The Two Golden Rule mind sets:

  • It is never too early to PLAN to swap tax for assets. Trump and Bloomberg pay zero taxes as billionaires as is their right to swap tax for assets which they are well served by tax entities guiding them into the NEW LAW options invisible to most of us.
  • It is never too late in the year to seize OPPORTUNITY “TIME” TO SWAP TAX FOR ASSETS which every business owner should in 2019 while there remains TIME the ultimate asset and wealth – superior use of TIME and OPTIONS IN TIME.


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  2. SWAP TAX FOR ASSETS AT YEAR END. Explore with Tax experts you already engage ( or use CEO SPACE as a new member faculty authority to help YOU keep your hard found money – as tax you save to asset if TIME your real wealth is your lifeTIME and your use of WEALTH TIME as LIFE TIME which CEO SPACE improved where minutes work like hours hours work like days days work like weeks and weeks work like months when we upgrade YOUR LEADERSHIP CORE SKILL on time itself. Explore accelerated depreciation on a LEXUS SUV for your business – lease or buy with zero % interest deals as you shop a big ticket ( finance it for five years ) write ir all off this year or most. Check that out. Buy a larger correlating high end copy Machine for $ 100,000 or more and shop for ZERO % financing. Those monthly payments you write it off this year if you take immediate delivery for your purchase in 2019 in 2020. Check out swap tax for assets that make money for you. Borrow your own money from key man Life Policies and buy yours before Jan 1st and write that off where you funds – any sums – $ 50,000 to millions go into a 4% saving account in your LIFE MONEY MANAGEMENT PRODUCT. CEO SPACE Victoria New York and Veronica West Coast will guide you as licensed professionals if you need help in that option to explore. We do so much MORE than CEO SPACE ITSELF when we swap tax for asset – its the law. Owners can organize tax filing at year end to MAXIMIZE ASSETS YOU CAN WRITE OFF TO CREATE AMERICAN PROSPERITY JOBS AND RESOURCES TO GROW BUSINESS so that you employ more and pay taxes via those employees. IF YOU OWN A BUSINESS AND YOU FAIL TO UNDERSTAND THE TAX ASPECTS OF YOUR DECISIONS YOU ARE OUT OF CONTROL OF YOUR OWN EMPIRE. CEO SPACE makes invisible options visible to OWNERS. For larger readers with the larger tax challenges we suggest CEO SPACE FACULTY FROM LA Morley Mendelsohn. Morley services the billionaires and millionaire tribe. Morley is a tax attorney and a CPA. Morley is IRS designated to teach new tax law to licensed tax professionals both tax attorneys and CPA’s. The ultimate EXPERT NEW LAW endorsed by CEO SPACE for our larger tax planners just email or call us and we’ll hook you up – no membership in CEO SPACE REQUIRED AT ALL. We serve small business and large business first – we give first and eventually those served and profiting – register into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Lifetime Membership…because our members make so much more money so much faster – Fortune Institutional membership to a DENTIST OFFICE see Dr. Nathan Ho ( founder of business year end essential with a 14 day free trial. Pay the full year in front at $ 199.00 a month for this ESSENTIAL BUSINESS MONEY MAKING APPLICATION ENDORESED WORLD WIDE TO YOU THE OWNERS – and you get a cash pay discount which is a % off – and your tax savings pays for a new money making asset. See Dr. Ho’s wall on Facebook for how much profit CEO SPACE has made for Dr. Ho’s Dentist practice. And Envisionstars . both. Profit is what tax savings executions accelerate for smart leaders who KNOW and appreciate their tax options more fully. SUCCESS “IS” A LEARNED BEHAVIOR ( B. Dohrmann 1991 ) .
  3. Reconsider your retirement plan options. Work with licensed experts we named here or your own. Explore before Jan increasing your tax reduction by contributing HIGHER SUMS to this year retirement. You can borrow for that retirement plan to buy assets ( like your office etc ) for your business with smarter tax strategy to reclaim tax to assets.
  4. Use SHOEBOX the application or other applications you search to organize receipts and deducations.New Laws provide option to both individual tax payers ( you personally ) and your business tax payer. Tap yourself in your chest and say three time I AM NOT BUSINESS AND MY BUSINESS IS NOT ME ( for tax to asset planning on options ). Better defend the deductions you and your tax planner define.
  5. Home Office Deductions.  Tax Experts will help you document to tax standards write off dedications for a home office part time or full time. Deductions include square footage – maintenance and clean up of office space – power and utility allocations – bandwidth – electronics – and more including your transportation properly documented for tax swap to assets. CEO SPACE teaches leaders that if YOU FAIL TO “UNDERSTAND” YOUR TAX OPTIONS you are losing thousands and tens of thousands and for larger outcomes millions and tens of millions due to data failure under the laws created to help business. KNOW YOUR TAX OPTIONS BEFORE YEAR END.
  6. Individuals filing jointly lock 24,000 in deductions flat rated under new American Law with other laws applying world wide in all nations to your benefit. With FIVE TO THRIVE ( # 5 above ) – you now will KNOW in ( one day of prep work ) IF your deductions are significant enough to itemize over the block deductions under new law over over $ 12,000 for individuals. Tax Smart leaders KNOW THEIR TAX NUMBERS COLD….if that is not you time to catch up before Jan 1st as the way to reclaim big time and money to asset over a tax pay out at year end or increase your deduction check by a number you never expected. TAX DELIGHT YOUR WEALTH year after year with new knowledge on TAX WEALTH strategy. Over time. Assess both business total deductions and personal deductions to TAX WEALTH UPGRADE YOUR TIME AT YEAR END.
  7. Consider household new events to deductions with your licensed tax authorities before Jan 1st. Include HOME OFFICE DEDUCTIONS and all write off assets 2019 acquired. Personally look into new dependants or divorce or marriage. If there is . a new filing status arrange withholding for your business and you personally higher or lower depending on ADJUSTED YEAR END TAX AUDIT ON STATUS BOTH BUSINESS AND PERSONAL. Good? Enough? Its all FREE for reading – hoping though you will subscribe for us which is free and privacy protected 1988 to today zero breach of data to our readers always.
  8. Adjust your withholding up or down as your # 7 kicks in with an annual tax audit on all these points ( PRINT THIS TO YOUR WORK AREA AND PIN IT and share with your own love circle if it helps them too. Ideally tax audits begin in October and continue to the last day of tax rearranging to maximally swap outlay TAX WEALTH LOST FOREVER for the failed to acts and always TAX LOSS reclaimed forever when you TAX AUDIT AND SWAP TAX FOR ASSETS with new knowledge every one of my readers should have mastered and learned in failed EDUCATION to graduate from High School. Not KNOWING is not your FAULT. Education has failed entrepreneurs in the new AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR THE AGE OF SUPER CHANGE ( my required book to your library on Amazon for leader readers ). Two rules. First NOT KNOWING THE TRUTH is not your fault. Second: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE UNTIL JAN 1st TO RECLAIM YOUR OWN TAX WEALTH BY BECOMING A LEADER READER WHO NOW HAS A PUNCH CHECK LIST to review with their tax expert. Also if you have a weak tax authority trade up to a much stronger more expert knowledgeable tax authority. YOU ARE THE REFEREE OF YOUR OWN TAX WEALTH as an annual BEST LEADER PRACTICE.  it cost no more to get the BEST of the BEST but it pays out such higher TAX WEALTH to you each and every year. IT IS GO TIME TO CHECK THESE POINT LISTS ONE BY ONE – offered FREE to our leader readers and applicable world wide in all nations.
  9. Review life plan for your business. Insure key person if you the owner dies – where insurance is a highly profitable business savings pool – that force places reserves into your venture future. That is right. You can write off 2019 PREMIUM from hundres of dollars to millions and have those dollars in a policy – earning high returns such as index products returning 12% to 14% last year compounding – noting past performance never assures future but principle is guaranteed if the market crashes you lose zero. You can borrow at 3% interest overnight from your INSURANCE WEALTH PLANNING swapping tax to insurance write off’s while a GOD FORBID ACCOUNT rises. CEO SPACE USED OUR INSURANCE WEALTH In 2007 when the crash hit. Instant liquidity from tax transfer helped CEO SPACE get over the GREAT RECESSION from INSURANCE TAX WEALTH PLANNING because we knew THAT OPTION. Explore with your own or our East or West Coast best of best experts to get the data. You can and you should lower taxes with INSURANCE WEALTH PLANNING BY YEAR END.
  10. Tax Customizations. Licensed specialist ( and they range in quality from awful to medium to good to GREAT ). Chose and shop for GREAT. Tax Wealth Reclaiming is different for each venture plan. This check list PRINTED to your own tax authority produces your own audit of their EXPERTISE TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR TAX WEALTH RECLAIMING AT YEAR END using the option check list we present for FREE here to our leader readers world wide. You asses the competency poor to GREAT and the all important CLICK FACTOR of experts that educate YOU and grow your LEADER TAX SKILLS an essential leader skill in the rapidly SUPER CHANGING challenges to leadership. Leaders who do not understand their TAX WEALTH OPTIONS are weaker leaders as are their tax authorities while the teams that take action and swap tax for wealth maximally under NEW LAWS achieve far more desirable future outcomes than those who lack the legal full  DATA to do so. Options make money and nothing less can or will elevate your own economic prosperity at the leadership direction fully informed and educated to the OPTIONS you have TIME to effect and you must.




This American Thanksgiving the experts predicted NO SANTA CLAUSE RALLY in 2019.

This blog informed leaders – the experts were all wrong – and that record all time WEALTH will occur in all markets. Almost 25 trillion has now been added to the markets since 2010 and over 17 trillion of that total from President TRUMP POLICIES. My note to democrats working in competition versus cooperation is in the election year ( economics not political ) tips:

  • Trump has developed more market growth than any US sitting PRESIDENT in American History from the Revolution till now.
  • Trump has presided in policy success over the lowest job unemployment and American full employment in history.
  • Trumps team has reduced an immigration invasion by 80% in 18 months of time reducing COST TO AMERICA
  • Trumps team has presided over the biggest real estate and housing boom all sustainable – EVER. Breaking records.
  • Trumps team has presided over the largest ramp up of small business in US history.
  • Trump’s team has seen more movement from PETRO TOXIC fuel to packaging in US HISTORY crashing oil demand
  • Trumps team has seen AMERICAN DOLLAR at an all time strength and high world wide against all currency’s by far
  • Trumps team has presided over crashing world importing to more balanced exporting reducing trade imbalances forever
  • Trumps team has returned manufacturing rising again in 2020 in the USA as no President in 5 decades has completed
  • Trumps team has begun to reform US JUSTICE cleaning the swamp of law breakers as not seen in 400 years in Government
  • Trumps team has developed trade deals with Mexico Canada Japan and China with UK and EU in process
  • Trumps team started the wall at choke points and reduced a phantom city of millions the USA can not afford for illegals
  • Trump has fulfilled more promises than any President ever in three years – inside the most partisan attacks on his Presidency personal hateful attacks on the person of the President and 26 pending investigations both civil and criminal to his sons his son in law his precious daughter and his beloved wife herself as First Lady. Trump has counter attacked all fake news and party spin to WIN the majority of votes before the election even began. The 50,000 attending TRUMP RALLYS versus the hundreds to less than 5000 democrats with almost 20 running for office in fact never can match or even see at all.

This information compliments expert poll takers stating if the election where held in Jan 2020 Trump would win. The experts believe impeachment only helps Donald Trump in acquittal of NO CRIME at all – lumping failed political theater from Mueller that ended in lies deceit and illegal investigation and impeachment process ( closed secret hearings in a democrat basement as a first in US HISTORY ). We agree. We feel cross over voting will favor THE WALLET VERSUS PARTY and will end with a landslide for TRUMP. Without new data we hold on this prediction to the NEW YEAR steady as she goes environment to KEEP THIS BOOM GOING with the team that secured the BOOM in the first place world wide.

The TRUMP TEAM correctly used its economic weapons of mass destruction – trade import restrictions bans and tariffs to break the COMPETITIVE LOG JAM between nations – and to secure a new AGE OF COOPERATION which IS creating a NEW WORLD ECONOMIC NO NATION LEFT BEHIND TRADE ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT .  The COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM being developed today world wide is what CEO SPACE has lobbied for 1988 to today and it is all working in 2020. The outcome COOPERATION ECONOMICS OUT PERFORMS COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS AND LEADS TO SUSTAINED WEALTH BUILDING BETWEEN NATIONS WITHOUT UNWANTED SUPER CRASHES BUBBLES AND TRADE IMBALANCES. 


This outcome has been inspired by the TRUMP TEAM and has transformed the entire world of new AI ECONOMICS.

This blog predicted record all time WEALTH GROWTH in the 2019 SANTA CLAUSE YEAR END RALLY – right again. Up is the future in 2020 which we also predict.

In 2020 we predict also the following:

  • The hard work of tougher trade deals with China and Asia occur next. There can be rough spots – restoration of tarif’s and highly volatile MARKETS in 2020. We predict 2020 election year growth less than 2019 but still GREAT and way ahead of experts thoughts for the GAINS WE WILL SEE in 2020 and 2021.
  • Trump will win a hard fought election.
  • Congress may return to republican influence or even control in pick ups in the 2020 VOTE YOUR WALLET where party is less important to voters than ECONOMIC RESULTS voters may well vote to assure continue voting THEIR WALLETS VERSUS THEIR PARTY in 2020. We’ll see on that one.
  • New laws present NEW TAX WEALTH OPTIONS every business owner is likely to see with new laws improve in 2020 and beyond. Wait for it.

We encourage every one of our leader readers to TAX AUDIT and swap tax for income assets at year end. Our FREE CHECK list tells our readers HOW to do just that.

Note: Readers who hate Trump hold your posture and vote accordingly. Trumps defeat can also occur as we are way too far out to know today for sure. We predict outcomes based on data and polls and experts but none of us can do anything but DATA GUESS into 2020 at this early time. We are not taking a political posture Trump to other options. Rather we report without bias balancing the overwhelm of news against Trump in every word just about to some middle ground that reports data not party theater and spin today. Our readers are grateful to get other views and data holding their own postures we never seek to either influence or change. We welcome FEED BACK.

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Out site is made to be interactive to our readers who are all leaders. Press comments especially welcome.

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This blog presents TAX CHECK LISTS to reclaim leader reader WEALTH while these options allow TIME the ultimate Wealth – TAX RECLAIMER GUIDANCE with your licensed tax authorities and experts.


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