The outline of the repeat of financial history has been well laid out in my best selling book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. While it is true untold scores of US are dropping out of THE COMPETITION and we are leading the People vs. Profits revolution – in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. However the world at large remains in the death spiral of deflation, competition, and pre set up for SUPER CRASH and World War my book reports on.

World War III began in 2008 when a digital weapon was fired at Western markets and our enemies made trillions of dollars and almost destroyed the economies of the Western World. It was only a test as Kevin Freeman’s Book GAME PLAN reports about. The real use of digital weaponry is on going and the West is LOOSING that war. The public at large has no clue while they watch the Walking Dead they are actually becoming the walking dead.

The hope of cooperation is predictably fading as the G 7 meet this week. Why?

The never changing history of the world works like this:

  1. Competitive communism and capitalism consolidated wealth so that 99% of all wealth is concentrated in the hands of a 1% elite class.
  2. This economic condition is unstable and creates a system melt down made more vulnerable in digital era’s when digital weapons are fired at the weakened system.
  3. An extended period of trade war and division between nations enlarged global tension based on markets of distrust and negotiation.
  4. A contagion event from the much more unstable economic system creates a world wide SUPER CRASH and the deflation death spiral started in step 2 continues in a whirl pool of bad debt working its way through delivering the entire world system.
  5. Economics and demographics are rebalanced through a world war that follows.

As this system never changes it might be wise to CHANGE THE SYSTEM that brings us these five results that never change or vary. To repeat these results is INSANE.

The solution is cooperative capitalism. Although there is limited time to repair the abuse of the system over 70 years. The DEFLATION DEATH SPIRAL is now entrenched in the world. Despite 100 trillion dollars being placed into the system in eight years, since 2008, the system is not INFLATING the system is DEFLATING. Why. Two reasons – competitive capitalism and socials and bad debt. They go together actually.

The following solutions would derail the pattern into world war:

  1. Establish a three year G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to develop a GLOBAL frame work for world trade, regulations, and security regulations with anti speculation law criminalizing lack of transparency and breach of the constitution for the world “economically”. New Box Top rules.
  2. Merge the Central Banks ( a failed model in a digital world ) back into their sovereign nation treasuries and establish a GLOBAL BANK Of last resort under the Constitution top rules – no nation would pay interest to print it’s own money.
  3. The Global Economic Constitution while celebrate diversity and sovereignty will ushering in a slow transformation into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM – fully transparent, fully accountable, fully reportable, with zero secrets in the financial system top to bottom bottom to top.
  4. Cooperative capitalism resides within consumption flat rate taxes with no income tax in nations.
  5. All nations rebalance their budgets and refinancing all debt and infrastructure needs in SUPER BONDS fostering in the asset of TIME where SUPER SOVEREIGN NATION AND STATE BONDS refinance all existing debt and new infrastructure 25 year needs with 200 year BONDS. Time heals all wounds.

Bad debt defaults if we do nothing which is historic  and all the worlds lenders lose money because the loss is real. We stop lying in the system. There is over 100 trillion of bad debt that makes the world order financial system bankrupt today as it always becomes in depressions and deflation. There is no way to pay off the bad  debt of 70 years of credit abuse . Or with SUPER BONDS using TIME – can we reframe the problem? Should we at least study one fresh set of economics to preclude world war this time?

This model requires a choice. A decision to proclaim the present world orders are not working for anyone and a new fresh world order approach is required for all of us – where the G 100 COOPERATE vs COMPETE. These concepts out set forth in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for world leaders and ecumenist the stuff of Nobel Prize Awards – where the world stops trying to deal with a failed system and builds a new smart entirely reformed system model that works better for all of us. Three years on the Big Island of Hawaii half way to everywhere in the world – with Aloha and lower political influence – so the Constitutional Economic Conference can complete its three year mission for the new BOX TOP RULES all nations then adopt or reject as we come together.

Today what is happening in the elite G 7 meeting in Japan? The world is working down my 1 to 5 list above in unerring forge into world war. The world war will create resolutions for short term problems. For example:

  1. Japan 25 years in Deflation with no hope of restoring its economy in real terms distracts its people by focusing their highly nationalistic country on the threat from China.
  2. China in its own death spiral of DEFLATION and utter and complete failure of the communism economic model – distracts its people from riot and killing the leading elite – by focusing the attention of the nation on war with the USA and Japan.
  3. Russian in a death spiral economically of its own failed communist system, distracts its nation from the failed economics and deflation by moving into war in the Gulf and their old provinces rattling NATO.
  4. The EU breaking apart in a failed economic model, unable to support 100 trillion in bad loans and debts, distracts its people within war with Russia as the fear and Gulf Nations a NEW CRUSADE for EUROPE.
  5. The Elite and the Economies re-inflate by killing 100’s of millions – stealing their assets – and spending 25% of GNP for nations on war with contracts back to the elite who profit from all the death and mayhem traditionally as economics rebalance through war.

This 1 to 5 is insane.

The Economic Constitutional Congress is SANE.

Competitive economics in capitalism and communism is INSANE.

Cooperative Capitalism is the final human revolution into a higher form of organization for families, institutions, communities states and nations. Redemption is the MANIFESTO for a the final REVOLUTION ….away from competition and forward into cooperation. Which will happen after the war or in the prevention of war. Inspired and Illuminated leadership is required to pull off the opportunity to move from insanity taking place at the G 7 conference.

The message for the May 20 2016 G 7 World Elite Nations Economies – ‘we can’t cooperate and agree so every nation should go forward “on their own” as we simply increase the competition forward ” . Good luck and lets go from economic war into real shooting war. Which is what follows – always.

We are in World War III.

The World War is on line and digital.

The Western Nations are loosing WORLD WAR III.

The General winning the war is President Putin. President Putin is winning the war not in the mines but in the mind. He has outfought and outthought the world leaders of today by a large measure of thinking. Lets review President Putin out front and winning World War III:

  1. He starts World War III with the digital attack on the Western nations
  2. He moves into Ukraine and reclaims ports for military expansion to the Gulf and Europe as he reclaims 100 billion in core assets now Russia’s.
  3. He secures the latest oil and gas contract the world has ever seen with China in a single deal – 3 billion dollars offsetting all sanction damage from the USA and its failing allies.
  4. He invades Syria and the without firing a bullet sends 5 million muslims with thousands of ISIS and radical terrorists into the EU forcing them to support financially when they are melting down completely in a sea of bad debt – housing, medical, food, sustainable incomes, power, water, education, jobs pulling down the entire EU without firing a bullet.
  5. Russia is arming IRAN and Korea to sustain intercontinental missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction where those nations can attack the WEST and Russia’s hands are clean while Russia destabilizes South America and Africa with communist revolutionary expansion selling its arms to both by massive billions of dollars – all the while digitally attacking the west.

The Press never see’s a whole picture and ports each grain of coffee bean but never reports the story of the COFFEE being poured by President Putin. President Putin is the most brilliant successful military and political leader of our time and commands the respect and fear of the entire world. His first aim under the Obama administration has been established, he has marginalized the USA and downsized its military and created a national joke dialogue of nations about the USA and its once upon a time powers. Everyone is laughing now at the USA.

No one is laughing about Russia. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

President Putin is playing Chess. The West is playing Checkers saying King me King me. Everyone is laughing while President Putin coordinates alliances and moves one up and one over with the USA so far behind …..he himself risks health issues from scream laughing himself to sleep. He must never be able to stop laughing saying over and over…can it really be so easy and are they really THAT STUPID ….I mean really?

Abraham Lincoln said so well – that we never had to fear some artificial giant would span the two oceans and arrive to threaten our doorstep in America. NO. He proclaimed the danger to America would only come from ourselves. It would an inside job. Where freedom is handed over to replace fear where we only receive more fear.

Watching financial history play out just like it did with Hitler or Pre Hitler in World War I is so interesting for these reasons:

  1. The core play book is all economics.
  2. War is always economic.
  3. The system is the issue.
  4. Competitive capitalism and competitive socialism always lead to the 1 to 5 sequence set forth here – at least for 5,000 from Greece through Rome to now.
  5. The sequence is avoidable. Cooperative Economics fixes the fatal flaws present in competitive economic systems. The detail appears in the book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION but ten.

Why do we embrace and repeat a failed model?

Because with financial history we do not retain the historic landmarks. We forget. Every generation experiences the same old thing as if it was a child happening to THEM for the very first time. It is a kind of insanity.

Education has failed us by not raising the bar on this beyond refute historic economic data. As an investment banker economist, now old enough to see these trends repeat myself, I must say I retain great hope for the generations coming up to figure this out and for every improve the system.

The FRESH MODELING set forth here represents a final economic revolution that will reset the pattern for unborn generations. What we require is illuminated and inspired leadership who embrace cooperation and desire simply a “better way” for all.

The G 7 mantra this weekend – everyone go it alone – go  your own way – break up and compete – assures the final march to SUPER CRASH and world war is all now entrenched as the elite calling the shots fail to appreciate President Putin is winning World War III by creation this competition over cooperation. To win we must win in our minds and see the game pieces and game board as it really is. We can then call CHECK on President Putin and ask him to join the Cooperation.

The present stupidity is not working although the worlds Elite will make fortunes o the misery of the coming SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR. Think about it. Read Redemption. Become better informed. As Kevin Freeman suggests in GAME PLAN you had better make your OWN GAME PLAN as the world leadership is not preparing one for you.

The G 7 are electing:

  1. Everyone nation proceeds as we can not agree
  2. On a go it alone basis 
  3. Competitive to one another versus cooperative
  4. President Putin has shattered the Cooperation – another victory in the war
  5. The nations are more divided than ever – stupid stupid stupid 

So you have head the truth here. What does that feel like? Leave a comment on this blog and let us know as you share this sight with others who desire the truth. The real truth and nothing but the real truth.

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Redemption – its always a personal choice – and its alway sup to you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE keeping a light on just for you today


PS: You can Checkmate EMPEROR PUTIN so he wins in the Check Mate but you must install the winning box top rules sooner than later.