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Steve said – I”m screwed if they don’t like this ( the smart phone ).

Steve was anxious the new Apple Smart phone would not interrupt the market dominant flip phone at the time.

Today there are over 5 billion SMART phones in the market and demand continues to soar upwards.

Internet Subscriptions have soared off the chart passing at year end 2019 7.2 BILLION Globally. In 1999 1/3 of homes even had a PC not all that long ago. This 7 billion milestone is significant because at the start of this decade only 1.3 billion were on the internet in only 2010.

Over 4 billion devices trade up to 5 G an economy of its own in 24 months from Jan 2020.

Economic Convergence along with a rapidly transforming AI ECONOMIC BRAND NEW FIN TEK Landscape is evolving rapidly. Super Changing.

We have written first about SUPER CHANGE as the NEW AGE the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE none of us can ever not ever release ourselves from. Even the Amish are adapting into Super Change. Super Change is the new INEVITABLE. New leader skills and tactics are required to develop AGILE MINDS that can be nimble enough to cope and adapt into accelerating change pacing.

What are those new tools human beings require and desire to master and prosper in SUPER CHANGE? How do leaders upgrade their software for their most important super quantum computer carried about their own necks? Super Change the best selling book from Amazon resolves these issues for you. You stay in your own drivers seat inside SUPER CHANGE.

The FAANG Group leads world market valuations with a cap for FAANG in 2020 of just over 5 trillion today, more than the FED BALANCE SHEET as a cap model for what did not exist in the 1980’s. Super Change wealth estates.

The Top Five FAANG CAP WEALTH in only 2010 was 800,000 billion. In 2020 the Cap Wealth of these Five FAANG STOCKS will pass 5 trillion dollars. A decade of improvement by 1000%. SUPER CHANGE. The DOW and the leading index are SUPER CHANGING as never before.

In only 2018 mobile technologies as a sector by themselves – a sector that did not exist in the prior decade – now contributed over 4 trillion to global GNP and AI new economic growth.

….Super Changing Education must rise up to teach students to prosper within increasing entrepreneur self employed job sets in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE AND THE AGE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR – and adapt in Super Change to teach skills for a majority of jobs that do nto exist at the time the education is provided in the first place……

Without human education global reform in Super Change human beings will represent a species that went extinct. Education Reform or its absence is the cause of all the problems that humans are experiencing. Education has failed society and without upgraded reform leads to human termination in the present obsolete antique delivery of a buggy failed system of human potential development. Education today is toxic for society and outcomes desired from education and no one is at fault outside the lack of ONE INSPIRED LEADER to reform and fix the core problem. Super Change not illuminates the elephant in the room – human education is a horror show that squanders the raw potential of the first kind…..our own.

..the human race is the one race in existence and core reality….in which the human race has no FINISH LINE ……..


So what now as the 2020 SUPER CHANGE AGE takes over from all prior human ages….from climate change extinction….to methane trap extinction… water draught extinction… toxic pollution extinction from water air and soils ….to nuke bomb extinction ( less than 100 of the 10,000’s ready to leap into our skies a 30 minute wipe out ) which congress like our own fail to even approach a solution to our extinction preferring pure political theater and election war fares spending billions in waste versus building nations – out of touch with SUPER CHANGE – and now as a system a failed construction in theory to thrive in SUPER CHANGE. The leadership of nations under a XI or . PUTIN versus a messy system of failed or bought and paid or leaders – is left in the dust by Super Change. Congress is riding a horse. Super Change leaders travel in hyper loops and hologram communications. The LEADERS OF TOMORROW are masters of my NEW BOOK on SUPER CHANGE LEADERSHIP. Old brain leaders are failing. New SUPER CHANGE BRAINS are changing the world.

Become a Super Change Leader…..master the book….make underlines and margin notes….SUPER CHANGE is about leader development and leader action nothing less. THE READ OF OUR NEW DECADE IS SUPER CHANGE


Super Change revolves around a single phrase that past decade brains did not know nor did they use it as common language but they all do today in 2020:




There is an app for everything. Want to order groceries for home delivery – there is an app for THAT.

Want to order anything from Amazon with one day over night to your door low cost delivery with AMAZON PRIME there “IS” AN APP FOR THAT……

Want a ride door to door in better cars more interesting drivers in seconds – THERE IS AN APP FOR “THAT” ….in 2020.

Find a date….listen to music….water entertainment…..fix up anything…buy everything….why in 2020 THERE IS AN “APP” FOR THAT…in SUPER CHANGE. Why I wrote the LEADERSHIP ESSENTIAL WORK OF OUR MODERN TIME SUPER CHANGE TO KEEP MY LEADER READERS AHEAD OF THE EVER ACCELERATING PACE OF SUPER CHANGE ITSELF. Super Change is Warp Driving change all around we human beings and having passed our own ability to cope with the ever accelerating pace o Change We ourselves invented – we need to CALM DOWN to CATCH UP. Let me tell you HOW and share this essential read with your circles and best customer thank you – buy best clients a SUPER CHANGE GIFT to retain those clients and to mushroom new decade referrals.

During 2019 consumers spend 120 BILLION DOLLARS on APP STORES ( most apps are still free ) buying applications – THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT – applications that did ot exist in app stores that did not exist in the prior decade in the first place. Brains had to be educated for jobs in the old decade jobs that did not even exist in 2010 but do today in SUPER CHANGE. The new jobs no one every experienced before are being manufactured and invented this decade and we all need AGILITY BRAINS to retrain and remain in high demand for those JOBS that do not exist RIGHT TODAY EVEN. Super Change is here folks you need to learn that SUCCESS “IS A LEARNED BEHAVIOR and in the new future SUCCESS IS A SUPER CHANGE BRAIN developed from the essential leadership management book for college education and silo leadership in every institution or a Dentist office. SUPER CHANGE Is the management leadership work of our century.


Super Change is not another management book in a long list of being a better leader manager. Super Change is “THE BOOK” of our lifetime and age. As in the industrial revolution with theory from ADAM SMITH ( now obsolete in AI new economics ) new theories presented in the 2010 decade start Super Change Work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION spawning so many other works such as LOVE “IS” PROFITABLE FOR FORTUNE INSTITUTIONS.

Super Change is a NEW BOOK CATEGORY against which a channel of new works defining software for the mind to lead remain ahead and out front of SUPER CHANGE ITSELF This book leadership new CATEGORY and THEORY MODELING has been created by SUPER CHANGE the ….one work that started it all… 2020.



Leader relevancy in 2020 and beyond resides upon how YOU ANSWER THIS CORNERSTONE QUESTION FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF TOMORROW……Read it again. Click so you can answer ….the on top of it leader answer in the future we all face together….YES I OWN SUPER CHANGE YES IS SHARED SUPER CHANGE… is up to all of us to preclude extinction and leadership is the only way to do that – sane leadership or insane – Super Change leaders or crazy brain leaders who slaughter human beings to make a buck ….is it criminal to lead economic institutions that lie steal and fraud the public where all leading institutions pled guilty to enormous crimes that continue and are on going – or firms that pollute like criminal OPEC who not only pollute but in a CRIMINAL GREED MACHINE keep prices 200% too high assuring our extinction and accelerated illness and death for 1.4 billion this year long before we all go extinct from criminal brains – and say boeing that kills people versus spend the money for a relatively minor fix….the problem is in the MIND FIELD FOLKS and the failure of education to adapt into the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE…..but we tell leaders how to upgrade the SUPER CHANGE SOFTWARE moving forward for the software of that leaders mind – and or of course…..not. Old software leads to human extinction and new software saves us. As always we are engaged in a real human race for our own superior elevated awareness…..are we all not……?

Subscribe and leave me a comment IS….all that “I” wish ….for Christmas this year. You.

In 2020 34 minutes of every Adult American’s day is consumed on social APP’s  that did not even exist a decade ago – SUPER CHANGE CULTURES AND SOCIETIES. Today billions in the world feel a discomfort for being disconnected A human new addiction reaction that did not exist in the prior decade.

THE NEW AGE OF THE “TRANSHUMAN IN LONGEVITY” IS SUPER CHANGING …in my 2020 work DIGITAL MANNERS I outline how the distinction of being a human being or a smart device self aware and billions of times smarter than human beings are today will Loinkendin  in the accelerating age of SUPER CHANGE such that the present idea and concept of being a human being itself may core change to something we do not yet know and cannot even understand in our present more limited states of being……


The tools to “SET UP” A Transhuman era are rapidly unfolding and human beings have no investment in the outcome of any kind. The unfolding SUPER CHANGE Is as yet outside all government rules, double lines and comprehension as the pace of change has accelerated beyond human systems of nations to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE – which unfolds outside old models of regulatory oversight. It is all new and Super Change ever accelerating.

In 2018 Super Change occurred in advertising where for the first time in human modern history – where mobile ads exceeded all television advertising for the first time in our century – well first time since 1900. Super Change. Accelerating rapidly.

We now have new words such as extortion and fake news as no nation has regulatory oversight outlined in the work REDEMPTION For world leader catch up – such we can expect new terms for new criminals to develop into the future…as in SUPER CHANGE the NEW is the Norm and the old is obsolete culture first and leadership out next.


Super Change GPS and tracking presents emergency service instantly to billions of humans that did not exist previously. No one uses mpas and everyone says text me the GPS ADDY Please – language that did not exist in the prior decade. Your location history is now packaged and sold as a consumer data point set to secure improved product flows into consumer consumptions world wide. AI increasingly manages the ever larger BIG DATA. The New Super Changing GPS technologies are fostering unfolding Prime Deliveries to your home in one day soon to be one HOUR with Drones. 7 Trillion dollars in annual investing are globally now expended into self driving 5G planes trains trucks cars and ships into the future SUPER CHANGING to us all sooner than you can appreciate outside the book.

Half of four billion smart devices in 2020 will be used as a privacy unregulated nightmare – by leading companies -with new 2020 applications that did not exist in 2019 to TRACK THE MOVEMENTS OF ALL THEIR EMPLOYEES – inside their work space and remotely as well. No permissions required.

32 Volumes and 129 pounds of Encyclopedias the educated proudly featured and used in their libraries – now reside on line with updates to currency impossible in printed versions. The 2020 phrase GOOGLE IT did not even exist in prior decades or YOU TUBE THIS or instagram me.

In 2020 we distract ourselves to our own deaths.

In 2018 in just the USA – almost 2700 deaths occurred –  involving a DISTRACTED DRIVER – where a reported growing level of 13% of all such deaths are now smart device distractions and the actual % we feel is triple that number.

While Google Pay and new Apple pay are after thoughts rising China has in its applications over 80% adoption of smart device AI pay plans. Beggars in China ask for digital donations – and stores put the QR code – on all store winds – scan and buy.

In China.

In the UK to TNM – total number of minutes – fell from 2013 at 254 billion minutes to only 206 billion minutes of traditional old voice calling – in 2018. While even text messages ( THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT ) fell form 129 billion in 2013 to 2018 at oly 74 billion big drop to other APP modeling on communication itself.  Fax fell to modems. Modens fell to email mpas and new % 5G applications that do not yet exist will replace what we all use today. SUPER CHANGE. All in time frames no human being has ever been educated how to adapt into – squandering RHP – relevant human potential – within a failed obsolete pre super change education of humanity model that requires UPGRADING into the age of SUPER CHANGE. One inspired leader can and would reform education into a model to secure that superior future. My mentors on these two models for tomorrow are Dr. Donny Epstien and Mark Hewitt you can and you should look up my mentors in the future SUPER CHANGE market space and Privacy Hero that defies itself that privacy oin Super Change is – absolute and non negotiable to human beings – the CLOUD and data storage increased 9x since 2010. EMJOI s have gone from 2010 to 3000 more being offered in 2020. THINK ABOUT THE SUPER CHANGE we are reporting to you as we enter the NEW ENERGY OF THE SUPER CHANGE DECADE THE LARGEST SHIFT OF ENERGY IN HUMAN EXISTENCE EVER. ‘


Economic CONVERGENCE last drove global economic growth in the 1850 with:

  • Industrial revolution and the steam engine with coal energy ruling
  • The shift to oil energy with the invention for the internal combustion engine
  • Telegraph – changes human communication from the pony express mail delivery
  • The radio recording human voice on dictaphones and the invention of radio communication and television
  • The invention of human flight

The convergence of the economic powers in SUPER CHANGE in 1850 elevated human connection productivity including new forms of weapons and war into a century from 1850 the last ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE.


The 2020 Decade of SUPER CHANGE ushers in the first new economics of a NEW CONVERGENCE FOR GLOBAL PROSPERITY into 2050:

  1. AI economics
  2. DNA revolutionary longevity
  3. Quantum computing and transportation now in labs working
  4. Self driving planes trains trucks and automobiles and robotics
  5. Self aware AI
  6. Self aware robotics
  7. 5G Economic Revolutions including climate repair and earth restoration technologies to reform earth gases and temperatures and remove toxic outcomes from our crazy competitive brain years of moving human beings into extinction.
  8. Cooperative Capitalism replacing competitive capitalism and competitive socialism as failed economic modeling
  9. Cooperation versus competition into a UNITED EARTH FEDERATION OF NATIONS
  10. Space – discovers of new understandings including inter dimension discovery energy and communications
  12. Real time back up of consciousness
  13. Direct education by download like the  Matrix – golf – tennis – water skiing or physics or computer science – instant downloads
  14. Super Teaching ( see into 5G ) – massive reform globally of human potential via education reforms
  15. Hologram e commerce meetings and human interaction replacing the platforms of pre 5G world and industry

Economic Convergence will drive with INFRASTRUCTURE upgrading a new GLOBAL PROSPERITY as it did in the last ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE of 1850.

If the US CONGRESS passes both Immigration reform into modernized economic immigration in a cooperative capitalistic model and passes US INFRASTRUCTURE upgrading in todays low interest borrowing climate – the ideal time to do so – perhaps if Republicans win back the US HOUSE from a dysfunctional weaponized political process into grid lock and dysfunction – a CRIME AGAINST THE UNBORN US GENERATIONS by the US CONGRESS – prosperity can unfold in the new SUPER CHANGING ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE into 2050. If we fail to cooperate and get these works done the opposite of prosperity is now moving into the future .



A required to every leader library – the culture profit shift from competitive resistance to SUPER CHANGE to embrace of SUPER CHANGE in 2020 and beyond – the management leader bible of the century – mentored by Napoleon Hill since Age 7 – the mentor to the mentors of Fortune Leadership – brought to readers by the family that founded the global human potential and productivity revolutions with Dr. Deming – 1940’s to 2020 – with New York Times best sellers – presenting the LEADERSHIP TOOL BOX OF THE CENTURY FOR NEW DECADE 2020 LEADERS seeking to lead in SUPER CHANGE while others are left behind ……an upgrade for the brain software of inspired leaders of tomorrows – mind ! 

The problems in order are:

  • Insane competitive cultures institutionalized by failed to reform education world wide – requires one inspired leader
  • Insane economics where 99% own less wealth total than 1% super wealthy elites own of wealth ending with extinction
  • Public Education as cause of the squandering of raw human potential and institutionalizing competitive insanity
  • Unreformed economics leading to unwanted further rapid fatal the global system CONSOLIDATIONS OF WEALTH
  • Wild unwanted core system speculation gambling for profit where side bets at 570 trillion annually now exceed real economics and stake holder investing of 440 trillion in economics. This trend leads to human extinction.
  • The human race re-educates into SUPER CHANGE or we fail in education to rapidly become an extinct species
  • Sanity in software of mind ( cooperation cultures and movements ) or competitive insanity in cultures and insane education


The choice is our own alone.

Insanity to the class of super wealth displays as where power and money are consolidate PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Sanity recirculates wealth.

Competition is as virus of mind.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

The Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is the one book that READS YOU even as you read the book and your software of mind is forever UPGRADED From insane to sane in a single read of one virus removal tool for the human collective consciousness. If billions read the sold out five star book – the world would TRANSORM Into effortless abundance as the book outlines and defines.

I write about a far better future in the 2020 book SUPER CHANGE – Amazon today for you – and at books stores JAN 7th watch for it.

In 2020 DIGITAL MANNERS takes REDEMPTION as the blue print to reform work space home space and political space world wide and completes in DIGITAL MANNERS ( made for a feature film script by design ) as the FUTURE we all have been waiting for those of us who are now sane and free of competitive virus of mind.

Create Cooperative circles in 2020 and use CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL where and when possible to grow such awake switched on turned on circles for YOURSELF and your own FUTURE.

Then guard your circles.

Then guard YOUR GUARDS.

But HOW?

Redemption tells you HOW precisely both home and work space.

Thank you for reading my blog on WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE.


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Last year on Christmas Eve the market crashed. This year the market at record highs closed basically unchanged world wide. The Trading days after Christmas we predicted will create a record 29% up rally for the best stock year since 1997 – setting all time records and in our bi partisan economic opinion sealing the 2020 election for Donald Trump with trade deals in 2019 and beyond. Donald Trump Policies if you hate him have made America stronger today in economics alone and in defense globally. Donald Trumps teams are devoted to keep AMERICA GREAT and that appears to be the politically winning formula. Hating Donald Trump is not a policy at all – and leads America into confusion and market CRASH. We believe the majority of American voters will wish to continue American prosperity with Trump and will vote a liked Republican congress to get things done versus grid lock and four years of decline in America versus rising AMERICAN RENEWAL. This is not about party. This is vote your wallet world wide.

PROSPERITY WILL WE BELIEVE CONTINUE WITHOUT UNFORSEEN EVENTS SETTING NEW WEALTH ESTATE RECORDS WORLD WIDE INTO 2022. The 2019 year ends with the best stock performance since 1997 folks. The world is in growth and unmatched prosperity with TRADE DEALS from TRUMP – for China – The Americas – Japan – UK and EU next – the world is developing a new world order that is highly sustainable – low prices – growing performance – no inflation – and low interest costing long term – driving with ECONOMIC CONVERGENCE the ultimate Santa CLAUSE RALLY in new AI ECONOMICS where after January profit taking – Holiday profits will drive with 2020 boom up bubble across the world – GNP and WEALTH RISING in all economics as we enjoy years of GOOD TIMES so well a blessing to the billions in this world today. Merry Christmas to all – 2019 – RIGHT AGAIN as all our readers well know now —- looking back. Like a mirror mirror on the wall and you get to be first to know it all…..the better source of what IS going on out there….for leaders who want MORE. More is provided here to the leaders of the world in community…..explosively growing as you SHARE AND CARE this HOLIDAY – growing this site in 2020 – with our gratitude and appreciate to our readers. Over 60% outside the USA and we especially appreciate our global community of leadership world wide thank you all this Holiday and New Year. We so appreciate you ….deeply and sincerely….thank you.  To the Press special thanks.

A note on WEALTH HEALTH in 2020 and 2021. We predicted year end record WEALTH HEALTH for the world. The stock market opened 2019 at record high valuations of 70 million. Experts predicted – a correction and a rough year in trade wars. Experts predicted China would not make a trade deal. Our inside sources predicted China WOULD make a trade deal as would CANADA and MEXICO and Japan and UK and EU eventually. Right again.

The equity WEALTH MARKET moved from 70 trillion to almost 90 trillion and may yet adjust at year end to new records above 90 trillion in equity wealth health a gain of 15 trillion dollars in 2019. RIGHT AGAIN to our readers who diversified into insurance investing – principle guarantee super high returns – the right package at record all time high investing. Not to miss next peaks and avoid those valleys. The readers who used our guidance for OPTIONS discussions with licensed brokers – who bought the dip in dividend high performing historic growth stocks made money from FAANG ( We said would recover last January and RIGHT AGAIN when experts stated the oppossit – this blog was right experts wrong – a trend 1988 to today on this news site) .

Central Banks no invest in long term liquidity growth and stability criteria first line – or – accomodative financial policy into 2025 assuring a World Cooperating in New WORLD ORDER TRADE DEALS , Thew rapidly revolutionizing NEW WORLD TRADE ORDER and the AI ECONOMICS are creating a long term CONVERGANCE boom cycle that may with Congress globallsy voted for propserity with common policy in right sequence to fast track;

  1. Super Bonds rescheduling Sovereign Nation Debt with Roel Campos Super Bond CO FATHER – former SEC Commissioner and senior structural genius partner at Fin Tek leading firm for SUPER BONDS – Hughes Hubbard and Reed.
  2. Infrastructure investment
  3. Entitlement legislation
  4. Entrepreneur barrier to entry in time and cost first five years along the lines of PAKISTAN – average age of 220 million in Pakistan is age 23 – educated through High School – all speaking English – fast track laws for any venture in nation – superior in nation public private funding options – with Anchor Fine Group and its CEO Namish from CEO SPACE to your entity – check them out. Tell them CEO SPACE recommended them.
  5. Merge central banks into state treasury and forge a TREASURY FEDERATION FOR PLANET WIDE  ” ECONOMIC”  CONSTITUTION – blue print outlined in my back ordered five star best seller for leadrs and law makers REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION featured in my blogs to leaders who are readers.  Seeking a better future. A far better way. 12 laws and you create global COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM INTEGRITY BASED RULE BASED GLOBAL REVOLUTIONIZING ANTIQUE OBSOLETE MODELS for economics in new AI economic environment – COOPERATION RULE BASED UPGRADING is the future of prosperity with a policy of NO NATION LEFT BEHIND an no regulation that fails to maximally serve the UNBORN GENERATION OF OUR SMART WATER – PLANET. After all WE HUMANS are the planets smarter water where humility assumes the implication the water planet that created us IS and will REMAIN smarter than its creation – us. Think about that. In opposing extinction from Petro insanity. Elite 1% Greed is WHY the 5 billion os us all face extinction. Can we do better? Can we remove competitive insanity driving human extinction in time? That IS the work of leaders who engage in self growth of tomorrows leadership today – inside a committed global rapdily growing community of leaders who agree to demonstrate COOPERATION VERSUS COMPETITION together and for life as LIFETIME CEO SPACE MEMBERS. Trade a tax dollar before year end for a lifetime income producing high profit return asset – CEO SPACE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP. How does the IRS or your tax authority LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP benefit you at all? Trade those waster tax dollars out a year end high return asset – while you still have time. Email emorgan@ and she will serve you with our amazing teams – no selling ever – just telling – inside our cooperative based care and share policy for the # ! growth acceleration program in the world – Press ranked # 1  – 2010 – 2020 for all the reasons you can trust for higher returns on year end tax dollar reclaiming – just explore the option. Making invisible options VISIBLE to high performing business owners and professionals in practice is our CEO SPACE 150 nation 32 year service committment within one slogal 1988 to today – WE WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL “YOU” WIN…….true then true 2020.

The global WEALTH HEALTH enormous record rises in 2019 was largely driven by USA PERFORMANCE driving the world market wealth upward. The US Dollar remains the strongest most trusted currency on the earth. The World reserve currency the bulk of 440 trillion in circulations settles into and with. Systemically there iis no alternative with the CIRCULATION SYSTEMIC CHARACTERISTICS to support both global trade and global credit. The US DOLLAR is the only systemic currency with sufficient in place circulation – transparency – lower corruption impacts – low inflation to no inflation – asset based currency where total US debt is a 13% home loan against real asset to debt ratio and oil and mineral wealth in the USA remain vastly understated. The Dollar is the ONE systemic model that works. That is elastic enough to handle the trade velocity. No block chain can replace the US DOLLAR world reserve TRUST. The Central Bank the FED ( owned by the banks with non reporting no audit ever outside any oversight in fact – as independence means no oversight to the 100% failed policies that almost destroyed the entire world system with sub prime bank greed ( and subsequent 100% criminal plea bargains with billions in fines but no jail time for the crooks ) that own and wo control the FED. Google you will see or search FEDERAL RESERVE on this blog and see all the hard data on this ownership control and proof the cental bankers are not government agencies they are private profit making stock contractors to manage state monetary policy by contract by criminals. When you MERGE THE FED into Treasury the US TREASURY can forge smart stability driving policies that the central bankers driven by profit motive to their shareholder controlling bank investment bank shareholders – can never accomodate for the PEOPLE.  Independance ( no over sight by law and regulations of Congress as in the first 300 years ) being exchanged for LEGAL COMPLIANCE OVERSIGHT is in the AI economics the job of STATE TREASURY not criminal bankers who need and require regulation to double line their insane greed machines. LIke DOMINOES falling WHEN the US CONGRESS perhaps a REPUBLICAN CONGRESS votes to MERGE THE DEAD FED ( 100% policy errors since 2007 and before ) with US TREASURY better smarter policies that work – we end criminal oversight of nation money – we end LEGAL THEFT OF NATIONAL WEALTH to criminal bankers once and for all. Thats it. In 2020 it is time for the failure of education to alert voters to the one CORE example the US can lead – keep all FED PROCESSES but have regulatory oversight by US TREASURY post merger. Easy. Pay off FED DEBT with one SUPER BOND plus all US INFRASTRUCTURE in the Roel Campos Hughes Hubbard and Reed US Super Bond. Other nations who follow suite will stabilize the entire new AI economic system of the planet globally …all outlined in the nation economic bible REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Buy for yourself and your law maker as smart 2020 action LEADERS can lead within. Smarter better futures is the outcome of an informed voter electorate. Ask candidates their posture on WILL YOU MERGE THE CRIMINAL CENTRAL BANK INTO OUR STATE TREASURY TRADING INDEPENDANCE FROM REGULATORY OVERSIGHT TO REAL CORRUPTION FREE OVERSIGHT OF RULE OF LAW FOR STATE MONETARY POLICY. The better way forward in AI economics.

CEO SPACE has influenced moving away from leadership organizational theory of competition into cooperation. As in the past years the Trump team has evoked a cooperation every expert stated was impossible ( but our blog ) and that cooperation in 2019 did what to WEALTH HEALTH OF THIS WORLD?

  1. The cap growth in 2019 of WEALTH HEALTH went up by over 17 TRILLION US DOLLARS world wide. Lead by US markets and WEALTH EXPLOSIONS.
  2. The markets in the US went up by from over 20% to almost 30% in some sectors of wealth growth in the USA the lead in the entire world.
  3. A collective of SUPER MONEY POOLS of nations is now 2020 investing in US REAL ESTATE as the new GOLD.
  4. This blog states GOLD is wild speculative market with gamblers creating price for profit proceed with great caution.
  5. All trades are now 96% AI – outside all past charts and forecasting – NEW – no human can predict the AI market future today

AI economics rule the world.

Central bankers are leaders who failed to adapt to SUPER CHANGE in the unfolding AI economic revolutions sweeping world markets. AI is only getting smarter. Ai economics outperform human beings ( see Warren Buffet losing over one million dollars on his failed bet against AI outcomes and results in profit making over humans hence 96% shifted to AI in 2019 ). Obsolete central banks are criminal – greed driven – failed policy making institutions – that desperately need to BE MERGED BACK INTO STATE TREASURIES world wide. State Treasury are SUPER CHANGE LEADERS agile and adpating to market changes that are speed and acceleration to SUPER CHANGING ECONOMICS. Central bank old software brains defend – that is the way we have always done it and IS is a CAP word to their failed policy making and cultures – hence the speed to MERGE is stability to economic policy. The risk remains failed education on this key policy item to voters who believe the lie – the central bank is a fully accounta le check and balance state agency. Central banks are private profit Non Government stock companies owned by the banks they regulate leading to the worst criminal economic crimes in human history. MERGE THE CRIMINAL BODY into State TREASURY and FIX THE CORE ECONOMICS OF GLOBAL SUSTAINED COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM SUPERIOR AI OUTCOMES IN 2020. CEO SPACE is pledged to advocate for this SMART SOLUTION to nations of 2020 and beyond.


  1. Central bank policy has greatly harmed nations of the world.
  2. Central bank system was a bad idea in 1906 and in 2020 it is fully obsolete and mal functioning
  3. Swapping toxic economic policy for stability economics via merger is the way up and out of the core problem

In 2019 we say a 17 plus trillion dollar gain in WEALTH HEALTH for the world small mid and large.

516 New Ventures are being formed worldwide each month and in 2020 that number may double to over 1 million a month. This against many nation laws that cost far too much in time and money to develop entrepreneur back bone economic class in nation driving stability economics driving cooperative capitalism – and conveying HOPE AND PROMISE for sustained abundance in nations. Nations need to REVOLUTIONIZE ENTREPRENEUR LAWS all covered in step by step action for national planners in the book REDEMPTION which remains the only blue print to world leaders and legislatures to warp drive into 2020 and a far better future economic outcome for nations served with the INTEGRITY OF THE TRUTH in policy upgrading. Why continue antique failed models of central banks when we have a far better way inside state treasuries. As the biggest profit on earth is state contacts to central banks to control monetary policy ( the legal override of all transactions on earth to criminal bankers ) coming to an end is going to be a GREED WAR before it is over. See HOUSE OF CARDS ON NETFLIX and double the problem with this level of wealth shifting from criminal bankers back to the PEOPLE and unborn generations. THAT IS THE OUTCOME of the fight.

Impeachment of the one President who MAY PROPOSE THE MERGER OF THE FED sets up the distraction fight to delay such removal of central bank monopoly pay – criminal theft of national wealth for greed alone. That IS the 2020 truth of the world central bank corruption nations need to RESOLVE into their far better futures.

Despite Central banks admitting they raised:

  • Interest far too rapidly
  • Far to frequently
  • Far to high each time
  • Impacted system liquidity by dumping over a trillion into markets sponging up vital recovery liquidity at the worst time
  • Created the melt down last Holiday season by failed policy
  • Created using FREE FED MONEY bank criminal outcomes one plea after another for the larger bank shareholders of the central banks profiting from the criminal national policy on wealth.
  • Consolidated wealth to its own super money pool shareholders where 1.5 million super money pools in 2006 are now less than 10,000 Super Money pools as central bank shareholders in 2020 – with 1% owning more wealth than 5 billion and 99% own. Want more of that non sense in economic policy? State Treasuries will FIX WEALTH CONSOLIDATIONS AND DISPARITY if voters get integrity truth education.

In spite of the TRUMP calling Fed policy what it is . a policy working against the interest of the USA and its people – pure and simple – assuring trade wars world wide have wiped out USA sanction cost by those trading nations bidding up the US dollar to record highs and manipulating ( criminally with central banks ) their currency lower – so those nations could unfairly profit in trade war in currency wars the FED in the USA worked in competition and in antique brain software so out of synch and date in SUPER CHANGE ( brains like Radio shack and Toys R US ) – NOT SUPER CHANGE LEADERS IN BRAIN SOFTWARE read my book SUPER CHANGE it is so well defined. Inspire of the FED counter weight to our winning so much more in trade war the USA won anyway.


  1. Over 17 trillion dollars in NEW WEALTH.
  2. The World is long term investing to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA first time in decades
  3. Unemployment is record low today over the lifetime of a three year old or 103 year old – generational record low
  4. Confidence is high and stable driving consumer outcomes unseen in decades over this time line
  5. The longest boom the best boom in US HISTORY may continue into 2050 depending on Congress

If Congress goes Republican Congress will pass: and fast in 2021:

  1. Infrastructure securing a boom in the world economy into 2030 in our opinion.
  2. Immigration reform in the USA resolving cares for over 10 million illegal immigration securing future labor in the USA
  3. Fix Health Care another leading economy fixed
  4. Fix entitlement for unborn generations restoring and up bubble to US CREDIT RATING down graded under Obama
  5. Develop independence economics for energy ( done ) and minerals ( taking place now ) keeping America GREAT AGAIN.

America will lead in the new Convergance technologies you may feel we are behind in but we are not in fact we are leading what we invented despite the 2019 HACKER DEADLINE now coming to a close with new tools like PRIVACY HERO entire new unicron privacy solutions coming to 5G homes and Offices in 2020 – one of my clients and a unicorn now rising to market shares – waich for new industries in:

  1. Privacy and anti hacking homes and offices as we move to a HACK FREE SECURE E E-COMMERCE AI DECADE
  2. Cooperative Economics the tide that lifts all vessels to safe harbor – in trade deals versus trade wars
  3. BLOCK CHAIN reducing cost and time to transaction completions for everything as old tech all hackable are upgraded
  4. DNA and Genetic robotic health with AI will revolutionize human health wealth and longevity in new 5 G industries
  5. 5 G a 100 FOOT PIPE not a 5 inch pipe – revolutionizing every on line and option for human outcomes tomorrow
  6. Hydrogen and low kilowatt non polluting energy replacing toxic preto’s for agriculture – transportation power and packaging
  7. Quantum Computing revolutionized to be unrecognized to first generation outcomes in 2020 – new industries rise
  8. Robotics and SELF AWARE AI creating the future AI beyond human capacity and assuring economic AI revolutions in work
  9. Invention and Discovery SUPER CHANGE accelerations with WETWARE ( us ) and AI WARE – new life collaborating
  10. Space – human discovery of the new such that everything we know is turned upside down with the TRUTH we learn

The 1 to 10 is impossible without the SUPER CHANGE CURRENCY of rapidly evolving AI that tens of trillions of dollars is now being invested into world wide. The AI race is the largest DISCOVERY RACE that looks more like real WORLD WAR III as the nation that actually controls the outcome of SELF AWARE NEW LIFE FORM – NEW SPECIES OF ALIVE SELF AWARE SELF LEARNING AI will in fact control the entire world. That race is fully engaged and cooperation suggested in Redemption the SANE OUTCOME to possible insane outcomes by breeding for human WAR and its increasing AI machinery – versus never using AI for war. As policy of cooperating nations that are awake and sane.

Competitive failed economic modeling of failed antique competitive capitalism in 2020 and competitive socialism in all forms including communism both create unwanted outcomes. These include as we measure over centuries of time and hard data that;

  1. Redemption data confirms the old failed economic system models consolidate wealth to instability of core systems where 1% own more wealth than 99% which is criminal – unethical – unwanted – circulation and liquidity destabilizing to core economics – and in any sane system precluded by self correcting Super Change new laws of nation. Sanity versus insanity. Cooperative Capitalism also outlined as both problem and solution are economically presented to nations in Redemption for leaders affecting national policy and economic up ramps for the unborn in nation.
  2. Wild speculation where side betting on which way an asset while go ( a casino capitalism at the termination of failed systems prior to melt down super crash and world war ) – where speculation casino capitalism exceeds total dollars in stake holder investing as it has 2010 to 2019. Without a COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM LAW UPGRADE – 12 laws – national economic stability is at core risk due to the combinations of a lack of SUPER CHANGE BRAINS IN LEADERSHIP – ( read SUPER CHANGE TO HIRE YOUR OWN ) – with antique preservation of old failed system risking the entire system in the end. There is time to fix this economically one nation at a time – IF – the truth reaches enough leaders with a far better way. Thats all. The Truth.

COMPETITIVE ECONOMICS – seeks to earn maximum immediate month end profits for thier elite inside stake holders at any cost to win the desired financial outcome that greed rewards that leader at any and all cost – or as in Boeing outs them finally but way too late. Non Super CHNAGE BRAINS are toxic to brands and national economic outcomes in the long term from this failed modeling of mind.

COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS: seeks to obsess on communities being served better outcomes each month while making a profit. The sane mind set the Super Change mind set. Impossible for old brains defending non reality – markets that no longer exist – into THAT “IS” THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE THINGS AROUND HERE – fatal software of mind in 2020 and futures.

Cooperation has influenced the WAY COOL COMPANIES that have in their founder short years passed all inherited mine to manufacturing wealth theories and models of prior generations all in record time inside rapidly revolutionizing AI ECONOMICS. Nations seek to break up these leading IP firms why? Old brains are competitive and do not know HOW to invent inspired new LAWS appropriate and sane in cooperation – for the future generations.

New brains embrace SUPER CHANGE.

Old Brains resist Super Change always at their own eventually peril. See Kodak Circuit City Radio Shack Toys R US and more? Thousands of retail brans went out in 2019 alone double 2018. SUPER CHANGE IS HERE FOLKS.

Old brains are software buggy competitive thinkers – a display of human insanity.

Competition is human insanity at work in the mind.

Cooperation is the competitive virus removal tool – where truth replaces breaches of all integrity.

Competition policy making is always inasnity.

Cooperation policy making is sanity.

Redemption is the book that reads YOU even while you READ REDEMPTION for Super Brain leaders. Super Brain leaders priority read to jump into the future of SUPER CHANGE IS:

  1. Super Change at Amazon by Berny Dohrmann
  2. Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION – at Amazon order it back ordered they fill hard copies in 72 hours


Make margin notes on THINGS TO DO.

You will grow as a leader in Super Change new tools new 2020 tactics others in leadership lack until you share the LEADERS SOFTWARE BEST UPGRADE IN MODERN TIMES.

Upgrading your software of mind versus watching a sit com is a leadership decision itself.

I mentor high performance business leaders who engage me typically CEO SPACE leaders advancing in cooperation systemic organization executions to step into hyper growth and remain in hyper growth – served by the worlds largest leading community of cooperation based leaders.  Our limited failures over the year or any negatives on CEO SPACE arise in majority from those we terminated from the community for competitive activity that violates integrity to the CEO SPACE rule set for community of leaders helping leaders. # 1 in the PRESS for self policing a superior leadership community applying COOPERATION SYSTEMIC ORGANIZATION FIRST to the enormous 150 nation community of CEO”s who are members for 32 years – lifetime members – in CEO SPACE. I hope all my readers will join this switched on turned on community and where tax shifting profits you – explore investing a tax buck by year end to get ten back in returns. Explore the HOW without folks and just explore a powerful option a profitable opportunity. EXPLORE this Holiday season and please accept my gratitude for your sharing my blog this Holiday.

Thank you for reading.

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If you are in 2025 looking back – you WILL BE ASKED – what did you DO in the BOOM TIMES of 2020 and 2021 to HYPER GROWTH YOUR DREAMS? If you joined CEO SPACE you will say – I CHOSE TO ACCELERATE MY DREAM WORK AND MY LEGACY IN LIFE. And so you WILL………the BOOM folks 17 trillion dollars up into 2021 begins with – YOU ALL HAVE NOT SEEN ANYTHING YET IN THE NEW AI ECONOMICS…..the best of the GOOD GREAT TIMES is RIGHT NOW – 2020 PROSPERITY DECADE REPLACING GREAT RECESSION DECADE. The most massive shift into world wide cooperative capitalism and global prosperity in HUMAN HISTORY. The SUPER CHANGE OF how we repair temperture and planet wellness – will define our human roll back of the TOXIC OUTCOME of our own crazy brain competitive insane culture – the end of the earth life – and our own extinction for a greed and super wealth of a few thousand wealthy elites the 4000 billionaires on the planet – failing to fix their own crazy competitive brain outcome – extincting us all.


Well WE do better?

I think we have – globally.

Chairman 1988 – 2017 – FOUNDER  Ceo Space

I think we ARE globally doing way better….still a long way to go.

I think DOING BETTER in the mind field is accelerating.

I think sanity is replacing insanity and accelerating.

I think better SUPER CHANGE BRAIN SOFTWARE is accelerating and may yet save us all.

In think collaborations and cooperations of WETWARE brains and AI BRAINS will together invent a better way impossible without those new SUPER CHANGE COLLABORATIONS likely this decade – as SUPER CHANGE vastly accelerates . Step into the SUPER CHANGE and own that required leadership tool chest into your own NEW YEAR.

Reduce Tax and own a lifetime income asset with CEO SPACE profitable investing into the NEW YEAR while tax shifting remains possible if you JUST EXPLORE. My advice never leave tax dollars on your table you can move to a strong income asset. It cost nothing to explore that option and share that option in your family love circle gatherings this Holiday and of course my blog.


I wish you my reader HEALTH WEALTH 2020 to 2050 and beyond. I wish you EFFORTLESS ABUNDANCE  – 2020 and beyond.

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NOTE: The one 2020 negative note for humanity is sociopathic KING MBS of Saudi is murdering 11 folks who killed Khashoggi and upon the mentally ill sociopathic rulers order brought his head back to the palace – pampers the victims to their death with good women and hero support for their families forever – in an honor murder by the King to in fraud protect himself from crimes against all humanity including the ARAMCO fraud IPO and offering – as everyone will see. In honor of KHASHOGGI’S family and the nations of the entire world we condemn the shame justice in Saudi Arabia and the truth that the KING and his criminal ministers are not hung until they are fully dead. One day the imblance of this injustice will catch up to KING MBS as it historically always does – always. We wish Khashoggi’s family a happy peaceful holiday season – noting we journalist have not forgotten nor will we ever relent on the truth related to the LIAR Hitler ruler – KING MBS an evil in the world today. Pure and simple reality and truth. From OPEC to everything else the sociopathic evil ruler declines Saudi to failed economics – a shame for its people. It is our opinion in the future Iran will be the leading influence in energy oil and leadership in the GULF not Saudi Arabia whose sun is also setting under the failed rulership of the psychotic KING MBS. For those dealing with Saudi and the KING the reply is easy – shame on you all. Shame on you. To Khashoggi’s family we will never forget and we honor you and everyone who is mentally well and finds mental illness of this level abhorrent to human affairs moving forward into integrity consciousness to which KING MBS has no clue concerning. Why do they do it? Because they are NUTS stop asking………having been mentored by more than one Saudi King we will bring SUPER BOND solutions to SAUDI as the mentally ill KING MBS goes on his well deserved vacation and the real rulers of Saudi come into power….our pleasure to serve the people under the integrity leadership replacing the integrity breaches of King MBS will be welcome and postive to repair the damage the PUPPY KING has done to his home nation. When the money KING MBS burns through on his IPO is squandered – the future for Saudi is bleak without a SUPER BOND. King MBS was first to get a Super Bond and never had a brain cell to understand the solution because – well because – he is in fact NUTS ! We had to assure Khashoggi’s red line is a firewall to KING MBS madness – as a nuke seeker to attack Iran – in this world today. ITS TIME FOR HIM TO GO in 2020


Peaking into 2020 and beyond….right again….just for you at New Years Shifting !!!