Criminal Opec is a gang of the FEW ( less than say 100 ) against 8 billion souls on earth. The 8 billion need low cost energy – the cost of everything to over come:

  1. Food insecurity killing for no reason by greed 1.4 billion spirits this year alone
  2. Shelter security
  3. Health Security
  4. Economic opportunity
  5. Political stablity

Criminal OPEC is led by the master CRIMINAL sociopath King MBS G 20 leaders sucked up too this weekend.

MBS has ruined his nation. Today after stealing 100 billion from Royals over the past 18 months – he is now raping the money of last resort his own sovereign nation wealth fund. MBS needs oil at 100 to get out of his economic crises. MBS doesn’t care about the 8 billion souls.

Or his own peoples souls.

MBS cares about his economic unsustainable game plan to diversify Saudi off oil in one financial boon doggle after another – sucking up so much in loss now the nations slush fund has to be sucked into the red ink. This following the worst performance of any sovereign nation wealth fund in human memory. Typically of a criminal mind.


Who owns the press you think is fact versys manipulation of information? Well less than 100 Super Money pools own the press world wide. The consolidation of press news, has not gone well for the world of thought. Spoon fed brain washing problem even the Press believes its own lies today.

  1. In American a congress required by law to pass a US budget and who illegally fails to do that job is press passed.
  2. The principle of innocent until proven guilty is vacated by the new criminal press.
  3. The notion of OIL criminal price manipulation is replaced by criminal press with the fraud of Oil stability

The market for oil works like this. There is more oil than the world needs. The supply of oil is being bought by nations say the USA now at 500,000,000 ( 500 million stored half a trillion stored waste barrels no one wants and we keep buying more ).

Supply of oil is soaring with massive new discoveries on land and in the oceans.

Demand for oil is falling off a cliff never to return. Oil demand once rose predictably. Today oil demand hit a cliff – no longer grows at all – and is falling ( forever ) at a rate pace level the press leaves you all with FRAUD on related to the truth. Oil price is double what it needs to be in fair market price. OIL is priced by criminal cartels and the nations of the world do nothing. The pres calls the GREAT OIL SCAM – market stability this weekend. The Owners are making money on the market manipulation. The FRAUD. The OIL CASINO.

Oil needs to crash.

We have stated as Trump telling the criminals to drop oil is not working and the fraud of Putin and OPEC going nine more months with cut backs that supply outside OPEC already over came completely – soaring supply and contracting demand require the price to drop like a stone.

ILLEGAL MARKET SPECULATORS AND MANIPULATORS including all major big oil are FRAUDS and total criminals. The Press resides in their financial lap economically. The owners get richer on the fraud. No one of the criminals cares about the 8 billion suffering.


The world economy is being hijacked by BIG OIL FRAUDSTERS. It is not the FED and interest rates. No. It is BIG OIL FRAUD. The OIL fraud is draining liquidity – core liquidity and critical circulation from the system – via a hidden tax on 8 billion people. And illegal evil unethical immoral GREED TAX by less than 100 Oil criminals at the top. No one in the criminal cartel is stabilizing anything.

The criminal oil evil ones are trying to take oil out of the market to manipulate price much higher by making oil scare which is not by price fixing and oil manipulation. This is not market stabilization as the FRAUD IN BED PRESS reports all weekend as if they wore bed sheets and sat on the Kings 30 something LAP.

The crimes of this group lead the world in crimes and deaths against humanity. No PRESS EVER TELLS THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UTTER OIL FRAUD going on. Why/

Follow the money. You’ll know why.

Follow the money.

Nothing in oil reporting is anything like what it appears to be. It is all smoke mirrors and criminal lies.

There is too much oil.

There is plunging demand.

There is no growth in oil demand.

There is OIL CRASH in demand.

The abuse of the criminal cartel presents a global tipping point for core liquidity as their GREED tips the entire world into a SUPER CRASH depression.


Criminal oil elites – less than 100 folks.

How can this lie be true.

Oh its true.

I call on leaders world wide to influence their press to tell the truth.

I call on TRUMP TO DUMP 1,000,0009 barrels daily from US RESERVES until market price is ripped from criminal cartels. Oil price of 49 dollars would circulate in the second half of this year enough liquidity to keep the expansion going.

If we don’t secure this liquidity I fear that September 2019 will surpass September 2007.

The Press will report what the owners tell them.