Like them or hate them they are 72 % of all Consumer buying in the USA and in many other areas. When their earnings are UP and surpassed expert expectations and consumer buying and gas pricing down – impacts markets – you can see why the Fed WILL stop zero based money supply and return to economics and market rates. The world is ready.

ISIS is fueling a war. That is good for economies actually though sad for the world. Look at history.

Through year end big firms are downsizing and cleaning balance sheets for year end. Watch market cycles as firms dump and buy and reposition by the trillions. 34 million smaller businesses are hiring.

The SEC just passed JOB CREATION capital new rules this last month and the flood gates for small business accelerated growth are now WIDE AND FULLY OPEN. The new relaxed 504 rules becomes the actual CROWD FUNDING accessible to every entrepreneur. CEO SPACE Teaches the first class on the new rules Dec 11th Dec 13th and Dec 15th as a bonus option to those joining our REUNION OF THE DECADE program for our membership in 140 nations this Dec. Every business owner should save taxes and get the updates.

DEC is where we slice and dice all the news. For investors. For CEO Planing. For family relationships where CEO’s bring their families to the Holiday SPACE. Teen Feast empowers the young leaders of tomorrow. ┬áRegister at ceospace.net anytime for your party with special price packages for families offered for the Holiday Forum. Join our VIP Monday arrival party live on site at the WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS DEC 14th – we are keeping a light on for you and your family.

We see small business prospering in all the cycles coming while we caution investors to be safe as the 7 year bull market historically must end soon and the bear market moderate values for a time. Don’t be caught short. We’ve painted the information on the risks in our blog as we see them in our own opinion.

We anticipate a Holiday BIG EVENT both from Isis and TO ISIS from Russia. Watch for those events. In fact we believe terror has declared and started a world war. The world is now at war with terror. We are in WORLD WAR III and as with past war it is truly easier to see the war is good against evil. Terror is not the good.

Looking at history, we all have to step up and be counted. In these times coming TOGETHER is the cure for what illness we see. COME TOGETHER at CEO SPACE and your Holidays will be forever enriched.

That is our promise this year and we are sticking to it.

God Bless and Keep you one and all and

Berny Dohrmann