The world has moved into AI economics where AI now execute the majority of economic trades in the global system in all asset classes. The spiral into 95% AI controlled trading is fast approaching. No regulatory frame works from the G 100 ( as yet ) regulates the new realities of  entirely AI economic market realities  rapidly evolving AI into a new age of economic Super Change the title of my new best selling book out this Holiday Oct 15th from WATERSIDE PUBLISHING. Sovereign nations labor under impossible economic instability issues to resolve infrastructure investment already late in time, within a system internal stress wall of decades of layered sovereign nation debt. In a surprising number of nations the stress of unresolved entitlement deficit spending is now effecting current account deficit spending, to a degree system collapse could occur if the economics remain unresolved in those nations. SUPER BOND IS THE ILLUMINATION AT THE END OF IN NATION UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT TUNNELS expressed by the IMF.  Super Bonds resets all sovereign nation debt accounts, engaging TIME as the missing asset to work out the debt issues in sovereign nation current accounts, increasingly growing stress in many nations now  impacted by demographic “traps” to sustain new desired and required sovereign nation growth in GNP in fact.  Super Bonds provides sustained long term ( immediate ) relief to current account debt stress in nation, by rescheduling 100% of sovereign nation debt – freeing up viable cash flow – while infusing new capital to nation in the same SUPER BOND for ten year infrastructure modernization to GNP sustain in nation jobs and GNP powerful planned new growth development. CEO SPACE a consultant to the SUPER BOND execution, engages with SUPER BOND NATIONS TO: secure sustainable GNP growth over decades of time. No nation can prosper consistently outside a policy to stimulate continuous rising internal consumptions underwriting growing state revenue accounts, driven by core policy to rapidly expand Entrepreneur class in nation to underwrite the rising internal consumption. This sentence is economic 101 for strategy in nations such as China is now transforming into as core economic master planning.  All other policies lead to boom bust cycles wars and social unrest historically. Where politics lead economics the worst unfolds where economics lead political policy the best unfolds. The issues of SUPER BOND are highly customized to nation rule of law, credit history, culture, political stability and the complex economics that apply to each individual SUPER BOND applicant.





Super Bonds are too complex for a Blog News Post. From a bird’s eye view SUPER BONDs combine 100% of sovereign nation debt and forward infrastructure investing, into one Jumbo SUPER BOND. Each Super Bond is packaged by the leading bond law firm for sovereign nations in the world, and brought to market underwriting syndicates the law firm develops from their existing bond underwriting client list world wide. The Bond now packaged is brought and placed to market as a new back bone bond class item for institutional long term asset holding. Super Bonds extend a term of 100 years to the qualified nation benefiting from their Super Bonds. Super Bond repayment is made on industry and forward economics including demographic projections where in year 100 when principle is due the nation is in fact paying off a dollar with a penny in effect. Nations project with BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING firms they select fire-walled he law firm advising,to repay the bond from 100 year population GNP and industry. Super Bonds can roll over based on the forward numbers as another option. Super Bonds infuse enormous resources into struggling Sovereign nations and provide for massive employment and in nation infrastructure master planning for transportation, communication, warehousing, education, green energy, waste management, and environmental clean up needed in a majority of stressed nations today. Controls to preclude corruption and waste are built in to each SUPER BOND placement. Super Bond theory engages the core asset of TIME as a “new” economic equation to work out sovereign nation current account debt stress – by rescheduling debt to 100 years ( with conditions ) into the future 100 years from bond issue date. One leading bond law firm serving the largest % of Sovereign Nation Wealth Fund management and bond placement globally as leader for Sovereigns was selected for nation maximum protection and trust. Write us ( below )  for information conducive to arranging a head of state meeting in nation over a phone call leading to a zoom minister call leading to  ( over a meal ) deep dive  exploration of  the customized SUPER BOND solution  for your nation and ultimately for the majority of 200 sovereign nation current debt ridden current account payable at this point in time. All system core failures are brought about by sovereign nation debt defaulting. The risk of such defaulting is at its highest level since 1929. The urgency to move Super Bonds to market which only unfolds with head of state championship to explore customized Super Bonds for their nations. CEO SPACE the # 1 Ranked Business Acceleration Conference as third party PRESS RANKED 2010 – 2020 and serving 150 nations in our fourth decade is  the exclusive financial house bringing SUPER BONDS to nations. For information on Super Bonds for serious head of state introductions email september@ceeospaceinational  or the emails and phone set forth below,  to arrange a introduction exploratory call to your access and influence upon Head of State using this Blog public service information as a solution exploration unmatched in SUPER CHANGING globalized AI market economic space. Super Bond class of new bonds to market are limited to sovereign nation accounts exclusively as a bond underwriting criteria to market.  Leading Corporate CEO’s are encouraged to profit from SUPER BOND nation prosperity by making timely introductions to champion the solution to the nations you now profit from.



The process to explore Super Bonds generally follow this trend with various early adopters now engaged in this process:

  1. Super Bond discussions by phone with heads of state. Short powerful fact gathering.
  2. A zoom call with ministers to evaluate retaining Super Bond Law Firms.
  3. Retainer of the Super Bond law firm protecting all forward work as confidential client attorney protected work.
  4. In nation collaborations in nation to customize bond solutions as Super Bond Face value becomes a work product of in nation study work on 100% of existing and planned debt accounts, public and private – coupled to planned infrastructure investing – engineered by the in nation work with  your agent the SUPER  Bond LAW  Firm expertise and guidance as the SUPER BOND TO MARKET AUTHORITY to fast track your nation debt resetting.
  5. A big eight accounting firm is retained to develop a 120 DAY to 180 DAY work for hire  SUPER BOND Feasibility study for the highly customized Super Bond to market.

The study phase retainer between bond leading global law firm headquartered in New York and Washington DC next enters the Super Bond Execution phase. Super Bonds are directed by head of state and their Super Bond Czar empowered to cut through in nation red tape to fast TRACK the final highly customized to nation SUPER BOND to market. The senior partner to the law firm provides coordination for customization and execution to market placement for the state account being serviced.



The law firm retainer to execute the SUPER BOND TO MARKET is a new contract sovereign nations execute to retain their now historic SUEPR BOND  nation expert law firm on all issues to package and bring the CUSTOMIZED AGREED UPON BOND terms to market underwriters. The leading Sovereign Nation Bond Packaging legal team, structures the SUPER BOND for filing with regulatory authorities. The law firm develops underwriting syndicates for the new bond class, from dealer managers of the bond in the market placement and to maintain after market liquidity for the new bond class in secondary institutional markets. Law firm and Managing underwriters drawing upon “stipulation conditions” explained below required for Super Bond placement as underwriting requirements and BIG EIGHT ACCOUNTING economic projected outcomes of each SUPER BOND define final agreed upon engineering for the nations SUPER BOND. Your Super Bond Law firm next  seeks highest credit ratings and lowest cost to nations executing SUPER BONDS which tend to elevate in nation credit ratings to AAA or appropriate to each nation lower cost of debt moving nation credit rating higher as a consequence of SUPER BOND market executions. The EXCLUSIVE LAW Firm co inventing SUPER BONDS for sovereign nation debt and infrastructure solution economics, negotiates Bond fee’s and underwriter agreements world wide to the syndicate on behalf of state planning objectives. The investment to the law firm managing SUPER BOND exploration to market execution is the only cost to nation and is time billable to the nations account from retainer. Failure to pay legal fee’s to each sovereign nation law firm payable account under the terms of the master agreement for the life of the SUPER BOND  results in a firewall to SUPER BOND executions as the only process potential hard stop. The law firm is the exclusive Sovereign nation bond placement firm, from date of retainer, reducing cost and time to bond placement, for SUPER BOND and for all successive bonds in the post Super Bond zero current account debt account save for low interest only no principle payments until 50 years on each Super Bond. Times lines and budgets are estimated in the study phase pre execution. Conditions to each Super Bond vary to nation GNP and existing credit. In one nations request CEO SPACE was asked to place a 50 billion dollar bond for nation to market, given the time and cost to bond execution would be lower than their conventional market placement cost. That bond would then be rolled up into the nations SUPER BOND – the MASTER BOND for all nations resetting TIME to repay principal accounts to the industry and GNP of the now fully developed nation with far larger tax base from year 50 to 100 years the Super Bond due date..



Such conditions are negotiated with each underwriter by your law firm as a sovereign nation to final form. Generally given the Jumbo nature of each SUPER BOND PLACEMENT TO MARKET, combining 100% of Sovereign Nation Debt Accounting and forward INFRASTRUCTURE INVESTING as a massive in nation jobs program, require the following hard red line “general” underwriter conditions in each participating nation:

  1. Rule of law stipulations to underwrite transferrable guarantees without later debt relief or change of form of leadership or rulers over 100 years legally obligate the full faith and credit of the nations, with security of its public and related state assets, assure Super Bond full repayment in 100 years as set forth by the BIG EIGHT study with innovation minister economics applying. As would be anticipated to any bond class of this nature.
  2. State rule of law inclusion of non cancelable economics wherein future borrowing of the state, over the entire Super Bond life of 100 years, may not, exceed more than 100% of rising GNP. Said another way – new debt excluding SUPER BOND DEBT may not exceed 100% of GNP during the Super Bond Life. As the GNP will rise dramatically over the bond life new borrowing as needed at lower interest cost is now open to national economic development in the SUPER BOND reset to current debt stress loading to host nations being serviced.
  3. Super Bonds may be refinanced to include forward nation debt and new infrastructure following a first period of no less than fifty years forward in time. Economics for this provision secure SUPER BOND viability in global after bond markets, secondary markets, and infrastructure growth over 50 years is assured by the core economic investments of the SUPER BOND into the nation over 25 years of rising soaring GNP in nation. There is no early prepayment of SUPER BONDS which when effected by now prospering nations, further expand economic options, to future leadership in nation as legacy to the bond leadership sponsoring SUPER BONDS as a public service.
  4. Escrow provisions set by underwriters the nation and the law firm, define options for depending on nation and scale of Super Bond risk, wherein payoff of 100% of Super Bond in nation current account debts as set forth in Big Eight Accounting feasibility appendix schedules for all included debt at 100% without exception to each sovereign nation served is bond proceed will be  escrowed in Neutral Swiss banking escrow agents to nation,  to payment instructions as set forth by underwriter and nation final agreements in execution phase.  World Bank or IMF auspices as escrow fund manager may be as alternative designated by in nation ministers as their preferences.
  5. Infrastructure escrow payments are made by invoice with stipulations to progress, to reduce in nation corruptions, and assure the maximum economic benefit to in nation tax base occurs, with rising GNP from such investments, where projects are incrementally paid as work is completed by in nation bonded bidding contractors licensed by the state for all such work under control of ministers faithful to the bond escrow terms for such payments as agreed.New nation borrowing and in nation spending from FREE CASH flowing from the sovereign nation current debt account, occurs with stipulations and management in nation agreed upon to assure maximum in nation circulations with minimum unwanted in nation corruption or misuse of vital  new cash flow proceeds in each nation,  to grow the nation GNP for the people of each nation as a further economic public service. The great majority of nations subscribe today to IMF and World Bank structure based economics in this area already.


  1. 6,,CEO SPACE as the bond source inventor and market coordinator benefits as per agreement with Hughes Hubbard and Reed lead bond firm for Super Bonds to nation – client attorney privilege protected. . First CEO SPACE is zero cost to work in nation as to expenses for travel into nation as invited by each nation host. First class travel accommodations and secure transportation by the nation leadership for CEO SPACE Chairman and teams is by courtesy with in all phases of moving into exploration and execution. CEO SPACE is a law firm consulting resource on the ECONOMIC ENGINEERING PACKAGING of each Super Bond to market, included fully disclosed in law firm invoices for time ( modest ) billing services,  and is a minor  expense billing based on time invoicing to the law firm within each nations fully disclosed CEO SPACE  Retainer agreement. CEO SPACE is allocated proceeds of the Super Bond infrastructure new dollars,  at one million dollars  per city – invested 70% back in nation – for hotels food – expert mentorship flown in -local staffing, with a  ten city per year – BUSINESS ACCELERATION CONFERENCES ( ranked # 1 by third party press 2010 -2020  ) to rapidly grow in nation entrepreneur class as economic base, driving rising in nation internal consumption. CEO SPACE consults for no fee to ministers over the life of the Super Bond ( 100 years ) to elevate ENTREPRENEUR LAWS removing barriers to entry and fostering massive entrepreneur development as economic strategy and policy benefiting each nation. Each Super Bond use of proceeds allows for a ten million dollar allocation to CEO SPACE of ten million dollars be year or 100 million over ten years, for a term period of 25 years of the SUPER BOND post execution development of sustained self perpetuating entrepreneur class in nation. Outlays produce high returns on tax revenues returning all sums allocated for this revenue purpose. CEO SPACE will license in nation to education its 2000 hour content library the ENTREPRENEUR CURRICULUM DIGITAL  library the most proven entrepreneur skills study program for all education levels in nation. CEO SPACE will introduce education assets such as SUCCESS WEEKS proven in public schools in the USA to effect outcomes desired for in nation education profits  maximally. CEO SPACE becomes a resources to the ministers in nation on entrepreneur economic strategy and policy. In the new AGE OF ENTREPEENUER ECONOMICS each host engages the industry leader to more rapidly develop economically sustaining outcomes as a Super Bond “fee” tha returns high returns in nations. No cost in execution fact. There are no other fee’s to CEO SPACE to effect bond placement such as points or back side participation keeping bond cost as low as possible in the market direct placement to underwriting syndicates.

These conditions reset debt and new found money and cash flow  fuel to sovereign nations as a SUPER BOND SOLUTION. Teams now working with nations on the problem and solution see no other economic solution to the growing weight of debt stressing current account management for sovereign nations today. The solution is 18 to 24 months in execution from exploration start, with time creep to 36 to 48 months if in nation delay to final underwriting agreements occur to accomodate in nation political realities on cultural and politics host nations know so well. The political capital for leadership in nation is substantial. Super Bonds are public service solutions brought to nations by the leading Entreprenuer institution, serving 150 nations today ( and its founder investment banker founder Berny Dohrmann ) and – the leading sovereign wealth fund and bond placement law firm in the world today.



Nations benefit from Super Bonds in the following partial list of benefits:

  1. Nation outlay to existing debt is reduced freeing up cash flow to current nation account agendas.
  2. Credit ratings typically elevate lowering future credit cost to nation and raising prestige for host nations served..
  3. Partnership and investment flows into Super Bond nations tend to rapidly accelerate.
  4. Infrastructure stimulates in nation economics and secures rising employment in nation over long time lines.
  5. Tax base in nation rises dramatically.
  6. New borrowing for state agenda’s is lower cost and more easily managed.
  7. Nations never exceed debt to GNP securing credit ratings and fiscal improved economics over time.

These benefits resolve the stability issue of each state most effected by todays debt weighting. Some nations today with 100x their GNP in debt where debt is in fact at higher carry cost fueling nation stability stress collapse such stress loading on economics with SUPER BOND SOLUTIONS. Political stability follows economic stability via the SUPER BOND DEBT and INFRASTRUCTURE current account resetting. TIME is the missing economic core asset. The SUPER BOND PROCESS has taken a decade to install as a public service to re stabilize the global risk to core system instability due to sovereign nation potentials for debt defaulting. The SUPER BOND system is by far the lowest cost solution execution inserting TIME as a core asset into the economics of in nation aging and entitlement rising payable accounts, with reforms that are politically wise. Nothing replenishes state forward development for states benefiting from SUPER BONDS.




Systemic risks are outlined on this blog data site ( scroll ) as economic reporting over time and are growing unsustainably in a growing number of debt weary nations. Sovereign nation Debt is a risk to system failure due to potentials for Sovereign Nation debt Defaulting cascades into global inter-linked market market all AI driven never known by human beings before 2014 and the advent of AI capital flow Super Changes accommodated now. The bad debt carried as solid assets is another risk that must work out of the nation core economic system to rebalance sovereign nation accounts which are rebalanced with the Super Bond solution. New AI economics the world has never known before risk core systemic liquidity in a sovereign debt defaulting cascade in  a future soft patch in global trade and economics can foster. As trade schemes from World War II are reset between nations into a new world order risk is reduced wherever Super Bonds stabilize sovereign nation exploration of their SUPER BOND SOLUTION. System global economic  stability is restored one Nation at a time. Early adaptor nations lead the world into a restored multi century stability in global economics and future prosperity where NO NAtION IS LEFT BEHIND. No other alternative solution matches the power of SUPER BOND THEORY to the market place today. The leading bond packaging law firm for sovereign nation wealth investing and bond placement holds the expertise and prestige with experienced to produce the lowest cost in time and fee outcome to transform local economics into the future everyone is envisioning anyway. The law firm with service to 19 years in the White House and many state retainers participates as a global solution for economics and humanity.


Heads of state champion exploration into execution phases and stages of SUPER BOND in nation. Political harmony in nations benefiting from SUPER BONDS becomes a wealth generator for all political and economic  stake holders in host nations. Heads of state and their minister teams are experts in the political management, customized by internal teams, where the law firm serving the nation protects all work with client attorney privilege confidentiality. The law firm and CEO SPACE exist outside the political agenda managed internally by the professionals in charge. The law firm can coordinate lobby work with nations, including the USA for additional support for aide and grants from sponsor nations complimenting SUPER BOND engagements if expanded in Washington DC and other SPONSOR  nation representation is desired as well as  nation capitals the host nation would desire such resources to occur from. Super Bond development ideally occurs privately and confidentially in nation with political capital under direction of  the head of state. Super Bond agency service is isolated to the global law firm, under a cone of silence with from politics fire-walled for the client control. Super Bond placement to market is a large political event in nation the team on the ground manages for their own strategy in long term political capital from a positive account. The expertise of the law firm is AAA for sovereign nation accommodations. Bona Fide’s are provided in the first call with head of state exploring the SUPER BOND as set forth herein.



Super Bond Theory is set forth here to our massive world wide readership, which includes many serving heads of state in nation today. Our large CEO SPACE community of leading business owners, some in Fortune space, is invited to circulate this URL to contacts in nations, via ministers and access from your relationships. CEO SPACE is quietly before heads of state in five nations moving to explore SUPER BOND THEORY as solution to their nation forward economic planning. To set a SUPER BOND call contact or call  or text 814 490 6531 to arrange call times zoom of Chairman lines. Our goal is to engage your access to circulate the SUPER BOND  solution globally, to fast track solutions into nations seeking economic debt and infrastructure capital account rescheduling. Super Bonds work. We appreciate our community of support to execute this solution to market. Super Bond development includes infrastructure solutions and Super Change technologies for low cost energy – 5 G – Ai camera security nation wide – next generation self healing self monitoring by 5G pipelines water to fuels – to soil water remediations at cost and time reductions – coupled to massive agriculture harvesting with 80% lower water no pesticide fertilizer and 35% per hector harvest yield improvement to name some economic development fruits of the SUPER BOND in deployment


To CEO SPACE lifetime members 1988 to today – thank you for making us ten years the number one Business Conference in the world ten years in a row as ranked by third party press.



Note: Super Bonds initiate with fast track authority from the current head of state to delegate authorities  and the positive economic “timing” decision to retain the Hughes Hubbard and Reed. Time collapses as your Super Bond Law firm represents your customized bond debt solution for national development prosperity and stability including defense.