The supply of oil is way beyond any demand. Elite cartels and world super money pools and a trillion dollars of speculator’s bid up the cost of oil to profit on spikes and falls. Both. Profit maximally. The FEW against the MANY 7 billion of us.

Oil is the cost of everything.

90% of humanity is starving and lacks food security due to high prices for energy fertilizer and pesticides all made from oil. 90% of humanity lacks medical and health security due to the cost of medicines and delivery all tied to oil.

A greedy FEW AGAINST THE MANY criminals – elevate oil prices due to their decades of horrific abuse of their economies and debts  that they can’t afford today. Oil is a commodity and we are all drowning in toxic oil. More new lakes are being discovered than we can burn in centuries.

The next 25 years unlike the last 100 years see the demand for toxic oil falling off a demand cliff like no commodity in modern times. Hydrogen now the lowest BTU and Kilowatt energy cost on earth will transform  all ships to the fuel they float in – all planes to profit and ranges never seen before – all transportation to the lowest cost for human transportation ever – lowering all goods and services – all power for all needs from water sources – and the future of space.

Get in touch if you want to be part of the lowest cost Hydrogen production on earth a huge CEOSPACE patented win for our member inventors running fleets of diesel trucks with Hydrogen – 90% lower cost hydrogen than any source on earth. Almost free energy with no environmental outcomes. Patent and made in America technology.

Alternative higher priced energy is replacing much higher price CRIMINAL CARTEL placed tax against 7 billion people of the earth. We told you despite experts saying OIL would rise to over 100 dollars a barrel this summer that what would occur is:

  1. Oil would drop and crash soon.
  2. President Trump would meet with Iran and make the deal of the century

Oil dropped Tuesday as we predicted a two week drop.

So lets review math and crimes against humanity.

Oil is the cost of everything else.

Oil lifting cost on AVERAGE in 2018 is at 10.50 cents to the port. Some oil is less than half that cost.

Oil at 39.50 cents a barrel is a 300% profit margin commodity. Is that fair.

At 80 dollars oil is almost a 1000% profit margin commodity is that criminal?

1,000% profit on an essential plentiful commodity only priced high against market supply and demand by CROOKS – by CRIMINALS by a GANG OF THIEVES who are in a conspiracy on price the G 100 should INVESTIGATE GLOBALLY and charge windfall profit taxes on oil companies just like Reagan did – and watch prices wither to market rates from CRIMINAL CROOK PRICING.

But how.

Bought and paid law makers are not going to act against the oil industry and the investment bankers who stuff their packs with billions of dollars. TO make SURE the Crimes are legal and may continue against the more poor upon this earth – billions of humans in agony so a FEW AGAINST THE MANY can have mega yachts and mansions the like of which no movie does justice to. Why? For CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.Toady hydrogen fuel and other retires –  OIL CRIMES to the broom closet and in short order. So if rule of law doesn’t correct the economic imbalance the accounts will balance by cheaper non toxic fuels and by the way the by product of the new hydrogen technology is HYOX SUPER WATER with 3 x the oxygen suspended in that healthy water. its the only water our family drinks today. You can order cases and improve your own health by calling the phone number on this page for your home and work space. One bottle is like a 3 hour nap. Trust me all CEOSPACE is all over it – phone that phone number to the doctors office and buy the water.

Oh and SUPER WATER is growing record crops – in record time – with far higher yields all award winning – with no pesticides or fertilizers – just oxygen water all organic and yields per hector are off any measurable chart. BY BY OIL cost of everything.

Oil is going to crash on demand like no commodity in history. Your owning oil stocks into the future requires new timing as the SUPER CRASH IN OIL is going to come without warning and there will be in that criminal cartel over priced commodity no recovery coming for years and years.

The price earnings ratio of oil is fixed for market custody at $ 45.00 or lower. At higher prices you own a speculator inflated asset at 1000 x earnings – think that is a smart buy or hold ratio? I don’t.

Why before he died did the largest oil public institution his own daddy founded – David Rockefeller my mentor – sell out of his personal – family and institutional holdings as a last act in his age 100 – to have zero oil holdings in the firm that built his entire fortune? Why? Because he said it was socially no longer acceptable to invest in toxic energy nor was it socially acceptable to invest in criminal price manipulations.

Now thats the richest chap on earth or one of the tippy top at age 100 taking action and his family founded the entire INDUSTRY.

So vote with your wallet. But I would take oil  profits on oil and move into FAANG in the dip but as always I don’t give investment advice I give data – check with your own licensed professional experts and get their guidance before you ever act as an investor always and legal in your circle  – my information is to help you think and always to be offset by other information you gather never your final copy. Discuss this blog with your licensed expert adviser team and plot your own best advised course of action always never act on information on any web site not ever – use any source as ONE SOURCE and off set with opposing views to make informed better choices. Always best . My opinion is just my own my free speech opinion I hold for myself.


Hope this helps you think how 7 billion could be full partner nations with no nation left behind if CRIMINAL CARTELS manipulating the price of oil were arrested and oil returned to market rate pricing at 39.00 a barrel – think what economies would do as we all prosper.

THE FEW “AGAINST THE MANY …is insane economics in my opinion.

The MANY FOR THE MANY is the only sanity for cooperative capitalism the final revolution – as competitive capitalism is corrupt and inefficient and Communism is totally corrupt and so much worse.

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PS: As our blog told you all the Kings Men and all the Cartels Arabian horses could not stop the multiple weeks of oil dropping – it is just going down this summer – like we predicted in the spring – accurate economics practiced here for the world of my readers. Spread the word our blog site is exploding with new subscribers thanks .