Super Change has reset multiples from PRE AI Markets. Now that 96% of all circulation is AI CONTROLLED and AI is writing its own updates and upgrades – have nations – have central banks – have human beings in fact lost control of the economic systems of the world? In our opinion yes indeed.

For the first time in human history the trade velocity speculations and wealth consolidations are now AI with human beings in confirmation and service to the AI calling the real shots. What does this mean? How does one predict when the entire market place HAS SUPER CHANGED and is now rushing into warp drive further changes. Who is in charge? Who is ahead of all this SUPER CHANGE>

Answer – WE ARE at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL as one resource – Tony Robbins is as yet another resource Gred Reid and James Dentley are as is Eric Mr Awesome keeping you all ahead as pointed out in my new best selling book this HOLIDAY ON SUPER CHANGE itself.

What is our opinion on the super high historic valuations to the on going BOOM MARKET?


America has part President part SUPER DUPER STAR in the White House. The world and the USA are divided in hating Trump or loving Trump. One thing is for sure. No President EVER has had rallies like the POPE but this one SUPER DUPER STAR. Still the future of elections is increasingly brutal. Bibi in Israel serving from the 1948 wars to today see’s his own petty criminal indictment as political theater in the Gulf. This theater is playing out of Khan in Pakistan and across the world where leaders step down from popular protest. Nightly news keeps human rights abuse right in front of billions of us in real time. The entire culture of the WORLD IS SUPER CHANGING. At core the legal economic and political outcomes are defined by two results:

Extinction – Human Beings continue to be insane and punish the differences in our own tapestry from education error that competition is other than expression of human insanity. Competition is the display of human insanity. Absent competition one has integrity and culture that is effortless abundant.

Prosperity: Cooperation and the removal of competitive thought impulse – finally identified as a form of human insanity – one hopes AI will help remove from the mid reptilian human mid brain stem -the source of competitive threat full insane to higher brain function. CELEBRATE OUR DIFFERENCES or go extinct over them. Which is insane for you?  Leaders who wish to prosper in cooperation cultures join CEO SPACE Dec 10th in Dallas and play in cross mentorship with each other. Cooperating for prosperity. A better way forward.

So will the almost 20 democratic candidates and two or three opposing Republicans – create an outcome of new uncertainty? Economically no one can predict of know in advance. It is inappropriate to “guess” this far out on outcomes in a POLITICALLY SUPER CHARGED SUPER CHANGING MARKET. Risk to markets is highest due to congressional grid lock – impeachment economics – and uncertainty to outcomes from trade deals to cost of business repeals.

Our opinions include:

  1. This is not your grandfathers market place. 2020 is an all new AI economy that human beings have never experienced before.
  2. In today’s subsidized super low INTEREST RATE costing to growth and debt refinancing – coupled to deflation versus inflation economics – the old charts all go out the window in new AI ECONOMICS.
  3. We feel AI may be defining a new multiple equation. Earnings at 7% interest with a 5% or higher inflation index at 8 to 15 times earnings were a norm box of high and lows and averages.
  4. Today with profits and market base being so much more national and global due to the internet the diversity of business and the sum of new industry not yet invented is what we call CONVERGENCE – economic Convergence we wrote about in the Holiday Best Selling new Book – ( essential for leadership ) entitled SUPER CHANGE the NEW AGE YOU RESIDE IN and can never get away or out OF. Convergence may support a 50 year growth curve along with global infrastructure investing at the low interest costing to do just that.
  5. A new RATIO RANGE outside all prior boxes is unfolding from AI economics. This new range may be average multiples of performing growth firms in zones of 15x earnings to 40x earnings. In this idea of a SUPER CHANGE ECONOMIC to the now AI globalized management of all economic trading – under this opinion – there is a lot of room to grow.

In our opinion there is no straight line to the top.

We wrote that along with AI comes SUPER VOLATILITY. Volatility old charts and graphs can not model or track in the entirely new AI ECONOMY of 2020 and beyond. Shock absorbers in the market would stop trading at 500 point decline days. To stabilize markets. Today a 2000 point drop may recover entirely in 72 hours or ten days. Never has SUPER VOLATILITY IN MARKETS been like we see today – it is new. Entirely new.

New economics.

It is our opinion that diversity is the new and old safe harbor. Never concentrate investing. While High Risk venture investing is the larger return category the super high risk of venture investing also requires care in diversification in the sector. In the NEW ECONOMY the investor needs to RISK ASSESS their own risk chart with licensed professionals before investing at all.  No investor plans to fail but most investors fail to well plan with licensed professionals first.

We see the old 60% – 40% investment division between growth and safe haven bond investing breaking down today. Entirely new alliances between market sectors are developing. No one can predict outcome as the economic markets all AI now are SUPER CHANGING. AI is deep learning. Self learning Improving its own code. Some AI now is coding in languages no human programer can understand at all.

If interest rates normalize and inflation returns to higher than 3% a year the valuation of AI economics at 15x to 40x may prove naive to AI investors going long on todays’ valuations.



This Blog informed the world of hedge funds private equity investment bankers and regulatory agencies that the new AI economy IS here – and we told the world first and consistently. When we owned our own brokerage firm, having grown up in silicon valley mentoring its Rock Stars – our INVEST AMERICA public institution at that time – had over 127 full time programers plus our out source code writers. We pioneered talking hand held devices with chips we grew with HP at our own cost – before the first Apple from Steven Jobs said hello ( he held our 41 C talking investment banker ) in his own hand. We pioneered software to provide real time investor data before real time was a blip on radar. Those efforts influenced such players as Charles Swab. I can remember visiting Chuck in his start up as he stole my own Vice Presidents – sharing a brown bag lunch down town in San Francisco – saying Chuck you know this will never ever work? ( I am not right all the time ). Since that SUPER CHANGE back in the 1980s we have tracked software into financial markets globally.

In 2014 56% of all capital flow settware AI settlements ( exceeding 440 trillion not counting 567 trillion in casino capitalism derivative trades ) each and every day but now it is 96% of all capital settlements is AI into 2020. New. A first. Going where no economy has gone before.

Central banks and regulatory agencies like the SEC are woefully underfunded.  In the ever Super Changing – wildly evolving – competitive AI wars between institutions and nations the new economics are new and no one can predict future outcomes. A coordinated AI economic plan would be sane while an uncoordinated competitive AI war fare is insane and may not end well at all.

Meanwhile there is time. In the NEW AI ECONOMY the low interest – the global trade inderdepency – likely trade deals to replace trade wars – into a new LOW INTEREST LOW INFLATION economic with AI managing the risk with capital flow rewards or punishments at speeds Velocity Accelerations and Momentums ( VAM ) once economists thought was impossible.

It is our opinion the boom expansion with ups and downs along the path may have ten to thirty years left to flow upward. New mulitple may replace all older economic modeling within an AI maintained lower interest and inflation world. As everything is new and many new givens and unknowns enter the technology and the regulatory spaces – we see promise and hope for infrastructure lifting all boats within a no nation left behind new world order. Or not. But we think it is possible today and optimistic for all the world.

Congress fiddles while Rome ( the USA ) has yet to pass a continuing budget – a criminal impeachable offense by the entire Congress which breaks the law in failing to conduct the PEOPLES BUSINESS. Such acts are high crimes and impeachable. Congress fiddles with political theater impeachment while Rome ( the USA ) lacks a budget or infrastructure or a revised modern immigration policy of compassion and humanity and a fix to entitlement and social services at risk of failure due to criminal negligence of the United States Congress. Which will all come out IF voter vote their wallet for a prosperity vote in 2020 versus their party. We all have to wait and see on that one.

The SEC needs in our opinion a five time ( 5x ) increase in its budget to ramp up bleeding edge AI to now globally regulate the new AI MARKETS. In the new AI markets laws are blue sky local to the USA shore line. Trades are in the CLOUD and fall outside regulations and are taking place with AI no human responsibity involved at all. IF AI FIXES LIBOR who is punished? The SEC and the FED require the most modernizing new regulations to use AI to manage the AI ECONOMY as today no one is IN CHARGE and no one or agency is in control – far from it. The distance of old regulatory frame works ( that is the way we have always done it ) to the new AI unfolding morphing SUPER CHANGE ECONOMY is the difference of a one horse cart and the star ship enterprise. WARNING: DO NOT FEED HEY TO A STAR SHIP. Nations and their agencies have lost economic influence and control globally due to AI economics.

Opec the artificial gas at the pump in the USA is not 50 cents a gallon – is due to 1000 elites keeping price criminally high for their own greed. Nothing to do with market stability. There is oceans of oil against a crashing demand. Oil is not rare. Oil is renewed by an earth factory that farts and shits oil. 100 year old wells are all full again. SCARE EXPENSIVE OIL is a lie from criminals who have created a petro economic extinction outcome for us if we don’t stop them soon. Monopoly price fixing is a crime against all poor who require food and shelter security impossible in economics with CARTEL CRIMINALS SETTING OIL PRICES. OPEC needs to be declared a FINANCIAL TERRORIST ORGANIZATION.

Saudi dictator of OPEC is planning to keep supply off the market so it can make more selling much less as a tax on the poor of the earth. Saudi tried to destroy American oil. If Saudi using old horse and buggy economics keeps supply off the market America the winner of the oil wars now passing 13 million barrels daily – will simply create from the largest oil reserves AMERICA’s the missing supply – OPEC is no longer in charge of energy prices. Contract buyers are not paying spot prices and buy at around 37 dollars a barrel. OPEC is a declining influence. The GULF economic instability is at risk as the demand for oil is dropping by enormous % faster than all experts predicted. No commodity has a model of the MASSIVE DECLINE in oil market space – that oil is seeing into 2025.

Economics – new AI ECONOMICS will drive risk into gulf nations unseen in 70 years in our opinion as the price and demand fall. This double edge sword – demand falling and no customers at any price and price plunging takes borrower gulf nations and strips their ability to pay their bills including defense cost. Instability flows without peace agreements where the Gulf Nations celebrate what is different about them versus punishing what is different. Culture insanity of a master faith in cults of insane brains create risk to social stability when economics gets even more compressed.

Entire industries will exist that are not yet invented.

Economic Convergence is the new driver for economics AI is fueling ever upward. Search this FREE TO SUBSCRIBE to blog site to read my article on ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE. In our opinion the new ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE commencing in 2025 if the congress of nations passes in low interest economics infrastructure so no nation is left behind – a 30 year boom expansion into 2050 is possible.

Will there be corrections along the way? To be sure.

If you are a sixity month quality investor you will not care.

If you are a sixty minute investor AI will serve you up some loss here and there.

You can’t beat AI in chess in GO or in any economic GAME. AI WINS.

Ai is getting smarter and smarter. By the hour not the day any longer.

The nation that controls AI will control the world.

So the corrections will likely be short as you buy the dips. We believe a market of ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE is just starting. The last ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE was 1850 with the invention of the internal combustion engine which almost created human extinction. Today AI has the play field and the GAME IS AFOOT as they say.

Stay tuned as we keep our readers tuned in to the turns and twists of the NEVER ENDING STORY – ECONOMICS.





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