Since World War II and Bretton Woods the world order operates on one single platform of agreement – large trades between nations are settled in US DOLLARS as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY. This means that if you are the dollar nation you get a discount in buying “everything” because you alone do NOT have to CONVERT your currency into US DOLLARS to settle trade accounts. Also you can borrow more than you make more easily – a fact – economically the USA has been doing for decades and which the USA could NOT DO if it lost that agreement or status.

For this reason the AXIS OF EVIL wishes to benefit in their economies moving forward by taking the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY economic status away from the USA. They do this in stages and phases despite a treaty almost 100 nations signed following World War II to set up the world stability ( system ) on the US Dollar.

The steps you take include:

  1. You lobby the IMF to settle trades with a basket of currency it alone controls taking power from the USA and elevating worth and value for the AXIS of evil membership that have the next to gain currency in circulation with THEIR Alliances. They profit.
  2. They don’t have to pay the USA what they owe in dollars they can use the diluted value of their own crap currency which alone could never fly but the basket formula disguises how awful the worth and value of the basket is against the US dollars.
  3. You form your own settlement bank like China has with Russia fully in with Iran fully in and you settle trade for our energy and goods through that settlement bank outside the world order – IMF and USA because you set up your own new order and you chip away at Bretton WOODS and your winning as your currency the Juan sinks into a sink hole so large there is no bottom to the worth and value of your phony money falling in value in the market. Still your bank is rising into trillions.
  4. You speculate in the market to underwrite Japan’s currency – and currencies that favor the USA and you manipulate USA currency to the extent you can using digital weapons.
  5. You manipulate bond markets setting up a SUPER CRASH in the Future from which YOUR SETTLEMENT BANK is being set up to be the savior with the spin that the FED causes the SUPER CRASH and can not be trusted in the future – eroding trust and confidence in the USA at all levels.

If you read – Kevin Freeman’s best selling works THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN you will have a two book data report on HOW THE 2008 CRASH was the start of digital WORLD WAR III. How the Axis of Evil led by Russia made TRILLIONS no billions of dollars in profit – on the pain of the western nations – almost replacing the old world order right then. The TEST FIRING of the digital weapon was more powerful more immediate more global more of a victory than those that fired the weapon from North Korea could ever have suspected. In fact that test firing allowed the funding of North Korea with increased sanctions to this very day.

WORLD WAR III has started. The WAR IS DIGITAL. In Kevin’s books you will discover that every major critical industry in the USA has been successfully hacked. We have no defense. We have no strategy. We are loosing all the first battles. WE are playing World War III checkers and those who oppose us SET US UP and are playing digital chess. IF we don’t get this right CHECK MATE IS POSSIBLE. The west and the USA could LOOSE.

How does loosing look? Read Kevin Freeman’s works. The President of 100 nations have. All the heads of agencies have read this important work. You can not sweep Kevin’s data proof’s under the carpet. Can not be done. HOW DOES LOOSING LOOK?

Everyone is worried about the next hack. Kevin and I are worried about ten years of hacks and what has been LEFT BEHIND in every financial institution, title firm, bank, and records agencies of nation. Now imagine two things happen in World War III which is the worlds FIRST DIGITAL WAR FARE – and the two items look like this:


  1. First a SUPER TROJAN left on all critical data bases – power grids – transportation – manufacturing – distribution – communication – government local state and federal – financial – such that the SUPER TROJAN is “ACTIVATED. In five minutes all power stops – all computers stop – the internet as we know it stops – no records showing who owns what – who owes what – there is no gas pumping – power is not coming back on – there is no cell service – there is no TV there is no radio there is no anything – and toilet paper is not being restocked to LA nor is food- how long does it take for 300 million weapons to take control?
  2. Second at the same time China or North Korea fires three space based nukes to go off in space over the USA – the EMP burst they create – takes every electronic chip on every imaginable board – your fridge to your flat screen – and no electronic will work again nor will the items that manufacture them – all cars save those without electronic ignitions stop – planes stop – all transportation stops – and it is not starting again and the military is crippled.

Five minutes. Low cost. Winning World WAR III is easy really. Who do we blame? What action could we take? How could we even survive. In fact all our energy and attention would be turned to SURVIVING. As this happened the EU in effect would make deals with the winners and the result would be a new world order – or the EU could be included in going down in the same five minutes and the conquer is complete and the New World Order established in FIVE MINUTES. Read Kevin Freeman’s work as he tells YOU how to create YOUR OWN GAME plan for those FIVE MINUTES because your nation has NO GAME PLAN and no one is thinking one through for you.

This is not science fiction. This is SCIENCE NOW.

If you were in charge of WORLD WAR III when would you fire your next volley? Would you wait until America is strong – six months into the New President? Would you fire in the transition of the Lame Duck in October run to the election a total distraction to leadership and congress about to ROLL OVER – into November and the Holidays – when leadership is hampered distracted and in transition – when your enemy is weakest? When would you fire if just economically to make so much new money before year end on your enemies pain.

You could fire into the ETF Market making trillions by SUPER SHORTING the bubble over heated ETF Market.

You could fire into the SUB PRIME AUTO MARKET second only to housing. With a 21% two month late payment on car loans – deliquinceny up 21% from this time only LAST YEAR – soaring delinquency like HOME LOANS in 2006 and 2007 – you can disrupt the second largest market in economics the AUTOMOBILE MARKET globally by firing into the MARKETS and super SHORTING the money pools near panic on the delinquency of car loans. You’d be safe. You would advance panic in your war fare. You would spread market contagion and panic. You would make enormous profits.

It is so easy. When you fire your SUPER TROJON you have to be all in – as there is no coming back. If your going to kill the king – kill the king – dead – total – no mercy – dead – no recovery – no option to come back – one shot – total – down out and dead – deader than dead. If your going to reset the world order and benefit your people and nation – and you don’t have to do it militarily – you can do it with asymmetric warfare – in fact in modern times ( today ) you wrote the book on asymmetric warfare and its tactics and the West is still obsolete in old tools old warfare models when the world has gone digital. Today the war IS digital and we are the owners of the most advanced digital warfare weapons while the west does not have anti digital defense as our hacks on literally everything from the WHITE HOUSE to the NSA to the DNC demonstrate. Not only can we fire our weapons of MASS DIGITAL DESTRUCTION right up to influencing American elections – the big TELL is what the West does ABOUT IT all – which is – NOTHING.

We can build up a SUPER BUBBLE – making the markets world wide in everything reach unmatched highs – before the SUPER CRASH which will be so much more devastating than 2008 because we built up the BUBBLE ON EVERYTHING versus just one market sector. Now we own the economic playing field and can like playing the game battle field – sink the entire global economic system – and no one will even know we did it. Now that is winning wars folks. Stealth today is digital not the old warfare model you see in Syria.

Thought Syria is important to ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE. With Syria we get to weaken our enemy – NATO – economically. We invade them with 20 million cultural non adaptive – they have to economically drain billions into housing, health care – education – job creation – food – clothes – supplies – and ever rising security draining resources at all levels in all nations. I weaken NATO more than any war and I never fired a shot. My invasion is on going and continuous. I did a coup in TURKEY and I blamed the USA – if I won I was order changing int the Gulf if I lost I weakened TURKEY US relationship and strengthened my own and got Turkey to put draining resources in SYRIA while I control my cost all the time weakening my enemies who are spending fortunes to fight in this tiny country that holds them back for ten years. Draining them. Keeping the attention on ISIS and no one see’s my digital WORLD WAR III is working and that Russia – China – North Korea and Iran are winning – and the rest of the world having no INTEGRATED WORLD WAR III DIGITAL STRATEGY is loosing.

Kevin and I have lobbied for MUTUAL ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS or MARS to offset MADD ( Mutually Assured Destruction ). Without MARS the MAD policy no longer works in asymeticral war fare. Do you see it now? Is it coming into focus.

So the opportunity of timing is the LAME DUCK period from September to March. If they fail to fire their DIGITAL WEAPONS fully upon the WEST in the window of maximum opportunity – it will be much later for them to take this step – and a counter warfare solution may rise up against them in that time fame. Its a risk. A huge risk. The RISK TO WAIT.

If they fire. It takes five minutes. To SUPER CRASH world markets. To totally defeat the West. It takes five minutes and you won’t be reading my blog any longer. That world will be gone to YOU and that world IS NOT COMING BACK ON. No one is turning the power back on folks – not in 100 years. Your world has come to a total end. War is a bitch.

You say – certainly our PEOPLE are working to protect us? READ KEVIN’s BOOK GAME PLAN. It is all about how YOUR PEOPLE have no clue – are not protecting you – have NO GAME PLAN are not now nor in the future CREATING A GAME PLAN and you had better Kevin suggests CREATE YOUR OWN GAME PLAN and SOON. Kevin tells you how to do just that. Brad Thor is writing novels about Kevin’s work. Read them. Their buds and they know what is coming.

TIMING. Opportunity. WWPD? The world is now on task to consider only one reality at the top – WHAT WOULD PUTIN DO?

I’ve laid it all out for you. Will you buy and read two books and circulate them around the world? Perhaps the most important two books ever printed? If your family and your future depend on what is in those two books?

Every economist knows that the 2008 crash was a test of a digital weapon fired at the west. They almost created the NEW WORLD ORDER THEN and their alliance became much more powerful and America far more marginalized from that test firing forward. Japan has been marginalized. The EU is being broken up. The Brits saved themselves by developing their OWN GAME PLAN but they can’t survive the FIVE MINUTES because – they like America lack one cheap easy solution – MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION Kevin Freeman and CEO SPACE have worked years upon – and have master planned out. WE CAN WIN with MARS we can not win without MARS.

Yet no one will support the SOLUTION because of turf and budget wars. So at the top they know this blog is accurate. All of them know. At the top they don’t believe the enemy will fire their asymmetrical weapon because they risk a WOMD response. The enemy is GOING TO RISK the change in world order will be so confusing and technically limiting the WEST brought to its belly will not use WOMD because they have nothing left after either and they won’t want the death level – they will be third world and marginalized as the new WORLD ORDER makes the rules. America will not be able to pay or support its military. Which will dissolve and become fractured .


We have no MARS is why. We can fix that in 180 days but soon 180 days will be too late. It may be too late right now. If I had the opportunity to change the world and the opportunity to change the world was NOW – and I believed in my heart America and the West was selfish – immoral – a failed model and corrupt – would I TAKE MY CHANGE AND MOVE ON THE OPPORTUNITY – a first time in 400 years?

You answer that question yourself. I can only guarantee YOUR ANSWER today is one answer – your answer after reading two short books IS GOING TO BE A ANOTHER ANSWER ENTIRELY.

What can YOU do? You can and you should:

  1. Write your President and law makers to initiate a Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION Strategy with Kevin Freeman head of agency – to secure our protection from ASYMMETRICAL WAR FARE ( they are all well briefed upon).
  2. People power in mass – that works – nothing else works folks.
  3. The press could read the books and JUMP On this more as a Presidential issue – because – PRESS THAT READ THESE TWO BOOKS – interview Kevin Freeman and REPORT marginalize all other issues – because THIS ISSUE TRUMPS all other issues like Mount Everest to a pebble hidden in the grass for what they presently discuss. Life or Death of nations.

READ TWO BOOKS. Its all laid out for you and data can not lie.

So folks – wake up.

Checkers or Chess?

You decide its your future and your now alert to the ONE SUPER ISSUE.

Without MARS the west is toast.

Berny Dohrmann – Inventor of MARS STRATEGY with Kevin Freeman its patron saint – begin to help before it is really too late.