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The News this blog site presents is always on the economics is as we have reported trend predictions our readers take to the bank. The EU zone has come in with some superior Fall numbers on consumer spending, manufacturing going up a bit – and unemployment falling some more. The EU has risen as the Dollar has fallen ( by a final help in the currency wars we well reported on this summer from our own FED ). The Artificial HIGH for the US DOLLAR was bid up by the EU and China to make their goods lower cost to us – the largest buyer on earth – and our goods more costly in their markets. Currency wars are a final phase of Trade Wars before you have actual shooting wars. Iran is testing their own RED LINE as the entire world will isolate IRAN making obviously a hydrogen bomb and all lies they are making peaceful use of energy is – well a lie – as their own papers from Israel’s Mossad so well show. As the EU will feel the fall out of say an Israel Iran Nuke war – the EU is first line of preclusion to Iran getting the BOMB. How can you stop a sovereign nation from developing any weapon they wish? Answer. You can’t. As the world has shown so clearly with India Pakistan South Africa Israel and a GULF ARMS RACE. No one can predict where all this Super Change between nations will end up. Iran with a commodity like oil that is a market with demand falling off a cliff – and price impossible to raise up – has a bleak future as its economics in diversified economics are squandered over a Nuke Model for the nations future.

Still with KING MBS rushing his own nuke first strike capacity for the 30 million in Saudi – Iran with over 100 million – souls to care for and protect – is not letting King MBS first strike Iran – so they are in proxy full nuke arms race now and Israel is a house divided but also red lined to Iran getting a Hydrogen Bomb. Super Change is accelerating and the state of nations is itself Super Changing in trade and GPS maps for all our futures. Those who step ahead of the SUPER CHANGE are inside the MAIN FLOW AS THEY GO. Those who resist rather than embrace SUPER CHANGE spin around in side whirl pools of the white water to prosperity and are sucked bone dry in the end. The future belongs to NEW BRAINS WHO OWN THE CAPACITY TO REMAIN IN FRONT OF SUPER CHANGE which itself is only accelerating.

The American Economic is driving the entire world. China is a GNP less than the size of California – Russia less than New York State. Do not combine them to think they equal the USA as they do not – no nation does will or can. Into the Future America economically drives the entire world and the STATE OF THE USA ECONOMY is “GOOD”. Consumer spending is STRONG. Manufacturing a short passing low energy in trade war deal making – now comes off the bottom into happier numbers into 2021. With over 4 billion 5G Devices rolling over the new 5G economy is a SUPER CHANGE EVENT economically. A world tide that lifts all economies of all nations with NO NATION LEFT BEHIND. America is likely to NOT VOTE PARTY in the 2020 election and to vote individually and vote THEIR WALLET. The Wallet Vote is likely to re-elect President Trump unless something new occurs no one can foresee today. The world is working better than any prior period. Super Change is one of the reasons WHY.

The world is imploding. We are all coming together. We are starting to CELEBRATE our Differences rather than punish our differences.

As we reported Saudi Arabia’s puppy King has acquired NUKE PLANS in 2019. We think from Pakistan but it might be India that gave the plans to Saudi. Iran has their nuke plans from North Korea who got theirs from hacking the EU America and China. Russia is a shock absorber but only to a point.  KING MBS ( as news for our readers )  has a fully developed top secret ( only it is not ) operational super advanced – missile field all set up with all those top tier state of the art missiles ready to launch at IRAN only needing a Nuke Tip. Iran is not allowing a FIRST STRIKE to their folks. So Iran with a nation many times the size of Saudi as Shites – are in an arms race with SUNNI Whabbi Saudi for Nukes much like Pakistan and India – both of whom were paid billions this year by Saudi’s King to get plans for a nuke. Which they have. Iran has plans from North Korea. China and the USA and Russia play all this out in proxy wars going beyond their actual control. AI is increasingly controlling those weapon systems. The entire world will RUBBER BAND against Iran if Iran does not cease Nuke development – only Iran can’t stop because SAUDI and IRAN are now inside a nuke race. That next to EBOLA being out of all control in Africa are economic Super Change WILD CARDS into 2020.

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You’ll see – VAM clear as a bell and you’ll see – how to remain current as your own new process in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. The subject of my new book as the essential upgrade to leadership world wide today. The World is Super Change accelerating and the coming sixty months will eclipse all prior Super Change for humanity in 10,000 years in only 1000 days. The speed and acceleration for SUPER CHANGE is ever increasing. What is YOUR PROCESS to remain CURRENT in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE?



The largest stress human beings have ever faced is the coping required in home space and work space within Super Change. Today relationship is hostage to the addiction to smart devices. Relationship with your digital has superseded relationship in life style and with couples and friendships, as well as in parenting. The average quality time a parent spends in real connection and engagement with children is less than 7 minutes a day. A first. A by product of the NEW AGE we reside within and to which none of us can exit at all.

Relationships and Parenting are SUPER STRESSED by todays SUPER CHANGE in the home space. A home space that delivers CVS pharms by drone in one hour and groceries in two to your kitchen. Children spend addictive hours on digital brain games while adults multi task within a connection on line digital strife that evaporates connection engagement and real conversation. In Super Change the most connected home space and work space human beings in recorded history are also the single most lonely in recorded history.

You swim inside a new environment humanity has never been afloat within before. The new OCEAN OF SUPER CHANGE. You float in this eternal sea this every expanding ocean and you have no borders or horizon or end to ever step away or out of the endless SEA of Super CHANGE. There is no there there. Everything you see touch know feel and understand is not real and is super changing. If your BRAIN is not upgraded to LEARN FASTER to UNLEARN FASTER AND TO RELEARN FASTER you are failing to remain current and useful and relevant in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE…..and you can not depart from the ever accelerating SUPER CHANGE – the ocean your life resides floating within….can you see the Super Change problem more clearly now?

Human beings are now finally exceeding our own fantastic but not unlimited capacity to cope with change – itself. Today we face our own extinction from multiple fronts due to the pace of accelerating SUPER  change we ourselves created. If we warm the real  oceans by only 1.5 degrees ( more ) we release all at once  the METHANE TRAPS on the sea floors all release at one time – and bam – not enough oxygen remains to support human life. Lots of earth life survives as the EARTH STARTS over and Fresh but we – us – are gone. No more. Say that is one Super Change event of hundreds today stressing us at a level humans have never not ever known before. Scientist well know this extinction event is only one item – is very close now – and appears to be irreversible unless a G 100 national effort is made to chill the core ocean from the 1.5 degree raise. We do have the technology but we are so busy rushing to NUKE EXTINCT ourselves we most likely will lack time for such insanity as we in other forms our being insane humanity are extincting ourselves more rapidly by insane behaviors of denial. A human quality that may end us all

In economics the Petroleum Industry is the prior GOD of economics as the cost of everything else is energy – packaging and transportation from energy – to market. The most toxic insane policy of energy may extinct humanity. Why? Buggy software of our mind. Super Change will allow our minds to upgrade. But will we. Super Change my book IS A LEADER INDIVIDUAL BRAIN SOFTWARE UPGRADE. If you wish Super Change Brain Software that WORKS – buy the book for your home and work space and your circles. I believe it is the most important work since my Uncle Nappy released THINK & GROW RICH so many decades ago. SUPER CHANGE is essential not an option – = the SUPERIOR low cost HOLIDAY GIFT THIS YEAR – this Holiday Surprise with SUPER CHANGE.





The SUPER STRESS of our home worlds and work worlds require some new GPS 2030 SOFTWARE to navigate into better futures. The new OCEAN OF SUPER CHANGE requires entirely new tactics and tools to cope and to lead within. The highest dysfunction in the C suite today is Super Change itself. The Amazon Book Super Change is the FIRST SOLUTION to guide leaders in the ever accelerating stress loads of SUPER CHANGE MARKETS 2020 and beyond. The first of its kind. A new beacon of solutions in the long dark night of SUPER CHANGE.

For the First time on Amazon ( this week ) is the one book I’ve suggested you all buy ten of and gift wrap with card ( Amazon does that for you Prime folks ) as you acknowledge the ten ( or more ) this HOLIDAY SEASON most important to YOU inside your own circle as year end referrals from your GIFT of Super Change today. The bonding the connection the engagement SUPER CHANGE BOOKS produce with those you “thanked” will last all year in 2020. Why?

Because for the first time in decades the CAUSE the actual SOURCE of our own Super Stress has been clearly explained. We all exist today in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE. The tools to navigate and to prosper inside SUPER CHANGE are for the first time in human history educationally shared in a book that consumed years of time to research and release this week for your Holidays.

Owning SUPER CHANGE is not an option owning SUPER CHANGE my new book is a new human necessity. In 2020 the world of thought leaders of speakers from Tony Robbins to Bob Proctor from Jack Canfield to James Dently from Les Brown to Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid – all will be talking about SUPER CHANGE and about how you can better cope.

We thought….we all hoped…things would slow down and we could get back to a new NORMAL. Things are NOT slowing DOWN. The Velocity Acceleration Momentum – VAM – of the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE is only now vastly accelerating. Everything is now INTEGRATED and every aspect of your world is now IMPACTED by SUPER CHANGE ITSELF. Fail to upgrade your own coping skills and you drift further and further as drifters into the long dark night of yesterday. The Illuminated future of unlimited abundance and prosperity requires new tools and new tactics for leaders. Embrace Super Change and prosper. Reject super change and wither.




The Pace of Super Change ( our NEW AGE ) is not slowing down…..rather it is only accelerating at every faster levels of velocity. The stress upon you upon me upon us all to simply adapt into the ever accelerating pace of change is now the number one stress upon us all.

What we ( humans ) have to do – at first in home life and then in work life – is to CALM DOWN and become far MORE OBJECTIVE of the outcomes we desire against Super Change itself. Super Change Leaders need new circles of NEW BRAINS upgraded to lead inside SUPER CHANGE. Guard your new circles. Guard your Guards. Super Change the BEST SELLING step by step GPS tells you how to navigate and take your best economic UPRAMPS into the future together Yesterday IS already too late to put SUPER CHANGE into YOUR future – with stability and prediction and control you are missing before the Book Super Change – completely missing. Leaders appreciate outcomes when invisible OPTIONS are by mentorship at the top made fully visible for action.

Our Blog News Site Presents Invisible Options to Leaders Across the World 

Consider some of the past slow changes  Change agencies. 2G was a 2 inch pipe taking us off fax. 3G was a three inch pipe that helped with ever growing digital fire sizes. 4G was a 4 inch pipe that helped us with video files until even they at 4K to 8K and higher began to slow things down again. 5G is a 100 FOOT PIPE. Over 4 billion devices roll over into 5G in 24 months before 2022. Trillions of hardware industry world wide are SUPER CHANGING into 5G. The VELOCITY ACCELERATION MOMENTUM OF THE SUPER CHANGE PRESENTS 5G AS A REVOLUTION NOT AN EVOLUTION. EVERYTHING CHANGES AT VAM BEYOND HUMANITIES COPING ABILITY.

Super Change provides solutions to COPE with the unfolding 2020 and 2021 Super Change and beyond. Do you feel it too?

The 100 foot pipe changes capacity for humanity at SUPER CHANGE SPEEDS we have never experienced before. In the shortest time span all transportation will Self Drive – AI will control our roadway transportation our sea lane transportation and our air transportation with UPS delivering CVS pharms today by DRONE as a first ( today ). Millions of drones delivering non polluting goods to our spaces in one hour. Human beings soon will not remember what it was like to drive and park in multiple locations to store buy anything.

AI will become a species before you finger snap. 2025 AI will not be recognizable to 2020 AI which is so far beyond 2000 Dot.Bomb AI. Super Change IS in the air. Can you feel me now?

You will live with AI friends and helpers at home and at work  – you will soon  marry AI – own property with AI and travel with AI as wetware and Ai co exist. Quantum travel will afford us all off world vacations and capacity to non pollute and discover our own tapestry of humanity at the speed of thought itself. Ai will marry AI. Ai and wetware will marry. We are Super Changing toward new states of being. AI will be nano as well as macro. Are you even ready to open your mind to embrace the VAM of AI as only one area of Super Change?

Every aspect of what it MEANS to BE Human from induction education to all humans ( see ELRON MUSK on Super Changing BRAINS ) to society and its celebration of diversity versus the concept we ever punished what was different about us. Gone are such insanities as ISIS as we celebrate shite whabbi sunni christian jew and hindu and buddhist to ignostic. Gone is the brain insanity of competition and punishing human differences versus stanley celebrating our differences.

Longevity will be whatever you wish.

The speed by which changes you can not imagine in space, communities, underseat communities and more arriving is the very fabric adventure of SUPER CHANGE. The Idea of Gov may well turn over to AI universally with an integrity and efficiency we humans simply could never muster.

AI and wetware will remove war as a concept from the thinking of humanity. Looking back humans will with downloaded educations shutter at our own dark ages of the mind in the violent horror of pre SUPER CHANGE existence back inside the savagery of say 2020 to 2025. ( See the Mormon slaughter in New Mexico – the live rounds killing protestors in Iraq or Kashmir – the human slaughter in fast food schools and places of worship in just 2019 in America for global perspective. All whirling around SUPER CHANGE Itself. The unrelenting acceleration of change.

Future self charging chips of the mind will commerce in tomorrow and no one will remember a time of digital theft, hacking, fraud, or an age of credit cards with dates and numbers on the back required. No one will remember finger scans or eye scans. Ai will chip ID us all ( the mark of the beast for real ) and we all will be more telepathic and communicate in ways that make a pad or phone seem like cave paintings – say at some distant human time frame like say – 2030 or sooner. Super Change is coming.

You can’t hide from the acceleration of SUPER CHANGE.

You either EMBRACE SUPER CHANGE or you diminish and perish.

To be sure pockets of drop outs – quaint Amish – human communities of islands of Super Change Resistance will be tiny islands of non adapting. They will have no power influence or engagement to the larger 100 billion humanity SUPER CHANGE cultures societies or its leadership – the ADAPTORS.

Securing the tools and tactics of EMBRACING SUPER CHANGE the NEW AGE WE ALL RESIDE WITHIN AND TO WHICH WE CAN NEVER LEAVE OR DEPART. Humans now swim in an every accelerating whirl pool of SUPER CHANGE we ourselves created and re-inent today. Ai is now writing its own new code and passes humanity capacity indeed.

Nations lack the perspectives to lead without the structural mind sets my work SUPER CHANGE now finally released just in time at AMAZON presents to you all. As a many time NEW TIMES BEST SELLING AUTHOR it is my believe not THE SECRET – not CHICKEN SOUP – NOT RICH DAD POOR DAD – NOT THREE FEET FROM GOLD OR THINK & GROW RICH FOR WOMEN NOT RELEASE THE GIANT WITHIN – which collectively have been read by 2 billion humans ( all released at CEO SPACE by the way ) compare to the impact of SUPER CHANGE for your own life.

There are PEARLS inside this work for everyone.

Pearls for home space coping with SUPER CHANGE.

Pearls for work space coping.

Pearls for balance time management and recreation space as well.

Even worship will now be affected by SUPER CHANGE as virtual and holographic realities create living liturgies impossible in prior ages.

As 5G turns on from China to the USA by this DECEMBER every web site evry social network ever text app and all apps are left in the dust of 4G thinking and technology. All that we know morphs and upgrades into the 100 foot 5G pipe. 5G is not an evolution 5G is an evolution – much like the invention of the internal combustion engine transformed the steam engine and the industrial revolution in 1850 to 1900’s. Much more ….

C suite leaders and all leaders ( you ) upgrade into COPING and LEADING IN SUPER CHANGE by adoption. The adoption criteria include:

  1. Super Change the Book defines sets anyone can take to get in front and remain in front of Super Change.
  2. A process is required to upgrade your brain and stay upgraded. CEO SPACE is one process. Tony Robbins is another Process. Bob Proctor and the Matrix and Paradigm Shift are other process we recommend as is Greg Reids’ SECRET KNOCK. You need to select your own process and stick with it. We all need a process. CEO SPACE is my own.
  3. Super Change brains LEARN faster – UNLEARN evern FASTER and then RE-LEARN – FASTER THAN THAT.
  4. Old Brains resist Super Change with “that is the way we have always done it”
  5. New Brains embrace Super Change and a better set of options to the future outcomes

See JEFF BEZO for a global switched on turned on SUPER CHANGE institution – something new for humanity or Musk.

Tony Robbins and I stand for brain upgrading that fosters advance coping to PROSPER in the new Age of Super Change. Bob Proctor and I led the mental software to secure the change for tomorrow.

Leaders must adapt their own process to remain current in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

Toys R us and Circuit City and Radio Shack did not do so well and Sears remains “we’ll see”. The problem is SUPER CHANGE BRAIN SOFTWARE – embracing or resisting SUPER CHANGE Itself. Leaders require a process not an event.

leaders require a new process

How will you remain current in the acceleration of Super Change?

How will you remain current in rapidly accelerating Super Change to Dec? Into 2021?  Whats your PROCESS to upgrade and remain current in Super Change? As no EVENT (( anything you attend once versus an INTEGRATED SUPER CHANGE SERIES of NEVER ENDING UPGRADING – which you discover in the book ) can KEEP you current and leadership relevant – you will require a regular consistent on going process to close your own SUPER CHANGE GAPS at home and at work spaces into 2020 and beyond.. SUPER CHANGE the BOOK names a number of leading SUPER CHANGE CURRENCY PROCESSES you will need to CHOSE YOUR OWN. Resisting SUPER CHANGE IS FATAL for your future and your business and your relationship.



What is your process to remain fully upgraded in swirling whirling SUPER CHANGE outside the box you presently reside within?

What is your process to integrate all the Changes into a pathology of GAP CLOSING to flow and know with Super Change versus resist Super Change.

Do you have your own process to develop your own leadership and your tools to PROSPER In the ever unfolding SUPER CHANGE?

SUPER CHANGE LEADERS will all answer yes – most will be owners of my book SUPER CHANGE – and most will define immediately their process frequency to upgrade their own Quantum Computer carried by the infinite horse power of their own necks. The great majority of SUPER CHANGE LEADERS saying YES I can name and define my on going process to embrace SUPER CHANGE are members of CEO SPACE and CEO SPACE ( Dec 7th in Dallas ) IS – their PROCESS and their process works.

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Thank you.



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You bless me when you share the blessing SUPER CHANGE our new global best selling book –  BECOMES IN EVERY LIFE IT TOUCHES this Holiday.

You thank me by leaving your comments and ranking….and I than you all for that little effort – thank you.




That is my wish for Super Change readers – EPP – Enjoy Prosper and Profit.



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