into the worst preventable depression in economics in history ) and the PANDEMIC totally preventable at this scale save for FAILED POLICY OF LIES – which in our case and a majority of America shifting votes – I am on many republican for BIDEN movements today – as the great enormous majority of this nation which is not right or left – we are in the middle and we have common damn sense. WATCH THE VOTE in NOVEMBER show you all something about America – when AMERICA UNITES – as one – we become the one of the greatest forces for good in the world.

Tomorrow I will give you an eye full on the bad rap China is getting – and the day of AMERICA running around as 300 million people in a 7 billion person world – that seeks to impose our way our value on other nations – is a joke and is not working nor will it work. WE cooperate and prosper together or we compete and we perish together. My weekend report is on extinction insanity. If we don’t globally make our own extinction preclusion POLICY # 1- well we will not be here in 2050. Why? I’m going to tell you. We are working on such silly things when we are all going extinct if we do not get that right.


I want to give you – my best data sets months getting these reporting in your data set today. Know more and know more first.

Thank you for reading – for subscribing and for sharing this blog on your social walls we grow so fast because of you. Our reader leaders. Thank you for reading our team work public news  service to the world. Your Diamond Rain.