May 1st and the US dollar is breaking out. We reported two economic events on this blog for three years. First we reported a correction to the market peak highs would occur in the Spring of 2018. It has occurred and is occurring.

Second. We reported the US dollar would fall by policy and strategy inside a global trade war, where all goods are priced in fact in US dollar terms. In the Spring of 2018 the US dollar would break out and then soar for a new dominant period in currency realities.

Now that the Dollar has broken out in the SPRING to a six month all time high ( say against the second currency measure the pound sterling ) lets look at the economics.

At the end of World War II there were winners, and there were losers and there were middle ground players. The big winner was the USA. Without the USA no assurance the world would not be a Nazis universe can be made.

The US engaged a series of VICTOR SPOIL issues and uncommon generosities. First the USA by agreement of all world parties at the time, created treaties and financial agreements in which the US dollar would become and remain the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This meant that the strength of the GNP and debt ratio and growth of the USA and its military domination – would secure that the US dollar would be exclusively used by nations to settle trade.

Said another way – there are not enough Swiss Watch and Knife and money brokers in a total population of less than a single America city to propel its currency to WORLD TRADE STATUS. Nor was there enough CIRCULATION of Russia Ruples ( its cities in shambles ) or the EU nations utterly ravished by wars ) where the only global currency, with enough trust, enough depth, enough in circulation already – to settle one day of say FOOD or energy trading was isn fact the US dollar.

This remains the case today in fact.

So nations settle trade with US dollars. If they have to many dollars they have trouble in their trading accounts. If they are in surplus in trading their dollar accounts rise as with China – imbalanced in trade – where it buys from America one dollar and sells into America 5 to 1. The trade imbalance which generates 3 trillion into the Chinese Dollar trade account surplus.

The Dollar was allowed to drop by 80% due to trading partner wars where they manipulated their currency and we did the unthinkable – we let ours fall artificially. This made US trade goods so cheap and their goods ever more expensive. Trade began to rebalance under the DOLLAR POLICY.

Today the trade with America is rising based on Saudi failed oil policy. In 2014 the US in a trade war with Asia let the dollar free fall – the price of oil is made in dollars. Deals were made to let oil rise to 100 dollars and above to offset the drop in dollar prices.

Today America had the OPEC cartel work to kill off its home grown oil industry in Shale. They brought the price of oil down to almost 30 dollars from 140 dollars in 18 months of time. The US let the dollar stay low and topped it further.

Saudi failed its members as America rose from 14 in oil production in 2014 to # 1 world wide in oil production in 2018.

Today the world is pricing the US dollar against our oil valuation which is soaring. This means the US dollar is rising and will rise for twenty years to be the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY AT ITS STRONGEST IMPACT ever.

Trade goods around the world can drop prices as the dollar rises and remain in the game as the recovery continues.

The US dollar RISING makes US goods more costly to buy in off shore markets – the US is returning to premium value.

Every nation wants dollars again in their pocket.

American tourism goes father as the dollar rises when we travel.

We predicted the Spring of 2018 would complete a market correction long over due followed by a run up to 30,000 DOW. We predicted the dollar would recover steadily starting in the SPRING of 2018. We took a lot of flack for these accurate forecasts in 2015 2016 and even last year in 2017.

Only we were right and precisely correct to the quarter.

Long term readers of this blog rely on this information.

New readers are a bit amazed.

The work behind the research to reach conclusions is impossible to share with our reader community. Our teams are tireless on data and seeking forward predictive indicators for each of you. We do this work for you.

The dollar will drop the cost of oil.

Oil will crash to the 50’s and remain there. Keep our prediction in your file to see if we are right on that item.

The dollar will create a USA influence globally, that returns the prestige and the leverage in deal making as part of the US Treasury strategy now the OPEC has been neutralized as a criminal market force on price – a crime against humanity. The oil market normalizing and the trade deals for fair trade normalizing economic account trade imbalances re-tools the US dollar into generational reliable trade account settlements.

There is no other:

  1. Settlement currency with the digital real time VAM – Velocity Accelerations and Momentums offered by the US dollar in circulation globally.
  2. Currency in circulation at required volumes to manage a day of trade settlements – there is no alternative of any kind.
  3. Stability – the currency resides within the worlds leading and largest economy ( by so far it is untouchable for 100 years into the future ) and the currency enjoys the absolute bedrock floor trust of the majority of all nations to make their trade settlements against.
  4. The dollar as a store of value at zero interest rate for a decade is now already returned to market rates of 3% shifting trillions from risk on equities to store of values in DOLLAR based 3% and rising compound store of value returns traditional from the 1900 period forward globally.
  5. Systemic integrations – within digital soaring valuations of trade goos and all asset classes the settlement currency integrated into digital daily automation is the US dollar WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. Changing that bedrock foundation trade mechanism would at systemic levels create a global depression and in fact be impossible in any time frame of a generation.

For this reasons the pseudo economists self profiting from doom and gloom about the US dollar failing as a world reserve currency have had their theories shattered to broken glass in 2018. The US dollar is rising through record highs over the past six months…and in our predictions you “an’t seen nothing yet” as we say in the SOUTH.

Warren Buffet suggests in the middle of the US recession – that – it would be an act of extreme foolishness to make bets against AMERICA.

America within its new tax structure is sucking in trillions of new investment to plant – warehouse – assembly and job creation. All in 2018 and you truly an’t seen nothing YET.

America is THE SPACE to invest capital.

America is the market to profit within first.

Wealth building is “own America first as backbone ” and than diversify.

The US Dollar under President Donald Trump and team has in a year moved from a joke at sit coms to the prestige currency of the world every world citizen wants to hold SOME DOLLARS in their own reserve.

Said another way – in 2018 the Treasury can not keep up on US dollar demand investing. The time to normalize is self realizing – although we suggest go moderately and in longer time frames to anchor your growth systemically.

The risk in the world is debt defaulting by nations – looking in Asia and starting with CHINA as highest risk for a currency collapse and economic depression. Italy Span and Portugal make Greece ( endless bail out Greece ) look like a child’s wading pool in economics. Africa nations rise to the risk terror barrier. Defaults can cascade.

Debt default cascading is digital inter-linked to the entire system – and like a under sea earth quake – generate economic wave tsunami’s that make prior contagion seem like chewing bubble gum by comparison.

If central bank policy ( and it is a huge if ) moderates normalization as the EU just signaled they MAY in fact to – and graduate normalization over two decades versus five years – the expansion growth and “work out” of the DEBT SUPER BUBBLE may be manageable in fact.

If central banks profit their shareholder members – keeping in mind the light bulb reality – CENTRAL BANKS ARE PRIVATE NGO PROFIT MAKING SHARE FIRMS OWNED BY THE BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS THEY ARE CHARTERED BY NATONS TO GOVERN. This conflict is insane economics.


Central Banks in the modern digital interlinked world should have all their processes and procedures MERGED INTO THEIR STATE TREASURY – all debt to them paid off in a new bond class for sovereign nations ( phone Roel Campos at Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC ) – known as SUPER BONDS over 100 year pay backs – so that all nations are in the black and stay in the black economically.

Central Banks are the CAUSE of all global depressions, Super :Crashes and world wars. They and their members profit maximally in the organized chaos. This pattern is insane. This system is the FEW AGAINST THE MANY versus the MANY for the MOST.

Sanity in economics versus insanity.

The crises lay in two areas: Globally:

  1. The crises of social integrity and individual integrity.
  2. The crises of education that perpetuates the crises break down of integrity culturally.

We can fix all of it immediately.

ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS anywhere for any nation in 72 hours MERGES the CENTRAL BANK – say the FED’s 80 page charter ( Obama Care was 8000 pages ) – back into the US Treasury from where congress gave the FED its powers – a huge mistake.

Fix the mistake.

Treasury can run the money supply as it did for 400 years.

THE FED teams – are no accountable and audited. The Fed teams are keeping their siege book and their system models only now real regulation of criminal banks and investment banks takes place.

The world is a better place post merger.

Without that CASCADE of Central Bank Mergers – the historic rise of debt into default cascading for the first time in an AI software digital inter-linked market space – create risk with weapons mankind has never known before.


Sane COOPERATIVE CAPTIALISM systemically is obsessed with improving client customer benefits while making a profit.

Insane competitive communism and capitalism are obsessed with making insider stake holders maximum profits at all costs.

Sanity or insanity?

System reform or on going insanity and greed?

Integrity where systems replace trust or a world of distrust and negation ( the few elites against the many).

IT is simple to fix it all…..but of course given the money at stake it is never easy.

You are receiving a financial economic education on these blog pages no university or school imparts – which sets you free. You are free because you can act in authority and proactive economic wealth building from knowledge. Knowledge is power.

I was mentored by Napoleon Hill himself and by the tribe of the elites in Wall Street and the world economic capitols. I was a master student. I owned a global – publicly traded – investment banking institution that spanned the world. When my father became ill we sold the public institution and took over my fathers global training firm consulting to clients world wide. We in the 1980’s morphed that institution into CEO SPACE such that CEO’s would come to “us” versus our taking their desired work product to them in 27 hour airplane hops around the globe. For over 30 years CEO SPACE has led the industry from top to bottom on CEO currency in leadership – in strategy – alliance building – networking – and B to B success stories.

Our Graduates sign our praises on video as to capital infusions M&A success and IPO legendary outcomes. For decades. Read the blog on CEO SPACE published this same weekend just scroll. It is eye opening if you wish to engage the mentors even you can’t afford only now you can. You should. May 21st. Knowledge is urgent. Knowledge is the priority.

I suggest we do the following.

Lets bet on a long extended financial growth and boom period globally. Lets bet leaders become more sane than insane and cooperation and collaboration replace the insanity of competitive thinking moving forward in a new age of enlightened thinking.

Lets build a SAFE HARBOR from over the horizon economic storm clouds ( from rising central bank now out of control debt spirals in a debt global super spiral that is economically not sustainable ). Lets plan to profit in up or down markets and protect wealth as we go forward together?

Lets make smarter better plans and use a process like CEO SPACE or others you select of equal quality to bring your own leadership current inside a rapidly super changing market space the age of SUPER CHANGEs. To commit to the process you select to prioritize remaining current – keeping plans adjusted to ever more rapidly changing fully globalize market options – where those new options are continually coming into your radar by the process you selected – to BE BROUGHT CURRENT AND TO REMAIN CURRENT as a leader whose stake holders deserve your CURRENCY above all else.

If this all makes sense for you the following took place in our May 1st Weekend Blog 2018 – as we all SPRING FORWARD FINANCIALLY INTO THE LONGEST – RECORD SETTING – EXPANSION of our generation. We helped you to think differently and profit maximally with mind sets that now include:

  1. Your dollar strategy in trade goods now can hedge knowing the dollar is the # 1 oil producer nation petroleum currency and food current and leading GNP of all nations currency.
  2. Your Dollar backed by the full faith and credit of the Untied States ( all of us ) of AMERICA is by far the strongest world reserve economic currency in human history – ever. And so it will remain.
  3. The best managed economic system and the most entrepreneur diversified system on earth.
  4. The envy of the world – outside any press to say otherwise.
  5. Dreams happen everywhere on earth – but dreams happen in less time with less pain with lower cost in AMERICA than any nation – in any history – over 5000 years of human endeavor. DREAMS HAPPEN IN AMERICA AT A PACE NEVER SEEN FOR HUMANS OF ANY CLASS BEFORE OR EVER.

The great experiment of AMERICA is on going – self correcting and evolving to ever improving forms of HERSELF.

With all her great social debates – #metoo and woman full partnership where woman are never to be “prey” with Black Lives Matter where I started with Martin Luther King in my teens – with political economic and privacy on line and off line and rights and human dignity – America the imperfect is always faster than any space always raw open and in public view and accountable – debating how to improve herself. Always.

The pride of AMERICAN’s to simply BE AMERICAN is rising along with our US dollar and its strength and symbol of all the forgoing across the landscape of nations in the world today. America is rising up. American achievements are what the rest of the world is hacking and stealing as they simply can not match or catch up outside the theft as our IP and creation leads the entire world.

Break though upon break though.

Today the report is not about the dollar alone. It is about the soul and the heart space of the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Personally my pride rises most when Alabama beats Auburn but hey I’m a southern Boy at heart.

What is important?

US. We are important. We make the dollar and the strength of the dollar. US.


It is time to walk tall and be proud – no excuses – as we folks lead the free world for a reason of respect and honor. We are not perfect but we open all wounds and we heal them up. WE ARE DESERVING because we do that out front in public and before the entire world.




In AMERICA the pendulum also and always swings BACK as in no other nation upon the earth.

That experiment is on going and personally I remain proud to be a small bit playing contributing partner.

Berny Dohrmann – FOR THE US DOLLAR IN 2018 & BEYOND


PS: My standing ovation to the US TREASURY its Secretary and all the men and woman who make us what we are one dollar at a time.