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Elron MUSK started his first tek firm with $ 2000 and six figuers in student loans he had no idea how to pay back? What kind of economy – jobs – inventions – core economic values – could ELRON MUSK or Jeff Bezo or Mark create with say 10 billion dollars.

The Ten Billion we are talking about effect SPOTIFY.

Spotify said this month on integrity and principle ( a cooperation institution not a competitive institution ) that SPOTIFY would decline 100% of political advertising in 2020.

Experts predict that 45 increase in political funding is taking place in the new INDUSTRY OF POLITICAL WASTE. To reach elected office you learn that the ladies lied to us. SIZE MATTERS. Your fund raising has to be LARGER than the other ladies. Size in political war chest matters.

Experts predict the waste in advertising disintermediation in 2020 will top TEN BILLION counting pak ads and SUPER PAKS. You might consider in investing in ad firms that profit. Facebook will get a market share of % of political TEN BILLION DOLLARS spent entirely before November of 2020. The Washington Post the anti trump Jeff Bezos “news” will get its fair market share. Spotify will get zero rather than is fair share. Are shareholders ok with INTEGRITY OVER SHARE GROWTH as to management cornerstone decisions? No one knows. This is all new frontier with folks lining up on the money side of the GOLDEN HARVEST in election years or off to the sidelines for the ETHICS NON POLITICAL integrity policies of institutions.

It is raining money out there for GREY AND OLGEVIE IN NEW YORK CITY. From SEGAN AND GAIL to pick your major the money is raining from the sky. A BILLION A MONTH starting now. What kind of industry jobs environmental solutions and more could one nation say America win from 10 billion invested versus THE INDUSTRY OF FRAUD LIES DECIET AND VOTER MANIPULATION VIA BRAIN WASHING – saturation advertising everywhere you turn until the LIES become TRUTH. Its all you see. Ten Billion Dollars of science and brain manipulation to win your vote. That is an industry we desire and require?


  1. The ten billion removes liquidity and real economic investment from the USA market space.
  2. The ten billion bids up advertising to market premiums that profit a narrow group of OWNERS delighted with the windfall
  3. Market launch is far more expensive in election years – five dollars works like one dollar – due to the lop sided TEN BILLION
  4. The ten Billion sucks up placement and options for back bone industry to reach markets at a fair price point.
  5. Back bone economic industry has to pay more to get less in 2020 due to the skew of 10 billion in election placement
  6. Supply of add space is consumed by 500% where money talks and every other ad walks. Folks are frozen out of markets
  7. The % of economic impact from the PHONY Election 10 billion dollar ad economic is producing un known harm to economics

Has there been a study on this economic swamp growth?


There are studies to preserve extincion of a rare sand darter in a stream bed or the content of bat shit but not core economic contamination of GROWTH OF THE ELECTION “INDUSTRY” empowering MEDIA as a fifth estate of nation world wide. No controls. No election REFORM. Elections are bought and paid for – this next one in just America is WASTE OF TEN BILLION DOLLARS FROM REAL ECONOMICS INTO THE PHONY PERISHABLE ADVERTISING OF ENDLESS LIES AND MANIPULATIONS BY PROFESSIONALS TO SECURE YOUR VOTE using all the science of mankind against say – YOU today.

It takes a healthy brain to filter and fire wall the AD MANIPULATIONS.

The Ten BILLION DOLLARS also applies to PR.

PR is public relations.

PR is new placed “stories”.

The professionals learn everything about you – say from Google and Facebook paying them to learn every detail and click about YOU honey bunny. Then these professionals set up endless NEWS STORIES IN PRESS and assure that YOU SEE THOSE “NEWS STORIES” as if the were truth – when they are professional lies designed to trigger what THEY ALREADY KNOW ABOUT YOU TO GET YOUR BUY IN TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE SPENDING ALL THAT MONEY TO DO JUST THAT.

You honey bunny are bought and paid for.

Who is voting as a truly informed voter?

Putting in the time to say read this blog to get the TRUTH on what is really going on…out there. 40,000 subscribers with 60% outsie the USA – and over 300 million of us inside the USA. The voters are AD SWARMED.

Ten Billion dollars of saturation integrated PR and Advertising to get your VOTER NEEDLE to move their way.

The best part of the OWNERS controlling the TEN BILLION IS – that you honey bunny have zero knowledge your being manipulated and brain washed at all.

You have no idea there are no laws protecting you at all.

You have no idea this WILD WILD WEST INDUSTRY has risen from less than 1 billion in political advertising in recent decades to TEN BILLION DOLLARS with fund raising in politics so far into 2020 election cycle up 45% from the prior President run – 45% and are not yet even in 2020 YET.

The price paid for global peace and freedom is never free – remember sacrifice !!!!


You can click 1,000,000 web sites and you will not find on line:

  1. The true report about FAAN FIN TEK stock you had at year end 2019 right here free
  2. The Decade in Review with more truth than you find anywhere else
  3. The predictions for 2020 we stand by given our 100% accurate track record in forecasting tomorrow.
  4. The Truth About Oracle and Apples internal unseen problems under the rug today.
  5. The TEN BILLION DOLLAR WASTE of capital flowing down an industry drain to no where in election 2020.

Without election reform this all gets far worse before it gets far better.

Why is this allowed?

Because we the people in America are so wealthy and complancent the majority of us are revolted by politics and fail to vote and become active to hold law makers accountable.

In a democracy informed voters is a REQUIREMENT.


The future is NOW and CEO SPACE invites YOU to lead that better future ….


If the voter information is containmenante and manipulative you LOSE YOUR DEMOCRACY as power is bought and paid for.

What can you do?

What can I do?

We can vote.

We can elect better leaders.

We get what we allow nothing more or less.

Who is responsible?

Well all of us.

For the extinction of all unborn humans due to the horror of apathy and inaction of US no one else.

For the votes and leadership that bring us HUMAN EXTINCTION and the way we allow both.

For being manipulated by political theater from impeachment to indictments of Pelosey in process.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY. explore the # 1 leader development community 4th decade

Any better way requires US. All of US. Together. Voting and active as one.

Until we see that ONE INSPIRED LEADER to fix all this and elect that leader and her party behind her we sit in a soup of our making for decades to come if we all do not go extinct in that time frame.

Singing OH THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN as we parade in a giant conga dance all of us right off the cliff into the pit of fire.

No reason to be sad as we fall.

We had a great time in the dance did we not?

So that insanity is how we roll ya all.

Think about it in NEW YEARS.


My last BLOG into 2020 is the cry out against the lack of ELECTION REFORM THAT LEAVES AMERICA fatally watching like the NEVER ENDING STORY and “THE NOTHING” consuming all human imagination and invention toward the vortex of TEN BILLION dollars  TEN BILLION of lost Musk industry invention outcomes and futures. Ten BILLION DOLLARS flowing into a huge drain in one year in perishable brain and voter manipulations of your vote using AI and science to monitor your entire everything and pin point information that will lock down YOUR VOTE FOR SURE. Bought and paid for.

Is that how you want America or any nation to operate its public trust and integrity and process?


For the unborn generation we MUST DO BETTER WE MUST AND WE SHALL …

Can we create election reform to rechannel such wealth from the TRASH BIN to the ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS of industry yet to be born?

Every four years a TSUNAMI OF WEALTH flows into advertising benefiting less than 1000 OWNERS in America maximally and their shareholders.

Facebook and Google get their part of the TEN BILLION.

Spotify opted out on moral grounds are others in growth tribe of pure integrity over the industry of fraud. Politics.

As our last story for 2019 as a new decade and the most defining global election in HISTORY EVER as to forward leadership and policy is in play – we now see TEN BILLION DIVIDED INTO LESS THAN 1000 OWNERS – 80% against Trump with passion and only 20% for Trump as media outlets and owners. So the money is NOT DIVIDED EQUALLY in the majority of applications. Hillary had far more outlay than TRUMP but Trump won.

CAN TRUMP DO THAT AGAIN – over the top of all that money?


Leader required 2020 reading books stores Jan 7th Amazon today

Trump has more money this time and has learned a thing or two as Farmer Insurance ads moved out by election ads might have said once upon a time.

We’ll see.

No one knows.

No one can predict.

Going into the HOLIDAYS lets celebrate us.



  1. We celebrate what is diverse about humanity in every way and regard and we never punish it – in sanity versus insanity.
  2. Competition and those brains who punish human diversity are insane brains mentally ill with bad software of their minds.
  3. Reforming education to reach cooperation brain software and cultures versus competition is extinction removal for humanity
  4. Current education teaching competition insanity and institutionalizing insanity assures human extinction in record time
  5. 5 Billion of WE THE PEOPLE want to play together become far closer and share and educate each other in respect and love
  6. Institutions that remain competitive are rogue nations with limited economic hope promise or real estate to prosper and survive
  7. All of us will delete rogue states that act out as insanity and weapons of mass destruction are no longer allowed by all of US

Cooperation is blooming in 2020 and sweeping the world as a movement of brain improved software of the mind.

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CEO SPACE is the most significant successful human revolution in all of history leading way out front all the while remaining invisible.  We have no enemies.

If heaven is the absolute absence of capacity to express competitive thought ( think about that definition of heaven as true in fact ) then why would leaders not end their addiction to the insanity of competition ( the definition of hell is the absolute absence of trust integrity as the ingredients of systemic COOPERATION – leaving the residue of insanity and endless competitive wars between individuals and groups.

Why make earth hell when we can chose to make earth heaven?

You can not remove a virus from your technology if you fail to KNOW you have a virus in the first place.

BOB PROCTOR co founder CEO SPACE and Super Star of THE SECRET

Once you know you can quarantine that virus of competition to your own system and the toxic effects of that virus cease. then you can remove the virus and assure you never pick it up again. You become VIRUS VIGILANT.

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REDEMPTION IS THE SOFTWARE CLEAN UP TOOL FOR ANY BRAIN THAT READS THE BOOK. Only the waking up need apply for ownership at Amazon. The leaders of tomorrow read REDEMPTION AND SUPER CHANGE period.

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  4. You believe ten billion soaring higher to a one off election industry of lies and deceit and manipulation is simply not US
  5. You join a community of respect in disagreement versus competitive insanity of humanity in hatred and disrespect of differences ( seen at churches and synagogues today world wide ) the cause is a brain virus of the mind.

Praise to TEXAS where they also SHOOT BACK.

Brains to the Jews at home on Holiday’s throwing table and lamps unarmed to the KNIFE CRAZY BRAIN to cause evil insanity to flee until captured.


World wealth is at a record high. Over 4000 billionaires have been created and record numbers of NEW MILLIONAIRES world wide. That trend of wealth rising is exploding in 2020. The WEALTH EFFECT.

The markets closed on an all time HIGH. Record setting. AI moved markets UP on the last day of the old Year. The standard and poors index was 15% driven entirely by APPLE and MICROSOFT. Apple rose 86.2% under the Tim stock manipulation plan. Larry moved oracle up with 58 billion in manipulating stock buy backs now leaving the firm with record debt – at 24 billion in current account debt and anemic growth but up we all go. One stock buy back from TIM and Larry at a time. Microsoft rose 2019 55.3% without the aggressive stock buy backs we have seen with others in FAANG.  15% of the entire S&P index is owed to these two stocks alone – a weighted concentration of growth effect to the entire broader index that many feel long term is unhealthy economics.

We see the market roaring but with volatility. The cap rates are at record never seen in history ratios of price and earnings. Is a new index being created on valuation by AI ECONOMICS. Now in control of 96% of 440 leveraged capital flows world wide. No humans involved. As AI can not yet understand IMPLICATIONS as Human minds do – the outcome of all this is new and remains uncertain.

AT year end we see the entire institutional market at all time record multiples and record all time debt loading in a DEBT SUPER BUBBLE we have written about for years to leaders to protect thier own interest. Knowledge IS POWER if you have that knowledge FIRST and act on that knowledge first.

Chip makers Advanced Micro Devices and Lam Research and KLA Corp wee the collective best oher performing S&P Stocks in 2019 for your information and review on data and stats we track for you.

These stocks rose by 100% in 2019. Chipotle recovering from scandal and TARGET RETAILERS soared by 90% in 2019 – did you miss it?

In the DECADE of the Great Recession ending with the TRUMP ECONOMICS – the S& P rose a record in history of 188% and with dividend and total return indexing a total of whopping 255%  this decade in never seen in history in a single ten year period. That is the WEALTH EFFECT driving us into 2020 the PROSPERITY DECADE.

If congress passes infrastructure prosperity and growth in America may continue into 2030 and beyond. Truly if Congress ACTS you have not seen anything close to what may become the new normals.

Impeachment trade wars and all global tensions failed to derail the all time record for a global boom expansion continuing into 2021.

As we see the CLOSING BELL was UP UP UP before New Years Eve and the parties we have a world party in place. Russia already celebrated the longest NEW YEAR Upon the spinning earth water ball  via 11 time zones of HAPPY NEW YEAR to the RUSSIAN PEOPLE. 1. 5 million ( another record ) jam into TIMES SQUARE in NEW YORK NEW YORK to see that WORLD BALL DROP on the NEW DECADE OF PROSPERITY.

Wherever you are – use the secret knowledge – know more as a leader – and know more first – right here – check back often and enjoy the free public service. As time goes buy the accuracy may become addicting as it is for our 40,0009 subscribers and 100,000’s of readers who book mark but do not subscribe. We hope you will though…..

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and thank you for both reading and blessing others by sharing this rapid growing global news site on WHAT “IS” REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. At year end 2019 it could not be better – it is an all time record never seen before. CONGRATULATIONS. GEO EVENTS like PROXY IRAN AND USA IN IRAQ are holiday tests the USA is well enabled to meet as Iran has no way back up without a 120 item of paper that commits to NO NUKES REALLY as their prosperity choice. Their actions speak louder than their words. THEY ARE ENGAGED IN DEVELOPING NUKE WEAPONS AS IS SAUDI. This Gulf arms race is the most danger to the future on earth. More dangerous than RUSSIA AND USA. The nukes of Pakistan and India – the Nukes of Israel and South Africa, the Nukes of North Korea and who they might sell to. Next. The cooperation or its lack in 2020 will define us save us reset us or bring us to war. We’ll see as sane brains work with crazy brains. ONE opportunity at a time. We’ll see soon enough.


Data current to market close stats available anywhere for 90 minutes and more completely only produced and printed HERE on the news site that is always FIRST FOR LEADERS who just want to KNOW MORE of the TRUTH of it all.






Cooperation is self protecting  – sanity against insanity and competition virus of mind.

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I wish you COOPERATION IN 2020 and I wish you the TRUTH.

Bob Circosta Home Shopping Super Star


Berny Dohrman – and the entire global CEO SPACE FAMILY serving you all – WE WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL YOU WIN 2020 -3000 !