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For the second time the THE ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION has taken over Nancy Pelosi total PANIC? Why?

We told you with evidence and details some time back as you recall. Nancy Pelosi ABUSE OF POWER to use politics to IMPLY a crime was committed by Donald Trump involved a CABAL Raymond Redding would be proud to call his own. ( Watch Netflixs ) .Did Nancy break a bunch of real laws, felony laws, and get caught with her CRIMINAL HAND where absolute power absolutely corrupts itself into the EVIDENCE JAR of the United States AtTORNEY GENERAL? What do we know?

  1. We know Attorney General Barr is investigating CRIMES that Nancy and co conspirators committed over years of time.
  2. These crimes include trashing the US CONSTITUTION as . breach of her oath of office and more.
  3. Crimes include misusing Government agencies and working with Criminals inside the FBI to “GET TRUMP”.
  4. To direct and in secret use agencies of nation to get items limited to internal agencies of law to use politically
  5. To mis use such information like a CIA agent under contract and rules of law working in the White House

Is it a crime to conspire for political advantage to obtain CLASSIFIED INFORMATION ?

Yes ( see Snowden ).

It is a CRIME to promote  and to direct – a CIA AGENT working in the WHITE HOUSE who has signed volumes of contracts to protect state secrets and to keep classified information secret too breach his obligations under the law?

YES it is a crime as well as all those who conspired in the crime.

IS IT A CRIME to accuse anyone in America where the innocent until PROVEN GUILTY OF ANY WRONG DOING ( in our nation ) can face his or her accuser and defend the legal correctness of their actual facts under the law? To violate agreements signed by a CIA OFFICER with both the CIA and the White House related to classified information?

Yes it is a crime.

SO what gives here?

Lost in the FAKE NEWS cycles is the multiple attorney general news bites both democratic and republican past leaders of the office of the Attorney General – 100% stating having reviewed the information and evidence:

  1. NO crime of any kind
  2. No impeachable item – while PELOSI  is judge jury and AG on HER CONVICTION BY CRIMINAL SLANDER BY MEDIA


Nancy Pelosi – once again – and knowing what witnesses are being called by Attorney General Barr as the Queen of the SWAMP and also as QUEEN OF THE ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION ( criminal or not ) has DISTRACTED BARR now involved in Nancy Pelosi criminal game plan ( to free herself from JAIL TIME ) is stirring the political versus the legal pot.

Will the CIA AGENT be identified ( of course they will and are today ).

Will evidence come out of the CIA COLLUSION with Nancy Pelosi on classified material – as was the case in her earlier 2016 to today criminal activities all evidence and documented unlike the MUELLER ( another crime of Nancy Pelosi’s ) costing Tax payers 100’s of millions of dollars?

Is it a crime to criminally harassed 2019 to 2020 a sitting PRESIDENT within this scope:

  1. Crime: conspire to take possession of government classified information and use that information to fake news to unseat a President of the United state.
  2. Crime: to conspire with US Justice agency personnel – FBI personnel  – CIA Personnel to attack and undermine policy and work of the current President of the United state in totally unauthorized ABUSE OF POWER USE OF FEDERAL AGENCY’s weaponized to your attack on the active President not once but as a pattern of criminal abuse of powers.
  3. Crime: To violate constitutional required governance and weaponize the BUDGET PROCESS which must be passed each year and which Nancy Pelosi now uses as a political weapon against the sitting President as a CRIMINAL PATTERN OF DERELICTION OF CONGRESSIONAL DUTIES.
  4. Crime: Directing Congressional staff not to conduct the BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE but to use Government money time and resources outside the mandate of the US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to wage war with the President endless fake news charging the administration by investigating CRIMES in high profile criminal abuse of power to target Donald Trumps leadership, donors, friends, family, his sons, his daughter, and his wife, within criminal and mean spirited abuse of powers while you yourself are under serious on going CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION for all these felony behaviors.
  5. Abusing the US Department of Justice as if you were the ATTORNEY GENERAL working in secret criminal conspiracy to direct US justice Personal to provide access to confidential US JUSTICE FILES and to investigate the President illegally, all discovered as crimes by the current US ATTORNEY GENERAL in ABUSE OF POWER not seen since the McCarthy Era in the US Congress.

So facing her own crimes in her make up mirror – Nancy Pelosi prematurely aging in office from all her self inflicted stress now coming back to haunt her – will be a SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE that ends up for life in a US PRISON as the evidence mounts up ( and Nancy Pelosi knows it well ) and the charges are brought  ( which are ..wait for it as we told you some time back ).

Nancy is NOT RUNNING THE BUSINESS OF THE PEOPLE? She is running the SOCIAL DEMOCRAT EFFORTS TO DISTRACT the agenda from HER OWN CRIMINAL INDICTMENT. This is not politics. This is drop my indictment – lets make a DEAL dude – and I’ll stop the impeachment.

Oh you think it is something else? Well you have not invested five decades lobby in the belt way that would be – ah me.

The Beltway I’ve told you and told you – NOTHING BUT NOTHING IS WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE.


Nancy is facing multiple count CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS, as real justice for her many real crimes.

This week Nancy desperate and up against the wall – took the CIA AGENT ( no one gets to know who ) – as that person violates STATE SECRET releasing HIGHLY CLASSIFIED PRESIDENTIAL PROTECTED DATA – A CRIME PURE AND SIMPLE _ as FACTS and makes FAKE NEWS CLAIMS the President of the Ukraine ( so embarrassed with the EU now as his private to the President only remarks where CRIMINALLY MADE PUBLIC from by law protected private classified information for all the right reasons all nations subscribe to – but now ours – in breach of laws  – see PELOSI head of the Swamp SNAKE  ) – which is WHY WE HAVE STATE SECRETS. My blog before this one defined how NANCY PELOSI SEEKING TO DISTRACT ATTENTION FROM HER OWN INDICTMENTS – committed her worst crime yet to DISTRACT THE PRESS AND THE PUBLIC from her own steady as an ice breaker criminal investigation piling an entire room up of real depositions real file evidence years and years of real crimes the worst being this Nancy Pelosi CIA conspiracy to DISTRACT ATTORNEY GENERAL BARR and place him in the middle of the POLITICAL THEATER.

Attorney General Barr and the Congress staff and the THREE LETTER AGENCIES and the PRESS ( Shame on you for not getting this right in FREE PRESS ) are not distracted nor are they fake news to conclude anything other than “NANCY YOUR WORST CRIME YET IS THIS WEEK BABY GIRL DOCUMENTED AND RECORDED – and NANCY PELOSI REAL JUSTICE IS COMING FOR YOU AS AN EXAMPLE TO GENERATIONS TO FOLLOW INTO THE FUTURE.

My reader advice world wide including my journalist press readers – DO NOT BE FOOLED – FOLLOW THE PELOSI DANCING BALL FOLKS THE TRUTH IS THE NEWS THE LIES ARE FAKE NEWS …as time will prove out. I remember when Stormy admitted I never had an affair with Trump – and bam – she went away no one cared anymore – the truth was never headlines to equal the lies. Pelosi knows as a master criminal that crime well executed does PAY in America today. SEE WELLS FARGO BANK.

Nancy has stopped doing the critical timing essential business of the PEOPLE which includes:

  1. Passing a BUDGET required by constitutional law ( annually ) by the House of Representatives. It is criminal ABUSE OF POWER to fail to execute this constitutional required act of the US CONGRESS in total. It is a crime against the people the United States of America. Nancy Pelosi is a constitutional criminal as are all who conspire with her on abrogation of duty.
  2. Passing upgraded IMMIGRATION LAWS replacing the ANTIQUE OBSOLETE laws of past decades. The AGING USA needs immigration – legal immigration – with expanded BOX TOP RULES. The President has begged for this upgraded immigration Law to FIX broker immigration law and to legally define action on those illegal immigrants now in USA. Nancy Pelosi abrogates her DUTIES to the PEOPLE by refusing to upgrade critical suffering to tens of millions while she ABUSES POWER.
  3. Infrastructure: the Fed unmerged back into US TREASURY is TOXIC to USA and Global economic stability.. Only Congressional infrastructure stops the USA sinking into third world status in a decaying declining infrastructure diminishing USA future economic stability and opportunity and real growth. CONGRESS IS THE REASON FOR DECLINING USA ECONOMIC INSTABILITY. Failure to act in time on infrastructure is a constitutional abrogation of DUTY and a crime itself. Russia and China have not undermined USA ECONOMIC STABILITY to match the destructive economic harm NANCY PELOSI is creating as an enemy of the United States of America. The Truth Will Come Out.

NANCY PELOSI in her first week of DISTRACTION TO HER OWN CRIMINAL INDICTMENTS has violated constitutional law just as Snowden has in a full abuse of congressional powers. All of which will rise up soon. Nancy; has Failed. Her impeachment “investigation” is uniting cross over votes into a ABSOLUTE VICTORY THAT IS NOW NOT STOPPABLE FOR RE ELECTION OF DONALD TRUMP – 93% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats oppose IMPEACHMENT – a losing hand for PELOSI – who now does not care about the failed election she can’t impact she cares about DEAL OR NO DEAL – JAIL OR NO JAIL . and that is the one and only deal Nancy Pelosi criminally is under taking as a very last gasp before the CLANG OF THE JAIL DOORS. Wait for it…..



Biden was quick to roll out John McCane ( whom I knew ) this week sound bite – that the Republican Party of today is not the party her husband would be part of? Well John was not part of that party for many years. John voted for social democrats and against the party for years and years. As Biden well knows.

Biden an Obama social democrat seeks to once and for all with Criminal Pelosi driving the agenda – surrender America into long term socialism. Pure and Simple as my prior blog documents from this years 2019 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS which defined the modern Democratic party.

Jack Kennedy pitched my first little league game.

Martin Luther King said grace at my dinner table.

THAT DEMOCRATIC PARTY I KNEW AND I LOVED has been invaded and taken over completely by social democrats on the far far left – communist by another name. These SOCIAL DEMOCRATS – Warren and Biden and Bernie – put forth economics that will bankrupt the USA just like Cuba and Venezuela and really Argentina and any leftest socialist economics – failed economics 100% of the outcome time.


This is creating a war in socialism. Biden is too old – too mentally out of touch – speeches on record players and not knowing what state he is speaking in – JOE ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GO – your just too damn old to be President into your 80’s. TOO OLD JOE and too feeble. Plus you can’t beat your way to the US SENATE let alone to the office of the PRESIDENT.

Warren as we said would BEAT JOE and become the female candidate. WARREN is more socialist than JOE. Warren has zero chance of beating Trump – who even if Trump had stroke and Pence took over PENCE WOULD BEAT WARREN. Warren is the most left leaning Socialist ever to head the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC TICKET. Her minority cabal is loud but insufficient to win office.

WALL STREET MASSIVE FUNDING AGENCY’s said in union on Friday – to the social democrat leadership ( NANCY PELOSI IN DC ) now this is FRIDAY INTO THIS WEEKEND NEWS: THAT:

  1. If you socialists elect Warren to lead WE your donor base at the top will shift to support TRUMP.
  2. Your party is platformed to destroy business models that make our nation truly great
  3. We will back and support Trump who advocates policy supporting US versus social democrat platforms to DESTROY US ALL

The war on SOCIALISM FOR AMERICA is a war being lost by SOCIALIST LEADER NANCY PELOSI AND HER SOCIALIST SISTER DIANE FEINSTEIN FROM SAN FRANCISCO – two prematurely aging socialists in their last gasp for power and agenda – also distracting from their complete economic failure in San Francisco – a city in free fall decline – highest violence murders crime homeless and highest cost city to live in and tax city to do business in – as business FLIGHT out of FRISCO and out of socialist California is now more leaving the entire state than coming in – a red ink deline in tax payer population – and those leaving are the largest tax payers leaving the poor behind – why? THE MOST BUSINESS UNFRIENDLY STATE IN THE USA once the most attractive business friendly state in the NATION. Nancy Pelosi  and Diane Feinstein SOCIALIST TWIN SISTER LEGACY – worst decline of city and state economics on their watch – now also coming to the entire USA on their socialist extreme agenda.

SOCIALISM ! See the 2019 STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS and you will see Nancy Pelosi on policy confirming everything being defined here as the real news only her DISTRACTION MACHINE is fake news shot gunning into the free press.

How much of the Press is socialist today?

You on all sides know that already as answer on your pop quiz.


You get that….here….no fake news here.

The SOCIALIST LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES in the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY will raise up Warren as the candidate of choice. No candidate can win against President Trump. Why?

CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI final miscalculation handed the election to TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE this week from Nancy Pelosi DOSEY DOE – the most failed policy yet – seeking to make a DEAL – drop my criminal stuff and I’ll give you the election and vote on Immigration and Infrastructure.

Be assured – that CLOSED DOOR CLASSIFIED MEETING WITH TRUMP will have no leaks, no tapes, no one will know anything and the DEAL may well go down. Nancy exists office a political socialist hero as does Diane on their last sisterly socialist watch and San Francisco finally gets young switched on turned on leadership – finally – and Trump gets real outcomes to KEEP AMERICA GREAT – immigration and the wall – and INFRASTRUCTURE and the wall which AMERICA needs and a real BUDGET every year he is in office – and Nancy gets her GET OF OF JAIL FREE CARD.

Of it has gone too far way to far and Trump makes the example of Nancy wins back the US HOUSE AND SENATE from social democrat criminals ( now all indicted ) – but – I say but – what is BEST FOR AMERICA really.


That is all from my leaks folks in the beltway of what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE.

I’m sure this makes sense to any informed reader world wide on the TRUTH of it all.

Today the Courts in the DISTRICT of Columbia ruled in Trumps favor on yet another PELOSI directed item. Pelosi directed her socialist tribe to FILE SUIT that Trump should lose the liqueur license for HIS DC HOTEL because – the President lacked character as required by law. The impartial law judge ruled in favor of Trump noting the bias and political nature of a suit lacking all stranding of law. In the 100 plus investigations law suites and Pelosi coordinated actions against the PRESIDENT in Political full out Nuke War Fair as we saw this week – always NANCY IN FRONT ALWAYS CRIMINAL FRAUD AND SLANDERS   – like 100 splines of Nancy Pelosi’s GET TRUMP UMBRELLA ( what rule of law – law does not apply to MEEEE is her motto – I AM THE LAW is her gospel ) – the liquor license political attack is just one of 100 Nancy Pelosi claims on the PRESIDENT TIME FOCUS AND ATTENTION away from duties of office and re-relection. Think about it. Become informed. Do not buy in or be fooled by Nancy game plans to do just that. To you as a voter. It is my opinion Democratic Ideals I cherish myself are dead and buried by party hijacking socialists. When Is ENOUGH ENOUGH FOR PARTY VOTERS? I believe if Democrats vote for TRUMP POLICY versus the man – this one election the socialist will lose control of the party and the party moderates will shift back into control. If the socialist minority continue to control the Democrat party into CRIMINAL FELONY outcomes – the party will be shattered for the 2020 decade. As outcome you can for sure deposit in the political bank. The Democrats are today wildly divided by Felon Pelosi. The Republicans are 93% poll united against PELOSI this week alone.

Forgetting how small and mean spirited PELOSI “IS” truly – I mean a liquer license law suite too – how low does her POLITICAL CRIMINAL LIMBO BAR go in fact ? The courts rule primarily against every single Pelosi rotating 100 items at any time.

Today Friday September 27th PELOSI to PROVE MY FACTS – attacked US ATTORNEY BARR DIRECTLY. She accused US ATTORNEY BAR of a cover up. She stomped that the LAW required immediate turn over of her CIA co criminal law breaker whistle blower report – which shows zero evidence of a crime or anything like what FAKE NEWS IS REPORTING – so typical of Nancy Pelosi. She is DISTRACTING BAR FROM INVESTIGATIONS TO INDICT HER AND HER CO CONSPIRATORS.

Now the core crime and felony is an act of a FELONY TRAITOR to state secrets and classified information. NO wiggle room on that for the CIA criminal – and Pelosi who directed the criminal. BAR is not going to stop moving forward like an ICE BREAKER IN CLIMATE CHANGE to INDICT NANCY PELOSI FOR HER MANY MULTIPLE CRIMES including today on Friday as TRAITOR to the UNITED STATES. Classified heads of states talks are private in all nations and protected by laws. Annyomous whistle blowing idoes not have protection when it is state protected secrets and TREASON. The highest crime in nation possible. A NANCY PELOSI CRIME. The distraction to BARR TODAY AND HIS INDICTMENT PROCESS ON PELOSI FELONIES must be seen for what it is. The last gasp effort to DEAL OR NO DEAL – JAIL OR NO JAIL – as PELOSI SETS THE ART OF THE DEAL TO NEW LEVEL OF THE DEPTH OF THE SWAMP……FOR AFTER ALL PELOSI IS THE QUEEN OF THE SWAMP….THE SWAMP QUEEN. Barr is not amused by her felonies. This week alone.

To the best of my knowledge.

As a political consultant for decades may I set my expert opinion into position as we close the truth here. IT IS THIS WEEK THAT DONALD TRUMP WON THE RE-ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE DO TO BACKLASH TO NANCY PELOSI SOCIALISM FROM WALL STREET TO SAN FRANCISCO – JUST WAIT FOR IT – NANCY SEEKING HER GET OF JAIL FREE CARD – HANDED DONALD TRUMP THE RE-ELECTION – WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD BUT HER OWN VICTORY WHICH IS UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL WHERE CRIMINALS WITH ENOUGH POWER TURN AROUND CRIME ON THEIR OWN DIME. THAT is what is going on out there this week….perhaps you missed it all. My prior blog when the shit hit the fan put the shit clean up truth with sipes out there for anyone tired of the ABUSE OF STENCH from failed leader Nancy Pelosi having harmed AMERICA more than PUTIN XI OR NORTH KOREA EVER COULD. Nancy Pelosi this week committed the real crime of TRAITOR. Ask the President of Ukraine. TRAINOR PELOSI. That is what the PRESS fail to report and that IS THE REAL STORY AND THE TRUTH. AMERICAN TRAITOR PELOSI desperate to get her GET OUT OF FAIL FROM BARR FREE CARD ….follow the truth folks now that you have it.

Yesterday first and RIGHT AGAIN we told you Nancy PELOSI would NEXT attack Attorney General Barr to execute her GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. To throw her political sand and lies into the ATTORNEY GENERAL and attack him as if he was running for office which he is not. If Nancy has to get TRUMP OUT at any cost period or SHE AND HER CIRCLE AS TRAITORS GO TO FEDERAL PRISON FOR LIFE – consider the ALL OR NOTHER – Frame to Barr to make a DEAL. As she knows now she can not win the election. As she tries in FAKE NEWS to make NO CRIME AT ALL a Nixon like felony “cover up” which Trump released it all in 72 hours – no cover up at all – just NANCY LIES to cover up HER TRAITOR CRIMINAL SERIES OF CRIMES. Nancy Pelosi is a pure evil criminal and an enemy to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA to anyone who charts good governance versus manipulations. Barr is not fooled. Barr’s team is not fooled. JUSTICE “IS” COMING FOR NANCY. This last gasp ATTRACTION OF DISTRACTION and full on PRESS MANIPULATION is not legal anything – its political theater to get NANCY AND HER CIRCLE OUT OF CRIMINAL PROSECUTION. We reported all this in our prior earlier in week BLOG NEWS REPORT. I know our readers are tired of seeing this level of accuracy and precision reporting – integrity – truth – no lies but this week into Fridays PELOSI DOESY DOE – we were so RIGHT AGAIN AND FIRST. We hope the grown ups in Congress get mad as hell and refuse to take this sham any further as a total betrayal of governing the nation in time of trade and currency wars. SHAME ON CONGRESS SHAME ON PRESS SHAME ON YOU.

i just returned from 1 40 nation speaking tour in Pakistan a=t eh FUTURE SUMMIT. Outside the USA everyone on all sides see’s all this just as we report here and they all think it is such a shame to witness America losing her core values as a nation.

SHAME ON YOU NANCY PELOSI – TRAITOR TO THE NATION – FOR SELFISH INTEREST – SHAME ON YOU CRIMINAL. This weekend attack on Attorney General Barr was an act of treason. RIGHT AGAIN.


Note: I would not wish to be the “annyonmouss “whistle blower” criminal who breached the USA STATE SECRETS ACT and the CIA contracts and oaths of his office to conspire with NANCY on felonies embarrassing UKRAINES PRESIDENT who came out twice in media ans said – TRUMP NEVER NOT ONCE NOT EVER PRESSURED ME AT ALL IN HIS CALLS – NOT ONCE. Fact.  it is all FAKE NEWS FROM FELONY CRIMINAL NANCY PELOSI real felonies and years of committing them all in evidence today.