The new “currency” in the C-suite is process requirements for management teams to systematically remain ahead of the curve in the new Age of Super Change. 

Leaders who understand that the pace of change requires brains to learn faster, unlearn faster still, and relearn faster will prosper. 

Berny’s newest book, Super Change defines the obvious: leaders who are waiting for things to slow down so they can catch up are economically doomed.   

His talk on Super Change inspires leadership.



The quality of a company’s customer service will either elevates or trashes their brand.

Berny Dohrmann’s Customer Service keynote defines how the essential quality at every level of strategic planning, is critical for client retention. The cost to acquire a customer continues to rise and therefore every client must be served so well, they turn into raving fans.   

Customer service strategies must grow and evolve, as professionals today need to respond to the constantly expanding of environment of Super Change.  

Your audience will walk away knowing how to strategically build, and grow the Four R’s that drives profits  

  • Retention of customers  
  • Return buying
  • Raving fans
  • Referral Programs 




“There is no crisis in leadership. There is a crisis in integrity. The crises in integrity requires management put the elephant in the room.” – Berny Dohrmann

Competitive capitalism operates on the core theory of maximizing shareholder profit at any cost to society in the shortest time. 

Cooperative Capitalism seeks to continuously invest in improving client outcomes, which benefit society maximally while creating shareholder profits. 

The tools and tactics to self-regulate integrity management is a never ending story of institutional growth in Super Change.  High performance and profitable outcomes are impossible without integrating integrity management as culture. Institutions that execute the highest integrity standards increase profits and outcomes while minimizing waste.



Creating a culture of cooperation assures every employee thinks like an owner. 

The old competitive pyramidical AIA for institutional management in government and Fortune Space and everywhere in between, revolves around “Cooperative Culture Hub Management” where the hub facilitates all spokes to unmatched outcomes.  

Those who can’t retrain and adapt leave the cooperative culture for a failed competitive antique business model.  




Berny’s Mental Software Upgrade keynote  offers new information that motivates, recommits, and resets employees, and management outcomes.

The tensions between market rate compensation and outcomes recalibrate and resets to dispel system challenge, reduce time delay friction to improvement, and to elevates the performance culture.  

Berny’s keynote on mental software resets attitude to altitude for profits and outcomes in performance.


The Transformational Power of Forgiveness

Dohrmann’s keynote on the culture of forgiveness, transforms work space resistance. This missing culture tool is often absent; creating unwanted entrenchment in human organizational behavior.  

In this keynote talk, your audience will learn about the principles of having never ending forgiveness, and a clear understanding of forgiveness.


Do or Die Brand Culture Priority

The new age of Super Change is fully AI and connected globally. Adaption to required diversity, respect, and inclusion creates switch on, turned on work spaces. 

Diversity adaptation is a Super Change tool and tactic keynote that creates new diversity desired competencies as a powerful internal culture.


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