We have shared with you how we see the SUPER BUBBLE MARKET of a global AI controlled, manipulating prices in all asset classes. The trillion dollars of stock buy backs in just the USA alone is a manipulation of price. The Passive AI driven into every asset class non excepted now is 440 Trillion speculating – gambling on which way a price may go. If up to 50 to 1 leverage using bank deposits owned now by speculation driven investment banks exempt from Frank Dodd in the USA and globally by Cloud Based outside rule based regulations – first time in history – cloud based economics all AI controlled – now this folks is way way new from 1929. The problem is the same.

  1. The investment banks got control of the bank deposits.
  2. Fractional banking lets banks lend on conservative credit secured loan portfolio’s at 11 dollars of new money created from nothing but one dollar of a deposit. Rule based regulatory fractional banking. Needs massive revision anyway.
  3. Investment banks are gamblers with bank core deposits and create up to 50 dollars to every core 1 dollar in investing at margin and leverage too fantastic to detail as that spiral is growing in the worst global super bubble making 1929 look like child’s’ cheating. This is the grown ups cheating with AI.
  4. Central Banks and Nations have lost all control of global capital flow and regulation. Now the markets control interest and policy so out of control are markets. The rules are blue sky to nations dirt and soil. The economics are trading in the cloud outside the dirt of nations and rules of central banks that no longer apply at all to investment banks.
  5. Today 440 Trillion of highly leveraged borrowed AI circulating ( no humans at all ) moves and manipulates super bubble pricing – only up – downs all hit buy in ratio and go back up – AI makes money all the way up the side bet on which way coffee sugar and EU’s will go and all the way down they profit on steel and oil and leather to a tomato – all asset classes AI price controlled by global CASINO CAPITALISM the world has never seen before. The NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE accelerated the NEW AI ECONOMICS and has now exceeded regulatory and law maker capacity to understand the actual core change IS STRUCTURAL and requires a new global G 100 A regulatory frame work upgrading into AI  regulating AI within new rules that do not exist yet.

The 440 trillion leveraged circulations SIDE BETTING to manipulate price including trillions in stock buy backs as casino betting – believe at Jamie Diamond level they have engineered riskless risk. In fact they have created an out of control death spiral of unchecked greed profit making that is NOT ECONOMIC and is CASINO BETTING. As this spiral of the worlds most advanced fully globalized SUPER BUBBLE expands the SUPER BUBBLE BURSTING ends the core system as we once new it. The system collapses in debt defaulting and Liquidity EVAPORATION DAY or LED DAY. Wait for it.

This week we see a massive dark pool investment on the down side of the VIX by the trader known as 50 cents. He is betting on market CRASH CORRECTION in August. We may see a profit making ride down only to profit all the way back up to new records. After the summer when the big AI boys and girls return from bonus mega yacht summers – we view OCTOBER and the TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR as the next core risk with digital weapon firing into our markets if trade wars go ballistic which is highly likely by percentage.

Using Digital Tools like 2007 those in the trade war can off set the cost downside by profit making in our market manipulations and in raising dollars as safe haven even with FED interest drop – so that their currency sink to a point their goods are too cheap to not buy and our goods are too costly to buy keeping the WEALTH TRANSFER from the USA the largest economy BY SO FAR – in the red ink. Trade Wars take time but we will win them in the end.

The system at core is in SUPER CHANGE into AI casino capitalism which is all brand spanking new for human beings. No nation or SEC is presently on top of oversight of the accelerating super change in economic core markets today. NEW REGULATOR FRAME WORKS are required to AI regulate AI. The SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATION is 5G pacing into time lines ( weeks ) that humans never experienced in our history. We are exceeding now our core competency to adapt into the SUPER CHANGE we ourselves invented.

For SAFE HARBOR minded nest egg investors I have suggested that by now to year end you:

  1. Sell high – out of stocks and out of bond fixed income – out out out and now now now – sell high.
  2. Move to SAFE HARBOR the investments paying the highest returns permitting by law where principle is guaranteed.
  3. Corporate owners and practice owners can write off taxes and invest taxes to wealth accumulation.
  4. Inside the ECONOMIC SAFE HARBOR that paid out when banks and investment banks closed last time from this same precise problem without speeds of AI making it so much worse today – right now – this minute.
  5. Explore with licensed insurance professionals DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE REPOSITIONING OF ALL ASSETS TODAY behind a sea wall from financial storms now brewing across the seas in all directions. GET OUT OF CASINO CAPITALISM and grow protected wealth in income and growth investing with principal insured from any loss no matter what and you may be able to use taxes to grow rapid wealth once you know your best option. Takes a few hours to explore and all major insurance firms will demonstrate PROOF POSITIVE what the last conservative outside CASINO CAPITALISM money management really looks like and you get in effect free life insurance which is never a bad thing as your net work is protected from loss and only grows up.

Or stay in the CASINO leveraged and lose MORE THAN EVERYTHING?

Don’t see that coming? Hey economic pain is really painful – stay in and wait for yours. Do nothing and the pain is all yours.



Economics is consolidating. 1% own more wealth world wide than 99%. 1.5 Million Super Money Pools in 2007 are now less than 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOLS controlling the circulation of the world in one giant casino all bets by AI and at speeds never known before.

AI economics is new and no one has theory or regulatory oversight as the new AI ECONOMICS is evolving at AI speeds humans never have seen before. AI is now teaching AI.

The SUPER BUBBLES of DEBT SPIRALS – into the casino price manipulations any child can see can’t end well is like this. 440 Trillion manipulating price in 4 trillion of asset classes annually. Worse PE Earning death spiral than the great depression of 1929. All matrix that caused the great depression are far worse today.

Why? Bernanke and Yellen Fed leaders of all central banks decade of FREE MONEY POLICY to fuel the gambling never seen before borrowing and leverage into side betting versus real economic betting. Error in economic policy as AI was unseen and taking control of markets side betting created SUPER BUBBLES by all 10,000 SUPER MONEY POOL leadership in an AI arms race greater than any human race ever all for greed and manipulation of profits.

ALL SUPER BUBBLES are economic abuse.

All Free Money Debt SUPER BUBBLES are economic abuse.

As the old systems are failing now in slow motion…the ABUSE IN ECONOMICS MUST ONE DAY FULLY REBALANCE.

When this does bad debts shown as performing assets on 10,000 super money pool balance sheets, are truly crap and bad debt. When the balance sheets are forced in a SUPER CRASH which with I occurs in say 72 minutes – globally – no liquidity – the banks and investment banks are in fact bankrupt as are nations defaulting on sovereign nation debt. Untold trillions default in a debt cascade of defaults all at once and liquidity does not return to the markets. AI is shunned and the world moves into real wars and fast.

Economic failure from failure to REGULATE A SYSTEM NOW OUT OF ALL OVER SIGHT CONTROLS AND SUPER CHANGING BY THE QUARTER. No one as yet understands the economic SUPER CHANGE or how to re-regulate the rapidly unfolding AI circulations in a death spiral.

The greed will keep the profit machines rolling for some time. Volatility like never ever seen before is continuing. Get ready for it.

The most narrow part of markets now drives all market prices also another bad economic THING.

AI economics is out of any control world wide.

SUPER MONEY POOLS are consolidating further.

Your protection is to ACT. PEACE OF MIND occurs by exploring moving everything into:

  1. Annuity top products for fixed income pay outs month to month.
  2. Growth investing in INDEX INSURANCE guaranteed principle outside the casino.
  3. Liquidity banking at whole life get your money anytime at 300% more than banks pay on your money and when they close you still have all your money.

Or stay in the casino – unaware of the growing SUPER BUBBLE RISK TAKING and in the end – you are going to look back to now in July and say before August I wish I had and I wish I did and I wish I just clicked and called to discover it is so easy. ASK THEM they are licensed do not take my word for it. Print this. Show it to them. Not your casino broker but your life only major firm. I have favorites but you do your own top research. CLICK TO SAFE HARBOR AND ACT TO PROTECT YOURSELF.

As markets move around like drunken sailors – examples coming soon – you will be laughing at the Deli unaffected by any of it at all. SAFE HARBOR IS PEACE OF MIND and its all so easy. It costs nothing to explore safe harbor options it cost a fortune to play in the casino on your side bet gambling. GAMBLE IN THE CASINO CAPITALISM AS YOUR OWN GREATEST RISK OF TOTAL LOSS. There there you already know the truth.


If the EU and ASIA and Russia and Japan and the USA forge an economic alliance with NO DIGITAL WEAPON ATTACK ON THE MARKETS and a UNITED PROTECTION AI GAME PLAN FOR MARKET STABILITY extends economically. If any of these nations can’t cooperate in a new AI economic integrity – the digital weapon attack by one upon the other is highly likely for profit and the destabilization of markets from that attack just like 2007 – is highly predictable.

If you bet on cooperation and fast in SUPER CHANGE SUPER BUBBLES – stay in the market as you wish.

If you bet on competition and no cooperation in fast SUPER CHANGE SUPER BUBBLE SPIRALS – move to safe harbor now.

Thats it really.

As the AI is Super Changing economics and those looking backward at older economics thinking they are in control – are in fact – out of all control – AI is in control and the SUPER CHANGE is unfolding at accelerations beyond leaders capacity to understand predict or control in any way. This is new in economics and new for humanity.

WE HAVE PASSED HUMAN COMPETENCY TO ADAPT INTO THE SUPER CHANGE ACCELERATIONS WE OURSELVES HAVE CREATED. The SUPER CHANGE has become the biggest new stress of families and relationships, of teams and leadership, and of global leadership in political choice making. A NEW SET OF BOX TOP RULES TO BRING IN NEW TOOLS AND TACTICS TO RESOLVE THE SUPER CHANGE “GAP” FOR HUMANITY – CLOSING THE GAP – appears this Holiday with my multi year study of the problem and its solutions SUPER CHANGE. Watch for it.

Today over 7 trillion is invested in 2019 globally in just AI SELF DRIVING CARS. How many trillions higher than that is invested to manage 440 trillion as AI is teaching AI and evolving beyond the core programs ability to now track AI writing its own programs. HOW MANY TENS OF TRILLIONS are being invested EACH QUARTER to advance AI now out of humanity control and no one has rules regulations or even is asking the CORRECT QUESTIONS to moderate the AI EVOLUTION leaving human economics and prior knowledge in the dusk of bygone ages.


Super Debt Super Bubbles all asset classes.

Super Price Bubbles all asset classes.

Spiral winding up as the bubble expands and expands and expands like 1929 only by ratio 100x worse than any time in human history.

The profit is causing a conga dance line singing WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN for RISKLESS RISK and what goes up only always goes up and up – as drunk on greed the entire world marches off an economic cliff – all over again as we repeat history with ever greater pain for no reason but our own insanity.

Drink up.

Dance away.

You may be left out.

You may be left behind.

Invest as never before.

Sing profit and be merry.

Until you lose more than everything and the way of life of the conga dance is over. FOREVER and EVER done.

The day that the music dies.


Note: Leave a comment below this blog – scroll over comment and I’ll answer you with gratitude. Safe Harbor is OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS – accelerating your business growth Sept 28th inside CEO SPACE Dallas – your best bet – and building momentum before the SUPER CRASH STRIKES – then this blog will guide you forward from there. Entrepreneurs prosper in any market others do not.