Those who predict the future are all right but they are all wrong. Why? Because they are superficial to the market space. A George Soro’s is different. He IS the market space. HE manipulates SUPER CRASHES and profits FROM them which is a form of evil. As an elite, his capacity to redistribute wealth to the masses of humanity does not exist. He and his tribe globally are addicted to power and wealth and their next FIX to their own addiction is their mindless driving force. Economics for them is like playing the child’s digital game MODERN WARFARE # 63 totally addicted to the game. The outcome for their elite power and wealth is how they keep score – against the score to humanity itself. Humanity is loosing. George Soro’s is always winning.

Even he will get his head cut off in the next GREATEST FINANCIAL DEPRESSION.

What will create the GREATEST GLOBAL DEPRESSION? The answer is SUPER DEBT and a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE will generate a cascade of DEFAULTS upon DEBT that will topple the great financial institutions of the world. The ashes that remain will be picked up by massive reforms that will take decades to execute and benefit from.

What is wrong? Competitive capitalism and its box top rules and communism and the box top rules for both failed economic system models.

Why doesn’t someone fix the broken rule sets? Because the world is an economic ship being steered by 271 captains as head of states. Those at the wheel of a state  are not investment banker economists and they do not understand the oceans they sail upon. The decision makers deal with puzzle parts and do not possess the entire picture upon which to make better decisions.

Children scream into the wind that the next crash will be USA based and caused and that the next crash will remove the US DOLLAR as a world reserve currency. This idea is the idea of economic children playing in the sandbox of economics  while wise grandparents have tea and watch from the great oceans of economics.

The last crash was not caused by what you think. The Book by Kevin Freeman THE SECRET WEAPON tells you in great data and detail – which all world leaders know and have read  – THAT – the last 2008 CRASH was caused by the firing of a WORLD WAR III attack on all western markets – all at once – to destroy the financial systems of the world and to create a vacuum our enemies making trillions upon our pain would profit from. The book explains it all so I”ll leave that to my readers to discover.

The next Crash will arrive due to a contagion event, from defaults offshore, due to SUPER DEBT which will destroy the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE worldwide.

The US Currency will remain, the only organized trading currency with a capacity to settle world trades, with integrity. Everything else is silly money. The EU will implode and the EU is already a distressed currency on the way out completely. The Chinese currency is going to fail following years of devaluation where even state controls can’t halt the run out of that currency, and the fall in the value of that currency ( around 80% in a short number of years ). Phony money is not going to replace real money – the US DOLLAR. The assets of the USA make every other currency look like monopoly money you use in a child’s game by comparison. No one is going to bet on the phony money plus there is only one currency with enough circulation enough trust to serve as a world reserve currency – for this reason – alone – the US dollar is soaring in value while every other currency on earth is falling. Those on the wrong side of that bet are losing fortunes and they do not even know why.

What is next? Right now the US SOARING DOLLAR is making trade worldwide for developing nations much harder. Already in recession, the recession is rising as they lack enough dollars to manage their foreign trade accounts. The worth of their own currency is plunging.

This makes paying their enormous debt in the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE fantastically harder.

The USA is going to be stressed with trade too as goods made in the USA are now more costly to sell as every other nation must pay for these goods in dollars and they don’t have those dollars. This crashes US trade only US trade is not crashing as the world is starving for what America has to sell. The USA is entering a huge shift economically due to the reform of its own box top rules from President TRUMP.

Trump is the first person at the wheel of state who better understands global economic reality within a vision of reforms for his own nation to strengthen the USA. The world has a high degree of confidence and trust in this core capacity and because of that, the economics of the entire world shifted on the vote outcome this November. One can not measure or report enough on the depth of this CHANGE for world economics.

THE USA will be the best nation to reside within when the SUPER CRASH driven by debt defaults outside the USA travel like a great financial storm across the entire planet toppling economies all along their path. One must be inside the economic machinery to understand the complexity of credit abuse, extreme leverage, and over leverage, that has driven the core system to bankrupt itself.

There are those who suggest the USA can not pay its debts. Read Chuck Vollmer’s book on this topic JOBENOMICS. The work describes the USA needs to create x number of new jobs by 2020 to pay its bills. Now consider what Chuck did not consider – the USA alone has the “hidden Asset” George Soro’s never considers – known as IMMIGRATION. If the USA sold citizenship for 1,000,000 as an INSTANT citizenship – the debt could be repaid from the ICARD – just because Congress played the ICARD  for IMMIGRATION – where the world’s wealth would buy citizenship – bringing in the most wealthy influential families on earth to home base in the USA with gratitude. No nation has that option which is only ONE that I bring up to underscore that in any future market the USA has options no nation can begin to match.

The USA is a 12% home loan on leverage compared to other nations. The USA has enough food and energy without importing anything to prosper forever without any other nation – and NO NATION ON EARTH can match just that economic foundation. While we hold up the economics of the entire world – we do not need to. We could stop – the economics of the entire world would crash and the USA would prosper mightily. No other nation on earth can even begin to suggest that reality.

Russia has gone from 5% annual GNP to 1.3 % and is now under 1.3 trillion gross revenue. That’s a small country, not a SUPER POWER economically.

China has gone from 25% GNP to 5% GNP in a handful of years. The communist down graph is so startling that one can only assume their bankruptcy is close. Keeping growth by borrowing 300% more than they earn year after year leads to an utter bankrupt nation. This is economic’s 101. China is toast due to failed communist  ruler policy nothing personal.

The developing SUPER CRASH will rise up as the world DEBT BUBBLE crashes at it must – as all bubbles economically must and will and always do. This will be the MOST PAINFUL and global FINANCIAL CRASH of them all.

As is historic and a pattern of the last great depression when the world market became a debt casino.

The last time communication from the telegraph and telephone advanced speculative trading. New technology got ahead of the regulations.

This time digital trading got around the regulations and advanced speculative trading and shadow banking now larger than the financial system in the light. The DARK money is now running the world casino. Soon the table will close and go bankrupt.

No ONE is causing this outcome. The outcome is due to economic system abuse and a failure to RE-REGULATE digital financial market space – keeping in your mind no one steering the ship even understands WHAT is going ON …out THERE  ! The law makers world wide are influenced by the special interest that finances their office the largest being today and in recent periods of time – the world FINANCIAL LOBBIES. Seeking ever more freedom FROM regulation the digital casino capitalism is flourishing until the music stops from obscene leverage. Debt.

The Super DEBT BUBBLE must crash. When it does crash the world will change forever. We have predicted it will crash in the Spring of 2017 and if we Trump honey moon by that period in the Spring of 2018. We doubt it will be later than THAT. Which has remained our forecast now for a year? As our readers well know.

We’ll post to you events that may put it all off – reform the system and re-regulate the system to save it – or to accelerate the time line of the SUPER CRASH.

Given present policies – we see no prospect to avoid the coming SUPER CRASH and the greatest of all world depression. How you prosper in any market is a reason you read this blog.

We KNOW the answers and we are giving them to you – always first.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists sharing my truth with the world