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Productivity Summits To
Boost Your Results

As you know, I am committed to helping you find ways to work smarter in your life and business. Here is what I have going in the next few weeks to help you with this mission.

I am participating in 2 different summits about productivity and both will be a valuable resource for you to check out.

The first is a general look at the topic and covering everything from overcoming distractions (that is the topic of my session), Managing procrastination and disorganization, The best task management systems and more.

Productivity Summit

This summit is run by

The second summit is specifically how to best schedule and plan your time. It is a summit on Time Blocking. If you haven’t heard my specific approach to time blocking, you will want to watch it because my 7-Step process is a game changer even if you have been blocking for years.

At the end of this month, I am releasing the full course on the 7 Steps and this summit I give a lot away for free – so check it out. This Time Blocking summit is for people who are new to time management and just need to start being more purposeful in scheduling priorities.

Time Blocking Summit

These free events are packed with tools, strategies, and free gifts from various experts in the field of Productivity, including myself. Sign up to these for free and get access to pick and choose which topics and experts are going to be a fit for you.

Stay tuned as I have some exciting new topics and new resources coming out that I know you will love.

Make Today Productive!

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