The EU can not recover now. Saudi just withdraw 70 billion of capital from funds that largely effect the EU investment climate. The refugee massive problem of more than five million on the move migrants – is sucking the life out of budgets and social services from Germany to France and there is no let up – recovery – or possibility of economic up bubble from this hemorrhage all at once of GDP to social support. It is massive wealth shift unplanned for in any budgeting.

Germany and France are now declining in economic GNP. The rest of the EU is in various denial on enormous unresolved debt items that make Greece look like a picnic at the beach. Greece will only present to execute the agreements it signed and as it fails to abide by the agreements the GREEK EXIT begins for real – and the total collapse of the EU unwinds for SURE.

Meanwhile Russia is writing the agenda against ISIS and trumping the Allied Policy against Syria. If the use atomic weapons he sets up a dominating agenda for the world as the opposing super power without consequence really.

The VW crime leaves millions of cars with a ripple effect GERMANY can not recover from. Now the engine of the EU is going to stall out. The after math will consume decades – all due to crimes against humanity.

These financial waves become financial storms that when combined with permanent shift away from China by firms everywhere – China has lots its steam period not to recover and the total combination of financial waves is creating the perfect financial storm for SUPER CRASH.

We have pointed out SUPER CRASH is coming historically. We have provided options as to what action to take. But in the end decision makers must make choices and make decisions. I suggest you stay tuned and if you can register into CEO SPACE October 13th at the Westin lake Las Vegas for a safe harbor. I would.

Berny Dohrmann