The SEC charges Elron Musk with Contempt of Court today – for tweet decks on share value from the controlling shareholder – that are not approved by his board by prior agreement. I reached out to Elron Musks lead counsel on these matters ( also CEO SPACE long time counsel and a leader cross mentoring together for decades ). I suggested if Elron needs to CHAT UP with someone who WENT INTO FEDERAL PRISON for contempt of court – for only 87,0000 dollars related to a security junk bond – not for what I as shareholder ( not an officer director as Musk IS ) – but for what I “SHOULD” have known – ( what kind of standard retroactively is THAT for public company leaders ) ?

Musk boy – the Dohrmann case is now historic and will come to BITE YOU RIGHT IN THE ASS – as the SEC enforcement team has zero sense of humor. Today the Stock in Tesla drops 55% and triggers massive margin calls as investors lose not 87,000 dollars but say a billion of loss here and a billion of loss there and pretty soon we are chatting Elron on pretty serious money sums. Of unnecessary loss.


Note to Elron: YOU sir …are so important a treasure to world change ….but you sir are NOT Donald Trump. Desist. Relent. The SEC will otherwise teach you the critical lesson…on power……which is:

….sonny Elron had all the money in the world worth some four billion before he alone crashed Tesla stock for no reason whatsoever – and – the Security & Exchange Commission holds all the experience in the world……you are one more tweet son with the SEC from trading places…where the SEC has all your fines penalties ( all YOUR money ) ….and you have all their experience …say in Federal Prison thinking it all over……as today on Tuesday son…you fail to see the danger sonny…..you need some new glasses to lead and protect yourself and your shareholders….

Elron get agreement you never tweet without your wonderful lead counsel and my dear friend – review of the tweet – not once not ever. Before you send – copy review with the best most mentor wise counsel of your life time ( mine ). If you doubt….phone me sonny. I’ll learn you up how in goldilocks all the money in the world would not make that porge just right too hot or too cold for the US SEC …its like that son when humor as a sense has left the building…..fun and game time is truly all over now….and your own calls and time distractions will be horrendous and you can lose your rights….into even Prison trust ME on that step of guidance….as my case wrote the book on what they are doing today to YOU !

SMALL WORLD…and now your cost won’t soar form 10 million to 20 million like last tweet error – it will be a cost you never in your life imagined was even possible in the United States. Options? Oh I have options for you only one who has lived it can produce ….but thats another story. Son make up with the SEC.

So the United States of America versus ELRON Musk on Contempt of Court today – overshadows news of Trump in Vietnam on North Korea – as Tesla stock crashes literally from a tweet? Are you kidding me. Then Elron lashes out attacking the SEC….in the press – ELRON MUSK against the most powerful nation on earth. Folks if your dealing with Nazis in suits the rule of leadership if you KNOW that is true…don’t tell THEM that you ARE in fact Jewish. Elron get this principle. I’m not saying the SEC are Nazis in Suits far from it – they protect investors from insanity…say like this.

Investment banking advice to Elron – get your attorney to syndicate with Blackrock and Carlyle or just Buffett – taking Tesla private – at prices that make sense son. Speed IS the NEED and zero tweets…just my opinion.



The State of the WORLD is Strong. 2019 and 2020 will be orderly growth markets. Volatility overall is down since October election year theatrics. Go boldly and ramp up VAM – your VELOCITY ACCELERATION MOMENTUM. VAM.

Now IS the TIME.

Tesla investors – this theater will pass – it is a passing energy to a great stock with upsurge in China Model 3 just as China Trade Deal completes.

Trump may be Nobel Peace Winner.

We predicted after North Korea Iran WILL BE next as peace breaks out world wide.

MBS the SOCIOPATHIC KING has dropped 20 billion in Pakistan to try and buy a Nuke for his missiles and Billion dollars from his own cash starved nation ( the 100 billion he stole from his own fellow royals on pain of death without due process of any kind ) seeking to buy nukes from India – he’ll buy his nukes to bomb Iran and he unlike others will use them. Sociopath’s fail to see consequence, such as their own demise. Adolf Hitler was bad but not long…….

Congress after ROASTER STRUTTING (political theater at Academy Award level ) is settling in and REAL WORK of the People is unfolding and hey – deals are being made on really great legislation winding up for the future. I have HOPE. Congress has touched even their own third rail SOCIAL SECURITY with a FIX first in decades – I vote for that as they improve benefits removing nothing and securing the fund decades into the future. GOOD JOB drafters – lets see if we can comprise into a FIX. Restores our USA credit rating in my opinion.

Political set up – republican derail the fix to the THIRD RAIL of fixing SOCIAL SECURITY and in 2020 – that goes down like fatal to them again in my view of Nancy frame work on this. I tip my hate to the girl.

GE is up with its huge asset sale.

Intel has pipe line magic growing its stock.

Security on five G is not going for China with back doors into 100% of IT in state controlled humanity world from its AI. America is behind on 5 G and about just about to surge ahead ( like always ) – trust me. America will own 5 G quality security and futures. Trump is in my opinion needing a LEGISLATION FOR TAX CREDITS FOR FIVE G and TECHNOLOGY to reform earth temperature in the seas and earth gases in the air – easy – low cost – and off loading our carbon footprint by RECYCLING IT at low cost. A bi partisan TAX CREDIT LAW for non oil transportation innovation in air – shipping – truck and autos – technology to scrub out air pollutions – and sea pollution and water pollution – fans over LA mountains solar driven air resetting technology and sea floating solar platforms for temperature and air gases and sea water gases – 24.7 – low cost planet tara-forming and SPACE technologies for environment and internet security and 5 G to 100 G – TAX CREDITS and our industry leads the entire world. Congress its game on.

The Fed is taking a breather and is reviewing we are inside a NEW AI ECONOMY the world has never known before with box top rules that no one has written yet. Our blog has suggested from my book REDEMPTION the BLUE PRINT on setting up global new economic box top rules for the G 100. Smart. The Fed is correctly assessing their beta test into the new economy to normalize money cost failed – as old tools do not work in the NEW ECONOMY as anticipated. We have suggested a Fed NEW ECONOMY POLICY which includes:

  1. Isolation of sound bites and signals to market three times a year once every four months. Less information is more in the NEW ECONOMY at source levels.
  2. Scrub Fed meeting minutes for stability versus forward guidance.
  3. Alliance with Trump and Congress on one vital new economy issue – move public reporting to every six months bi annual reporting for long term execution. Pony express monthly reporting rules fuel wild speculator AI UNWANTED market price and asset class price manipulations removed by this single common sense NEW ECONOMY RULE which helps you restore control.
  4. Normalize interest with two to three 1/8th point rises with zero telegraphing – surprise the markets does better with more moderated individual levels of increase – plan a 15 year normalization game.
  5. Balance sheet into peak market liquidity and truncate into any market liquidity stress periods – assuring ease to normalize without speculator impact  bond prices.

I mentor Jeff Magee a Fed adviser we’ll see if 1 to 5 to thrive can get on agenda for new economic policy making in a new AI economy the Fed must learn to lead to revise policy to STABILITY FIRST with other matrix second.

I am so optimistic right now. You should be as well.

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