When one of the larger financial law firms, representing the wealth of bankers hedge funds and private equities curriors my blog over to Federal Reserve Chairman Powell yesterday what occurs? We’ll see. The incoming is ferocious over there. The horse ( Powell ) riding into a financial sand storm an ECONOMIC CLIMATE CHANGE SAND STORM my freeze and fail to drink up at the one oasis ( my data ) or freeze up and turn back to be comforted in the old antique data pools which is fatal for economics in the climate change sand storms we are facing today.

My hero Schuller University economist unable as yet to grasp his core economics are in fact failed modeling. A new and increasingly SUPER RISK to the global system, fully unregulated, SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY now is in control of economics and economists, nations, and central banks are driving around in Model T Ford economic theory, applying theory, rules, and all the models in their 1930’s to 1980’s books from economic theories all proven wrong starting with Friedman, under emotional capital stressed by the SUPER CHNAGE itself they do not understand or know. Comforted by “that is the way we have always done it” a killer mind set inside SUPER CHANGE only ever accelerating. The pace of the change in economics is accelerating beyond decision makers on policy ability as they all lack capacity and competency to adapt into an entirely new economic paradigm.

Soon economists and policy makers will divide into two mind set camps. The minority but increasingly powerful who embrace SUPER CHANGE and forge THEORY FOR THE NEW ECONOMY to which new box top regulatory frame works will follow. And the old economists who defend nothing IS new in economics and in fact AI ECONOMIC CAMPS are lunatics as one side loses POWER and the other side GAINS power because the TRUTH can never be contained forever. The Earth is not flat even if the telescope is locked up in a tower for years with his proof – by the Church and the State for his herotic believe – which as the TRUTH. We are like that – we are bat shit crazy. Look around.

So the greatest danger since the GREAT DEPRESSION to the core financial system is rising past all matrix that destroyed the core system in 1929 and at speeds and super leverage – digital leverage never seen before. What has caused all this risk to the core system? We’ll tell you:

  1. Systemic consolidation of wealth – from 1.5 million Super Money pools world wide over two decades to less than 10,000 super money pools.
  2. AI digital economics – the circulation of fantastically leveraged capital globalized circulations is now exceeding 400 trillion dollars ( Former Secretary of the US Treasury economic reporting ) outside any known regulatory frame work so fast was the SUPER CHANGE to core economics since 2007’s first digital weaponized state attack on global financial infrastructure.
  3. Sovereign nation unsustainable DEBT LOADING – no one has a solution for outside CEO SPACE which is working to execute a new class of bond into the market for Sovereign Nations, known as SUPER BONDS depicted on this blog page if you SCROLL and BOOKMARK – that adds the critical new asset to digital economic super change – TIME where the bond is outside speculation and is a first new digital stable wealth holding bond class – resetting the debt loading to sovereign nations before defaulting by sovereign nations triggers SUPER CRASH and system destruction as liquidity is removed from the system at time frames we have never seen before.
  4. The AI economic system of today – an entirely new economic system rapidly evolving with trillions being invested in the AI super change – AI TEACHING AI – moves capital out of nations and banks in CLICK RUNS outside any nation or central bank frame work for regulatory oversight of the new velocity acceleration and momentum VAM ECONOMICS we now find ourselves swimming within and no one as yet see’s we are all drowning nor has anyone invented yet a life preserver outside OUR SUPER BOND THEORY on a solution near term.
  5. AI ECONOMICS are speculating in a casino capitalism illegally manipulating every asset class to levels, using fantastic leverage underreporting leverage, to PR ratios way beyond the distortions of the 1929 Super Crash and GREAT DEPRESSION forth mix. Today all asset classes are in the rising froth and the spiral upward in price without inflation is a DISTORTION as in the GREAT DEPRESSION from loop holes and go arounds to regulations. The side betting in CASINO CAPITALISM became multiples to the real economic investing – developing an out of global central bank and regulatory structures of nations to adapt into. The digital version of the 1929 casino capitalism is far worse, far faster ( AI FLASH TRADING ) , VAM INDUCED, leveraged at levels 1929 never imagined, and driven by mindless non human GREED programing the world has never seen or known before in the first place.

In the old economy reading their rule books ( I remind readers I am an investment banker economist one of less than 50 alive who have run global, publicly traded, New York and San Francisco home office, investment banking institutions with thousands and thousands of brokers world wide. As with the Farmers advertisement we often quote here our tribe knows a thing or two ). Having founded a 31 year old 150 nation, leading voice for small business for 31 years, our CEO’s across the world are united in awareness AI economics is new and replaced all prior modeling and theories. We are now flying blind in global economic circulations of 440 trillion leveraged dollars in all markets, without central bank or nation regulator control. A entirely new economic G 100 regulatory frame work is required of the G 100 nations. The process to develop this new frame work requires cooperation as humanity have never expressed it before. We outline that NEW FRAME WORK as blue print for world leaders in the WORK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION first released to the world in 2010 – five stars and backordered on Amazon ( global best seller ) Day ONE. We invite our readers to buy the hard copy and encourage others in you buy the hard copy as this work is best read slow with underlining and margin notes. Your THINGS TO DO PAD should be by your read. REDEMPTION READS “YOU” AS YOU READ REDEMPTION. Redemption is the virus removal tool for the competitive error code residing in your mental software today loaded by those you no longer know nor can no longer remember and controlling your decision stream more than you realize as to outcomes you truly do not desire or require. Do you know a work that is back ordered from date of release ten years later still backordered. The prequels are coming SUPER CHANGE – how to remain relevant and current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE your Holiday gift to best clients and your family CIRCLE – SUPER CHANGE a fun read – with punch – and DIGITAL MANNERS an explosive future look moving backward from 2050 with SUPER CHANGE from VAM no one imagines as immediate and the dark ages of digital without digital manners – of 2020 the year of the book and the movie. Wait for both.

Being a model T Ford obsolete economist like Schuller, who has almost a 100% inaccurate prediction record against say our 100% accurate forecasting record one can see the problem. Schuller resting on old economic theory no longer relevant in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE concludes today in the press – that the Fed using older antique economic dusty books and theories as in the library of GAME OF THRONES, raise interests this week. The Economics of a Schuller tribe see taking froth out of the market ( inside the slowing worst recovery in history – never seen before weak recovery stats world wide – and now slowing like disk breaks on full – with deflation running the markets – central bank infusions of tens upon tens of trillions of dollars globally now controlled and circulating not by central banks but by AI ECONOMICS, where there is no inflation – there IS DEFLATION – and when the FED says the TRUTH…..WE CENTRAL BANKERS DO NOT KNOW “THE WHY” – they are telling the world – they have lost all control – they do not have a clue – and the world market unregulated today is out of all control.

Schuller has joined our NEWS HERE more than once – starting as we stated with clear compelling hard data – the matrix economics of price earnings ratio’s, system margin trading debt, leverage in institutions and nations, and speculation inside an AI now casino capitalism is worse than 1929 across all charts and all graphs and much worse. This terrible condition if not reversed gets much worse before it kills the core system. We both conclude this trend is not sustainable economically or globally. The interlink between risk assets and debt assets is unlike the GREAT DEPRESSION so the entire system collapse will spare no nation at all. We both report that economic core system abuse is on going and under all rules of economics – old per computer rules we have on our books today – and AI rules no one has rules for at all – both operate in the oxygen rich environment that spawns economic contagion fire storms as abuse of core economics must always one day rebalance. We both agree on that. Today the 1929 risk mountain looks like Mount Shasta localized largely to the USA and some advanced EU nations. Today the risk mountain is higher than MOUNT EVEREST makes Shasta look like a speed bump risk – and AI economic earth quakes are raising the RISK MOUNTAIN by the quarter not by the month or year. Structured asset super money pools and super duper money pools are being created and monetized too rapidly for regulatory agency oversight. We at nation and regulatory level have SUPER CHANGED INTO AI ECONOMICS too rapidly for human beings to adapt into. We are now exceed our capacity to adapt to the Super Change we ourselves created. SUPER CHANGE and our systemic adaptation into SUPER CHANGE is the defining 5G core shift in C suite leadership of the future. My new BOOK SUPER CHANGE defines the new game boards and how leaders are scrambling to restore currency and relevancy to the future unfolding in ever faster accelerating SUPER CHANGE. Things are not going to slow down and return to a new normal we human’s can adapt into. Things are vastly accelerating and the acceleration speed of SUPER CHANGE is going warp speeds. What we have to as human beings do is calm down and become far more objective in our decision making. If we lack that perspective Super Change as our NEW AGE we can never get out of makes all who chose to remain – non current – obsolete.

Today Capital ONE had the largest HACK in banking history? Why? First the Fed and CAPITAL ONE failed to hire XTREME SOLUTION of Atlanta to protect them a friend and mentor to CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL, protecting all Homeland Security agencies for a reason. An insider who worked for Amazon a lead engineer completed the HACK of over 100 million customers accounts through access SHE ENGINEERED INSIDE AS EMPLOYEE – A CORPORATE SNOWDEN TRAITOR TO AMERICA IN TRADE WARS for greed. Now indicted and out of the game altogether and fast. Limiting damage. Still BANK ONE’s wealth and stock where AI punished 5% crash in one day so far. Phylis Newhouse owner and Ceo of Solution Stream would have if engaged – assured – no hack. As today the human capital is equal in importance to AI. Today self learning AI must protect AI software. Human Capital AI monitored and enforced are required to assure no internal data breach – the new trend – INSIDERS. Why? Old pre 5G where it all gets worse – models that failed to adapt to AI SUPER CHANGE. Today firewalls need to BE AI 24/7 UPGRADED in real time by the nano second and human capital needs to be monitored 24/7 by AI on all access points with internal cultures of SECURITY that place systems replacing trust. Without the advanced tomorrow 5G today system security EXTREME SOLUTION presents to its customers ( # 1 Security total solution enterprise in the world today – generations ahead of competition ) – explore your security as job one with Phylis and her team. Tell her Berny sent you BY banks – private Equity – Hedge Funds and Fed offices. You deserve our best today. Or your Capital ONE – today . Just wait for it……now you know.

Schuller says RAISE INTEREST RATES. This is like a tool mechanic who just KNOWS how to fix the value on the six cylinder flat head Motel T Ford. An expert and it always works as the fix is laid in. Now Schuller is beamed up the engine room of the STAR SHIP ENTERPRISE ( NEW AI ECONOMICS EVOLVING FASTER THAN SCHULLER CAN EMBRACE REALITY FOR – HIS OLD MODEL T FORD IS ALL THAT HE KNOWS ABOUT TRANSPORTATION SO FAR SUPERIOR TO A HOSE AS IT HAS SIX CYLINDERS AND SIXTY HORSE POWER ) . Schuller looks around at the STAR SHIP ANTI MATTER ENGINE PODS DRIVING THE WAR DRIVE DUEL MOTOR SYSTEMS. No one else is present. Schuller seeing in his mind only a model T six cylinder flat head proceeds to pick up his greasy tool box, as he begins the one thing he knows how to do – take off the flat head – and he unscrews things he has no clue how THEY WORK or the consequence of his placing MODEL T Ford Tools and tactics upon an AI SUPER CHANGING NEW ECONOMIC SYSTEM.The paradigm shift is so complete, so fast, so rapidly SUPER CHANGING every quarter that denial of the mind it even exists at all is the only refuge of real safety. WE KNOW BEST BECAUSE ( DANGER STRANGER ) THAT “IS” THE “WAY” WE HAVE “ALWAYS” DONE “IT”. Today Schuller holding his out of theory models does just that – raise interest. Why is that a system risk killer at these VELOCITIES ACCELERATIONS AND MOMENTUMS GLOBALLY – VAM?


The Federal Reserve Board agenda Weds and the follow up speeches in August are in our opinion the most important policy moment in global economic history since 1929. We will see if we are correct as our teams across the entire world see it. With enormous numbers of small business owners and professionals – the back bone of all economics reading and watching these posts viral spreading across the world today.

The Fed Outcome PRIORITY Matrix for WEDS:

Priority # 1: The Appearance that the FED is now in full control, is ahead of the Super Change, and has regained its confidence rule as the source of GLOBAL MONETARY POLICY within a new age of AI economics. AI INTEGRATED ECONOMIC POLICY provides the NEW STRATEGY rapidly evolving in the FED that secures the CONFIDENCE THE FED NEEDS. A wrong choice Weds and incremental is a wrong choice – leaves the world confident the FED has lost of all control fo AI markets. Fed confidence being shattered by the 10,000 money pools leaves them and their side bets in control of casino capitalism far more dangerous to systemic collapse than 1929 as a risk elevator to the basement floor. Do not push the wrong button. The FED NEEDS CONFIDENCE RESTORATION GLOBALLY ON WEDS. We know of no option outside our suggestion and our why to restore that CONFIDENCE. There is no higher priority for the Central bankers of the entire world.

PRIORITY # 2: The Fed needs to decisively restore its control over now super changing AI global markets. The Fed in doing so must hurt those manipulating the US dollar and cost them sufficiently to assure bets against FED POLICY or forcing FED POLICY are LOSS BETTING AT FANTASTIC LOSS LEVELS. The Fed in taking decisive action – two half basis point lowerings by Christmas into a traditionally destabilizing¬† nasty 4 billion dollar USA election year insure growth during that year and SET A PATH BACK UP IN INTEREST RATES reversing its path at optimum post election time frames. To do this NEW AI ECONOMIC INTEGRATION FORWARD POLICY SAYS – we see the NEW evolving AI economics and we are returning regulatory agency to that market place with our OWN AI. Confidence factor. The FED also needs to define its strategy is to FOLLOW TRADE WAR DISTORTIONS BY CURRENCY MANIPULATION NATIONS WITHOUT NAMING EVEN ONE – to instruct the market in TRADE WAR WITH THE US DOLLAR the FED HAS A FULL HOUSE WITH ACES HIGH AND THE TRADE WAR MANIPULATORS HAVE TWO TWO’s AND WILL LOSE IF THEY FAIL TO MAKE INTEGRITY COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC DEALS. THE FED WILL HAVE NO MERCY IN KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN AND THOSE MANIPULATING OUR DOLLAR ARE STARTING WEDS BIG TIME LOSER BETS FOR NATIONS AND THEIR INSTITUTIONS – HUGELY LOOSING.

PRIORITY # 3: The Trade War monetary policy will be replaced with a 15 year graduated normalization market with a POLICY OF AI INTEGRATED ECONOMICS to assure that NO NATION IS LEFT BEHIND. IN the NEW SUPER CHANGING AI ECONOMY “TIME” itself is the missing asset to graduate normalization of all monetary policy as the entire world recovers together. This POLICY requires urgent TRADE WAR assets from the US CONGRESS ( Placing focus on Congress not the FED ) to execute a CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR THE WORLD AND FOR AMERICA. The economic stability of the entire world order in massive shifts from TRADE WAR to a new better economic game board, to Britt EXIT and asset price manipulations, that CONGRESS PASS in 2019 massive USA INFRASTRUCTURE reaching to invest over 25 years in defined five year tranches the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD WILL HELP YOU legislate beginning in 2020 for jobs and global economic prosperity. Second a new by Christmas IMMIGRATION LAW that is merit based and opens our boarders for legal desired immigration to contribute into our booming prosperity leading all nations into prosperity. Finally a 2020 legislation package fixing entitlements and long term health care reforms for all our people in private not socialized medicine, and using SUPER BOND THEORY to reset USA debt as an example to the world how TIME is the asset in new world economics.

These Policies set the TRADE WAR – rational for decisive Fed action not slowing economics – as economics are coming in after CLIMATE CHANGE WINTER just as we suggested better than the experts told us all. They no longer KNOW whats up in NEW AI ECONOMICS. We were first to define the new AI Digital Full Leveraged Super Changing paradigm shift of core global economics. The majority of policy makers remain in denial of what they can see in the mirror on data.

These Policies set the PATH BACK UP TO NORMALIZATION but graduated over 15 years with no urgency in normalization as TIME is the ASSET that heals all antique debt loaded leveraged influenced casino capitalism we reside within. The leaders and policy makers deny one truth of new AI super changing economics;


Laws are blue sky local to natons…all trades are in the cloud outside those laws…

This means AI ECONOMICS rapidly super changing and evolving has no there there – and no one has new rules to regulate AI economics. To regain control in tax, trade, and no nation left behind speculator removing new legal frame works of global regulation required for AI – the G 100 need to set up a new regulatory frame work. The Central banks and the regulatory agency of the SEC and it counter parties require the largest BUDGET ( INFRASTRUCTURE 101 ) UPGRADING INTO AI REGULATING AI IN REAL TIME – regulatory agencies have ever known to date.

The regulatory agencies are with antique modified since the 1930’s tools set up to manage paper trading, without capacity to regulate the new digital frauds, hacks, rip off’s and market distorting criminal trading, without massive new AI RESOURCES and a G 100 INTEGRATED ECONOMIC STRATEGY our Central Banks need to drive home – they got this – today and direct congress to urgently at. Why the urgency:

Economic Prosoperity “IS” National Security

National Security is FED POLICY WEDS. Get it wrong and the potential of a systemic collapse from Sovereign Debt Defaulting soars through the roof. Get it wrong and nations struggling with DEBT TURN OVER default. From Italy to Turkey and the cascade drains liquidity into LIQUIDITY EVAPORATION DAY ( all sell no buy ) and AI crashes the entire system – look ma no humans involved what so ever – first in our economic history. Why? Toady the economics are new and super changing and the policy makers are in denial an entirely new economic system has been born by AI. Our national security depends on our prosperity to fund it.

Without that sustained prosperity we trying to catch up ( which is why INFRASTRUCTURE at 10 to 15 trillion over 25 years is so important pegging tranches to GNP growth in the new AI ECONOMICS ) yes we can afford that easily as the returns on investment and tax base self amortize the costing – as no other spending potential. NATIONAL SECURITY includes AI at country state and federal levels to stop the data theft hacking and invasion of our power grids, water systems, and related infrastructure residing on 286 computer software in an AI hacking world. OUR NATIONAL PROSPERITY IS AT TOTAL RISK FROM DIGITAL WEAPONS until we 5G upgrade it all. PROSPERITY IS NATIONAL DEFENSE STRATEGY AND FIRST PRIORITY OF AI DIGITAL PROSPERITY. Breaking up our leading IT firms is economic suicide – new AI regulatory frames works are needed – work with them and grow them and keep and retain our AI leadership at all cost as a NATIONAL DEFENSE AGENCY. NATIONAL SECURITY IS FED FIRST PRIORITY – KEEPING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN no matter WHO is in the Presidency as that is not the issue at all.

The Fed CREDIBILITY revolves around a decisive leadership WE ARE IN CONTROL NEW POLICY. Why?

  1. The 10,000 Super Money Pools via Super Changing AI controls over 94% of all circulations world wide. They believe the FED in antique – increasingly marginalized – out of any control of monetary policy – and lacking capacity to rise up into any form of global credibility the market would itself accept as NEW NORMAL.
  2. Perception and Appearance Weds are critical to the FED rising to control global monetary policy and directions or to further marginalize the Fed into a largely irrelevant economic agency creating more harm than contribution, obsolete in its capacity to lead in new SUPER CHANGING GLOBAL ECONOMICS it by policy denies exists in the first place. Today up to Weds the FED and unintegrated CENTRAL BANKS are seen as a joke by the OWNERS. The Fed knows this.
  3. Deflation will take decades to defeat. Failed states are risking DEBT DEFAULT IMPLOSIONS and higher interest rates remove TIME to remedy these systemic core risks – China – Italy – Venezuela – Argentina – Turkey – any domino tipping can set off the SUPER CRASH and there are so many others. TIME is the NEW ASSET OF POLICY. the Fed returning to PERCEPTION OF CONTROL TO PREDICT OUTCOMES Is the one essential on Weds that any mis fire upon may doom the FED to remain fully marginal beyond remedy to the SUPER CRASH system destruction their very own policy failures created in the first place.

We are cheering for the FED on Weds.


Reassert global control Weds.

Marginalize and lose control forever.

Quarter Point incremental policy in TRADE WAR as Trump noted is cowardice – safe – and fatal to the core system. Watch.

Multi quarter point marches down break and shatter CONFIDENCE in Fed Policy assuring the 10,000 Super Money Pool OWNERS the FED has lost all control of markets.

They will speculative drive asset class bubbles into that policy to systemic risk never known before in history.

HERO BRAVERY IN NEW AI INTEGRATION ECONOMIC POLICY Weds chills the OWNERS – we know what you are doing – we are executing NO NATION LEFT BEHIND POLICY – we will force your lending into real economics for small business by year end – we will relieve DEBT STRESS BURDENS of institutions and sovereigns decisively – we will punish trade war betting against the US DOLLAR ( driving it artificially up to destroy USA trade accounts ) and we will not stop until YOU LOSE.

Now that – ties POLICY to globally fully integrated AI economics and that new policy sends the chilling message to TRADE WAR CENTRAL BANKS you are now fully engaged.

Stature Confidence and TRUST in the FED back in global control again versus marginalized is a policy of our own and our allies NATIONAL SECURITY AT CORE – ITS THE ECONOMY. Its leadership. However in denial of a new AI economy:



    Weds we see the most important policy speech – thumbs up or thumbs down from 10,000 super money pools that dictate who will control economic forward into August monetary policy – the OWNERS or the FED central banker regulators. A mis fire and the real jig is up forever – on Weds. Which is our WHY to convey to POWELL options that may in fact be the horse backing up from the rich cool waters of the truth as they turn into the climate changing economic super sand storm – of that is the way – hey – we have always done it. Burying their head in the six cylinder flat heat Model T Ford with tools they know so well – which when applied to AI SUPER CHANGING NEW ECONOMICS are in fact fatal to the core systemic which has because it is AI today….simply….no mercy what so ever.

Strangely as the data and deeper dives into all this are economists jargon we try and simplify on our news reports to world leaders and the OWNERS who read this blog – all small business owners in our 200 nations of readers today – by vast majority from your comments and emails – you get this – you own it – and I”m sure it puzzles you all on WHY institutional leaders are so slow to adapt. Paradigm shits – the world is round not flat – take 100 years to embrace with world leaders and faith leaders embracing – that IS the way we have always done it. SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP BRAINS are not yet turned out by education – Branson, Zuckerberg,¬† Elron Musk, Steven Jobs – I coached – are new brains adapting on their own.

SUPER CHANGE BRAINS are brains who learn faster – unlearn even faster – and relearn faster than both. Super Brains are the new GOLD COMMODITY in leadership C Suites. Old brains hold dominant programs in the new unfolding super changing age we reside in today – in comfort to their old antique brain software challenged by the super change – but that IS the way we have …always done it. Change resistance is now a SUPER RISK to institutions and nations. See Pan Am airlines – or Toys are US – see Kodak with 90% market share of film – see CIRCUIT CITY ( oh you can’t ). See SEARS and slow adapting retail dying and 5G adapting retail thriving. One hour delivery.

Some of the most change resistant software brains on earth lead economic policy. if we fail to upgrade leadership software in TIME we lose our entire paradigm which is dying and being replaced with or without them. As President PUTIN so correctly stated – they who control AI will in fact CONTROL “THE” ENTIRE WORLD. Putin is quite sure his tribe is way ahead of the USA in SUPER CHANGE THINKERS.

While true WE SUGGEST – we have proven how quickly we can catch up and pass you in a finger snap.

YOU MAY JUST SEE THAT on Weds as the Fed noodles out their options.

You will know them by their works – thumbs up and thumbs down. If they take the coward antique policy way forward the markets will take all remaining control from them forever. A relic of AI SUPER CHANING GLOBAL ECONOMICS central banks died within failing to re-asset command and leadership.

The GOLDEN KEY – INTEGRATED AI GLOBAL ECONOMIC POLICY platforming – and SHOCK AND AWE economics on Weds to the manipulators in our Currency markets factoring in one quarter drop – where they are short to profit and then maninpulate back up because their loss accounts as not fully truncated by a full point drop – my preference in economic war then HOLD into 2020. BEST POLICY of all and highly remote to Weds.

FED helps the USA secure prosperity and win the trade war…..or they do not help.


Why: A 1 Point interest Shock and awe down leaves TRADE WAR digitized long and short on dollars – in a margin call stress position and resets the TRADE WAR for the the USA Team in China today. If they engage old economic policy focusing on the global economics, versus the trade war weapons being used against us – we make winning the trade war so much longer so much more costly and we may lose. Why? The Fed policy error as a WHY you now understand …that is the way we have always done it. We lose. This week major leading Banks in America from City Corp to Morgan are under criminal legal price setting government legal cases related to MANIPULATING AND SETTING CURRENCY – which is not only criminal and profit making by fraud but is in TRADE WAR exploding economic weapons under our nation and its people. At some point the FED has to DECIDE – KEEP AMERICA GREAT or KEEP THE BANKS UNTIL THEY BREAK. Weds we will KNOW the FED decision – WE THE PEOPLE or The Criminal Bankers and criminal profit making by market manipulation the 1929 depression never ever saw coming…….2020 we have what they never saw….and the public as back then…has zero clue of their own mortal economica dangers – outside our readers. You know and you now what SAFE HARBOR will protect you – just scroll.