Do My Readers on one global principle: The PRESS loves to REPORT on the most negative spin to everything – world wide?;

Filling up your mind in an ocean of good news – solid optimism’s – with software of the mind of little water by ways of negative whirl pools that have zero effect upon the SEA in which we reside together upon in safe calm waters today?

Take a mental vacation from all that bad news – all those little whirl pools. Now ask yourself – in integrity:

  1. What news item this year has effected your business profit and circle and world really? None? Not really?
  2. How well and solidly are you doing?
  3. Do you realize your inside the best global market of any adult’s entire life time?
  4. Do you wish to limit the whirl pools you steer around and away from and focus on sunshine sailing into 2021 in calm seas?
  5. You bask in record wealth in real estate stocks bond and all asset classes and NO END IN SIGHT no RECESSION.

Will the markets close at 31,000? For the first time in Human History? It has a strong YES possibility for all of us. The sling shot of economics that come from:

  1. Trade war turning into TRADE DEALS – Japan – South America and China for starters and more on the way. HUGE !
  2. Return of business investment from the TRADE DEALS replacing trade squeals.
  3. Return of manufacturing at a low today and only up is what comes next as trade deals create manufacturing deals.

The state of the world economy is strong and due to central bank management and national stimulations is only getting more robust. The 5G revolution and FOUR BILLION DEVICES upgrading in 2020 and 2021 is an entire recession proofing economy in its own right. AI economics on circulations is new and promises a long term expansion like the entire planet of communities and nations has never known before due to the entirely new AI economics we call INTEGRATION.

To year end we suggest to all our readers 60% outside the USA that:

  1. You invest in success as never before
  2. Invest and save taxes on GROWTH into March 2020
  3. Build MOMENTUM at year end and early in NEW YEAR

Those models 1-2-3 require objective thinking. Step back as the first best mentor for you own income box – and 12 feet away as an outsider – a mind game – you look at YOUR BOX as a whole – whole-listically  – become far more objective. See your GOAL WALL of income and growth for your own box. Now imagine is your wake in 2017 – 2018 – 2019 wiggling to the goal wall? How can you take out those wiggles. What steps can YOU the consultant to your own box ( being far more objective for a 90 minute think session on the HOW you can make your wake a more direct line in 2020 to your income goal wall by 2025. ) Work smarter not harder.



  1. How can I get off line and in line to relationship with customers more.
  2. How can I stop hiding behind email force fields as a weaker field and develop greater relationship capital as a stronger field?
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BernY Dohrmann

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