Who remembers Steve Jobs – in 2020 I convey my regard for my buddies unique vision of everything……..dedicating to Apple employees and teams world wide…I salute you as Steve regarded you as his treasure upon the earth and in heaven…….

FRAUD – Use Apple Edit tools its so easy ……



As the NEW YEAR PARTIES commence – my wifie September PRESIDENT CEO of CEO SPACE is in the Hospital. The almost 10 cc kidney stone is large enough they are doing surgery to remove the stone taking all that pain away for NEW YEARS DAY. I’m off to see her as soon as I conduct the last wide CLUB PRESIDENT Training call of 2019 – as a decade now flips over. The energy moves from the DECADE OF THE GREAT RECESSION into the DECADE OF PROSPERITY and we will tell you WHY again here first.

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Shareholders send a copy to TIM for me …..he needs to grow as a leader

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And now APPLE the leader of FAANG STOCKS and the market pace horse world wide…..will still lead for years yet …..


Tim presides over the most buggy awful release of APPLE SOFTWARE cracking Steve Jobs quality culture and the truth IS catching up to Tim. More Apple market share has exited the stock ( as billions in stock buy backs shrink the stock float one buy back afer another as what was once upon a time a FELONY to manipulate stock prices like this and hoard cash ( some 300 BILLION in cash accounts off shore ) and fail to invest in the innovation and growth Steve always elected to rRISK WINNING – Tim plays it safe like all custodian managers.

Steves SUPER TEAM has covered up many of Tim’s worst errors but they just keep on coming. We gave time I SCROLL YEARS AGO as a powerful new technology – but Tim is not capabalbe or vision at that Steve Jobs Level and we know because we mentored STEVE JOBS on and off over years of his tenure. The difference of an innovation leader and a custodian leader is well- not the same.

The CREW FROM the bridge of STAR SHIP APPLE has cracked at core. Ivy the VULCAN has left the bulding head of Apple Design innovation with Steve and now – who? A team? A ream replaces Steve? Walt Disney? Howard Hughes? No replaces that level of genius innovator. A team replaces ELRON MUSK or Sir Ricahrd Branson – I don’t think so mentoring TONY ROBBINS and the tribe at the top of the pile. TALENT? Teams never replace TALENT. RAW HUMAN TALENT IS SIMPLY NOT REPLACEABLE.

Normally a stock would super crash if: this happened:


  • The most updates to Phones pads and computers in Apple History to repair buggy awful  fatally flawed Apple Operating Systems – plaguing users now since 2016. The spike in fix logs is soaring meaning the worst software releases are yet to come for Apple. Profit over quality is Tim’s legacy – BRAND TRASHING the Apple family. Everyone inside Apple knows the CULTURE SHIFT FROM STEVE to TIM – I do not have to tell you. Steve’s widow is enjoying the profits we’ll also explain.
  • Tim moves reporting APPLE PHONE SALES the back bone economic of Apple Profit into a consolidated balance sheet revising HOW APPLE REPORTS PROFIT we feel is criminal fraud but no regulatory action occurred. Why is THAT full disclosure for shareholders. I sold out my stock on principle to this fraud.
  • Apple IPHONE SALES IN CHINA in 2019 are DOWN .by over 35%.
  • Apple IPHONE SALES were down year to date in 2018 and fell to their worst decline EVER in 2019.
  • New phony numbers from Steve assure the accounting modifications secure Tim’s bonus in stock and cash. Good for Tim.


We think of Tim as a failed manager for Apple.

No succession plan would drop the stock in my book.

Tim gets a pass however. Why?

5G economics. The 2019 sliding numbers in hardware gadgets and core products is offset by rising gross income and profit margins from SERVICES subscription modeling and a user base of old SHIT.


The 5G economy is driven by over 4 BILLION units of technology – internet of things at home – all phones – pads and computers and all hardware on line and the software behind it will change and upgrade in 24 months. 4 BILLION UPGRADES will be a tide that Tim knows will cover up his glaring management lack of competencies to run a firm like Apple like say an ELRON MUSK as CEO would run Apple. Apple should in my opinion get with Buffet and BUY TESLA PRIVATE – and bring MUSK On the BOARD and as CO CEO have two – Tim to administrate stuff – Musk to invent stuff and as an inspired leader ( which TIM IS SO NOT ) re-invent Apples SUPER POWERS into the unfolding 5 G world with HARD WARE AND MULTI YEAR SOFTWARE 5 G STRATEGIES WITH 5 G TEAMS leading all silos into the 5G REVOLUTION versus evolution. Today Apple is falling behind the leaders in this sector which changes everything. Without this leadership restoration process – Apple’s that fall from the tree are going to ROT for shareholders one day in an APPLE SUPER CRASH. Wait for it. It IS years away.

Now the other FAANG leaders are with Musk companies ( which all should be in FAAMNG ) where M is for MUSK. Go Press on that item.

The other FAANG FIRMS are leading in 5G innovation have 5g strategies and are stepping far ahead of APPLE. Microsoft is stepping ahead of Apple in core innovation.

The Problem we tried ( having mentored Steven Jobs himself ) to get over into Tim’s super computer above his neck includes:

  • Switched on turned on innovation culture – not safe and incremental but inspiring global markets -ISCROLL did that Tim has allowed to languish as a trillion dollar IP as one form of new innovation into 5G Tim just can’t understand such leaps. Ivy would and he should call me. I’ll give it to him.
  • Quality culture where profits are never as important as QUALITY not ever. Releasing buggy manufacturing error in hardware that can not be remedied as DESIGN FLAWS and having software BUGGY FLAWED to consumer releases is all TIM. Make your bonus fuck your customers. Good plan long term? As long as your fixing it as you go they’ll stay with you? Thats YOUR PLAN TIM? You bury Steve Jobs in principle bashing all over again. Perhaps I should coach his widow? On you Tim.
  • Last to Market on 5G. Get your FLIP OR BLEEDING EDGE 5G phone from Samsung. Millions of Apple customers have left the building  hence the niagara falls drop in PHONE SALES – TIM FRAUD – no longer reports to shareholders and the SEC does what? IPHONE SALES ARE PLUNGING because Apple smart customers get all these changes and have left the APPLE BUILDING as market share forever. These stats you have to go off shore to see reports about why is that?
  • Stock BUY BACKS by the BILLIONS of dollars manipulate the stock float pull to price ranges that secure Tim’s bonus and Board paid in stock ok to do it all over again. How is shareholder long term protection secured.
  • Tim has failed to PAY enough in all this mess to keep say IVY Inhouse forever. The LEADERSHIP TEAM SILO MANAGERS defecting from Apple to HIGHER GROUND is a brain drain that sinks most stocks in this world. Apple has a PR cover up game plan that TIM is the BEST at one thing. Assuring Tim secures his bonus and keeps his own stock wealth higher. Perhaps Steves stock trust and widow can elect to protect the legacy.
  • Innovation lite from innovation heavy.
  • Quality falls to profit and margin gains at the cost of core quality. A culture shift from Jobs that effects shareholders.
  • Fraud in moving IPHONE SALES NUMBERS out of economic reporting for Apple as shareholder RIGHT entitlement tradition and core economics 101. How does this help shareholders SEC and how is this even legal?
  • Investigations of Apple Stock manipulation and price fixing have not opened up by the SEC yet but they will as each step empowers Tim to do more fraud to Apple Shareholders.

So Apple Family inside – I grew up with You the WOZ and Steve. From day one. My uncle at Hamburg and Quist under wrote Apple going public. We helped before and after Skulley. You know all this. Keep in mind Apple can transform with your genuis collectively once you have an INSPIRED LEADER. Given Tim’s wealth and age and Steve on the Other Side ( wait for it ) Tim knows IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO GO. So wait for it. Apple is bigger than TIM.


With all this said the 5G economics will be a tide that lifts Apple shares in 2020 we believe to over $ 350.00 a share. Apple has risen by some 85% on the thin outcomes of Tim’s fancy accounting for share bonus to his board. Not for the vision of the Apple community customers and future. Apple to win in SUPER CHANGE LONG TERM must:

  1. Lead in innovation at IPAD and PHONE level which since Steve Jobs has not taken form once.
  2. lead in quality as their culture set up by Steve and now violated to improve profit over quality results.

This ultimately sinks the brand.
The shareholders are betting on LIFE AFTER TIM where if the BOARD sets a MUSK level inspired leader in charge – the future of APPLE could be RE-INVENTED. If not – Apple will always be a unique niche culture and market place with incremental not revolutionary designs into its future like my ISCROLL IP. ( Gifted to Tim but no cigar ).

Jobs would RISK EVERYTHING trusting his GIFT to KNOW the future first. Jobs would RISK A FAILURE ON PRODUCT LAUNCH to lead the entire world into tomorrow.

Tim will not RISK FAILURE.


Which shows.

Custodian leadership following innovation inspired leadership  never does.

Post Disney maximized profit over innovation and quality.

The result is the EXPERIENCE of DIsney innovation and CHARM is now vaporized into a commercial profit making magnifier that custodian management has evolved into Disney economic multipliers. As my father mentored Walt Disney and I grew up on his lap, I can tell you I had my Mickey Mouse Club Membership and EARS in the early 1950’s – so we know a bit about transition from INSPIRED MANAGEMENT TO CUSTODIAN LEADERSHIP.

Apple was a threat to market share to everyone in Technology.

Tim has taken the head off all that with crashing IPHONE SALES for three years in a row to Steven Jobs endless market share growth.

Hard to tally because Tim changed the math economics and numbers of HOW SHARES ARE VALUED AT APPLE. Tim’s innovation in accounting parlor tricks we call Fraud and the SEC seems to see as accommodation. We see shareholders are very under served in this RE-TOOLING OF APPLE QUARTER TO QUARTER ACCOUNTING. While revenues rise from a basket of product and services today the total % of APPLE REVENUE from IPHONE SALES is so disproportionate and large that TIM and shareholders should be compelled to uh DUH AND OF COURSE – fully report in full disclosure documents total IPHONE SALES date to quarter and data responsibility tracking to fair price versus phony manipulated pricing under revised FRAUD ACCOUNTING Tim presides over.

We will see how this all plays out as the tail of all this is some seven years in SEC TIME should a real integrity investigation in stock manipulation of apple share price unfold from the SEC its largest most appropriate case EVER. I do not think TIm could remain as CEO inside such a responsibility audit of FRAUD inside the Apple today – as my own opinion on TERRIBLE TIM.

What Tim is terrific at is share manipulation and price to market. GO APPLE SHAREHOLDERS TO $ 350 and BEYOND something like BUZZ LIGHT YEAR Into 5G economics. A tide lifting Apple shares to $ 350 and beyond make no mistake about MORGANS predictions – we totally agree. Inspire of IVY leaving and TIM staying.

IVY should be CEO. Not Tim. One had to go. The brains left the new campus the brains ( IVY ) designed for his love for APPLE elves.

The ugly truth. Apple is perceived by shareholders world wide as the STAR SHIP APPLE OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION.

Under Tim’s hood in the star ship is a 1975 wangle motor with under 100 horse power.


Every Apple employee sharing this with all other Apple Employees love this BLOG because it is a voice to what they all know anyway. Outside the TIM tongue in ass circle that is. Yes Tim. No Tim. Ok Tim.

The rest all ciculate share and use this blog because it gives them HOPE AND PROMISE there will be and there is going to be Apple Futures after TIM. The issue is WILL THE BOARD SEE THE LONG TERM over the short term while the stock manipulation remains this high with the boards full stock buy back fraud of course in play and no SEC accountability for the Board fraud to never report IPHONE SALES again in reporting – or the stock buy back price manipulation to markets versus dividend repopulation of cash ( 300 BILLION ) to the ever shrinking lake of Tim’s shareholders.

Apple will be OK.


The largest issue for APPLE will become – board hires another custodian leader – board hires a truly inspired leader like IVY.

We’ll know them by their works – we’ll see what they DO.

Life after Tim. Stock price $ 350 and Beyond ( up up and away screamed out like BUZZ LIGHT YEAR in TOY STORY ) as all Apple Share owners make a profit – into 2021 and this prosperity decade – for Apple. Watch for SEC INVESTIGATIONS we feel they are coming. The regulatory climate is now:

  • To examine FAANG as never before
  • To break UP FAANGs too big to JAIL today

That is a decade long process with nothing effecting FAANG PRICES but the 5G revolutionary tide that will raise all FAANG STOCKS to record all time 2020 highs – in our opinion.

Our team see’s Apple about $ 100.00 over priced where $ 170.00 would be right value. Oracle  is in trouble in FIN TEK. We think Larry should break the firm up using Roel Campos and Hughes Hubbard and Reed who did that step for HP successfully. The Data center and the service application sector would serve share holders as two different entities. Today the Oracle stock price like apple is driven by stock buy backs. Approximately 58 billion in stock manipulation of that stock by buy backs over only sixty months. Inside Larry and Tim stock price manipulation used to be a serious SEC matter. We think it must be once again. When these FIN TEK stocks do fall which may be some time off remember our prediction. They will in our opinion fall very hard. Illusions in stock pricing are SUPER CHANGE PRiCE MANIPULATIONS that are new. The AI doing the actual price definition is new. The Regulatory community using antique regulatory oversight finds the SUPER CHANGE accelerating pace of change – beyond their scope. As soon as they explore a real investigation another STOCK CRIME category opens up and regulatory agencies lack legislative mandates to use AI to regulate AI and to reclaim over signt on stock price FIXING. The crises in Competition resolved by COOPERATION THEORY is the crises of INTEGRITY. Today Tim and Larry are involved in price manipulations that may negativley impact the entire FIN TECK field of very high integrity players within a few rotten APPLES in the barrel. If you wish to ride Apple to $ 350 experts project note our call Apple is truly worth around $ 170. We sold out of Apple making enough because of INTEGRITY over profit. We invest in truth speakers – presently at GE for our buck. And our trust. Buy low sell high. GE is low. Apple is record high. Play it your own way but consider the truth.

It is our opinion despite the TRUTH ABOUT TIM HERE – that – FAANG STOCKS will be less and less led by APPLE and more and more led by FACE BOOK AND GOOGLE innovations. WAIT FOR IT as the GREAT TIME SHIFT IS GAME ON at NEW YEARS for the APPLE.




Despite predictable ( we predicted ) both record highs and year end early January profit taking. We anticipate as final quarter numbers surprise on the upside the NEW RECORDS of 2020 will fly forward into markets.

We predict a record 2020 and a continuation of opportunity and growth world wide. We see ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE as driving a flood tide of global prosperity and growth that will unfold into 2025 and beyond. We see the BEST TIME TO GROW VENTURES and PRACTICES as 2020 and 2021 of your entire generational life time. No comparisons. The risk to the boom will be crazy rogue nations led by CRAZY BRAINS who inspire war. That is to their perishing from the EARTH no gain in the end for those crazy brains. While crazy brain gangs – say Hezbollah – or ISIS or Taliban – have no impact on WORLD ECONOMICS in fact. Crazy brain gains have reduced real estate to finance their own illegal gang activity and truly their leadership lifespan is like Bin Laden’s son. LIfe time is lite and not one any sane brain would wish for.

Our predictions for volatility but rising and expert surprising wealth – like APPLE moving to $ 350.00 a share in 2020 and the records for the markets across the world board will stun everyone. YOU ARE IN THE LARGEST BEST BOOM EXPANSION OF measured wealth rising not matched in 5000 years. When you see THAT AS YOUR 2020 – you begin to invest in smarter choices to GROW FASTER.

We encourage our LIFETIME MEMBERS world wide to join us all – this March in DALLAS at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS CEO’S who wish to work in communities of CEO’s helping one another. In a rapidly developing 5G world we encourage High Achieving leaders to grow their own outcomes and results and if it is smart for you – read my three blogs before this one – the DECADE IN REVIEW – the FORECAST FOR THE NEW DECADE ( inside th # 1 prediction accuracy on line world wide as track record we are famous for ) – and read the TAX PRIMER you can print and share with tax planners to THINK different – swap tax as you have time for assets – CEO SPACE CORPORATE MEMBERSHIPS create tax wealth reclaiming tax dollar LOSE IF YOU SNOOSE as the time runs out on the clock to repurpose those hard won dollars. For inspired leaders explore and act.

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PS: Investment banker economists who have been CEO of larger global public investment banking firms, are corporate engineers. We review the under the hood economics of firms especially firms run after INNOVATION INSPIRED LEADERS into custodian management and custodian leadership like Tim Cook for Apple – preserving the credits to his leadership while we see he is patching the many HULL BREACHES occurring from SUPER CHANGE MARKETS Tim Cook is not competent to understand or manage Apple into…as set forth with the TRUTH ( and our opinions ) as the OLD YEAR ends for the company that wrote the book on the stock market and FAANG itself – Tim on that you have exchanged short term Greeds for long term NEEDS. Sleep well – Steve never sleeps today.  This blog is a shout out for my buddy Steve and for life after TIM COOK to each and every devoted APPLE employee – you deserve the Apple leader of tomorrow today….as you all know …..that is in fact not TIM COOK today.. FOR CEO SPACE MEMBERS September’s surgery went outstand and she is in ICU recovering as we type this up for you in the surgery waiting room. My new YEARS IS PERFECT because my wife is as well……