August is much like being in a doldrum zone – a place without wind for your sail – a place without a trend.


Trillions are on vacation at the top. The Elite are on a cruise.

So the volume and trend direction will not establish until the FALL. By October if we have a SUPER RALLY which I believe the speculators will manipulate as a vacation return gift to themselves – because they believe they now control the market and are smarter than the market.

As this entire aspect is well know Japan seeking its own yeilds in a deflation market prints money and invests over 60 billion into the spiral up ETF Market. I have told you to SHORT THE ETF MARKET. The ETF Market is going to crash and sink the entire world order.

No one believes me. But then they did not believe me with Sub Prime.

Japan Monetary policy is not working. I could help them but they are not asking. The present course is a loss of so much opportunity and money I just shudder to consider what could have been done and what is not being done.

My only consoliation is China Policy is worse. Recently in Wyoming one of our CEO SPACE leaders fostered to a Fed President some questions about the Chinese Debt Bomb about to explode across the entire world. The Fed President stated to the Wyoming leaders attending – “good questions but we just don’t know what China is doing with its debt or how it is managing its growing debt problem”. Now this is alarminng. Systemically.

The EU is in deflation. The Markets everywhere are in growing deflation. Which causes all SUPER CRASHES. No one has fixed the deflation. Tens of trillions have been sent into the world economy to re-inflate the economies of the world.

All the Kings Men and all the Kings Horses could not put Humpty Dumpty ( the world economy ) back together again……

All the Feds and all the Central Banks and all the Nations firing every bullet until they are totally out of ammunition can not put the World Econmey back together again. NOW” THAT” IS SCAREY.

The only Economy doing alright that is going up not DOWN like China – is the USA. The USA is the one and the only diversified bright spot underwritten by resources no nation possesses and IP creation no nation can match. The raw inventiveness of the American people is unmatched for 300 years. Everyone is hacking and stealing but no one can match the USA – IP machine which is developing NEW INDUSTRIES let alone businesses.

The US Military is not even close to Russia. Russia is a mosquito against the US Military in full array. There is no technical match and there is no brain power match. The Cyber embalance IS being addressed and is catching up and will get ahead of the Axis of Evil and when it does they are toast. As that is the one final card they have to play and their window is closing fast to play those cards.

Which IS the problem. Knowing thier window on asymetrical warfare is closing fast they it would seem to me may wish to fire thier final volley soon while there remains time to do so. I have suggested this would be October or the Spring of next year. Either is not ideal for the Allied Nations.

So in August we watch a vacation market move around like a drunken sailor as if it relates to real data and earnings. Folks its a casino. Fully manipulated and unregulatred. Get real.

In the Fall the big money comes back to drive and they will want PROFIT’s up or down and will react with massive moves to crises or contragion given the historic never seen before MARGIN overhangs. The MARGIN debt into the market is so fantastic that a major contagion will dominoe margin debt calls creating a global liqudity absolute panic and fall of banks and investment banks. Untold trillions will be lost in the DEFLATION SUPER CRASH and the one thing to keep in mind – there is NO RECOVERY from a 6000 DOW.

The loss is FOREVER.

The balances are reset.

Nations go bankrupt.

The world will take 100 years to claw back. Because a WORLD WAR will play out inside the DEFLATION SUPER CRASH.

So we have told you:

  1. What is taking place now
  2. Why
  3. What is coming
  4. Why
  5. What you can DO

Game Plan by Kevin Freeman Hedge Fund Manager confirms our story read it.

Meanwhile stay tuned and come back here often for whats UP.

Voting? Chose that one candidate you feel in your heart of heart’s will possibly STEAL LESS. That’s my candidate for sure.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE