Super Bonds are a new class of bond. A financial invention. Super Bonds lead to after markets and long-term Sovereign Nation stability. Super BONDS are the only economic resolution to abuse of sovereign nation debt.

Super Bonds imagine:

  • Placing all sovereign into one bucket of a new financial jumbo instrument.
  • Placing all new investment to modernize and turn the SUPER BOND nation into a separate financial bucket to support a thriving entrepreneur nation sustained by ever rising revenues driven by rapid expansion of entrepreneur class in the nation supported by public law and policy.

The two buckets are then collectively financed by a single SUPER BOND into the market through financial global syndicates supporting this SOVEREIGN NATION ONLY bond class of assets.

An IMF and World Bank contingent guarantee underwrite the absolute sovereign nation bond warranty. Or a syndicate of nations supply the contignet warranty.  The IMF and World Bank administrate an ACCOUNTABLITY ESCROW AGENCY AEA to distribute SUPER BOND progress payments to assure, schools are built, roads are put in, dams are constructed, power grids and communication grids are put in, and corruption and theft are reduced to near zero in the SUPER BOND administration to nations receiving such relief all supported by laws defining SUPER BOND contract term protections.

Super Bonds introduce the presently missing IP and economic asset of TIME ITSELF to the mix of resetting sovereign nation development growth and century-old debt saddling.


  1. Defined actuary modeling from big eight accounting firms to execute to market as moderated by investment banking syndicates bringing the new Super Bond Class to market represent feasiblity criteria for 100 year to 200 year debt bonds or SUPER BONDS available to soverign nations exclusively – to reset 100% of existing nation debt and short falls using TIME as the missing asset against future economcis and demographics to retire the bond with absolute assurances.
  2. National laws define public policy required to receive a SUPER BOND including entrepreneur public and laws in the nation. Public works are defined and approved on all terms by-laws contained in the SUPER BOND must be legislatively approved – said anothr way the required SUPER BOND TERMS must be inclusive to legislation the underwriters require as laws supplementing gurantees and warranties to the bond economically.
  3. IMF and World bank ( or syndicates of nationsal warranties as an alternative to each Bond issued ) as required reviews and approvals are additional security to each SUPER BOND, including both contingent guarantees to the bonds themselves and AEA escrow management of all  new fund progress payments to nations, to assure infrastructure is completed as per bond contracts, and promises, supporting bond payback is on time and completed without tampering within local political modeling globally over bond time lines and parameters as developed by the underwriters.
  4. Super Bond Theory was invented by our economic teams at CEO SPACE and is brought into a market for nations we consult to by Hughes and Hubbard of Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC Commissioner of the Untied States of America. Nations we work with retail bond exploration feasibility is my designated expert on SUPER BOND THEORY and execution to market.
  5. Super Bond execution is a collaboration of sovereign nation leadership, , retained legal, and investment banking partnerships the legal team designate, IMF and WORLD BANK partnerships the legal team contract terms into the bond final form, and escrow supervisions between the investment banking syndicate making SUPER BOND markets, the legal team administrating the escrow, and the WORLD BANK and IMF AEA committee administrating sovereign long-term development resources.

Super Bonds are 100 and 200-year bond funds. A new class of BOND or asset class to world markets available only to SOVERIGN NATIONS exploring growth and prosperity through master economic planning only SUPER BONDS make possible inside a single econoically viable instruement. TIME is the new asset for Soverign global collective social prosperity where nations cooperate versus compete. The math is flawless. Do your own.

SUPER BONDS IS a new financial invention more important than structured assets. Super BONDS are highly rated bond class assets brought to market by major underwriter syndicates. Every aspect of the economics is profitable and every sector  makes money on SUPER BOND execution.

Sliding interest scales over time lines, present nations with LOWER near term outlays while rising revenues off set bond cost over time lines. SUPER BONDS and TIME AS THE MISSING ASSET work for resetting soverign nation debt for all nations within a collective collaboration of social capitalism now sweeping market embrace.

Time resets all Sovereign nation debt instantly and all creditors are paid in full as super bonds are placed and funded, providing liquidity circulation and resources for SUPER BOND execution. There is no enemy to the SUPER BOND theory when the feasibility studies are brought to political leadership attention by economists. 

New creditors have a demographic and economic assurance that maturity of bonds over time will be paid for where a penny pays for a dollar of super bond debt today, in effect to future economic capacity to retire SUPER BONDS in FULL or early at the nation’s will due to massively rising revenues and demographic realities expresse in SUPER BOND feasiblities developed by Big Eight Accounting firms retained by nations seeking SUPER BOND executions.

Sovereigns have TIME as the missing required new IP  ASSET to move all current obligations of various debt saddles and unfunded liablities today,  into the distant better future, as with a magic time machine, coupled to massive internal infrastructure and development to create internal consumption economics, where the populations of nations over longer TIME FRAMES can and economically soundly underwrite debt when TIME is the missing asset for massive revenue growth for nations that require time to bring into economic reality. TIME heals the current models that lack healing.

The SUPER BOND new asset category provides a long term solid new badly needed global investment asset category for investment consumers with over 100 trillions of liquidity assets that include these catagories:

  • Nations
  • Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Individuals
  • Secondary markets

SUPER BONDS are social capital. There are criteria to get a SUPER BOND that nations must adhere to economically. SUPER BOND’s are contractual winning agreements that every partner to the contract wins when executing.

Super BONDS can reset the TRUMP agenda to refinance the AMERICA DEBT of 20 trillion dollars, and add  trillions in new infrastructure resourcing from cities in the oceans, mineral’s under the sea an cities in SPACE – where the entire SUPER BOND is repaid with the AMERICAN 2 billion in population and tax paying constituent retiring the bonds in 100 years. By using the immigration card wisely and creating American demographics that make sense the model for SUPER BOND execution for all nations resolve the issues for CHINA GREECE ITALY NIGERIA AND SO MANY MORE.

Super BOND THEORY models a new asset class for Sovereigns that resolves the IP of the moment with a new IP of tomorrow. In today’s digital speculations the Sovereign Nation Asset class will become the premium asset class underwriting world order and finance for generations into the future.

Without SUPER BONDS the debt bomb of the present is resolved by world war traditionally.

With SUPER BONDS World War is averted.

Spread the word to your national leadership.


PS: My birthday is Feb 7th. I’m wshing for this year to be the year of SUPER BOND EXECUTION and sovrign debt relief through inventive financial resolutons set forth here for your further development to market. I remain available to consult through Hughs and Hubbard Washington DC when retained for your SUPER BOND explorations at the soveriegn nation or underwriter partnership. I blow out my candles wishing for SUPER BONDS as oppossed to World War.