I will be in my NEW YORK CITY. I’ll be working with a dear friend who provides global letter of credits to rapidly growing CEO SPACE Industry world wide. I also will meet some of the top of Wall Street ( my tribe ) before the Holiday breaks – to asses up close and personal their ideas on 2020 economics. To date we concur on the following:

  1. The Fed is influence and no longer in control. The Fed is intimidated by the markets. The Fed policy mistakes have hurt the world by trillions of dollars of collapsing GNP far more than trade wars have. The Fed has hurt the US trade position in global currency wars by failing to lower the dollar bid higher by our economic opponent in the world like XI and Putin working together to acquire more than sanction offsets from CURRENCY MANIPULATION PLAYS they both set up and profit from in the NEW AI ECONOMICS they not the USA are in fact leading in – having co authored the new economy – AI ECONOMICS presented more fully in my best selling five star work this Holiday SUPER CHANGE ( get copies for your circles this season and step ahead of 2020 and 2021 ). The Fed failed policies ( again as 100% failure since 1906 ) raised interest far too high – raised interest far too soon – raised interest and market costs world wide far too frequently under the WORST CHAIRPERSON ever – Yellin and her puppy POWELL who continued the policy error until he simply could not. Why? Profiting his elite banking circles that own and control all wealth of the world – itself destabilizing due to unwanted AI economic consolidation of wealth which eventually creates liquidity sink holes in capital flows. The  Fed created market liquidity as a cost – by selling its crap 5 trillion asset holdings forced back onto its banks – which now have liquidity issues ( DUE TO THE F GRADE FED POLICY ) where the Fed in wrong minded wrong direction attacked market liquidity the FED could not afford to disturb. Today 100 billion a day is being PROVIDED into the market to assure liquidity crises – the FED created – is reversed flooding the market with dollars at a tax payer growing account cost – once again bailing out criminal banking the FED as MONEY MOB BOSS Presides over. We have argued since the release of my work REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION in 2010 and SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS – that – the FED be merged from independance and no oversight or consequence to horrid failed policies that set up the 2007 SUPER CRASH – merged back by an act of congress into US TREASURY. That is the solution to stop what is only getting worse. We see the FED no longer in control of world market flows – owning weaker and weaker influence post Fed and central bank loosing control to AI – in new AI ECONOMICS – will not further collapse current account liquidity following the FED tried and true master failure policy – when in DOIUBT DO NOTHING. We see that flowing as all past reliance on data to the OLD ECONOMY no longer works and is in fact toxic to the new AI ECONOMY the Fed has no clue exists at all. We have stopped advising the FED and its advisers ( who are on CEO SPACE FACULTY ) because the FED mind is too obsolete – too obtuse – too conflicted – too out of date and out of touch – to succeed in the NEW AI ECONOMY. The Fed has been left as a Wells Fargo Stage Coach too far behind to catch up in SUPER CHANGE the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE as set forth on the FED in my book on SUPER CHANGE – the leading read of our time. For leaders who are readers. The FED is DOA – Dead on Arrival as a stage coach in a new evolving AI warp drive star ship world – has no longer relevance in rapidly chancing SUPER CHANGE ECONOMICS – where the pace of chance left the FED BEHIND like Circuit City – Radio Shack and Toys R US. Once important the FED in current economic circles is frankly a joke – a never ending joke in private clubs in NEW YORK CITY where I will be next, and my New York at the top – knows this is what IS going on out THERE in fact.

– must read for leaders this Holiday – Amazon title and my name – profit from it !

  1. The Market 8 times out of 9 historically following a record 2019 year – a year that was a record into UK election – trade war deal making and more – where the next year is good but not as strong and with about the same SUPER VOLATILITY in new AI economics we reported on to you – in May. Right again. It is our opinion 2020 a nasty global election year and a year of impeachment for Donald Trump will present a historic good year – may match or be less somewhat than the all time record of 2019 but strong. Without a black Swam Event which could occur as surprise – the market in 2020 and 2021 is likely to be a strong growth and profit making market with some sector challenges to SUPER CHANGE ADAPTION my new work presents as guidance in fact.
  2. BLACK SWAN – some index’s presents that volatility will remain surprising in NEW AI ECONOMICS. Profits are maximized in such market swings not seen pre AI ECONOMICS at levels of dip and returns we see as new normal today. Current AI economics presents more volatility as rapidly gaining deep learning – AI self corrections to error – unfolds to outcomes to reduce versus elevate volatility. DUMB AI is not yet smart enough ( and it has become very smart and is getting “smarter by the minute not the hour ) as AI evolves and writes its own new code – with leading AI writing in its own new languages for efficiencies Human beings no longer can read nor do we understand in rapidly evolving AI over 96% of all trading. Humans have mindlessly without laws turned 440 trillion in leveraged asset class settlement completions in all markets world wide over to AI. AI still moves markets on sound bytes it scours and devourers. SMARTER AI will understand implication. Todays AI does not. As Volatility occurs on sound bites rapidly learning AI moderates values back up on learned implication – that this sound bite implies this not that. A learned AI new behavior. AI can not predict or imply BLACK SWAN EVENTS. Super Money pools are hedging at year into a BLACK SWAN HEDGE. Super Money pools are betting the USA inside impeachment distractions and election distractions to Trump may be tested by multiple enemies in 2020 as the opportune moment to try and get away with “IT”.  This protective year end hedging moderates year end profit soaring accounts which given the gains this year is also positive creating room for 2020 gains to continue within the hyper volatility forward. AI ECONOMICS IS NEW AND SUPER CHANGING SO RAPIDLY HUMANS REMAIN OUTSIDE THEIR CAPACITY TO ADAPT TO CORE MARKET CHANGES THAT ARE THIS RAPID. Overall we remain optimistic sans new unforseen data for 2020 as a GREAT YEAR for all of us.


As a foot note by Friday as we open we have yet another S&P record high. We predicted all time record highs would be reached in our THANKSGIVING REPORT ON DECEMBER before year end 2019. Impeachment from liar constitutional breaching NANCY PELOSI – now the WORST HISTORIC SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IN HISTORIC RECORDS – as she will be with that look we all saw – her HATRED AND DISRESPECT in her FACE – look – got her vote. Now she wont as required by law release the articles of impeachment ( required by law immediately ) to the US SENATE as if her HOUSE POWERS have some extension she criminally creates out of the air. Oh wait she has a matched set of pearl CRIMES since 2015 now coming to real indictments from Attorney General Barr. Nancy continues to fling mud as she did at BARR TODAY but that all flies right back on her face every single time. Because lies are deleted by TRUTH. Nancy is a liar and criminal about to lose her office. That is the real history unfolding. The MARKETS KNOW that the economics are – Impeachment is the single most failed election policy in the history of the USA. They vote with their wallet for Trump.

Nancy served her Christmas Break out the door – your impeached PRESIDENT TRUMP and that LOOK for Christmas.

The Markets of the world served DONALD TRUMP the winning election cards with an all time historic high to wealth in the world – rising manufacturing – trade deal confidences – soaring real estate – rising confidence for consumers – outstanding Holiday spending – driving year end values up up and AWAY – and rising business confidence and spending – the landscape with lowest job loss ever and highest employment in America EVER – is confident in all those smart wonderful truths to NANCY PELOSI’s lies – end where the TRUTH DELETES THE LIES.

The TRUTH THIS CHRISTMAS – Donald Trump won and Nancy Pelosi is on her way to federal prison for life.

Wait for it……you’ll all see…..the TRUTH DELETES THE LIES ….trust AMERICA and never not ever under estimate the USA or bet against AMERICA …its a loser bet every single time. B Dohrmann at Christmas 2019…..RIGHT AGAIN.


We predicted absolute impeachment since 2015 for the 2020 election. RIGHT AGAIN against all who said otherwise.

We told you what is going on.

Criminal Nancy Pelosi is facing indictment – multiple counts and lifetime prison terms. Driving her against all logic.

Criminal Nancy Pelosi wants all the world’s PEACHES.

To assure the US SENATE DOES NOT TAKE HER PEACHES AWAY ( we told you all send Nancy a fresh box of Peaches to the US HOUSE this Holiday a million of us sending fresh peaches to Nancy this winter – may present ENOIUGH PEACHES so even Nancy stops her peaches collection. Today Nancy is what?

Today Criminal Nancy and her soon to be indicted co conspirators at the top and in agencies of nation – work together – illegally – to delay presenting yesterday’s articles of impeachment to the US SENATE AS REQUIRED BY LAW.



Weaponizing the budget process in passing each September and delaying the Budget of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA required to complete each September is a BREACH OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW and is illegal under US Law. Nancy failing to turn articles of impeachment over to the US SENATE is a ILLEGAL BREACH OF POWER IN OFFICE far worse than the impeachment FAKE NEWS. CNBNC poll yesterday reported 45% opposed impeachment while 42% where for it and Trumps numbers are only soaring. IF the election where held today Nancy would no longer be speaker of the US HOUSE Of representatives. If Trump loses Impeachment ( highly unlikely black swan event outcome ) he leaves office and gets the largest pay raise of any President in US history over 400 years of time. If Nancy loses the election she goes to prison for life. Big difference.

Nancy and team are breaking laws to tarnish the election enough that Bloomberg or Biden remove Trump in the final vote in November. Also unlikely. In March’s SUPER TUESDAY with the most divided scattered smothered and dunked democrat party ever we’ll see as one third of AMERICA will  vote – as a first indicator. This March on SUPER TUESDAY.

FUCK YOU VERY MUCH is Nancy’s mean Christmas Holiday timing to the US PRESIDENT and his family. No only Third President to be impeached at all in 400 years and all three of those counts since Nixon and Clinton and Now TRUMP not going back to the almost impeached earlier 1800’s. As media became a third outside check and balance of law estate in government – the power of media and digital fake news has given the world options to manipulate what you both know and believe is actually true. For this reason this BLOG IS WILDLY shared on social walls and twitters and emails to circles to secure another take on what is really going on out there….given the accuracy of our work over decades – which scrolling well defines.

NANCY sought to destroy the Holidays for the Trump  FAMILY as to timing.

As her tribe goes home to divided voters in her own party every effort to take voter attention from the SUCCESS TRUMP years – so voters do not measure or assess failed democratic outcomes – the 20 year worse outcomes in San francisco under both Criminal Nancy and Criminal Diane. Voters are distracted into the one issue Nancy seeks to win the election on – the policy of HATRED AND DISRESPECT criminal Nancy invented and perfected FOR AMERICAS FUTURE In politics. A SUPER CHANGE POLITICAL OUTCOME all at Nancy’s doorstep – bad for America as a whole and criminal to our constitution Nancy butchers. THE THREAT TO AMERICA AND ITS DEMOCRACY IS PUTINS LACKY – NANCY but no one believes that is what IS really going on out there. Putin had his GIRL Nancy investigate PUTIN for voter manipulation to FIND NO EVIDENCE against Trump the straw enemy – keeping focus of NANCY and teams criminal manipulation ( for Putin fed agenda’s and economics ) in all recent elections. Nancy should get immunity from jail from PUTIN like SNOWDEN.

Merry Christmas Donald – ball in your court.

Berny Dohrmann – Thinking Donald Trump flourishes in Nancy’s mess and will now only profit from her miscalculations on US Voters

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