Super Bond Theory is a CEO SPACE financial INVENTION to resolve the debt crises plaguing the majority of NATIONS of the world. As an investment banker economist having run one of the larger global Broker Dealer investment firms, PUBLICALLY TRADED, for 22 years, a team of my economists has worked for ten years on HOW TO RESOLVE the growing DEBT BOMB from creating a civilization extinction event. via the coming world war if the debt bomb is not addressed. Time is running out.  The SUPER CRASH that is inevitable to a DEBT BOMB Contagion event, as CEOSPACE is now advising nations, standing as Forbes and Inc’s # 1 Entrepreneur leader in the world in 2017, now concludes SUPER BOND THEORY is the one and the only RESOLUTION – or way forward. Economically.

Time is running low and soon out.

Super Bond Theory has been addressed and you can print SUPER BOND THEORY as you scroll below in my blog series this month. Scroll for more. Super Bond Theory operates within these required design engineering to the Bond Core Structure:

  1. Super Bonds are available exclusively to Soveirgn Nations and represent a new BOND CLASS to the market space, profiting everyone in society and all financial institutions within the NEW BOND structure design – itself a NEW financial invention. My designs for financial structure inventions have created trillions of transaction volume in the markets over decades. This level of proven historic experience and expertise is rare in the market space.
  2. Super Bonds insert the missing economic mechanism and asset value – of TIME into debt resolution and financial development required to rebalane accounts for  all nations into the future with core new investment to infrastructure.
  3. Super Bonds require specific BOX TOP Rules ( disciplines ) which if diluted will pollute Super Bonds as the CORE SINGLE SOLUTION into a kick the bucket down the road model for continued legal theft within casino capitalism, which SUPER BONDS seek to revolutionize back into free market capitalism and coopertive capitalisim for nations in the future.
  4. Super Bonds fall into two class of SUPER BONDS – Super Bonds requiring IMF and World Bank Contingency guarantee’s – to underwrite the bonds – with additional box top rules for nations receiving those higher risk bonds. Top Tier Credit Nations like the USA that can advance the SUPER BOND  warranty on its singular guarantee over a more extended term of time 200-year bonds for top tier nations.
  5. Super Bonds required both levels of an issuer to merge their central banks into their nation’s treasury in a digital transparent marketplace, no interest paid on money issue in nation, and pass legislation that congress may not spend more than it makes ( IN THE BLACK FORWARD LEGISLATION  ASSURED TO BONDHOLDERS BY LAW OVER THE LIFE OF THE SUPER BOND ). These two box top rules are required for all SUPER BOND sovereign nation beneficiaries. Any dilution of these two requirements and SUPER BOND THEORY as the one and only solution breaches its core desired outcome. PROSOPERITY AND FULL PARTNERSHIP FOR NATIONS.

So let’s imagine Greece the next big player facing the DEBT BOMB issue as this blog goes to press. With Super Bond Theory the following takes place:

  • Greece agree’s to Super Bond Terms of engagement as defined below. and above.
  • All Greek debt short-mid term and long term is placed in a SUPER BOND funding bucket to be paid off in full right now and Greece repays the new national bond  debt over 100 years with a sliding interest scale with an inflation cap.
  • All Greek forward investment for twenty years of infrastructure in stages and phases is placed into a seperate SUPER BOND BUCKET and funded in the same singular bond with TIME creating repayment in 100 years with Greek economics and population in 100 years paying a dollar off with a penny. TIME resolves the economics.
  • A master plan economic development model including mineral development, tourism development, industry and critical massive entrepreneur development ( which is where CEO SPACE thrives in helping nations ) infrastructure from revolutionary automation for ports, security; transportation, communications, warehousing, housing, all within massive job creation.
  • An IMF/WORLD BANK Contracted ACCOUNTABILITY BOARD  ( escrow maanager –  Hughes and Hubbard New York supervised by Super Bond AIA attorney ROEL CAMPOS ) receives new investment dollars and BOND PROCEEDS entirely,  and assures – SUPER BOND GROWTH FUNDS are paid to nation in progress payments where schools are built, power grids are constructed, and highways are completed and so forth. SYSTEMS REPLACE TRUST. National Debt is repaid by the ACCOUNTABLITY BOARD reporting to the IMF and World Bank supporting SUPER BOND resolutions.
  • Greek cash flow, moves to BLACK versus RED when the SUPER BOND is issued and the ACCOUNTABILITY BOARD pays the entire national debt off immediately. NO forward traunch paybacks. The entire cash flow of the nation resolves within the customized box top rules for a SUPER BOND for Greece coordinated with national leadership and planners.
  • Interest Varies by Super Bond within the model template ….of 1% for one year – 2% for two years – 3% for three years – 4% for four years – 5% for five years – and the remainder at market rates with Inflation Cap. Math studies define there are no holes in SUPER BOND THEORY to the market space – everyone at every level wins starting with the unborn generations of Greece.
  • As nations can no longer upon accepting Super Bonds spend outside their national BALANCED BUDGET LAW that define the nation may not spend more than it earns in any single year during the 100-year bond life – economics lead politics rather than politics leading nations. Care to assure no loop holes or go arounds exist in this box top rule for SUPER BOND issue.
  • As central banks ( private stock companies owned by the banks they regulate – a bad 100 year antique obsolete theory model for economics ) are MERGED back into the TREASURY of nations and no forward cost to printing money for the EU for the Dollar for any currency occurs – the nations are market featured to manage currency in a global digital real-time transparency at market integrity. Venezuela inflation is REMOVED without the SHOCK DOCTRINE of Naomi Klien under all models where debt interest to private contractors is paid out to manage the money supply. An obsolete theory that must be RETIRED in the SUPER CHANGE forward market space to effect SUPER BOND perfection to market.

Super Bonds become a rock solid NEW BOND CLASS of asset that has it’s own after market benefits to investors,  providing enormous NEW footings to investment banks and banks. Institutional investors like BLACKROCK and CARLYE and others ( managing almost 10 trillion between only those two institutions )  as that tribe now will enjoy a NEW core asset class for long-term foundational investing and nation building profit making in derivatives, equity and related investing the SUPER BOND new asset class fosters for national growth globally.

Super BONDS solve the Debt Problem using economic disciplines ( Box Top rule agreements of each bond issue tailored to template and nation ) and inserting the missing economic mechanism of TIME itself as a resolution dynamic financially.

The announcement any nation is moving into a SUPER BOND SOLUTION has immediate enormosu positive impact for that nation in the overall markets that are instant.

Nations including the US are now studying SUPER BOND THEORY with former SEC COMMISSIONER – master strategist and lead Security law partner for a top tier global leading bond law firm HUGHES AND HUBBARD – as the lead authority and my CEO SPACE attorney and faculty for over seven years assisting as the lead expert in the marketplace  on SUPER BOND THEORY development.

Roel Campos has also served two Presidents for 16 years in the WHITE HOUSE and knows the majority of G 20 leaders personally and most of the G 100 leaders personally as further political and economic capital. Roel Campos is a leading AIA on bond design and structure in the world today also know to the majority of institutional investment houses globally. That stature and unique TRUST is priceless to those engaging Hughs and Hubbard to EXPLORE Super Bond theory to the desired outcome for nations.

I offer a challenge to any economist reading my blog to email me at if you find a HOLE in Super Bond Theory spreadsheets. We have joined economists worldwide who conclude – Berny – there is no HOLE in your SUPER BOND THEORY … simply works. 

I want you to write your national leadership about SUPER BONDS and print and enclose this blog. I am working with various nations including the USA on installing the SUPER BOND SOLUTION while there is still time to my own nation debt issues and forward infrastructure issues.

Retain ROEL CAMPOS to execute first stage EXPLORATION  your SUPER BOND PROGRAM into market final copy and syndicates for underwriting.

It IS that simple but it is of course never easy and requires commitment and work but the light at the end of your debt tunnel is NOT A TRAIN with an introduction of SUPER BOND THEORY. Write the Nobel prize group. Spread the word. You’re joining the effort matters to your own nation. Results are near term versus long term.

Press reading my blog I ask that you continuously write about SUPER BOND THEORY and get the OPTION out into the market space as a first social responsibility to preclude world war which is always economic at a source.

So debt will lead to nuclear war. If we simply follow historic patterns since Rome. Gorbachavz wrote this month the world leaders are preparing a march into WORLD WAR as he cried out to pause and pull back from competition into cooperation as a theory for a human institutional organization the subject of my BOOK REDEMPTION.

We are close. Time is running low in our tank to act.

Super BOND THEORY is the OPTION that will rebalance all economic accounts globally and preclude unwanted world war,  and creates FULL PARTNERSHIP for nations ushering in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM I expressed in my work on failed modeling for competitive capitalism and socialism and communism in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. National leaders – read the book you acquire from Amazon.

Bill Clinton has the book and reported WE EITHER COOPERATE OR WE PERISH.

The former Prime Minister of the UK has the book hence his march to keep the UK in the EU via cooperation economics.

Cooperative Capitalism rules express economics leading politics, not politics leading economics which brought us into unsustainable debt for nations. All world wars occur due to the DEBT bombs going off.

Cooperative capitalism ushers in full partnership and prosperity between nations.

The debt bomb in Germany that led to their hyperinflation ushered in politics ( the NAZIS ) leading economies which begot world war II. The war we said after WORLD WAR I would never occur Again. All we have to do is learn from past economic, not political history – the core issues.

In my global economic leading role as head of a major global public, investment banking institution, I have found leadership focuses so short term they lack the capacity to see SOLUTION until and unless it is presented to them in final form. Typically only in crises.

SUPER BOND THEORY is that final form. Expressed before the DEBT BOMB crises the IMF and World bank warn us all of, explodes.

As when you review the limited debt bomb options of which there are zero, the smart market money concludes SUPER BOND THEORY is the singular address to a solution.

The DEBT Of nations is the CORE PROBLEM of holding back absolute world prosperity and full partnership between nations, as a  system reform and our global WAY FORWARD. Super Bond only offers JOY there is no PAIN.

Once the theory is fully expressed for the individual nation, the rally to DO THE SUPER BOND begins.

Our question remains – how long will we make the suffering people of the world wait?

Berny Dohrmann – Father of SUPER BOND THEORY 2017