Since Russia entered Syria the world has grown into messy space. Today we have the Violence from Mali to Paris. We have lock downs of entire nations who can’t unlock the lock downs. We have valid threats from Atlanta to Washington with slaughter after slaughter of non combatant ┬ácivilians – woman and children – not as collateral UNINTENDED war consequences – but from fully intentional violation of all human and global national treaties on war fare and war crimes. Not since Hitler ┬áhas the world known equal EVIL or insanity. You can’t negotiate and deal with the insane. Not historically. Not in 2016. SLAUGHTER is what is arising at ever increasing pace levels.

As we begin the Thanksgiving Day Holiday – we see – Turkey ending extended warnings and blocking invasion of its territory by war machines from Russia – we see Ukraine escalating to block all Russian Flights over its air space and cutting off billions in gas buying having gone around Russia. Will Russia lose tens of billions of wealth revenues over a decade or will they invade Ukraine and reclaim Ukraine ( take about a week ). What would NATO do? Is this the end of NATO based in impotency?

In war the goal is to use your superior tools to assure the deaths are not your community but are decisively the other community opposing you. There needs be no more death of EU citizens being slaughter or USA citizens being slathered or African citizens being slaughtered. France and their voice of sanity and leadership suggesting a GRAND WORLD WAR III COALITION be evoked. The prongs of this new model in our opinion would make a once and for all statement. We would envision:


  1. ISIS controlled space, is Nuked in coordinated five minutes of ITS OVER.
  2. One from France.
  3. One from USA.
  4. One From Russia.
  5. Massive Military conventional GRAND COALITION FORCES are moved into Africa and the Gulf and wipe out terror from Lybia to BOKO – using our Nuke Like fire powers to their camps and communities – all in one month of coordinated massive decisive example of what the insane brains cost their own community.

Their defeat is utter and total. Also the idea we will USE OUR SUPER POWERS has expressed itself and we will not permit others to use them without instant consequence – such as North Korea or Pakistan. The WORLD HAS SPOKEN.

We do not need for our innocents to be slaughtered. They opened the INTENTIONAL SLAUGHTER OF INNOCENCE and we will no longer hold back but we will play by their rules. The populations in their communities have CONVERTED and support the insane idea of a MASTER FAITH as insane as a MASTER RACE.

The Holy Spirit that is sane celebrates all diversity it alone created.

The dark force punishes all diversity it can not control outside its insanity.

Cooperation versus competition.

Sanity versus insanity.

The history books show us – never wavering – 100% of all human experience – the cost of appeasement spirals into a cost too terrible to imagine. It never not once has worked. Delays to nip the source once and for all amp up cost in death and suffering by enormous proportions.

We are waiting for ISIS to attack us with weapons of mass destruction. They already have attacked us. Again and again. They have directly threatened mass destruction and total destruction upon us. They are confident they are safe and the SUPER POWERS are ridiculous because they believe we will never not ever “use” our SUPER POWERS.

The GRAND COALITION must use their SUPER POWERS to protect their communities – all at once – all together – so this is largely over and complete in any funded coordinated attack by the insane upon us – in five minutes – because they are not only gone – they are an example they won’t be back on those sites for thousands upon thousands of years. A STATEMENT has been made and a red line has been defined.

The massive collective Muslim and God fearing communities of the world, will celebrate together the cooperation that will define the coming centuries for our unborn generation. Allowing a spiral in cost of world market security – personal security for communities – and a spiral into a diverted World War III where a GRAND COALITION IS IMPOSSIBLE.

A ground war against ISIS is fighting Sadam’s best general and best trained and equipped armies with new resolve – crazy insane religious fervor – and billions in income – all stopped with three strikes to suggest THE WORLD IS NOT ANGRY AT HELL AND WILL NOT TOLERATE INSANITY TODAY we are too connected not to celebrate our differences – those who punish differences will be deleted from the world landscape with love and forgiveness for all. Poof. Boom.

And OUR citizens do not suffer and dire by potentially the millions. Failure to act is not going to resolve anything. The cost in lives and economic threat to the entire world fabric is spring into WORLD WAR III as this Blog has repotted since 2008 and the financial crash – when the digital weapon was used for the first time on world markets – starting WORLD WAR III which began on line and continues on line. We are loosing.

War is awful. Denial is insane.

We are IN WORLD WAR III now. It is spiraling. Everyone knows it.

The crises on our side is LEADERSHIP.

Leadership itself.

Leadership collective vision.

Leadership cooperation.

Leadership into the French inspired GRAND COALITION.

We place these thoughts for debate to the world stage.

A solution is in least time least cost of life to remove the insane and their growing powers from the world stage is the end goal. HOW is the remaining question the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP globally must now come together and resolve.

We suggest a WORLD WAR SUMMIT with all the sane powers their leaders and military decision makers included to resolve behind closed doors the GRAND COALITION.

The time is takes to forge a GRAND COALITION because the Crises of Leadership lacks VISION FOR A PROCESS is going to cost the world what could be the worst humanity cost in recorded human history. We are going to WAIT until ISIS buys a North Korean Bomb? Or a black market weapon and uses it? So we can say – they started it? PLEASE.

Presenting just that cost to us – given their clear threat to slaughter all of us collectively – is enough. WE CAN USE OUR SUPER POWERS IN SELF DEFENSE WHERE IN FIVE MINUTES WE NO LONGER HAVE A THREAT REMAINING LIKE ISIS IN THE WORLD. No organization. No leaders. No financial fuel. All gone. Five minutes. No death for us. Minimum death for the world. The world order is collectively protected and that act of and in itself will forge the GRAND COALITION PROCESS that will resole other issues between the sane versus the insane.

COOPERATION resolves the crises in leadership where all competition is INSANE. As we are seeing.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE thinking out loud for world leadership


PS: Forward this blog to law makers and influence partners to define the matrix of options that flow from the debate – the gauntlet is now before the leadership stage. This Thanksgiving I give thanks for forging a GRAND COALITION ( THANK YOU FRANCE ) AND RESOLVING THE ISSUE ONCE AND FOR ALL sooner than later. Anonymous you might place this the right hands to resolve the crises in leadership you are helping to fill a void into.