Super Crash always follows a 2008 market correction of the huge melt down we lived through together. What follows is trade wars where market speculation fuels a period of distrust and negotiation that repositions world trade. Currencies and tariff’s lead the tools used to levy one nation advantage against another. The resulting instability breeds the foundations of SUPER CRASH.

A contagion event triggers super crash. The panic that follows is like a financial fire storm no one can control in a linked world market like this. Historically the SUPER CRASH then leads to world war. These patterns never deviate ( to date ) and are well documented in my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION available at Amazon.

My blogs prophetically predicted it is time to SELL OUT OF markets in general, bonds and equities and move to safe haven insurance investing. I suggested exploration with licensed professionals to move quickly. Those that did are insulated from the 2% melt down already taking place. But in my opinion you an’t seen nothing yet.

The extent of the TRILLION DOLLAR ripple is beyond measure. Already from Puerto Rico to California nations and states are stating they are unable to pay their creditors and they wish debt relief. This means we wish to steal the money we borrowed and never pay it back.

As the number mounts to trillions the banks begin to fall. Real runs on banks all over the world are likely as the market condition known as CONTAGION beyond any nation to control enters the market space, due in this time frame to GREECE.

We have brought the White House, The State Department and JP Morgan solutions we call SUPER BONDS as a new class of investment to solve the issue. So far no wants to coordinate IMF – World Bank – Investment banks and Nations into an integrated FIX which is so easy and so smart. But drawing on old templates that NO LONGER work in the digital markets of today, the old models and tools need to be thrown out and new models created.

Game Plan by investment banker KEVIN FREEMAN suggests you better get your own GAME PLAN because your nation has not got a GAME PLAN and in fact the nations have no clue. They can’t read the modern tea leaves of the new markets of SUPER CHANGE.

We believe Greece will exit the EU. This will be a blood bath spilling over to other EU nations in worse shape than Greece. The collective defaults will sink the world economy, crush the banks into bankruptcy, and effectively be a reset as in the GREAT DEPRESSION for the entire world. All preventable pain. Old ideas won’t work. And we are too slow to adopt new ideas that will work.

I’ve tried to get a call with Secretary Kerry to extend a solution with my best State Department contacts ( heck my daughter worked in State after graduating from George Town ) but even with my contacts I can’t get the traction to the decision making. I’m still trying though. For all of us.

If you begin to hear of the fix ( SUPER BONDS ) the father of SUPER BONDS is writing this blog to you. Let us hope one of my seeds takes the solution on as their idea and makes untold fortunes solving this problem for us all. Its that good.

Meanwhile we all watch the blood bath of idiocy wipe out billions in the first melting phase of the CONTAGION but in July this could explode across the world.

I’m so sorry folks – we predicted it all here and gave tips on what to do …to protect yourself. Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN is now an emergency read at Amazon for your retirement plan.

Spread the word.

CONTAGION is coming.
Berny Dohrmann Chairman


PS: I’d register to CEO SPACE August 2nd and protect your family and loved ones.